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The 39 Best Divinity Original Sin II Mods



The Best Divinity Original Sin II Mods

Before we delve into the list of Divinity 2 mods I have chosen, I feel it is important to mention that this list only applies to the Definitive Edition of the game. I also feel it is important to note that I will not be including mods that are primarily for:

Cheating (This includes cheat engines, infinite gold, item spawning, etc.) Adding additional skill points, including civil skill points. Increasing item drop quantities. Straight-up increasing action points.

It is relatively easy to find these types of mods in the steam workshop or on Nexus Mods, so if those are the ones you are interested in, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

While Divinity: Original Sin 2 could never be described as a balanced game, the mods above destroy what little balance there is.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, we can now move into how this list is going to be split up. There are a ton of class mods, which add new skills and character types, so those will be featured pretty heavily. There are also a ton of quality-of-life mods that deserve mention.

Unfortunately, there are not many overhaul mods available for D:OS 2, and most of the ones that do exist really mess with the game in some unfortunate ways. There are a couple I will mention though.


How to Install Divinity 2 Mods

Steam Workshop – The steam workshop is perhaps the easiest method by which to install mods. Simply subscribe to the mod in question, and that’s it. I would note, however, that you should carefully read the mod descriptions.

There may be some incompatibilities between certain mods that will cause one or both of them to not work. Also, pay attention to any load order requirements to prevent mods from failing to launch or from crashing the game.

Nexus Mods – If you are using the Nexus Mod Manager, which I recommend, it is as easy as loading it into the mod manager. If you do not want to use the mod manager, then you first need to find your mod folder. It should be under the file path …\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods. You will simply have to copy the .pak file of the downloaded mod into there.

When you launch Divinity, on the main menu you should see a button that says “Mods” click on that, activate the mods you want on, choose a load order, and then you should be good to go.

You might have to restart the game in some cases. Like the Steam Workshop instructions, make sure you read the mod description for any known incompatibilities or load order requirements.


Norbytes Script Extender

This mod is really the only vital mod required for a significant portion of the mods below.

Like most games, Divinity Original Sin 2 was created with only minimal mod support included in the game.

This script extender allows a greater number of mods to be active at the same time and is required for many mods to even work. Installation is relatively easy, simply follow this LINK and follow the very easy instructions.


LaughingLeader Mod Manager

While not absolutely vital to modding Divinity Original Sin 2, I highly recommend downloading this mod manager. It will help you to figure out mod load order and mod updates on Steam.

It is pretty easy to install and will save you some headaches if you have a bad load order that is causing the game to crash. You can download it here.


Class/Skill Mods

There are an absolute ton of class mods for Divinity: Original Sin 2, most of which are made by the same three people, Odinblade, Helaene, and Haephaistos.


39. OdinCore – Mod Services

OdinCore Mod Services

This is not really a game mod on its own, but it does help the various mods created by Odinblade, one of the most prolific D: OS2 modders, to work together properly.

If you are planning on picking up any of his mods, this is a vital mod. Most of Odinblade’s mods will not work properly if you do not also have this one.


38. Odinblade – Spectre Class

Spectre Class

The spectre class is an intelligence-based physical-damage spellcaster class in a similar vein to the vanilla necromancer.

This Divinity 2 mod adds 30 new spells and an armor-piercing mechanic to allow the Spectre to deal direct health damage without having to fully deplete enemy armor. In addition, it adds a new debuff type called “agony” which is an ongoing debuff that is augmented by the “torturer” talent, allowing it to be applied even through armor.

This mod also adds scythes to the game, which are pretty neat as well. He has also created a few “add-on” mods for this class that I will link below:

Fort Joy Cheat Chest Strength Override Finesse Override


37. Odinblade – Umbra Class

Umbra Class

The Umbra class is a shapeshifting assassin class that is somewhat similar to a polymorph/scoundrel build, but taken to a whole new level.

This mod adds more than 30 new skills and the ability to switch between damage types. This class is highly adaptive and flexible, but requires team support in order to not get turned into paste.

Kind of like the vanilla scoundrel really. In addition, the mod adds a vendor that will sell umbral skills books and daggers.

This class is focused on finesse and battle positioning to do the most damage possible.


36. Odinblade – Pyrokinetic Class Overhaul

Pyrokinetic Class

This Divinity 2 mod is not simply one class, but is actually four “subclass” builds to offer different playstyles for those among us who love to burn everything to the ground.

