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The 10 Best Days Gone Mods

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The Best Days Gone Mods to Download

What are the best Days Gone mods?

Days Gone is like The Walking Dead meets Sons of Anarchy, with a fantastic narrative, amazing graphics, and engaging combat.

However, once you beat the game for the first time, you may want to spice things up with some mods.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of great mods for Days Gone on the Nexus, and today, we’re taking a look at the best of them!


The 10 Best Days Gone Mods

There are hundreds of mods to choose from for Days Gone, but not all of them are worth rushing over to download.

So, we’ve tested out the most endorsed mods and selected the ones that have the most beneficial impact on gameplay.

If you’re ready for a truly unique post-apocalyptic adventure, here’s our list of the 10 best Days Gone mods:


10. Better Flashlight

Best Days Gone Mods Better Flashlight

Like many of the best PS4 zombie games, the default flashlight in Days Gone leaves a lot to be desired.

This mod replaces the default 1980s retro flashlight with a modern LED one to make getting around in the dark a lot easier.

Along with being brighter, this mod makes your flashlight beam much wider, so you can finally see everything in front of you.

The distance of the beam has also been increased, and the light itself has been made cooler and much cleaner.

Better Flashlight even tweaks the headlights on your bike so that they cast further and allow you to see more details.

While this is a relatively simple mod, it definitely increased the gameplay quality, and we’ve certainly enjoyed the changes!


9. Athletic Deacon

Best Days Gone Mods Athletic Deacon

In the vanilla game, Deacon has a very limited amount of stamina to get things done, and for many players, it just isn’t enough.

Sprinting, in particular, really seems to knacker Deacon, and when you’re fighting to survive in the post-apocalypse, this can quickly get you killed.

Fortunately, this mod has been designed to improve Deacon’s stamina, and it comes in two varieties; Althete Decon and Olympic Athlete Deacon.

In the regular variety, Deacon’s stamina will last much longer, but it by no means seems superhuman.

However, if you make Deacon an Olympian, his stamina will be through the roof, so you can sprint for long distances without slowing down!

That said, rolling and dodging still use a large chunk of stamina, as this seems to be tied to a different function.

While it would be nice to have that cost reduced as well, this mod solves the bulk of our problems with stamina consumption in Days Gone!


8. Deacon Pack

Best Days Gone Mods Deacon Pack

Unlike many of the best third-person PS5 games, Days Gone is lacking a bit when it comes to customization.  

Deacon is a cool character, but we can’t really change much about his appearance to make him more unique.

Well, the Deacon Pack seeks to rectify this issue by adding 7 new clothing variants that you can use to make Deacon stand out.

Our favorites are the Pure Fire Mongrels outfit, the Blue Texas outfit, and Daryl’s jacket from the Walking Dead TV show.

All of these outfits can be downloaded on their own, and there are even optional winter coat options that look really awesome.

Moreover, the creator of this mod, Veironn, has also made a Bike Super Pack that adds over 50 new decals so you can trick out Deacon’s bike!

These mods together really allow you to customize how Deacon and his bike look in the game, and we’re definitely here for it!


7. Super Accuracy

Days Gone employs gunplay mechanics similar to those found in the best survival games, namely sway, recoil, and weapon spread.

While these mechanics make things more realistic, if you’re not used to them, they can make hitting targets extremely difficult.

Well, if you want to turn Deacon into an even bigger badass, look no further than the Super Accuracy mod!

The creator of this mod states that it will turn Deacon into the post-apocalyptic version of John Wick, which is a fairly accurate assessment.

What this mod does is completely remove weapon sway, recoil, and spread so that you can take out targets a lot more easily.

This is the perfect mod for those who want to enjoy the story aspects of this game but may not be confident in their aiming skills.

We like mods like this that can be used to tailor gameplay to make it more accessible to a wider range of players, especially since not everyone is as talented as an aim-bot.

If you love Days Gone but aren’t a fan of its vanilla gunplay mechanics, we highly recommend giving this mod a try!


6. More Ears

Best Days Gone Mods More Ears

Ears from freakers are extremely useful in Days Gone as they can be traded at friendly camps for credits that you can use to buy essentials.

However, one thing that’s always bothered us is that you only ever get one ear per freaker, which doesn’t really make any sense.

After all, freakers are zombified humans, and last time we checked, humans do, in fact, have two ears!

Fortunately, this mod fixes this, albeit minor, complaint, by ensuring that you will always be able to get two ears from the zombies you kill.

While this makes earning credits a lot easier, there is a potential glitch that can happen if you collect over 999 ears.

If you manage to do this without turning any in, your max stack can start to bug out in weird ways, which is not something you want.

That said, most people aren’t going to let their stacks get this high before turning them in, though it is something to keep in mind!


5. Not A Reshade

Best Days Gone Mods Not A Reshade

Not A Reshade is, you guessed it, not a reshader, but rather an Unreal Engine overhaul that tweaks the game’s visuals and performance.  

This mod is what we imagine the sequel could look like if it ever gets greenlit by Sony, which we’re still hoping for!

