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The 10 Best Warhammers in Skyrim



The Best Warhammers in Skyrim

Which are the best warhammers in Skyrim?

Warhammer-wielding Dragonborn are some of the most hardcore warriors in all of Skyrim, slow-moving tanks that can sustain copious amounts of damage and then sling it back with tenfold force.

They are the berserker brutes of the two-handed weapon warrior class, the complete opposite in every way of the shifty spellcasters of Skyrim.

Actually, for these ruthless skull crushers, there are few joys in life equal to dodging the deadly blasts from a mage and getting in close enough for a match-ending face smash.


The 10 Best Warhammers in Skyrim

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 best warhammers in Skyrim:


10. Aegisbane

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Aegisbane

“Aegis” is the Greek word for shield, so it’s really no coincidence that this impressive iron warhammer is the sigil for the Shatter-Shield Clan of Windhelm.

If it’s not a shield being splintered from the tremendous force of this hammer’s swing, then it’s the forearm of the poor soul holding the shield.

This weapon does 18 points of physical damage, in addition to a unique enchantment that deals 5 points of frost damage to Health and Stamina.

While this is on the lower end of dangerous warhammers in Skyrim, it is still a revered weapon, especially when lugging it through the streets of Windhelm.

Guards will often comment on the weapon, and its bloody backstory, lending to the feeling of being a B-list celebrity while wandering the streets.


9. Nordic Warhammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Nordic Warhammer

While the slick steel and quicksilver hammerhead contributes to a refined barbaric look for this weapon, I can’t help cringing while thinking about how nasty the sculpted mouth at the front gets after plunging it into an unhelmeted brain bucket.

Certainly, no opponent can withstand a driving bite from this weapon, and on the off chance that this fails, there is always a vicious armor spike on the backswing.

The Nordic Warhammer is only available in Solstheim, an area only available with the Dragonborn DLC.

It can be crafted at a blacksmith’s forge or picked up from a dead patron at the Thirsk Mead Hall during “The Chief of Thirsk Hall” quest. That the Nordic Warhammer can be acquired in a large-scale bar fight only contributes to its rugged charm of it.


8. Ebony Warhammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Ebony Warhammer

Due to the multiple razor-sharp spikes on the Ebony Warhammer, it should be stated that tripping while carrying this weapon on the icy slopes around Skyrim could result in painful maiming.

If you can avoid accidentally skewering yourself, there are few weapons more dangerous than the Ebony Warhammer.

Base damage here is a dream-crushing 25-damage wallop, enough to stagger dragons or punt a mudcrab past the borders of Skyrim and into an adjacent continent.

Add an enchantment and you have a truly formidable weapon, but beware: the dense heft of this weapon means a sluggish swing speed, causing an opening where a quicker enemy can jump in with a few deadly jabs and dodge out before you can connect.

Definitely hit the weight room before choosing this weapon.


7. Dawnguard Runehammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Dawnguard Rune Hammer

For any heavy weapons specialist interested in setting up a pyrotechnics show in a dungeon, crypt, or thieves’ den, look no further than the Dawnguard Runehammer.

Bashing with this ornate beauty places an explosive rune on nearby surfaces that, when tripped by a clumsy enemy, will result in a 50-point damage conflagration that will reduce most enemies to smoking cinders.

If a triggered rune bomb doesn’t finish the job, a couple of 23-damage swings from the Dawnguard Runehammer will.

This is especially true when fighting vampires, as this weapon, like all Dawnguard weapons, is particularly effective at smiting undead bloodsuckers.


6. Stalhrim Warhammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Stalhrim's Warhammer

The Stalhrim Warhammer is an absolute unit, a brutal cross between Harley Quinn’s signature mallet and the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Being hit with this Warhammer can be likened to the force of taking a speeding meteorite to the chest.

This weapon can only be acquired in the Dragonborn DLC, as it is made from the super dense ice crystal held sacred by ancient Nordic peoples of Stalhrim island.

This ice-cold maul swings with a glacial speed that fits its boulder-sized weight, but if you can land a hit there are few warhammers in Skyrim that do more physical damage.

Additionally, any frost-related buffs your Dragonborn is skilled in augmenting the Stalhrim Warhammer in a way that translates to even more damage.


5. Longhammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Longhammer

Liar’s Retreat is the resting place of the poison green-tinted Longhammer, lying next to the mangled corpse of its former owner, the bandit bartender Rahd.