This mod changes a significant number of the pyrokinetic spells, and adds a ton of fire magic to the game in order to incinerate your foes.

As this mod does change a lot about pyrokinetic magic, it does affect game balance somewhat. There has also been a new vendor added to the game that sells the new spells and also the new “flameblade” weapons that the mod includes.

I will also note that there are a few add-on mods for this overhaul as well that I will link below.

  • Dragon’s Blaze add-on Physical Corpse Explosion


35. Odinblade – Geomancer Class Overhaul

Geomancer Class

Like the Pyromancer Overhaul above, this mod offers four different “subclass” builds to specialize and empower your geomancer magic.

I have always been of the opinion that the Geomancer skills were a little lackluster in Divinity: Original Sin 2, and their only saving grace was that they paired so well with Pyromancy.

This mod changes many of the base spells and adds fifteen new skills. In addition, the mod adds some “earth” related items, such as staves, wands, daggers, etc.

The mod also adds a Geomancer vendor to the game, allowing you to purchase new spells and items.


34. Odinblade – Necromancer Class Overhaul

Necromancer Class

I have always been a huge fan of necromancy in most games, except for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Though I know that many consider it to be a pretty powerful combat ability, with the capacity for a significant amount of physical damage.

I have always liked the type of necromancy that brings skeletons and zombies back from the dead to do battle for you.

This Divinity 2 mod, like pyromancy and geomancy overhauls above, offers over fifteen new skills, and provides four “subclass” guides for different builds.

One particular skill of note is the ability to raise corpses as minions, which really appeals to the purist necromancer in me.

It also adds new intelligence-based melee weapons and a vendor who sells items related to the overhauled necromancer.


33. Odinblade – Hydrosophist Class Overhaul

Hydrosophist Class

I always found that the un-modded hydrosophist was pretty fun to play with its wide array of deadly ice spells, excellent crowd control potential, healing, and magical armor reinforcement.

This mod takes hydrosophist to the next level. Adding over fifteen new spells to your repertoire, you will be shattering frozen enemies all day.

In addition, like the other overhaul mods, this mod adds new water-based weapons, and a vendor to sell them to you.


32. Odinblade – Aerotheurge Class Overhaul

Aerotheurge Class

Much like the Hydrosophist above, I have always found the Aerotheurge to be entertaining to play in the base game.

With powerful air and lightning magic to incapacitate and destroy your enemies, it offered the ability to both control battles and strike decisive blows against your foes.

It would be remiss if I failed to mention how much this mod improves the Aerotheurge experience though.

With over a dozen new spells, new items, and a new vendor, it adds a significant variety of new and horrific experiences to bring to bear against your enemies. Physical Damage Teleport Override


31. Odinblade – Huntsman Class Overhaul

Huntsman Class

As with the other class overhauls made by Odinblade, this mod completely revamps existing huntsman skills and adds a significant amount of new skills to make the huntsman more adaptable, and fleshed out.

Huntsman has never been my personal favorite combat ability, but with the overhaul, you can actually have an animal companion, which I absolutely love.

It also adds changes to elemental rangers and a ton of other things. Check it out if you love being a ranger.


30. Feenex’s Battle Pack: Definitive Edition

Feenex Battle Pack 949x550

This Divinity 2 mod adds a truly staggering amount of skills to the game, and reskins many of the other effects.

With over 110 new skills added, it might take you a while to figure out which ones suit your playstyle the best, but one thing you will not lack is versatility.

Like most skill mods, it also adds vendors that will sell the new skills, and it also adds six unique items to find.

Interestingly the uniques added by this mod level up as you do, so they will always stay relevant to your level.


29. Helaene – Vampire Class

Vampire Class

This Divinity Original Sin mod adds a pretty entertaining and lethal “class” to the game.

Vampirism skills draw from the warfare and necromancer combat abilities and give you access to some of the iconic abilities drawn from vampiric lore from Vlad Dracul to Lestat.

These abilities include things like, biting, bat swarms, enthralling, and exsanguinating. Stuff like that.

I would highly recommend this class for those of you who like to embrace the night and want to be a lord of the undead.

Do not fret, dear friends… you will not be sparkly.

Helaene has also included a finesse and intelligence override for this class.

  • Finesse Override Intelligence Override


28. Helaene – Succubus Class

Succubus Class

Have you ever wanted to seduce and charm your way through the world of Rivallon?

Well if so, this class mod has you covered.

Adding 18 new skills centered around luring men and women into your influence, this class takes charm and mind control to a whole new level.

