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The 28 Best Fantasy RPG Games of All Time



The Best Fantasy RPG Games

What are the best fantasy RPG games to play?

Welcome to our round-up of the best fantasy RPGs. Ever since PC games first gained popularity, developers have brought tabletop RPGs to virtual life.

The genre has evolved tremendously since then – from the orcs, elves, and sorcery that were the staples of the genre, RPGs have since gone into space and even to our own, boring world.

However, for better or for worse, fantasy settings still dominate RPGs to this day.


What Makes an RPG?

Twenty, even ten years ago, identifying a role-playing game was easy.

The fact that they were focused on story, character progression, and exploration made them easily distinguishable from the platformers and action titles that were dominating the industry. Flash forward to now, and role-playing games are getting increasingly harder to pinpoint, as virtually all modern video games have at least a couple of RPG mechanics, whether we’re talking about skill trees, dialog options, or freedom of choice.

If we were to follow its canonical definition, every game is a role-playing game.

As a result, we have decided to choose the games that stick the most to the traditional formula, taking great care not to ignore those titles that played around with the genre conventions.

When it comes to defining whether or not a game is an RPG, we have included titles that contain:

  • Story
  • Character building and progression
  • The ability to make choices that affect the game world.
  • Exploration is a big part of the game.
  • Combat – though some games on this list have little to no combat.


What defines fantasy?

The same thing goes when it comes to defining fantasy.

The definition has broadened so much that it would be silly to stick to the basics. As a result, our list contains some titles that you would not normally classify as ‘’fantasy’’ – Shadowrun: Hong Kong, for instance.

When it comes to defining whether a game can be considered ‘’fantasy’’, we took the following criteria into consideration:

  • It’s a fictional universe.
  • We’ve prioritized games with no references to real-world locations, events, and people, but it’s not mandatory.
  • Has mythical beings such as gods, dwarves, elves, etc.
  • Contains spells and/or magical items and contraptions.
  • Mythical beings or supernatural forms are either at the center of the plot or an important part of the universe.


What qualifies as best?

When it comes to deciding what ‘’best’’ means, we have identified the games that are fun to play now.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll ignore factors such as innovation and cultural impact – they just won’t weigh as much. So don’t come yelling at us if your favorite RPG from 1991 hasn’t made the list.

Here are the main elements we examined before including a game in our top:

  • Exploration.
  • Character development.
  • Story. Is it well-written?
  • Combat. Is it fun? Does it make sense in the context of the game? Is it user-friendly?
  • Writing. Does it have good dialogue and interesting lore?
  • Impact.


The 28 Best Fantasy RPG Games

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the best fantasy RPGs that you should definitely play.


28. Greedfall

Best Fantasy RPG Games Greedfall

Initial Release Date: September 10, 2019

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Spiders

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Greedfall, created by French video game studio Spiders (The Technomancer) is a huge step forward for the developers.

It’s not only one of the more interesting AA releases in a market where middle-market games have gone almost extinct, it’s a great title in its own right. Set in a fantasy-colonial American mix universe, Greedfall centers around an island paradise that several colonial forces from fictional lands compete to colonize.

You play as a non-affiliated Human who recently arrived on the island.

Your in-game activities revolve around allying with either the natives who inhabit the island or the colonial forces, exploring the island, doing quests, finding treasure, and curing a mysterious illness that plagues the island.


27. Monster Hunter Generations

Best Fantasy RPG Games Monster Hunter Generations

Initial Release Date: July 15, 2016

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Monster Hunter Generations is a monolith of a game, as it contains every monster and town from the franchise’s previous games in a single package.

Generations took all the improvements that its predecessors brought to the table and added several new powerful moves and deeper character optimization options.

If you want to pick up the series but don’t know where to start, this is the essential version to own, as you can just as easily buy Generations and forget about the rest.

It’s deep, satisfying, and highly entertaining, which is why it deserves a spot on our list of the best fantasy RPGs.


26. Legend of Grimrock 2

Best Fantasy RPG Games Legend of Grimrock 2

Initial Release Date: October 15, 2014

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, macOS

Developer: Almost Human Games

Publisher: Almost Human Games

Even in this modern climate, where niche products have a greater chance of turning a profit, Legend of Grimrock’s 2 mere existence is an oddity.

After the first title, which was very well received by both the press and fans of this genre, Almost Human decided to go bigger with the sequel.

