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The 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls of All Time

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The Best Dragon Anime Girls

Who are the best anime dragon girls of all time?

In anime, girls with animal features often have a lot of fans thirsting over them as potential waifus.

However, while catgirls seem to get the most love, there are numerous dragon girls in anime who deserve love too!

Today we are giving these horned beauties the attention they deserve and introducing you to ten of the best that you might just end up falling in love with.


The Best Anime Dragon Girls of All Time

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best anime dragon girls of all time:


10. Kanna (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Kanna (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

Kanna kicks off the list of best dragon girls, and she is definitely one of the cutest.

One of the main characters in this anime, Kanna, is a young dragon who ended up exiled from her world due to her continuous pranks.

In her human form, she has white-lavender hair that she keeps tied in two ponytails and bright blue eyes. She also looks super adorable in her light pink frock, which gives her a very kawaii doll-like appearance.

When outside, she hides her horns and tail in order to blend in more, but we totally think she looks cute when she shows them off.

In her dragon form, she is covered in white feathers but retains her brilliant blue anime eyes. Even outside of this form, she has increased strength when compared to mortals, and can also generate and manipulate electricity.

Despite being technically older than the humans around her, she behaves a lot like a human child and enjoys playing games when she gets tired of her routines.

She is naturally very curious and observant, often questioning the modern world around her and how she should interact with her classmates at school.

Despite her young age, she’s a total powerhouse when the need arises, and she definitely is one of the cutest dragon anime girls to ever grace our screens.


9. Princess Luna (Luna Varga)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Princess Luna (Luna Varga

Although this is one of the older anime series on this list, it definitely holds up, due in large part to the impressive world and leading lady.

Princess Luna is probably the furthest thing from a traditional princess, and you won’t find her sipping tea and learning to waltz. Instead, she is ready to fight for her kingdom and even accepts an ancient family power in order to be able to do so.

This power enables her to summon a large dragon-like demon that obeys her every command. However, when this creature is around, she becomes attached to it and acts as its brain. She even ends up with a reptilian tail even while in her human form.

As a character, Princess Luna is as beautiful as she is capable, and when tasked with rescuing her kidnapped sister, she really shows just how strong she can be when compared to other anime characters.


8. Mink (Dragon Half)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Mink (Dragon Half)

Mink is your typical teenage girl, save for the fact that she’s half-dragon, of course.

She can fly, breathe fire, and resist attacks that would kill normal people. She also has a bad tendency to experience a lot of misfortunes, leading her to believe she is jinxed.

Although she is beautiful, with short red hair that makes her as gorgeous as some of the best red-haired anime girls, she truly wants to become fully human, searching for the People Potion to remove her dragon heritage.

Because she is part dragon, she undergoes ecdysis, a process that causes her to shed her skin and become more powerful.

While the first ecdysis made her stronger, according to prophecy, the second would turn her into a hideous black dragon monster.

To prevent this, she uses a special bracelet from her great-grandfather which allows her to delay the process while she pursues the People Potion.

Throughout the series, fans can’t help but root for her and hope that she gets everything she wants, especially the love of Dick Saucer, a pop star and dragonslayer with whom she is in love with.


7. Eco (The Dragonar Academy)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Eco (The Dragonar Academy)

The main hero of this story, this dragon girl can send people flying with a single sneeze. She is as physically strong as she is strong-willed, and while she can be a bit childish, it only serves to make her even cuter.

Her stubborn, gluttonous personality is also incredibly cute, especially when she’s chowing down on crepes or struggling to get out of bed in the morning, which is honestly a total mood.

Her human appearance is of a young pink-haired girl with small horns on the side of her head that look more like adorable ears than anything.

This form was granted to her by the Mother Dragon so that she could save the dragon race from extinction with the help of her love interest, Ash Blake.

Her relationship with Ash gives her a few tsundere vibes, and she initially acts very verbally dominant to him, even going so far as to refer to him as a dog and herself as his master.

However, Eco comes to realize that the roles are actually reversed, even if it wounds her pride to admit it.

In her dragon form, she is huge with three horns, feathered wings, and pink fur. She is the most powerful dragon in this anime, able to do things that even much older dragons cannot.

Eco is just delightful, and the incredible animation in the show really helps highlight just how adorable and powerful this young dragon girl is.


6. Kuro (Isekai Shokudo)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Kuro (Isekai Shokudo)

At first glance, Kuro may look more elven than dragon, but that’s just part of her appeal, and fans of elves and dragons really get the best of both worlds with this girl.

A dragon and goddess from the Other World, Kuro works as a waitress at the Western Restaurant Nekoya. At work, and in her human state, she has a very elven appearance, with sharp-pointed ears, a dainty figure, and bright gold anime eyes.

If you’re wondering why an ancient dragon goddess is working as a waitress, the answer is kind of adorable and it involves Kuro’s love of curry chicken.

After going through a magical portal and ending up in the human world, she ended up in a restaurant where she was introduced to curry chicken and spent the night eating it until the restaurant closed. However, without any money, she was convinced to work as a waitress to pay off her tab.