Like other class mods, it adds a vendor so that you can find and purchase these new skills.

The abilities are also centered around the scoundrel combat ability, so you will want finesse attributes and finesse-focused weaponry.


27. Helaene – Cryomancer Class

Cryomancer Class

As the name would suggest, this mod expands the hydrosophist combat ability skill repertoire a significant amount.

If you have ever wanted to embrace your inner Elsa, this is the mod for you.

There are a ton of new ice spells to impale, blast, and freeze your enemies with.

It is actually a very powerful crowd-control build in addition to being able to dish out a ton of damage.


26. Helaene – Blacksmith Class

Blacksmith Class

This is a two-handed class focused largely on a mixture of raw damage and support.

Most of the skills available to the blacksmith revolve around warfare and two-handed. But it does offer some other interesting special skills like the ability to level up the weapons and armor of your teammates as a source ability.

While there are mods that already allow this to occur, I think it is really unique and neat that Helaene built this into a class.


25. Helaene – Valkyrie Class

Valkyrie Class

Valkyrie has always had some cool lore associated with them, and it is interesting to see that brought to life in Rivallon.

The Valkyrie is a pretty decent support and secondary damage character.

This class offers a lot of buff skills to make your group perform considerably better in combat. I also note that you do not start with wings, which is kind of unfortunate, because that would really fit with the theme… though maybe it would be too powerful.

You can also do a lot of damage with this class, but you will have to really babysit your AP points because some of the skills are expensive.

  • Finesse Override


24. Helaene – Mirage Class

Mirage Class

The Mirage class closely mirrors an illusionist if you are familiar with dungeons and dragons.

It offers 38 new skills focused on illusion. You will be creating illusionary enchanters, fighters, weapons, armor, and a bunch of other spells to destroy your enemies.

This mod adds 38 new skills and of course a few vendors. In some of my testing, I found the Mirage to be a little bit too powerful, but it is an extremely fun class to play.

Give it a shot if you like truly powerful illusion magic.


23. Helaene – Trickster Class

Trickster Class

Tricksters are common in mythology from Loki to Pan, from Hermes to Odysseus, to Puss in Boots.

One common theme that unites these famous examples is the fact that they absolutely love to sow chaos through often simple seeming ruses with sometimes dire consequences.

This mod adds a ton of new skills centered around causing discomfort and also some pretty significant damage to your enemies.

But that isn’t all, because many of your abilities will also cause unfortunate status effects to bring true madness to the chaos of battle. Have fun!


22. Helaene – Priest Class

Priest Class

While Hydromancy and, to a lesser extent, huntsman, did offer some healing potential in the base game, the Priest provides a slew of skills to turn one of your characters into an actual healing.

With a ton of healing, area denial, and other “divine” focused skills, you will be acting as a primary support and tertiary damage character for your other party members.

It also adds a vendor to sell the new skills associated with the class. You will be wanting to focus on intelligence unless you chose to download the strength override add-on.

  • Strength Override


21. Helaene – Wyldfae Class


I am not going to sugarcoat this at all. It is a druid. Straight up.

There is some lore about Wyldfae being a fae that isn’t of the Seelie or the Unseelie Courts, but straight up… it’s a druid class.

You will be summoning animals and the primal forces of the earth to destroy your enemies.

It is actually a pretty fun class to play. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy nature magic.

  • Finesse Override


20. Chronomancer

Chronomancer Definitive Edition

This mod is one of the more interesting ones available, as it adds an entirely new combat ability and magic type, time magic.

You can play as either a support caster or a physical damage class utilizing the 27 new skills added to the game.

In addition, like most class mods, it adds a vendor to sell you your new spells in each major city in each act.

It is a really interesting and fun class to play, as you will be focused on giving and removing action points, as well as modifying the time itself to suit your needs.

In addition, Heaphaistos has also developed magical damage overrides for this class. Links below.

  • Air Magical Damage Override


19. Astronomer Class

Astronomer Class

This Divinity 2 mod is another interesting new class from Haephaistos, the modder behind the Chronomancer above.

It adds sun and moon magic, which both provide support and damage capability.

It adds 29 new skills and will focus on pyrokinetic and hydrosophist combat abilities. It is actually a pretty complicated class to play because you can combine sun and moon magic to create eclipse magic, which offers different effects.

It is, however, rewarding when everything goes right.

Give it a shot if you want a challenging but pretty cool new type of character to play.