Legend of Grimrock 2 takes things upstairs and outdoors, with huge, sprawling maps containing multiple regions and biomes to explore.

It’s much more difficult than the first game, with tougher puzzles and enemies, and multi-level dungeons filled with treasures and secrets.


25. Torment: Tides of Numenera

Best Fantasy RPG Games Torment Tides of Numenera

Initial Release Date: February 28, 2017

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, macOS

Developer: inXile Entertainment

Publisher: Unity

Note: Since this RPG is the spiritual successor of Planescape Torment, there’s very little combat to speak of.

If Planescape Torment was the cool college philosophy teacher, Tides of Numenera is its brooding, edgy prodigy that shows a lot of yet-unfulfilled potentials.

The spiritual successor to Tides of Numenera features equal parts strange characters, captivating dialogue and descriptions, and a surreal world filled with grotesque images that have a dream-like quality to them.

Though it didn’t manage to surpass the quality of its bigger brothers, Tides of Numenera is a worthy spiritual successor that tackles many difficult subjects such as the nature of humanity and consciousness, metaphysics, semiotics and many issues that you would expect from an Umberto Eco essay, not a video game released in 2017.

Word to the wise: Tides of Numenera has even less combat than Planescape, and a lot more text, so if you don’t like reading through long expository paragraphs and surreal dialogue, you should skip over this game.


24. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Best Fantasy RPG Games Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Initial Release Date: February 28, 2017

Platforms: PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Sega Saturn, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

Publisher: Konami

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the quintessential Castlevania game, containing nearly everything that brought this series to cult-classic status.

Not only that, but Symphony of the Night brought all the series best features to near perfection. Underneath what may look like your typical Metroidvania game (the extensive exploration, backtracking, difficult combat, and hidden secrets) lies a generously deep RPG.

Players have to manage attributes such as strength, luck, intelligence, and defense, gain experience, summon and upgrade familiars, and so on and so forth.

The haunting and deliciously campy soundtrack adds a nice touch to the game, and the graphics, even though it’s pretty old, have aged well. It’s a classic that everybody should try at least once.


23. South Park: The Stick of Truth

Best Fantasy RPG Games South Park The Stick of Truth

Initial Release Date: March 4, 2014

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment, South Park Digital Studios LLC

Publisher: Ubisoft

In an era where licensed games still suck, South Park: The Stick of Truth was a surprise hit.

Not only was it a good South Park game, but it was also a good RPG on its own. Even people who are not die-hard South Park fans (such as myself) can get some enjoyment out of this game thanks to its intricate RPG mechanics and sandbox nature.

The thing that deserves the most praise is how the developers managed to build a great RPG around the elements that make South Park great, and not vice-versa, while maintaining the edge and humor typical of South Park (the fact that you can choose ‘’Jew-Jitsu’’ as a perk is quite telling).

It’s fun, addictive, innovative, and absolutely hilarious, which is why we’ve felt it’s worthy of a spot on our list of the best fantasy RPGs.


22. Arx Fatalis

Best Fantasy RPG Games Arx Fatalis

Initial Release Date: June 28, 2002

Platforms: Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, FreeBSD

Developer: Arkane Studios, Wizarbox, Floodgate Entertainment

Publisher: Arkane Studios, JoWooD Entertainment, DreamCatcher Interactive, Capcom, 1C Company, Nival

Developed by Arkane Studios, a video game developer later known for developing a small game called Dishonored, went under the industry’s radar when it was released in 2002.

Arx Fatalis is set in a dark-fantasy universe where the sun has failed, forcing its inhabitants to take refuge in subterranean caverns, where the entirety of the game’s story takes place.

The player character awakens inside a prison cell, and after making his escape, discovers that his mission is to imprison the God of Destruction, Akbaa. Similar to other RPGs, Arx Fatalis includes a comprehensive character progression system wherein players can allocate skill points in spellcasting, weapons, armor, stealth, and other stats.

It features a somewhat open-ended game world, allowing players to progress through the game at their own pace, solving side quests and exploring the sleazy networks of tunnels. Unlike other RPGs, Arx Fatalis doesn’t feature a dialog system.

The player is able to make choices through actions, which will have different effects on the game world.

Despite its decent story and satisfying combat, Arx Fatalis was at risk of becoming a mere footnote in RPG history.

Even though it has since gained the recognition it deserves, it is still criminally underrated, so do yourself a favor and check it out.


21. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Best Fantasy RPG Games Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Initial Release Date: August 21, 2001

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Developer: Troika Games

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment, Activision

The late Troika games had a reputation of releasing their games in a buggy state (not entirely by their fault, though), and Arcanum was no exception to this rule.

The battles were as imbalanced and chaotic as its name, and remain so after countless patches and fan mods released over the years. But even in its buggiest state, Arcanum was and is one of the best and most impressive RPGs ever to bless the gaming industry.

Featuring a mix of steampunk and fantasy aesthetics, as well as a fictional industrial revolution type of setting, Arcanum is anything but typical.

Its character creator allowed players to create everything from gnome gamblers to dwarf con artists. Arcanum is also one of the only RPGs where a full charisma build is a viable choice, with players being able to talk themselves out of virtually every conflict.

It’s dark, gritty, and absolutely hilarious, and though it might be dated by modern standards, it’s one of the few choices if you are up for some steampunk tom-foolery.


20. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Best Fantasy RPG Games Shadowrun Hong Kong

Initial Release Date: August 20, 2015

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

Developer: Harebrained Schemes

Publisher: Harebrained Schemes

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the culmination of a series of games which officially marked the return of isometric cRPGs in the mainstream.

Based on its namesake tabletop universe, Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a cyberpunk turn-based RPG set in a dystopian universe that is equal parts real life, fantasy and sci-fi. The Shadowrun universe is populated by humans, elves, dwarves, goblins and all manners of mythological creatures who apart from using cyberpunk gadgets and tools, are capable of casting spells. It’s a weird blend made even more interesting by the location.

Hong Kong, with its bright neon lights and shady alleys, is the perfect backdrop for a cyberpunk noir story. There’s nothing much we can say about this game that hasn’t already been said.

Hong Kong is an objective improvement over its predecessors, being less restrictive and having a more open-ended questing system.

The combat system is nicely varied, with players having access to a wide range of gadgets, weapons, and classes with cool-sounding names (Street Samurai?? I mean, come on!). The writing is excellent, the universe is dreary but with a dark, twisted sense of humor and the characters are memorable.

It’s not Baldur’s Gate 2 or Pillars of Eternity level of quality, but it still deserves a spot on our list of the best fantasy RPGs of all time.


19. Pillars of Eternity

Best Fantasy RPG Games Pillars of Eternity

Initial Release Date: March 26, 2015

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, macOS

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

For players who wanted to try Baldur’s Gate 2, but were turned off by its dated graphics and occasionally clunky gameplay, Pillars of Eternity came as a blessing.

Not only is Pillars of Eternity a worthy spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate 2, but it’s a great game on its own, improving on the classic tropes of the genre in some parts, and innovating in others.

Pillars of Eternity is far from a perfect game and has a lot of quirks, probably owing to the fact that this genre of RPG was essentially dead until its release.

Fortunately, despite (or maybe because of) its flaws, Pillars marked a glorious return of the CRPG genre in the public mainstream. The combat is satisfying, the RPG elements are smartly implemented and executed and the writing is one of the best that gaming has seen.

It’s deep and complex enough to satisfy veterans of this genre, and lenient and welcoming enough to ease new players into CRPG’s.


18. Planescape Torment

Best Fantasy RPG Games Planescape Torment

Initial Release Date: December 12, 1999

Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Dreamcast, Commodore 64, macOS

Developer: Beamdog, Black Isle Studios

Publisher: Interplay Entertainment

In Baldur’s Gate 2, Pillars of Eternity, and other RPGs, your ultimate goal is to become a badass killing machine that can steamroll the game.

Planescape Torment, on the other hand, took a different path – the RPG elements are limited to the story arc and social interactions you have with other characters. The combat is there, but in a weird twist, Planescape is one of the few RPGs that is dragged down by it.

The enemies feel like obstacles in the way of unraveling the next plot point or finding another piece of lore. And believe it or not, this is what makes Planescape Torment so great. The one thing that makes Planescape Torment stand out even today is its cerebral plot and universe.

It’s neither Sci-Fi nor Fantasy, it’s something in between, a weird blend that gives the whole game a dream-like quality reminiscent of a David Lynch film.

In Planescape Torment, your choices actually do matter. A lie can lead to a Rube Goldbergesque chain of effects and consequences and you can talk your way out of most combat encounters (and even boss fights).

