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The 10 Best PS5 Simulation Games

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The Best PS5 Simulation Games

What are the best simulation games for PS5?

Simulation has become one of the most popular genres in gaming, and it has gradually gotten more realistic as technology advances.

While there are many games on the PS5 that simulate real-life activities, not all of them have had a lasting impact on the gaming community.

Today, we’re taking a look at the best simulation games on the PlayStation 5 that you can’t afford to miss!


The 10 Best PS5 Simulation Games

To create this list, we’ve rounded up PS5 simulation games from reputable sources and ranked them based on ratings from critics and fans.

This has allowed us to find the best simulator games on the platform so that you can easily find your next favorites!

If you’re ready to experience a new way of life, here’s our list of the 10 best simulation games for PS5:


10. Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Best PS5 Simulation Games BassMaster Fishing 2022

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is one of those simulation games that seem boring at first glance but quickly turn out to be incredibly addictive.

This game lets you dive into the life of a professional angler and take part in the Elite Tour across 8 real-world bass fishing venues.

As players progress through career mode, the main goal is to make it to the Bassmaster Classic and become champion.

There are also new massive online multiplayer game modes that allow players to compete with others across the world.

Created using the Unreal Engine, the graphics in this game really make you feel like you’re out on the water, and each venture stands out with new, beautiful environments.

The AI for the fish is also very dynamic, so every situation feels true to life, making catching the big ones a real challenge.

While fishing may not seem like the most engaging premise for a game, consider how addictive fishing in Skyrim became once it was introduced in the Anniversary Edition.

There’s just something oddly engrossing about the sport that makes Bassmaster Fishing 2022 a must-play simulation game.


9. Tropico 6

Best PS5 Simulation Games Tropico 6

Like other games in the Tropico Series, this game gives players control of the Island nation of Tropico in the Caribbean.

Similar to Topico 5, this game has four eras; the Colonial, World Wars, Cold War, and Modern eras, which players can start in.

However, unlike previous games, which only allowed players to build on a single island, this game gives players the ability to build across numerous smaller isles.

Tropico 6 also boasts fully simulated citizens that respond to the actions of the players, with some even revolting if a player is making particularly bad choices.

This simulation game also has a large emphasis on strategy, with a robust political system that provides a lot of freedom for players to explore.

Although it isn’t as action-packed as the best PS5 FPS games, Tropico 6 isn’t lacking in content, and it is very easy to spend hours trying to build the perfect utopia.


8. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Best PS5 Simulation Games Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

As the name suggests, this game gives you the ability to become a mechanic in an extremely realistic garage that doesn’t spare any details.

With infinitely generating orders, players won’t run out of things to do as they try to build their own service empires.

What makes this game so exceptional is that it boasts over 4000 unique car parts and over 72 cars that can be worked on.

There are also story missions that require specific conditions to be met in order to progress through the main plot.

Players can also upgrade their workshops and create custom cars from beaters that can be found in old garages.

As players advance, they can also expand the range of services offered at their shops, allowing for even more orders to come in.

Even if you know nothing about cars, this game offers a lot to enjoy, and it can even teach you a few things about mechanics along the way!

If you’re someone who enjoys the best PS5 racing games, Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 can be an interesting way to learn more about your favorite rides in an addicting way.


7. Farming Simulator 22

Best PS5 Simulation Games Farming Simulator 22

There is no denying that players love farming simulators, and this series offers one of the most in-depth experiences in the genre.

Giving players the ability to become a modern farmer, in Farming Simulator 22, you can build your own farm with everything from agriculture to animal husbandry.

Building on the foundation of past games, this installment features a seasonal cycle, production chains, and new crops, including sorghum, grapes, and olives.

There are also over 400 vehicles and tools that can be used to increase the productivity of your farms as they grow larger in scale.

This game also has a choice of three maps set in the American Midwest, the European Alpine region, and the south of France, culminating in a total of 82 unique fields.

In terms of graphics, Farming Simulator 22 looks incredibly impressive with HD texture streaming, anti-aliasing, and occlusion culling that makes everything picturesque.

Farming Simulator 22 also allows for cross-platform multiplayer, so you can create a farm and run it with your friends even if they’re not playing on the PS5.


6. Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition

Best PS5 Simulation Games Kerbal Space Program

The Enhanced Edition of the Kerbal Space Program was released in 2018, and it brought this spaceflight game to next-gen consoles.

In this game, players can build a variety of spacecraft using numerous parts in order to reach space or even land on other celestial bodies.

There are three game modes: Science mode, Career mode, and Sandbox mode, which provide unique gameplay experiences.

In Sandbox mode, players have access to everything immediately to build elaborate rockets, while Science mode requires players to perform experiments to unlock new components.

Meanwhile, Career mode expands on Science mode by adding reputation, funds, and contracts into the mix to make things more challenging.

While it isn’t a perfect simulator of spaceflight, it has been praised highly for its orbital mechanics, with everything exhibiting Newtonian dynamics except celestial bodies.

What’s more, is that this game has even drummed up interest in the scientific community, and the Asteroid Mission Pack was even released with the support of NASA.

Additionally, when the second orbital test flight of the Boeing Starliner docked on the Space Station in 2022, the crew brought a Kerbal plushie to show their enthusiasm for the game.