18. Constellationist Class

Constellationist 1170x550

The Constellationist is yet another very interesting class created by Haephaistos.

This is a class based around astrology, and although that sounds kind of silly, it ends up being a truly immersive class to play.

It is heavily focused on summoning creatures based on the twelve primary zodiacs and, to a lesser extent, some lesser celestials based on other constellations.

You will generally not be dealing a lot of direct damage, as you will be focusing on letting the celestials under your control win your fights. If you like summoning, you will love this class.


17. Overlord – Necromancy 2.0

Overlord Necromancer

In my opinion, this is a vital build if you want to play a tried and true “Necromancer”.

This mod adds the ability to summon skeletons, liches, death knights.

It also has some other skills, but this finally makes it so that your dreams of leading an army of undead come true! Unfortunately, during testing, I found that I could not control my skeleton force, but that’s fine.

They are kind of like totems, in that they will target whatever they want to.

The most important thing though, is that you can finally be the necromancer of your dreams.


16. Occultist – Summoner Overhaul

Occultist Class 1170x550

This is a truly fantastic Divinity 2 mod for those among you who want to draw the eldrich powers of lovecraftian horror into the Rivallon.

You will be summoning tentacles, worms, and other dark entities from the nightmares of humanity to bear against your foes.

There isn’t much to say about this mod, other than it adds a bunch of new summons and that you should really give it a shot.


15. Resonator – Tank Class

Resonator Class 980x551

This is a very interesting class based around warfare and aerotheurge. Not abilities you commonly see together really.

It is focused on taking damage to enhance your abilities.

This “resonance” level causes your abilities to have greater effects, but in order to build your resonance level, you have to get closer and closer to death.

It is not an easy class to play, as it requires carefully balancing your ability to live through enemy damage, with your need to maintain a relatively low amount of life to get the most out of your abilities.

Not a class for new players, but one that offers an interesting play style.


14. Sir Gagz – Venalguard Class

Venalguard Class

This is a two-weapon melee class that utilizes magical attacks and stance shifting to deal with your opponents.

While this mod does not add a lot of new skills, the ones it does add are very interesting. The stance shifting is especially fun with the ability to reflect damage, cause lifesteal, or causing a slow and weakening effect on your enemies.

Each of these stances has negative effects on your as well, which forces you to change them situationally as the need arises. It is a neat class.


Quality of Life Mods

None of the Divinity 2 mods on this list are truly vital to your gameplay experience.

You can fairly easily beat this game, even on tactician mode.

These mods will simply make certain aspects of your game easier or more streamlined and might improve your overall experience in the game.

I will note that a few of these mods may also cause some issues with the game balance, so bear that in mind.


13. Level Up All Equipment – Including Uniques

Level Up All Equipment 1170x550

This mod really tows the line between acceptable imbalance and outright cheating.

I have beaten Divinity: Original Sin 2, four times now, and something that has irked me at times is how often really cool unique items become obsolete.

The way that scaling works in the game means that items even a level or two lower than you can be a huge liability, including these supposedly amazing unique items.

This mod allows you to pay to “level up” your items to your character level. This ensures that they are viable for any point of the game you are in.

While you can also use this mod to update your epic or legendary equipment as well, I find that I only really used it for uniques.


12. Crafting Overhaul

Crafting Overhaul

Full disclosure, I really dislike crafting in most games. I also disliked crafting in the base game.

While I did do some testing with this mod, I have not even gotten close to making all 1600 new crafting recipes that this mod adds to the game. For those of you who love crafting, this is the mod for you.

Some of the items may be viciously overpowered, I didn’t get the chance to go through every single one. But you are free-thinking individuals.

If you craft an overpowered murder stick it is up to you whether or not to use it. What I will say is that this mod massively expands the crafting system in D: OS2 and is a must-have if you like crafting.


11. Bartering Tweaks

Bartering Tweaks 1170x550

This is one of those quality-of-life mods that doesn’t really imbalance the game, and offers just a pure solution to one of the most annoying aspects of the game.

Ensuring you are talking to traders with the right character every time.

This mod also allows other members of the group to buy a “pet pal” talent book, but the most important thing is that your characters will all share the highest persuasion and/or barter ability among your group.

This means you do not have to be focused on which character needs to talk all the time and makes your gameplay much more relaxed.


10. Potions Give Empty Bottles

Potions and Empty Bottles

This relatively simple mod adds one thing that has always irked me about many role-playing games.