Planescape Torment is the definition of the old saying ‘’The pen is mightier and the sword’’, so if you want to experience one of the best stories and characters this industry has to offer, make sure to check this gem out.


17. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Best Fantasy RPG Games Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire

Initial Release Date: May 8, 2018

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment, Versus Evil

The sequel to the brilliant Pillars of Eternity ditches the forests and fields of Drywood in favor of the archipelago of Deadfire.

You and your companions roam the seas in search of adventure and maybe, eventually, you will finally get to stop that pesky rampaging god that swore to destroy the world. Pillars of Eternity 2 is not so much a pirate RPG, but an RPG where you can role-play your way into feeling like a pirate. Ships can be attacked and plundered for loot which can be used to upgrade your own ship.

The Defiant and the islands are filled with booty and enemies to slaughter, all with the most earworms of sea shanties playing in the background.

The setting of Deadfire feels fresh and exciting, especially since the developers took great care to address criticism raised over the abundance of filler combat and other quality-of-life issues that severely diminished the enjoyment of subsequent playthroughs.

Pillars of Eternity 2 is bigger, better, more aptly written, and supports multiple replays thanks to the open-ended quest design and branching paths.


16. Icewind Dale II

Best Fantasy RPG Games Icewind II

Initial Release Date: August 27, 2002

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Developer: Black Isle Studios

Publisher: Interplay Entertainment

If Planescape Torment ditched combat in favor of a more narrative and cerebral approach and Baldur’s Gate II was a little bit of both, Icewind Dale II is full-on action-focused.

It focuses so much on action that it steers away from side quests, puzzles and other hallmarks on the genre and offers deep character creation tools and tons of combat variety.

You start out by creating a party of six adventurers by choosing their class, race, and gender.

Once you’re through with the character creation phase (which can take up to two weeks, according to RPG fandom canon), you can customize your party with a huge variety of weapons, skills, and gear. But all the gear wouldn’t account for anything without something to kill.

Thankfully, in terms of enemy variety, Icewind Dale delivers in spades.

From mummies, orcs, and skeletons to goblins, giants, and bugbears, the game throws all manners of monsters at you to kill. It’s a fun game with deep combat mechanics which holds up surprisingly well even now.


15. Gothic 2

Best Fantasy RPG Games Gothic 2

Initial Release Date: November 29, 2002

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Developer: Piranha Bytes

Publisher: JoWooD Productions (Europe); Atari, Inc. (North America)

Before quest markers and mini-maps entered the canon of RPG game design canon, most games had some variation of the Gothic formula. If you wanted to get somewhere, tough luck – you had to follow the directions provided by NPC’s. At times, they had the accuracy of a friend drunkenly describing how to reach the bar, so you had to rely mostly on yourself. Unlike the city where the most dangerous things the player has to handle are a few drunks and loan sharks, the forests are swarming with packs of wolves, skeletons, giant bugs, bandits and orcs. Moreover, the enemies are not evenly distributed throughout the map – one uninspired step on a side-road and you can come face to face with a high level enemy as soon as you step out of the city. Everything is out to kill you, and all you have in terms of protection at the beginning is a rusty sword and a sharp tongue. This is Gothic 2 in a nutshell – brutal, unforgiving and absolutely hilarious. Even though it sounds like some forgotten ancestor of Dark Souls, Gothic 2 is chock-full of charm and humor. The humor is subtle, deadpan and laidback, just like the character, who never misses a chance to express how utterly ridiculous his situation is. While the graphics haven’t aged well at all, the setting and the game world in general still hold up to this day. The game’s not an amalgam of random quest givers, but a living and breathing society built by people who have their own lives and routines. The City of Khorrinis is still as believable as it was at release thanks to inspired design. I would go as far as stating that it’s as lifelike as Novigrad in Witcher 3, minus the graphical fidelity. Once you get over the clunky, but functional combat system and the terrible graphics, you will find a lush and satisfying RPG that rewards exploration and experimentation. They don’t make games like Gothic 2 anymore, and even Piranha Bytes has failed to capture the essence of the series with the newest titles.


14. Demon’s Souls

Best Fantasy RPG Games Demons Souls

Initial Release Date: October 6, 2009

Platforms: PlayStation 3

Developer: FromSoftware

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment; Atlus USA; Namco Bandai Games

As big as the Dark Souls series has gotten today, it’s easy to find people who haven’t ever heard about Demon’s Souls, its PS3-exclusive ancestor.

