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The 10 Best Swords in New World



The Best Swords in New World

Which are the best swords in New World?

Amazon’s new MMO is making splashes in the genre as probably one of the most broken modern titles to grace the gaming community, and that’s saying something quite grand, given Cyber Punk’s semi-recent release.

The game has its strengths, and once the kinks are hammered out, there’s no denying that New World will be a game worth following the development of. For those who are busy grinding away, nearing endgame content is a constant quiz to study for.


The Best Swords in New World

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 best swords available in New World:


10. Deepwatcher Longsword​

Best New World Swords Deepwatcher Longsword

Weaponsmiths of 110 will already be familiar with the Deepwatcher Longsword.

This replica of the longsword found in The Depths boasts base damage of 124, with added bonuses of 6 Strength and 3 Dexterity.

To boot, the Deepwatcher Longsword offers players a very high chance at a Perk and a low chance at a gem slot.

If you can manage to grab the necessary ingredients for its creation, one of which includes a corrupted treatise on a tier 4 forge, the Deepwatcher Longsword, with its max gear score of 500, is a solid STR / DEX scaling option for one-handed sword users.


9. Shipyard Sentinel Longsword​

Best New World Swords Shipyard Sentinel Longsword

The Shipyard Sentinel Longsword, in many ways, is akin to the Deepwatcher Longsword.

The strength and dexterity bonuses are identical with 6/3 respective additions, and the gem/perk chances also mirror the Deepwatcher Longsword.

What the two swords differ in is nuanced changes in the required materials for their creation and aesthetics.

Firstly, the Shipyard Sentinel Longsword boasts a blueish hue that you’d catch Poseidon rocking on any given day.

Also, the materials taken in by the SSL, although through a tier 4 forge, are both different and less in quantity, making the Shipyard Sentinel Longsword slightly easier to obtain for some.


8. Balance of Time

Best New World Swords Balance of Time

Sitting around 400 gear score is Balance of Time.

This weapon features a base damage of 64, with 125 slash damage to accompany it.

It boosts strength by 9 (which swords benefit from at a greater percentage than dexterity) and comes with a gem socket alongside its 10% increased damage to Ancients effect.

Balance of Time isn’t a sword that you’ll likely use for longer than a week of casual play, but it certainly is an efficient weapon to pick up along your grind if you, or a company member, can manage the skills required for its creation.


7. Dowsing Blade

Best New World Swords Dowsing Blade

For the AoE-loving sword wielders, the Dowsing Blade represents a particularly strong option for clearing out enemies when crowd control is required.

In other words, the Dowsing Blade was made for killing multiple enemies at once.

This epic-grade sword boasts a 64 flat damage rating, with 86 slash damage and 57 arcane damage on-hit.

In addition to this, the +7 STR/+3 DEX bonuses will feel extra useful for players who are trying to min-max their questing runs into crowds.

Aside from the mixed damage bonuses, the Dowsing Blade offers up the unique effect of giving its wielder 10% fortify for three seconds after killing an enemy alongside an extra 8.9% crit chance at all times.

Your slashing won’t be interrupted and will be coupled with big hits if you can manage to take down at least one enemy before being CC’d.


6. Orichalcum Longsword

Best New World Swords Orichalcum Longsword

When it comes to the Orichalcum Longsword, there isn’t anything too special to say about it.

The sword requires 150 weaponsmithing to create, along with 10 orichalcum ores and the normal 2 refined wood and 1 leather.

The weapon has a base damage of 64 and represents a natural progression into the mid-game for most players without anything flashy attached.


5. Lazarus Watcher Longsword

Best New World Swords Lazarus Watcher Longsword

Without making the aforementioned entry feel bad, the Lazarus Watcher Longsword is, to put it mildly, a slight upgrade for the orichalcum Longsword.

This longsword can boast a whopping 193 slash damage alongside its gargantuan +10 STR/+5 DEX bonuses.

The weapon also offers a nice 36 stamina damage against blocking opponents, which is a modest, but not meaningless, upgrade over the common 34 offered by other swords.


4. Garden Keeper Longsword

Best New World Swords Garden Keeper Longsword

The Garden Keeper Longsword is identical to the Lazarus Watcher Longsword in every way except for how it’s created and the aesthetics it provides.

If you have 160 weaponsmithing, you can take 10 orichalcum ingots alongside 10 sticky branches and 1 putrid bark to a tier 5 forge to gain access to wild slash damage and noticeable stat boosts.


3. Opus Blade

Best New World Swords Opus Blade

Definitely one of the best weapons in the game for melting down crowds of opponents, but also one of the weapons that loses all strengths when outmatched by crowd control or, more simply, skill.

Opus Blade features a 173 slash damage stat alongside a +13 strength bonus for its wielder, making it outmatched in STR bonuses only by the likes of “A Thousand Voices” in terms of longswords.

The real threat of the Opus Blade appears in its on-hit effects.

“Keenly Jagged” Applies a bleed effect at a 10% on-hit rate against struck enemies, and chain void throws a ‘static shiv’ like effect out at up to three enemies with a two-second cooldown.

As a cherry on top, Opus Blade features “Refreshing Evasion” which reduces all active cooldowns by .91% after exiting a dodge animation.

For players whose APM is high, Opus Blade’s DPS is there to match it.


2. Masterstroke

Best New World Swords Masterstroke

Masterstroke is a weapon of choice for the user who likes to enable as much ability usage as possible.

In keeping with its own theme, Masterstroke splits all damage dealt with the weapon, by half, into nature damage, which is great for keeping available to hunt more enemy types in PvE.

In addition to this, Masterstroke reduces all active cooldowns by 5% after killing an enemy, with a 5-second cooldown applied to the effect.

Obviously, the fantasy of this weapon is to roll up in active PvE environments, only to hack and slash enemies down with abilities, just to quickly get them back up and continue the rampage.

Whether or not that fantasy can be realized is up to the player.


1. Isabella’s Chosen

Best New World Swords Isabellas Chosen

194 damage split between slash and corruption needs no explanation.

It’s a high value of damage and it’s split for more versatility than the common sword.

Isabella’s chosen offers this on top of an interesting +5 STR/+10 CON bonus, which makes it excellent both in DPS and min-maxing a tank build.

This kind of versatility is usually met with a lack of ‘focus’ if you will, or a lack of power in the particular area, but Isabella’s Chosen doesn’t just do well on multiple fronts, it thrives as one of the best swords in the game, hands down.

Additionally, the corruption damage scales with either the base weapon stat or INT, opening up some interesting hybrid play for magic users.

The weapon increases damage to corrupted enemies by 19% and boosts light and heavy attacks by 9.5% for good measure.

Be wary, only those who complete a very high-level and difficult legendary sword quest are eligible to receive Isabella’s Chosen.

Given its place as the #1 sword on this list, that shouldn’t come as any surprise.



The Sword and Board bros of New World are the versatile tank/DPS players of the MMO, and although their punishing move set that rewards patience is already quite strong in the right hands, a good weapon to accompany that move set is key.

If finding the next best weapon for your build is what you aim to do, refer to this list, and get grinding.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best swords in New World:

  1. Isabella’s Chosen
  2. Masterstroke
  3. Opus Blade
  4. Garden Keeper Longsword
  5. Lazarus Watcher Longsword
  6. Orichalcum Longsword
  7. Dowsing Blade
  8. Balance of Time
  9. Shipyard Sentinel Longsword​
  10. Deepwatcher Longsword​

What’s your favorite sword in New World? Leave a comment below.

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