Despite being an incredibly powerful being, we can’t deny that her black maid outfit is a great look, and fans of the anime can’t help but fall in love with her dark beauty.

Based on the manga, season 2 of this anime just dropped last year, and if you haven’t given it a watch yet, you’re definitely missing out!


5. Laika (I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All TIme - Laika (I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level)

Although the name of this anime is a mouthful, it’s definitely worth watching for Laika, who is one of the most beautiful dragon girls on this list.

She is incredibly polite and possesses a strong sense of honor and respect for everyone around her. However, when it comes to dealing with the Blue Dragon tribe — the enemies of her people — she can become quite suspicious and hostile.

As a Red Dragon, Laika can breathe fire and fly while in her dragoon form, but as a human, she takes on a very youthful and innocent appearance.

She is also knowledgeable when it comes to magic, and as a student of Azusa, she is very proficient.

With a ginger-length bob, large red anime eyes, and an adorable puffy dress, she is the definition of a cute waifu girl and many fans can’t help but swoon over her.


4. Grea (Manaria Friends)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Grea (Manaria Friends)

A half-human, half-dragon who enrolled in an academy of magic to try her luck at living among humans, Grea is a gorgeous girl and one of the few examples of LGBT representation in anime.

While her feelings are never truly made explicit, it is strongly hinted that she has romantic feelings for her friend Anne, which fans find really endearing.

Although she is self-conscious about her dragon features, such as her horns, wings, and tail, which make her stand out from most students around her, Anne helps her overcome this and become more confident in herself.

Not only is the story of this anime incredible, but the animation is stunning and it really helps to highlight Grea’s stunning beauty.

It definitely deserves a watch if you’re looking for a great series with a really cute main anime character.


3. Zefiris (Scrapped Princess)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Zefiris (Scrapped Princess)

A dragon girl who would fit very comfortably alongside some of the best blue-haired anime girls, Zefiris is a Dragoon, created by the Dark God to battle the Peacemakers.

Technically AIs created with technology and bound to a master, these beings can transform into full dragons and escape to another dimension.

Zefiris, in particular, was created to battle an alien race 5000 years ago, and in the anime series appears as a mysterious figure that acts as a cosmic guardian.

While she is conflicted about whether or not to follow the plans laid down for her 5000 years ago, she doesn’t hesitate to take a new master to be able to fight the Peacekeepers.

Based on a light novel that was later turned into a manga, Zefiris and her solemn, quiet personality make her hard not to like, and her beautiful blue hair and large anime eyes make her instantly stand out in the series.


2. Rose (Dragon Crisis!)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Rose (Dragon Crisis!)

Rose has all the features beautiful anime girls are known for. Long blonde hair, huge blue anime eyes, and a sweet, small figure.

Although she is a Red Dragon, unlike other dragons, she is unable to change into that form, instead, appearing only as her human self.

Despite her innocent appearance, she acts aggressively towards almost everyone, aside from Ryuji, who she clings to and loves deeply.

Ryuji was actually the person who gave her the name Rose after having found her when she hatched. He thought that the scales on the back of her hand looked like the flower, and the name has stuck ever since.

It’s easy for viewers to understand why Ryuji cares for her so much, as she looks so precious you can’t help but want to keep her safe.


1. Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Best Anime Dragon Girls Of All Time - Tohru (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)

Tohru takes our top spot when it comes to dragon girls that we just can’t get enough of.

Like the other dragons on this list, she has the ability to transform into a cute human girl with long blonde hair that puts her in a league of her own among other beautiful long-haired anime girls.

Tohru’s dragon powers are also some of the strongest of any anime character on this list, and she is even strong enough to bring about the apocalypse.

Along with that terrifying prospect, she can also open portals to other dimensions, control fire, fly, and change her shape.

Her tail is noted to be poisonous, and she is strong enough and fast enough to go head to head with other dragons and hold her own.

Although her true form is a huge green European dragon, as a human she is always seen in her maid outfit, which she creates by transforming her scales.

She also has a noticeable curvaceous figure that makes her an immediate waifu candidate for fans.



In anime, dragon girls don’t get nearly enough love, and while they are a rarer breed, they definitely deserve more attention than they get.

These 10 beautiful dragon girls are some of the most compelling, beautiful, and powerful in anime.

If you haven’t indulged in any of these series, you’re really missing out on some of the best leading ladies in anime and should totally update your watch list to include some of these incredible shows.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best anime dragon girls of all time:

  1. Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)
  2. Rose (Dragon Crisis!)
  3. Zefiris (Scrapped Princess)
  4. Grea (Manaria Friends)
  5. Laika (I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level)
  6. Kuro (Isekai Shokudo)
  7. Eco (The Dragonar Academy)
  8. Mink (Dragon Half)
  9. Princess Luna (Luna Varga)
  10. Kanna (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

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What’s your favorite anime dragon girl of all time? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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