Demon’s Souls, the granddaddy of what would later be known as the Souls Series, established a new formula of punishing, yet rewarding RPGs that praised patience, careful exploration, and tactical combat above all else.

Demon’s Souls contains all the hallmarks of the series – a minimal story, moody atmosphere, punishing combat, expansive setpieces of medieval post-apocalyptic beauty, and a sprawling world filled with interconnected levels.

It’s the quiet hit that laid the foundation of what followed, so if you want to see how it all started, we can’t recommend Demon’s Souls enough.


13. Dragon Age: Origins

Best Fantasy RPG Games Dragon Age Origins

Initial Release Date: November 3, 2009

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems

Developer: BioWare, Edge of Reality

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the few games that capture that old Baldur’s Gate feel, both from a gameplay and story perspective.

Ferelden is very similar to the Forgotten realms without feeling like a mere rehash, and the way in which the player can interact with their companions feels very Baldur’s Gate-ish in approach.

While the lore and universe are great, the deep and satisfying combat is what makes Origins a top-tier RPG.

Sadly, this was the last Bioware RPG that used the old combat system, and with Dragon Age 2 being so streamlined and Inquisition steering even farther from the formula, we’ll probably never see this old model applied ever again.


12. Stardew Valley

Best Fantasy RPG Games Stardew Valley

Initial Release Date: February 26, 2016

Platforms: Most Modern Platforms:s

Developer: Concerned Ape

Publisher: Chucklefish

Stardew Valley captured the hearts and attention of the community by transporting players to a time when gaming was simpler, more wholesome, combining all the bits that we loved about older games (including classics such as Animal Crossings and Harvest Moon) into a fresh, modern package. Though the gameplay is based on raising crops and improving your farm’s economy, it’s more than a mere farming sim – players can fish, raise animals, and even delve into dungeons in search of treasures, fighting all manners of monsters in the process. It is one of those games where the journey matters more than the destination, and seeing your farm gradually progress from a decrepit ruin filled with weeds and trash into a thriving business is very satisfying. The game does a great job of recreating that idyllic, small-town community setting, with a cast of lovable characters, each with their own personalities. All town inhabitants can be befriended, and some of them romanced. But however picturesque the setting may be, things aren’t going so swell for Pelican Town, and it’s up to you whether you want to take an active role in improving the local economy or take a more profit-centered approach. One of the earliest decisions players have to make is either helping the mayor improve the community center, or sell off to the Joja Corporation. While the game’s anti-big-business message is anything but subtle (you start out as a corporate drone who decides to quit their job and return to their grandfather’s old farm), it provides enough conflict and motivation to contextualize the player’s actions. A lot of ink has been spilled praising this game, and rightfully so. It’s a charming game that offers a great deal of freedom and player agency.


11. Dark Souls 3

Best Fantasy RPG Games Dark Souls 3

Initial Release Date: March 24, 2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Microsoft Windows

Developer: FromSoftware

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Dark Souls III, the grand finale of the Souls series, is everything the second entry of the series should have been, but was not. The development of Dark Souls 2 was handled by another team, while the main team and Miyazaki himself, the brains behind the series, focused on Bloodborne. It’s quite evident from the execution and level design that the team didn’t quite understand what made Dark Souls, well, Dark Souls, as they focused too much on making it as difficult and unfair as possible, to the detriment of everything else. So, you can’t imagine the relief I felt upon finding out that Miyazaki, the man himself, will lead the development of the sequel. And boy, did FromSoft deliver. Dark Souls 3 has everything that made the first one so good (minus the level design which, admittedly, can’t and will never be topped), plus a few quality of life features that the first one lacks. Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic farewell to the franchise. The challenge is all there, but the systems have been tweaked to accommodate those who don’t like to rely on wikis and comprehensive guides. Gone are the days when a bad build could screw you for the rest of the playthrough, as the gear selection is varied enough to accommodate uninspired builds. If you are not satisfied with your build, you can reinvest all of your skill points – for a price, of course. From a narrative and lore perspective, Dark Souls 3 brings back some of the characters from the first entry of the series and revisits several old locations, made now barely recognizable due to the passage of time (or is it something else?). You will have to find out by yourself). Dark Souls 3 is chock-full of references to previous titles. While the callbacks have varying degrees of subtlety, you will certainly be struck with an annoying deja vu feeling at least a couple of times while exploring the decrepit ruins of Lothric. And I have to say, connecting the dots and spotting the similarities is just as fun and satisfying as the combat.


