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The 25 Best Black Hair Anime Girls



The Best Black Haired Anime Girls

Who are the best black hair anime girls?

While it may seem impossible to choose, especially when there are so many incredible female anime characters with black hair, there are some who stand out from the rest. 

If you’re a connoisseur of anime, you’re not alone and in good company here.

There is no shortage of amazing anime series, and with them comes a lot of stand-out characters, many with black hair.

While it would be impossible to include all of our favorites on this list, we’ve done our best to single out the most memorable girls with black hair that you can find in anime.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it! 


The Best Black Hair Anime Girls

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best black hair anime girls:


25. Tsukamoto Yakumo

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Tsukamoto Yakumo

Found in the anime School Rumble, this black-haired anime girl has a strong presence even though she may be soft-spoken. 

Tsukamoto works at her local cafe as a waitress. She is frequently seen in different outfits for seasonal occasions, as is encouraged by the cafe. 

She has a very strong dedication to her work, especially when it comes to housework.

In this way, she embodies the generic “Housewife” persona, which is a common trope in male-centric anime. 

However, underneath this shy, caring, and demure demeanor lies a secret talent.

Tsukamoto can hear the thoughts of anyone who has romantic feelings for her, which often creates awkward situations for her throughout the story.


24. Kiryuuin Satsuki

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Kiryuuin Satsuki

Satsuki, from the anime, Kill la Kill, is another anime girl with gorgeous black hair that stands out from the rest.  

As one of the main characters, she is the president of Honnōji Academy’s Student Council and rules over the surrounding land, serving as the main antagonist in the first half of the series. 

Satsuki is extremely proud, intelligent, and calculating. She is an extremely competent fighter, the most powerful at the Academy, boasting almost superhuman agility, strength, and endurance. 

While rough around the edges, she isn’t completely heartless and is shown to have a soft side, especially for Soroi, her father, and her sister. 

Her natural hair color provides a great contrast against her pale skin and military outfits, even more so when she transforms into her white and blue Senketsu armor.


23. Reizei Mako

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Reizei Mako

Mako is a fan favorite from the anime Girls und Panzer. A student at Ooarai Girls Academy, she serves as Anglerfish Team’s Panzer IV tank driver. 

By far the most laid-back student at the academy, Mako is known for cutting classes, something she often blames on having hypertension.

Despite this, she is exceptionally brilliant and was able to rise to the top of her class and become a formidable tank driver after only glimpsing the manual for a few seconds. Now that’s talent.


22. Dororo

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Dororo

Hailing from an anime of the same name, Dororo is a young orphaned thief who spent her entire life living as a boy only to find out later she was born a girl. 

Despite appearing young and innocent, she is quite cheeky and mischievous, playing tricks on others to get what she wants. 

While she starts off with very short black hair, she eventually lets it grow longer to show just how pretty she can be.


21. Hino Rei

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Hino Rei

Rei features as Sailor Mars from the acclaimed anime Sailor Moon, and her dark natural hair color provides a great contrast to both her Shrine Priestess uniform and her Sailor form suit. 

As a character, Rei is fiery, boy-crazy, and ambitious. Her main goal is to become a singer, songwriter, model, and voice actress before eventually settling down to marry. 

While she can be a bit hot-headed, she obviously cares for her friends, even if she shows it in odd ways. 

Although Rei isn’t the main character, she still cements her place as one of the most iconic anime characters in history, making her instantly recognizable to millions of fans.


20. Hanekawa Tsubasa

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Hanekawa Tsubasa

This anime girl with black hair comes to us from Monogatari. Tsubasa is a close friend and classmate of the main protagonist Koyomi, though many fans tend to gravitate towards her over him. 

Appearing as a positive, upbeat, and slightly nerdy girl, Tsubasa’s true personality is usually hidden to all but those who know her best.

While she may reject a lot of sentiment, she possesses a strong sense of righteousness and faces anything that comes her way without objection. 

 Tsubasa goes through a lot, but in the end, she is still one of the most unforgettable girls in anime.


19. Gokou Ruri / Kuroneko

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Gokou Ruri : Kuroneko

This girl comes to us from the anime Oreimo, in which she stands out as a striking character in gothic lolita-esque attire.

Her appearance is based on a character known as the Queen of Nightmare from her favorite anime series, Maschera. 

