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The 10 Best Borderlands 3 Mods (Ranked)

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The Best Borderlands 3 Mods to Download

What are the best Borderlands 3 mods?

The Borderlands series is one of the best in the FPS genre, and BL3 is the first to take players off of Pandora.

While the vanilla game is filled with action, a compelling story, and memorable characters, after playing through it a few times, you need to spice things up.

That’s where the modding community comes into play, and fortunately, they have no shortage of great creations!


The 10 Best Borderlands 3 Mods

Now, there are a lot of BL3 mods on the Nexus, but not all of them can call themselves the best.

The ones we’ve selected for this list have been chosen based on their user ratings and how they impact gameplay.

So, before taking up the role of Vault Hunter once more, here’s our list of the 10 best Borderlands 3 mods:


10. The Infinite Slide Mod

Best Borderlands 3 Mods The Infinite Slide Mod

Kicking off our list is a hilarious mod that fits in perfectly with the brand of humor the Borderlands series is known for.

The Infinite Slide mod does what it says, and when it’s installed, it allows your character to slide for an infinite distance.

Well, technically, it extends the duration of the slide by 4000x, so if you do manage to reach its limits, we’ll be impressed!

While you could drive around the map like you’re playing one of the best racing games of all time, this mod gives you another much more hilarious way to get around.

Seriously, there is just something profoundly funny about literally sliding around the map with great speed!

We’re pretty sure all the psychos you slide past are incredibly jealous of your sick skills, at least right before you shoot them repeatedly.


9. Super Saves

Best Borderlands 3 Mods Super Saves

If you want to have a great adventure without having to put in a lot of work and planning, Super Saves is the mod for you!

This mod adds 100 save files that you can access in-game, and each file is set up with skill tree mods and the best inventory items.

So, if you want to skip all of the hard work of having to max out a character and hunt down the best items, you can simply use a Super Save!

While we definitely wouldn’t recommend this mod for first-time players, it is great for those who have beaten the game but don’t have time to max things out.

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to see how different characters perform when you invest in them, which may inspire you to play as a different class in the future.

Super Saves is just an incredibly fun mod, and it adds a lot of save files that you can play around with whenever you want!


8. All Red Text Weapons

Best Borderlands 3 Mods All Red Text Weapons

Borderlands 3 may be one of the best PS5 FPS games, but only on PC can you really amp things up!

All Red Text Weapons has quickly become one of the most downloaded mods on the BL3 Nexus and for good reason.

This mod adds more high-powered weapons than ever before, and it makes a ton of characters completely overpowered.

As its name suggests, this mod grants Vault Hunters access to all Red Text weapons and other items.

Now, Red Text weapons are known for their distinctive abilities that make them stand out from standard weapons, so you can expect things to get crazy fast.

There are an absolute ton of weapons to choose from thanks to this mod, but they aren’t all that has been added.

Additionally, this mod adds Mayhem 10 characters, True Vault Hunter Mode, and all of the game’s cosmetics.

You will be hard-pressed to get bored when you have this mod installed, and we highly recommend it if you want your next playthrough to be absolutely insane!


7. All Vault Hunters

Best Borderlands 3 Mods All Vault Hunters

Mayhem mode is usually only unlocked once you have completed the game, and it allows players to replay the story but with tougher enemies.

However, not everyone has time to replay the game multiple times to max out each Vault Hunter, and that’s where this mod comes in.

What this mod does is provide 8 save files to choose from, two for each character at level 30 and level 72.

Mayhem mode unlocked is also part of this mod, meaning you can start playing in that mode from the very beginning.

Best of all, no skill points are allocated in any of the save files, so you can choose your own unique max-level character build.

Essentially, this mod gives you a clean slate to start the game off with, only with a max-level character that’s ready for Mayhem mode.

We love playing around with this mod, and it’s given us a lot of great ideas about playing the classes we usually overlook!

It’s also great if you started playing BL3 as one of the best games Xbox One games but have since moved to PC and don’t want to re-build your characters.

Although there are many save file mods on Nexus, All Vault Hunters is by far one of our favorites!


6. More Customizable Vehicles

Best Borderlands 3 Mods More Customizable Vehicles

Okay, so this mod isn’t on the Nexus, but it stands out as one of the most popular mods on GitHub!

What this mod does is make it so all enemy vehicles spawn with the widest range of parts right from the beginning of the game.

There are three different forms of this mod to choose from; Vehicle Unlocks, Vehicle Unlocks+, and the Legacy version.

The Legacy version of this mod is the oldest version, though it can be useful if you play multiplayer and your vehicles are invisible to other players.

Meanwhile, the standard Vehicle Unlocks mod keeps maps locked to vehicle types, so, for instance, maps that only spawn Outrunners will continue to do just that.

However, Vehicle Unlocks+ is our favorite, and it completely unlocks all of the vehicles in the game so they can spawn anywhere.

While every map will still retain a slight bias towards spawning its original vehicle types, you will see much more variety in the world as a whole.

We hope that Borderlands 4 has the type of variety that this mod provides because we certainly can’t play without it anymore!