10. Bloodborne

Best Fantasy RPG Games Bloodborne

Initial Release Date: March 24, 2015

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Developer: FromSoftware

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Bloodborne is probably one of the best and most ambitious spin-offs in history. When I first saw the announcement trailer, my first thought was Dark Souls style game with a Victorian setting and some Cthulhu Mythos tom-foolery sprinkled on top for good measure? I’m sold!’’. If Dark Souls 2 was the neglected child of the series, Bloodborne is the one that was sent to violin lessons from a young age and enrolled in the best private schools. On the surface, Bloodborne might seem like just Dark Souls in gothic clothes, but it’s so much more than that. The Lovecraftian setting of Yharnam is just as unsettling as it is sad – most of its inhabitants are fuelled by a mindless rage, attacking everything in sight, while those who haven’t lost their sanity are mere shells of their former selves. But while the setting is surely melancholic and depressive, the combat is the absolute opposite of that. For Bloodborne, the designers took a more direct, fast-paced approach to the already classic Dark Souls formula. In Bloodborne, there are no shields and taking your sweet time to land the decisive blow, only dodging, parrying, and rabidly counterattacking. If you take too much time to attack, the enemies will have no hesitation in shredding you to pieces. Bloodborne is a fresh, exciting entry in the Souls saga, one that we hope will be replicated in FromSoft’s next game. Until we find out more about it, we might as well get to cleaning the streets of cosmic horror filth.

“Bloodborne is my favorite fantasy RPG of all time. The mechanics are smooth as water, the combat is addictive and the all aesthetics are no doubt fitting the whole image with a splash of lovecraftian lore as well. Even for an unfinished product you can’t deny the love and detail the game as a whole received.” says Twitch streamer Liisn


9. Darkest Dungeon

Best Fantasy RPG Games Darkest Dungeon

Initial Release Date: January 19, 2016

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Developer: Red Hook Studios

Publisher: Merge Games

Darkest Dungeon takes a refreshing approach by abandoning the typical stoic hero archetype found in many monster-slaying RPGs.

Instead, its characters reflect the flaws and vulnerabilities of real people, just like us. They develop phobias, turn to alcohol for solace, and exhibit traits like arrogance, greed, naivety, or slothfulness, influenced by the capricious RNG system. In essence, they react as any average individual would if confronted with nightmarish Lovecraftian creatures, with the only difference being their initial combat experience.

As the player, you control a party of adventurers delving into the depths of a dungeon in search of riches and knowledge.

The turn-based combat heavily relies on RNG, although upgrades and trinkets can mitigate the randomness. The class system offers a pleasing variety, allowing for experimentation with different party compositions. Each class possesses a unique set of upgradable moves that are influenced by their position.

For instance, by placing a support hero at the front, they can transform from a healer into a formidable damage dealer. The dungeons surround a decaying village where heroes can recuperate, reduce stress, and improve their gear and skills.

The unfolding events and their cause remain mysterious, urging you to uncover the truth as you conquer dungeon after dungeon. Darkest Dungeon provides a stressful yet incredibly satisfying experience. The Lovecraftian setting, coupled with the haunting narration, intensifies the already bleak and melancholic atmosphere.


8. Fable II

Best Fantasy RPG Games Fable II

Initial Release Date: 21 October 2008

Platforms: Xbox 360

Developer: Lionhead Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

What is there left to say about Fable II, other than the fact that Microsoft has stubbornly kept it an XBOX 360 exclusive, while the infuriatingly mediocre sequel got a PC port?

Well, tons of good things, actually.

The story of Fable II takes place in the realm of Albion, 500 years after the events of the original game in a setting resembling the early modern period. Things have changed a bit since the last game: after the defeat of Jack of Blades, the Hero’s Guild disbanded and the realm entered an era of relative prosperity and stability. From a story and gameplay perspective, Fable II is a tremendous improvement over the original, as it took the things that made the first one and took them to the next level.

Since the game takes place over a hero’s lifetime, many things can change, most of which can be directly influenced directly by the player.

Shops will close, some neighborhoods of Bowerstone will fall into disrepair while others may rise, and so on.