While she often puts on a snobbish and overly confident attitude to mirror the character, she bases her appearance on, underneath this persona, she is very socially insecure and uncomfortable talking to people. 

Though she may not stand out in a crowd when not wearing her gothic attire, once she puts it on, she instantly becomes an imposing figure that captures the attention of everyone who sees her.


18. Otonashi Saya

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Otonashi Saya

As the main protagonist of Blood+, Saya is a complex character that is anything but cookie-cutter. 

Throughout the series, this dark-haired beauty goes through a lot of character development, changing from a sweet, caring girl into a serious, if embittered, warrior. 

In her Chiropteran form, she is no one you want to mess with, and her glowing red eyes are enough to haul anyone in their tracks.


17. Nico Robin

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Nico Robin

When it comes to black hair anime girls, we’d be remiss to leave out this beauty from the anime One Piece. 

As a tall, slender woman with long black hair, Robin is as beautiful as smart.

Currently, she is the only person able to read and decipher Poneglyphs; massive cubic steles etched with ancient history.

Along with this, she backs her brains up with brawn, proving to be a capable fighter who can hold her own alongside the Straw Hat Pirates.


16. Maki Oze

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Maki Oze

From the anime series Fire Force, Maki has all the qualities of a great anime girl. 

Serving as the unit leader for Tokyo’s Special Fire Force Company 8, this pyrokinetic presents herself as calm and driven while on missions, yet off the field, she is a hopeless romantic with an extremely kind heart. 

It also doesn’t hurt that Maki is quite easy on the eyes, sporting a curvy, athletic figure sculpted from her service in the military.


15. Hishiro Chizuru

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Hishiro Chizuru

A classmate of the protagonist in the anime ReLIFE, Hishiro fits the description of a beautiful and intelligent anime girl to a tee. 

As a cute, slender girl with long black hair, Hishiro may not stand out too much from other girls, but her awkward, endearing personality makes her instantly beloved by fans. 

Plus, she totally rocks her maid costume at the school festival, which makes her instantly memorable.


14. Yomiko Readman

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Yomiko Readman

Another insanely smart anime girl with black hair, Yomiko — also known as The Paper — stands out in the anime Read or Die. 

While she may seem unsuspecting as a substitute teacher who spends most of her time buried in a book, this girl is much more than the bespectacled, quiet type that you’d expect. 

As a field agent for the Special Operations Division, Yomiko acts as a Papermaster, someone who can bend paper materials to her will.

This may not seem terribly useful, but with enough paper, she can make incredible constructs, such as a giant paper airplane that actually flies. The only real limit to her powers is her imagination!

Although she may shy away from violence, this doesn’t make her any less effective or memorable.


13. Kuroyukihime

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Kuroyukihime

One of the main characters of Accel World, Kuroukihime, shines in the cruel digital world of Accel as the brutal and merciless Black Lotus.

Outside of her digital avatar, her long black hair, large orange eyes, and soft features quickly make her one of the most beautiful and popular girls at her school.

Even though she appears very tranquil and patient in person, her digital avatar shows just how ruthless she can be, making her an incredibly dualistic character that fans immediately gravitate towards.


12. Honjou Kaede / Maple

BestBlack-Haired Anime Girls - Honjou Kaede : Maple

Staring as the protagonist of BoFuri, Kaede — also known as her in-game persona Maple — stood out as a fan favorite in 2020. 

While she may just seem like any other cute anime girl with her bobbed black hair, she shines in her show by being both capable and compassionate.

She really is the definition of innocence, and she shows a reluctance to attack both entities and other players in-game. 

However, when pushed, she’s able to handle herself and overcome significant bosses and battles.


11. Shiba Miyuki

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Shiba Miyuki

Miyuki is a beautiful magic wielder from the series Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. 

While her magical abilities have earned her the title Snow Queen, her astonishing beauty is also highlighted throughout the series. 

Described as a beautiful girl who captivates anyone who lays eyes on her, she stands out from others in the series, and for good reason.

It isn’t difficult to see the appeal between her perfectly kept black hair, which contrasts her pale slim face, and her large icy blue eyes.


10. Shana

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Hirai Yukari

Although she only has black hair when assuming the identity of Hirai Yukari, Shana is too popular to forget about. 

Serving as the main character in Shakugan no Shana, this beauty is a Flame Haze with fiery red hair and eyes when she transforms into her flame state.