Surveying the bloody scene, it seems like Rahd went down swinging, which is admirable considering he was tragically outnumbered by armored Chaurus and frenzied Falmer.

Longhammer itself features a unique claw-shaped hammerhead that looks perfect for piercing enemy armor.

However, what really sets it apart is the lightness of this weapon, which contributes to a striking speed quicker than any other warhammer in the game.

This speed, when paired with its dangerous 21-point physical damage, means this weapon is perfect for bashing heavily armored foes repeatedly before they can get a counter in.


4. Champion’s Cudgel

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Champion’s Cudgel

The studded hammer head of the Champion’s Cudgel makes it look like a giant blocky meat tenderizer.

Pair this with the Imperial dragon symbol and pulsing enchanted glow emanating from the weapon, and you get what might be the coolest-looking warhammer in Skyrim.

Compared to other warhammers, the weight leans toward the heavier end of the scale, though not as heavy as Stalhrim or Ebony Warhammers.

The 24-point base damage will be enough to conquer most enemies, much like the Imperials have strived to conquer all the continents and peoples of Tamriel.

The Champion’s Cudgel also comes equipped with a 50% chance of doing Chaos Damage, which is 25 points of fire, frost, and shock damage.

This weapon must be claimed by defeating Imperial General Falx Carius in the quest “March of the Dead.” Only then will you have proven yourself mighty enough to wield the Champion’s Cudgel.


3. Daedric Warhammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Daedric Warhammer

The Daedric Warhammer is the heaviest weapon to rise out of the hellish fires of Oblivion, crafted by wringing out a pumping Daedra Heart over forge-melted ebony. Like all Daedric weapons, the Daedric Warhammer is a spiky monstrosity emitting a demonic glow, utterly terrifying for all those on the receiving end of its attacks.

Like the Ebony Warhammer, this weapon’s attack speed is hampered significantly by its weight. That said, the 27-point physical damage more than compensates for this drawback, and when it’s imbued with a handy enchantment this warhammer will pretty quickly educate your enemies on what happens in the afterlife.


2. Volendrung

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Volendrung

Volendrung, which is also known as the “Hammer of Might” among the Dwemer, has the highest damage per second among the warhammers of Skyrim.

This is due to a strong attack rating of 25 coupled with a mid-range lightness.

The real danger of Volendrung is its enchantment, which absorbs 50 fatigue with each hit on an enemy. This compensates for one of the largest drawbacks of the warhammer class, which is the immense fatigue toll that it drains with each massive swing.

One thing that is consistent among all Daedric artifacts is solid weapon design; in this, Volundrung continues the tradition of ferocious aesthetics. The head-on this maul has the bulk of the Stalhrim Warhammer with an ominous glowing eye in the center that radiates malevolent intention.


1. Dragonbone Warhammer

Best Warhammers in Skyrim - Dragonbone Warhammer

Bethesda could not have come up with a better design for a warhammer made out of Dragonbone.

This thing is literally the end of a dragon femur attached to a studded ebony handle.

The Dragonbone Warhammer is the epitome of the warhammer lifestyle. This thing weighs a Cyrodiillic Ton, and as a matter of fact, I initially voted Volendrung as the mightiest warhammer on this list but the sheer weight of the D-bone hammer made it roll right over Volendrung and sink to the bottom of this list.

This hammer also has the highest physical damage on the list at 28 points, and with a solid enchantment equipped you could easily level a Skyrim city with a few well-placed swings.

Finally, there are few greater morbid thrills in Skyrim than beating a dragon to death with the femur of one of its fallen brethren. 10/10 would recommend it.



That’s enough hammer time for the day, now I’ll need to spend some time cleaning up the gooey grey matter and bone shards littered about from testing all these warhammers.

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Like, why can’t I still join the Dark Brotherhood even though I decided to kill the recruiter instead of the prisoners? I thought that was the right answer… Hail Sithis?

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best warhammers in Skyrim:

  1. Dragonbone Warhammer
  2. Volendrung
  3. Daedric Warhammer
  4. Champion’s Cudgel
  5. Longhammer
  6. Stalhrim Warhammer
  7. Dawnguard Runehammer
  8. Ebony Warhammer
  9. Nordic Warhammer
  10. Aegisbane

Which is your favorite Skyrim Warhammer? Leave a comment below.

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