Players don’t earn XP and money by doing quests, they have to take odd jobs around the city to support their adventuring. The player character can form relationships, marry and have kids. The family is not spared from the player’s actions, as children/spouses can die of neglect or leave.

Just like in real life, with the mention that you’re very unlikely to go through a divorce because you insisted on fighting that giant spider from the outskirts of the city on your 15th wedding anniversary.


7. The Witcher 2

Best Fantasy RPG Games The Witcher 2

Initial Release Date: 17 May 2011

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux

Developer: CD Projekt Red

Publisher: CD Projekt

Whether to choose the first entry in this series or the second was a tough decision.

On the one hand, the first entry’s legacy and influence over the games industry is indisputable, as it was the first truly mature RPG to tackle serious subjects such as war, disease, racism and bigotry since maybe Fallout 2 ten years earlier. On the other hand, it was the product of a young, but talented studio that didn’t have much experience when it comes to game development.

Most people tend to forget how clunky and flawed that game was. This is mainly why its sequel made this list. The Witcher 2 marks the series’ debut to mainstream audiences.

While it didn’t go full open-world yet, opting for a more restricted, yet detailed environment due to technical and time constraints, The Witcher 2 is an improvement over the original in every single way, with better combat, stellar graphical fidelity, fantastic writing, and a narrative fork that sets Geralt on two different paths.

The two paths are so different, that one could easily argue that The Witcher 2 is essentially two games in a single one.

Granted, the grand finale of the series topped The Witcher 2 in all departments, but this fact doesn’t diminish this game’s merits and status as one of the best fantasy RPGs ever released.


6. Baldur’s Gate 2

Best Fantasy RPG Games Balders Gate 2

Initial Release Date: September 21, 2000

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: Black Isle Studios, Interplay Entertainment

Lovers of deep lore and intricate RPG systems will get lots of enjoyment out of Baldur’s Gate 2.

In terms of size and depth, few RPGs have managed to top Baldur’s Gate 2, which features a huge world filled with quests that can be approached and solved in multiple ways, as well as a wide cast of memorable characters.

Baldur’s Gate 2 is, in some ways, the patient 0 of modern RPGs, as many of its gameplay and narrative devices would go on to influence later titles.

And yes, this is where RPG romances come from, so you have to thank Baldur’s Gate 2 for Commander Shepherd’s awkward attempts at getting a threesome with two of his female companions.


5. Dark Souls

Best Fantasy RPG Games Dark Souls

Initial Release Date: September 22, 2011

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Developer: FromSoftware

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games, FromSoftware

Dark Souls is a game that has been extensively analyzed and praised, making it difficult to uncover new aspects to discuss.

Should we emphasize its cerebral, minimalist plot, conveyed through item descriptions, environmental cues, and cryptic dialogues?

Or its addictive character progression and challenging difficulty?

Perhaps its compelling characters or its bleak yet stunning end-of-the-world aesthetics? The truth is, Dark Souls is a remarkable amalgamation of various elements that harmoniously blend to create a seamless and immersive game world. With a strong emphasis on exploration, Dark Souls encourages players to experiment with different character builds and paths, pushing them to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

It forgoes the hand-holding nature of other RPGs, adopting a trial-and-error approach. Navigating the treacherous world requires caution, evasion of traps, and constant vigilance.

Defeating bosses, leveling up stats wisely (a pro tip: ignore Resistance, it’s useless), understanding weapon and armor scaling, and more, all contribute to the learning process.

The level and world design itself is a marvel, showcasing both technical prowess and artistic brilliance. The interconnected paths, branching off from a central hub, offer a sense of discovery and accomplishment akin to defeating the toughest boss.

If you haven’t yet experienced Dark Souls, it is highly recommended to give it a try. You are depriving yourself of one of the finest fantasy RPGs ever created.


4. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Best Fantasy RPG Games Divinity Original Sin 2

Initial Release Date: September 14, 2017

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS

Developer: Larian Studios

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

If you’re thinking of doing something, in Divinity: Original Sin 2, you can probably do it.

Few RPG games boast such a high degree of freedom and player agency, and every skill, no matter how unusual it looks at first glance, has some utility, even if tangential, and this applies both to combat and non-combat situations.

You can enjoy this game either alone or together with up to three friends.

This is where things start getting interesting, as you’re not forced to work together with your friends or even stay in the same part of the world. Unlike other titles with co-op modes, Divinity: Original Sin 2 gives players a lot of reasons to work against each other.