5. Giant Weapon. Invisible Weapons

Best Borderlands 3 Mods Giant Weapon. Invisible Weapons

Have you ever wanted to have absolutely everything in Borderlands 3 at your disposal? Well, good, because that’s exactly what this mod does!

This mod is, simply put, awesome, and it basically turns BL3 into one of the best sandbox games you can imagine.

When this mod is installed, it unlocks all weapons, armor, gear, characters, boss items, and more, so that you can play with them whenever you want!

With this mod installed, you can also expect to receive all of the character skins and guardian skills, as well as maxed-out guardian stats.

Oh, and you’ll also get around a million golden keys, so you can basically open every special chest you come across.

This mod may have a really weird name, but there’s nothing weird about the awesome changes it makes!

If you really want to play around and have fun during your next BL3 playthrough, we highly suggest downloading this mod!


4. Demolition Moze MH10

Best Borderlands 3 Mods Demolition Moze MH10

Moze is a battle-hardened former soldier and one of the most badass characters in BL3, and she comes with an amazing skill tree that makes her a literal beast!

This mod gives you the ability to play as a level 60 Mayhem 10 Moze, complete with top-tier gear and anoints.

It does this by adding a save file to your game that allows you to jump right into the action as this amazing character.

Making things even better is the fact that, with this mod, Moze has no need to reload, so that you can tear through enemies with ease!

With this mod, Moze also has access to the Cloning Maddening Tracker, and she can spam an infinite number of grenades.

Moze also gets a 50% increase in elemental damage and a ton of additional high-tier weapons to choose from.

Basically, if you want to be able to absolutely wreck everything within a 10-mile radius of your character, this is the mod for you.

Moze is easily one of the best female video game characters in Borderlands 3; we absolutely love the fact that this mod makes her even more of a badass!


3. Borderlands 3 All Items Game Saves

Best Borderlands 3 Mods All Items Game Saves

Speaking of Moze, we have another mod that emphasizes just how awesome she is, and it gives you a ton of toys to play with.

Essentially, this mod is packed with a variety of save files that contain level 73 Mayhem 10 Moze characters with all of the best items.

Each Moze build contained in these files comes with a unique loadout, so you can have a nice variety to suit any type of play style.

While this mod will make you completely OP, it is incredibly fun, and it’s nice to be able to tear through your enemies with ease once in a while!

Best of all, we really like that this mod encourages you to try different loadouts, some of which you might not have considered before.

It definitely is a must-have in our book, but that may just be because we adore Moze so much.


2. Borderlands 3 Profile Editor

Like some of the best Dragon Age: Origins mods, this profile editor gives BL3 players a lot more freedom when it comes to setting up unique playthroughs.

With this mod, you can make changes to pretty much everything about your character, all in one place.

This includes changing stats, altering guardian rank, unlocking all skins, changing outgoing damage, and much more.

Seriously, with this Profile Editor, you can literally change your gun damage, fire rate, skill cooldown, and accuracy to whatever you want.

If you want to be so OP that you can one-shot bosses, you can absolutely do that, or you can stick with minor tweaks or unlocks.

We love using this mod to mess around with the game when we just want to have fun, and it can make for some pretty memorable moments.

Like the All Vault Hunters mod, this Profile Editor is also great for when you want to restore a previous profile without going through all the grinding again.

Overall, it has a lot of applications, and it’s one mod we suggest having on hand, even if you don’t use it during every session.


1. Borderlands 3 Redux Mod

Best Borderlands 3 Mods Redux Mod

Taking our number one spot is, by far, one of the most ambitious Borderlands 3 mods ever created.

This mod is a complete overhaul that has been designed by the modding community to make the game feel brand-new.

Seriously, trying to cover everything this mod does would take us all day, and we doubt you have time to read a thesis.

However, we can say that this mod tweaks almost everything while also adding brand-new gameplay elements to make things fresh.

Some of the things this does is add new scaling, new weapons, and a new type of rarity that you’ll really want to track down.

Furthermore, with this mod, there are no cosmetic drops, no anointments, and no mayhem modifiers, but plenty of great gear to loot!

If that wasn’t enough, some weapons have been buffed, regen has been improved, melee crits have been added, and a photo mode has been unlocked!

Suffice it to say that this mod means business, and it is by far the best one to download if you want to completely revamp your next playthrough!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Borderlands 3 mods and found some that you’re eager to download!

BL3 is a fantastic game, but if you want to spice things up after a couple of playthroughs, you’re going to need mods.

The Borderlands 3 Redux mod, in particular, is simply amazing, and it is perfect for making the game like something brand-new!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Borderlands 3 mods:

  1. Borderlands 3 Redux Mod
  2. Borderlands 3 Profile Editor
  3. Borderlands 3 All Items Game Saves
  4. Demolition Moze MH10
  5. Giant Weapon. Invisible Weapons
  6. More Customizable Vehicles
  7. All Vault Hunters
  8. All Red Text Weapons
  9. Super Saves
  10. The Infinite Slide Mod

Did we miss any great Borderland 3 mods? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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