However, outside of this, she has long black hair that is almost as long as she is tall. 

As a Flame Haze, her abilities are second to none, and while she can come off as cold and uncaring, it’s evident that this dark-haired character will do whatever she needs to to get the job done.


9. Enma Ai

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Enma Ai

The main protagonist of Hell Girl, Ai, is one character that could never be mistaken for anyone else. 

With black hair styled into a long hime-cut framing her pale porcelain face, her large haunting red eyes are one of the most stand-out features that fans first notice. 

Although she initially has a cold personality and rarely shows any signs of moralistic motivations, fans can hardly blame her given the circumstances that led to her becoming the first Hell Girl.


8. Tousaka Rin

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Tousaka Rin

As one of the main heroines from the Fate Series, Rin stands out as one of the most memorable tsunderes with black hair. 

As the Master Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War, she is quite competitive and resourceful.

However, she isn’t above listening to others if they have sound reasons and can logically back up their arguments. 

While she may not be one of the strongest characters on this list, she stands out in her series for both her beauty and abilities.


7. Sango

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Sango

Sango is an anime legend from the fan-favorite show InuYasha, and no list of black-haired anime heroines would be complete without her. 

Trained from a young age alongside her brother to be a Youkai slayer, Sango’s advanced fighting skills help her hold her own against any enemy she faces.

Due to this upbringing, she also demonstrates extreme bravery and loyalty to her friends. 

With her long dark hair tied up high in a ponytail and her iconic demon slayer outfit, it’s hard to mistake her for anyone else on this list.


6. Sakurajima Mai

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Sakurajima Mai

Mai, from the series Aobuta, reigned supreme as a fan-favorite in late 2018, not only due to her stunning good looks and ability to rock a bunny costume but also her cute personality. 

Although she may act like a tsundere, she can quickly become flustered when this action fails.

She’s never harsh, only a little serious, and overall helpful, polite, and kind.

Ultimately, Mai possesses many characteristics that make her an ideal girlfriend, which has cemented her waif status among fans.


5. Chitanda Eru

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Chitanda Eru

A main character of Classic Literature Club and Hyouka, this club president is much beloved for her curious and quirky nature. 

With shaggy black hair framing her ever-inquisitive face, Eru is one of the most emotive and cheerful characters in the series, which immediately endeared her to fans. 

While she may not be a warrior, her bookish habits and relatable mannerisms make her someone fans can easily relate to.


4. Shiina Mayuri

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Shiina Mayuri

A main character from Steins; Gate, this avid cosplay maker, is another black-haired anime girl to who many fans can relate. 

While she may be a bit childish and naive, she’s also surprisingly quick to catch things that other members of Future Gadget Lab miss.  

Her spiky black hair and her large blue eyes make her an instant anime icon that fans of the series adore.


3. Kamiya Kaoru

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Kamiya Kaoru

Kaoru serves as the primary female lead in Rorouni Kenshin, and underneath her mature, if tomboyish, exterior lies all the sweetness one can expect from a classic anime girl. 

Driven to protect her father’s legacy and uphold her samurai lineage, Kaoru is a more than capable combatant who can hold her own against the best of them, all without messing up her long, sleek black hair.


2. Mikasa Ackerman

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is one of the most beloved characters in Attack on Titan, and she stands out as one of the most capable characters in the show. 

Her stark black hair and Eastern features help set her apart from many of the other characters with more Western features, along with her near-superhuman abilities that make her indispensable to her team. 

Stoic and level-headed, Mikasa cares immensely for her friends and loved ones, even if she does her best to hide the majority of her emotions behind a calm exterior.


1. Yukinoshita Yukino

Best Black-Haired Anime Girls - Yukinoshita Yukino


With her long black hair as one of her most defining physical features, Yukino is the deuteragonist of Oregairu. 

As a proud yet extremely smart student, Yukino earned herself the title of Ice Queen for being markedly cold and unfriendly.

Some characters even go so far as to call her evil or fear that she will harm them. 

Despite this, she truly does have a kind heart deep down, especially when it comes to cats.



Although it can be difficult to choose favorites from all of these extraordinary ladies, we’ve done our best to sort out the best of the best.

Each is a stand-out character in their respective shows, and they have all cemented their place as fan favorites inside the anime community.


Who’s your favorite black hair anime girl? Leave a comment below. 

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