It’s clear from the get-go that the co-op mode was not slapped together to increase the appeal of the game artificially – due to its depth, it could have very well been a game of its own.


3. Undertale

Best Fantasy RPG Games Undertale

Initial Release Date: September 15, 2015

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch

Developer: Toby Fox

Publisher: Toby Fox

Undertale came out of nowhere and turned the gaming world upside down.

It’s amazing what a single person can accomplish. Toby Fox, the sole developer, wrote, designed, developed, and composed the music and released the game.

Undertale charmed gamers with its deceptively simple story and deconstruction of nearly every RPG trope, while paradoxically sticking to the roots of the genre.

There’s nothing much that can be said about Undertale without spoiling the fun, so if for some reason you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure and buy it.


2. The Witcher 3

Best Fantasy RPG Games The Witcher 3

Initial Release Date: May 19, 2015

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One



The release of Witcher 1 in 2007 marked the beginning of an exceptional and beloved gaming franchise.

It’s remarkable what a small, dedicated studio can achieve when given time and resources, free from industry pressures.

Witcher 3, the culmination of almost a decade of progress, surpasses its predecessors in every aspect, offering a larger, deeper experience both mechanically and narratively.

It masterfully combines moral ambiguity, bigotry, political intrigue, and monster hunting within its vast world. The game demonstrates that creating massive open-world games is possible without resorting to fillers.

Each quest, serious or lighthearted, contributes meaningfully to the game’s context, allowing players to explore the war-torn lands, their inhabitants, and the broader universe.

Even seemingly simple quests, like finding an old lady’s frying pan, provide insights into the game’s universe.

Other quests, like navigating bureaucratic hurdles to claim an inheritance, serve as biting, humorous social commentaries that reflect CD Projekt’s Polish origins.

CD Projekt Red not only set a new standard for action RPGs but also pushed boundaries with their DLCs. Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are perhaps the finest DLCs ever released, featuring quests that rival or even surpass those in the base game.


1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Best Fantasy RPG Games Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Initial Release Date: November 16, 2004

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Developer: Troika Games

Publisher: Activision

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is a challenging experience, buried beneath a mountain of game-breaking bugs and glitches.

However, if you persevere, you’ll discover one of the most enjoyable and rewarding RPGs ever created. Set in four areas of 21st Century Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and Chinatown), the game portrays a world where vampires, werewolves, wraiths, and other creatures have shaped human history for centuries.

You assume the role of The Fledgling, a newly transformed vampire, and right from the start, you can choose your gender and vampire class.

There are seven distinct classes, each influencing the story and gameplay in its own way. The Toreador excels in seduction and charisma, while the Brujah despises authority and favors physical strength.

The Nosferatu hide in the sewers due to their monstrous appearance, and the Malkavians are characterized by their insanity.

Vampires adhere to the Masquerade, a code of conduct that prohibits revealing their powers to humans and killing unnecessarily. Violating these rules leads to consequences like vampire hunters targeting you or losing your humanity.

The Camarilla, an organization overseeing vampire affairs, maintains control over societal vampires, but dissenting factions challenge their authority. Your decision to obey or rebel against Camarilla shapes the game’s narrative.

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines goes beyond bloodsucking and gothic aesthetics; it allows you to shape your story based on your beliefs and choices.

Almost every decision you make influences the game world, and the detailed class system and skill tree support multiple playthroughs.

The game’s exceptional writing creates a captivating vampire universe. Despite its flaws, it stands as a masterpiece and the finest fantasy RPG to date.



This concludes our list of the best fantasy RPGs of all time.

Here’s a quick recap of the 28 best fantasy RPG games of all time:

  1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
  2. The Witcher 3
  3. Undertale
  4. Divinity: Original Sin 2
  5. Dark Souls
  6. Balder’s Gate 2
  7. The Witcher 2
  8. Fable II
  9. Darkest Dungeon
  10. Bloodborne
  11. Dark Souls 3
  12. Stardew Valley
  13. Dragon Age: Origins
  14. Demon’s Souls
  15. Gothic 2
  16. Icewind Dale II
  17. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
  18. Planescape Torment
  19. Pillars of Eternity
  20. Shadowrun: Hong Kong
  21. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
  22. Arx Fatalis
  23. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  24. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  25. Torment: Tides of Numenera
  26. Legend of Grimrock 2
  27. Monster Hunter Generations
  28. Greedfall

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