Some of the things this mod includes are enhanced god rays, translucent trees, improved sun rays, and enhanced fog that is much denser and more realistic.

The ambient occlusion is sharper and more prominent, while the LOD is increased with a better depth of field effect.

If that wasn’t enough, tone mapping has also been improved, and better quality anti-aliasing has been added.

Moreover, the foliage has been tweaked to appear fuller, and the reflections have been enhanced to be more lifelike.

Even the water reflections and refractions have been tweaked, and oh boy, does it make every lake, pond, and river look amazing.

All of this is just scratching the surface of everything this mod does, and it really pushes the limits of Unreal Engine 4 to the max.

However, even with these tweaks, this mod manages to make this game’s overall performance even better, with reduced stuttering and a better framerate.

The Not A Reshade mod seriously makes Days Gone look like one of the best open-world PS5 games, and we absolutely love it!


4. Massive Hordes 

Best Days Gone Mods Massive Hordes

The horde sizes in the vanilla version of Days Gone can be intimidating when you first start playing, but pretty soon, they all become fairly manageable.

If you’re the type of person that thinks fighting the toughest video game bosses is fun, these tiny “hordes” definitely aren’t going to present a challenge.

Well, mod creator Aigmir has set out to fix this by increasing the number of freakers in all of the hordes around the world.

With this mod, horde sizes have jumped from between 25-300 to anywhere between 200-999! That’s a lot of zombies!

Massive Hordes comes with a few different add-ons as well, and there are a few optional files you can download to make things even more difficult.

For instance, there are versions that make all hordes, either 330, 500, 750, or 999 zombies strong, depending on how masochistic you are.

Keep in mind that you will also need a super powerful computer to be able to handle a horde of 999 zombies as well!

This mod certainly makes things much more challenging, but it is a lot of fun to see just how extreme these hordes can get!


3. Explosive Gore

Best Days Gone Mods Explosive Gore

Like the bloody mess perk from the best Fallout games, the Explosive Gore mod makes it so that almost every kill is extremely brutal.

This mod works against humans, newts, teachers, swarmers, screamers, and breakers, giving you the ability to take them out in a spectacular fashion.

The main file that comes with this mod makes it so that limb explosions occur with almost every kill, which is really pleasing.

However, there is also an optional file that allows you to dismember all limbs without killing an enemy outright, which can also be fun.

So now, if you want to blow someone’s legs off in an immersive fashion without instantly killing them, you can!

Explosive Gore definitely isn’t for players that are easily grossed out, but if you’re someone who wants to make the apocalypse more grotesque, this is the mod for you!

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve had way too much fun experimenting with this mod, and we highly recommend trying it out for yourself!


2. The Growler Evolved

Best Days Gone Mods The Growler Evolved

The minigun known as the Growler is incredibly powerful and fun to use, but unfortunately, it’s only available for a few side missions.  

Well, this mod changes this limitation by making it possible to store the Growler and use it as you would any regular weapon.

If you’re going to download the Massive Hordes mod, we highly recommend grabbing this one, too, if you want to have the best chance of staying alive.

Along with making it possible to use the growler as a regular weapon, this mod also has improved weapon sway and recoil.

It can be purchased from the Wizard Island merchant, and you can restock ammo when you get low.

However, there are a few different versions of this mod that do different things, depending on what you want out of gameplay.

For example, the Growler Evolved main file adds the weapon and does everything we mentioned above, while the Growler Primary file adds it to a primary weapon slot.

Additionally, there is the Growler Ultimate Evolved file which provides infinite ammo, no weapon sway, and no reticle bloom.

There is even an optional file to make the Growler available at early-game shops like Lost Lake Merchants and Hot Sprinds with no trust requirements.

This gun is perfect for mowing down hordes, and we’re glad that this mod finally gives us the opportunity to use it full-time!



Best Days Gone Mods HUNK

If you want to channel some of the best Resident Evil games while playing Days Gone, you’ll definitely want to download Hunk.

Now, Deacon is a great character, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to play as someone else, which is what this mod does.

When this mod is downloaded, it replaces Deacon with the Umbrella Security agent, Hunk, who most recently appeared in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Hunk has always been a badass character, and his gear looks freaking awesome, so, of course, we jumped at the opportunity to play as him!

This mod replaces every instance of Deacon with Hunk except for during Flashbacks, which really isn’t such a big deal.

While the flashbacks are important to the story, they’re a relatively small portion of the gameplay, so there is more than enough time to enjoy playing as Hunk!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Days Gone mods and found some that have inspired you to replay the game!

Days Gone is incredibly fun, and it has both a compelling story and engaging gameplay that make it one of the best games in the post-apocalyptic genre.

However, if you’ve already experienced everything the vanilla game has to offer, these mods can be just what you need to spice things up!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Days Gone mods:

  1. HUNK
  2. The Growler Evolved
  3. Explosive Gore
  4. Massive Hordes 
  5. Not A Reshade
  6. More Ears
  7. Super Accuracy
  8. Deacon Pack
  9. Athletic Deacon
  10. Better Flashlight

Which of these Days Gone mods are you planning to try? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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