When you drink a potion, suddenly the bottle vanishes forever. Maybe my characters have a penchant for smashing bottles, or maybe the skits by Viva La Dirt League had it right and my characters eat the whole thing, glass and all.

Either way, this mod keeps your empty bottles safe and sound in your inventory after you drink the sweet elixir within.


9. Full Loot

Full Loot

This Divinity 2 mod tows the line between being kind of overpowered and being more realistic.

Sometimes you will kill vendors in the game, it just happens. Normally they will drop a random assortment of their inventory, with the rest disappearing into the ether. This mod causes vendors to drop their entire inventory when they die.

There is also an optional part of the mod that causes every character to drop their full inventory and equipment when they die, but in testing this caused problems as many characters have armor and weapons that aren’t meant for players to ever have, but more often they just drop nothing.

This is because many enemies simply have “visual” sets without any actual items equipped, so there is nothing to drop.


8. Toggle Polymorph

Toggle Polymorph

This simple little mod makes polymorphing significantly more convenient.

It does, however, unbalance the game a little bit. It allows you to toggle on or off polymorph skills like “spread your wings” “medusa head” etc., instead of having to cast them.

I recommend it if you are getting annoyed with frequently having to cast polymorph spells on yourself and want to use your valuable AP for other things instead.

Again though, it is a little bit unbalanced.

  • Overhaul Mods


7. Interesting Uniques

Interesting Uniques

This is the first “overhaul” mod that isn’t also a class mod on our list.

It changes many of the uniques in the game to be generally more powerful, and have better stats or skills than the vanilla version.

I would highly recommend this mod if you don’t want to add a bunch of new skills to the game, but find unique items to be a little bit underwhelming.

  • Divine War With Odinblades Compatibility


6. Divine War

Divine War

This is one of the more impressive overhaul mods that I encountered while compiling this list.

It changes quite a few things about the game, including the removal of both physical and magical armor as a stat.

Instead, your defensive gear will offer you magical or physical resistance. Crowd control abilities are kept at bay by a stat called willpower, which acts kind of like a charge based defense. Once it runs out you are vulnerable.

It also overhauls a ton of talents, abilities, skills, and summoning. It is extremely comprehensive and definitely changes the game meta a lot.

I would give it a try if you are feeling adventurous. I should note that this mod has some serious compatibility problems with some of the Odinblade and Helaene classes. There are a couple of compatibility mods that can be found here:

  • Divine War – Compatibility Patch Divine War – Odin Compatibility Patch


5. Enhanced Talents

Enhanced Talents

This Divinity 2 mod changes a lot of the base game’s talents to be significantly more interesting or powerful.

It does not add any new talents or change the game in any other way, but it does make talents that are mostly ignored significantly more viable.

I didn’t notice it change the game balance significantly, but it does make your characters marginally more powerful on the whole.


4. Better Clouds

Better Clouds

I suppose that this loosely can be classified as an overhaul mod, just a visual overhaul, instead of gameplay.

This mod simply changes the clouds in the game to look more dense and impactful.

It doesn’t change a whole lot, but I really like the aesthetic appeal of more opaque and concealing clouds.


3. Fort Joy – A Dark Beginning

Fort Joy Dark Beginning

So maybe you find Fort Joy a little bit too happy despite the horrors that occur on the island.

It is sunny, warm, tropical, everything that should say “paradise”… you know except for the horrific torture, murder, and purging going on.

This mod changes the atmosphere of the Joy to something a little more fitting of the events going on.


2. Summon Boss Challenger Pack

Summon Boss

This is actually one of my favorite mods on this list. It adds some pretty challenging fights to the game, which will test your skills and, on occasion, your patience.

The loot dropped by these optional bosses is pretty equitable to the challenge of the encounter.

All in all, if you are looking for some tough fights to test yourself on, this is the mod for you.


1. Fort Joy – Portable Respec Mirror

Fort Joy Portable Mirror

This mod simply adds the ability to respect your characters in Fort Joy, and throughout the campaign in general actually.

It doesn’t really damage game balance too much, being as for like 90% of the game you are able to re-spec your characters at will.

It can be a frustrating experience for new players, who don’t know how to build their characters properly to find enemies outclassing them with no recourse.

It also lets people play around with combinations they might not have tried otherwise.



This brings us to the end of this list. There are hundreds more mods for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

If you find some mods you feel should have made this list please feel free to leave a comment below and I will take a look at them!

I hope you find something to add new and exciting content to one of my favorite role-playing games of all time.

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