The Kerbal Space Program started out as one of the best-selling PS4 games of all time, and with the Enhanced Edition, it has become a must-play PS5 simulation game.


5. Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Best PS5 Simulation Games Planet Coaster Console Edition

Planet Coaster is a theme park construction and management game that serves as a spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

In this game, players can take on four different modes, including Sandbox, Career, Challenge, and Scenario Editor.

Career mode gives players the job of theme park manager, where they must construct an amusement park and hire staff, while Sandbox gives players free rein over everything.

Similarly, challenge mode adds more difficulty to Sandbox mode, making players take into account funding, as opposed to having everything be free.

Scenario mode, on the other hand, is a version of Career mode, but players can customize their own tasks in each of their saved parks.

This game has a ton of potential, and parks can be as crazy as players want them to be, even if this means making roller coasters that are more dangerous than fun for parkgoers!

There have also been a few changes made for the Console Edition, including an updated Career mode with voice acting, a new tutorial, and a building counter.

Despite not being as well-known as some of the best PS5 third-person games, Planet Coaster is a huge game filled with the potential to keep you occupied for hours!


4. Train Sim World 2

Best PS5 Simulation Games Train Sim World 2

If the best racing games of all time aren’t quite your style, you can always satisfy your need for speed by taking to the rails.

Train Sim World 2 is incredibly realistic, and it features train routes from real life, including Cajon Pass and Kassel-Wurzburg.

Every locomotive cab is faithfully recreated for realism, and this game’s enhanced visuals and responsive controls really help bring everything to life.

Players have to time their moves right and efficiently maintain speed in order to make stops on time, though handling a train takes some getting used to.

There is also a new dynamic weather system to contend with that can make driving trains more challenging, and everything from thunderstorms to blizzards can be encountered.

Players can also choose from a number of add-ons that provide additional routes and trains to keep things interesting.

This game is deceptively addicting, and you can easily spend hours just trying to master the rails!


3. Cities: Skylines Remastered

Best PS5 Simulation Games City Skylines Remastered

Released in February 2023, this game is a remaster of the 2015 city-builder that has become one of the most popular simulator games in the world.

In Cities: Skylines, players take on urban planning by placing roads, zoning districts, applying taxation, setting up public services, and creating public transportation.

Players are also responsible for providing power, water, and sewage to their city, as well as ensuring happiness for the people and businesses that move in.

As cities grow bigger, players can purchase additional plots of land for expansion while also unlocking new city improvements.

The Remaster also introduces many quality-of-life improvements and performance updates to help the game run smoothly on the PS5.

There is even a VR version of the game that is set to be released on the PlayStation VR2 in the near future.

In addition to that, there are several DLC expansions that add additional buildings, weather, disasters, infrastructure, and districts to make cities even more diverse.

While the After Dark expansion is included in the Remaster, there are 30 other DLCs that can be individually purchased depending on what players want to add.

While you may need to invest in one of the best PS5 SSDs if you plan on downloading all of the extra content for this game, it is definitely worth it for all of the gameplay they provide.


2. SnowRunner

Best PS5 Simulation Games Snow Runner

SnowRunner is an off-road simulator that is available on the PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

A sequel to the 2017 game, MudRunner, this game is all about delivering cargo across stretches of rough terrain.

Each region in SnowRunner is designed to take place in a rural area that has suffered a disaster that forces players to creatively venture off-road in order to make deliveries.

As players progress, they will earn money that can be used to improve their vehicles or upgrade to better ones that can withstand the elements.

This game makes use of a damage system that can incapacitate vehicles if they become too beaten up, which is something that makes the early game very challenging.

There are over 60 unique vehicles that players can choose from and 15 sandbox locations to explore and take on missions in.

SnowRunner also has several DLC packs that offer even more vehicles, customization options, and map expansions to keep the game interesting for hours.


1. Powerwash Simulator

Best PS5 Simulation Games Power Wash Simulator

Taking our top spot is one of the best relaxing games to play and one that has no right to be as addictive as it is.

As the name suggests, this game is all about power washing, and it starts players off as the owner of a small power washing business who must earn money to grow.

All of the gameplay revolves around using a power washer to clean dirt off of objects and buildings, with a meter that shows how much dirt is left.

As jobs are completed, money can be used to upgrade equipment to make it more effective in different situations.

There have also been two expansions for Powerwash Simulator themed on other games, including Tomb Raider and the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

This game has been praised for its “zen-like gameplay” that makes it incredibly satisfying and relaxing to just chill out with.

It’s not overly complex, and its leisurely pace makes it perfect for playing when you just want something entertaining to do without having to put forth a lot of effort.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best PS5 Simulation games that you can play right now!

Simulation games are simply amazing, and they can be incredibly complex, like Farming Simulator, or totally chill, like Powerwash Simulator.

There is so much potential in this genre, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the games on this list because they’re all extremely entertaining!

Here’s a quick recap of the best PS5 simulation games:

  1. Power Wash Simulator
  2. SnowRunner
  3. City Skylines: Remastered
  4. Train Sim World 2
  5. Planet Coaster: Console Edition
  6. Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition
  7. Farming Simulator 22
  8. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
  9. Tropico 6
  10. Bassmaster Fishing 2022

What’s your favorite simulation game on the PS5? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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