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The 25 Best White Hair Anime Girls



The Best White Haired Anime Girls

Who are the best white hair anime girls?

When it comes to hair colors in anime, white almost always carries a special significance.

Anime girls with white hair are some of the most unique, iconic, and beautiful characters you can find in entertainment, and choosing the best of the best can be tricky.

Fortunately for you, we put in the hard work, so you don’t have to!

If you’re looking to learn who’s who when it comes to the best anime girls with white hair, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve scoured the world of anime to find only the best and brightest white hair girls that stand out from all the rest. 


The Best White Hair Anime Girls

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best white hair anime girls:


25. Froleytia Capistrano (Heavy Object)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Froleytia Capistrano (Heavy Object)

Froleytia is the no-nonsense, sometimes sadistic, commander, of the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion of the Legitimacy Kingdom. 

A beautiful, tall, slender young woman, her long white hair stands in stark contrast to her blue military uniform. 

She also has a significant interest in Japanese culture, as is demonstrated by her frequent smoking of a kiseru and the tatami mats laid across the floor in her office.


24. Julie Sigtuna (Absolute Duo)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Julie Sigtuna (Absolute Duo)

Julie has a doll-like appearance, with large ruby-red eyes and long snow-white hair. 

A princess from the fictional European country, Gimle, Juile, moves to Japan to train to become stronger so that she can eventually avenge the death of her father. 

Although she may come off as shy and reserved, she is kind to everyone she meets and never abuses her position to get what she wants.


23. Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate Series)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate Series)

Illyasviel has an iconic appearance that sets her apart from other anime girls due to her artificial creation and modification.

With long silver-white hair, bright red eyes, and pale skin, she stands in stark contrast to the other characters in this anime series. 

In Fate, Illya initially acts as an enemy towards Shirou but later joins him after losing the protection of her Servant. 

Due to her creation and modification, she has an unlimited supply of mana and is capable of controlling Berserker without much difficulty at all.

When using her Command spell, the magical circuits that compose 70% of her body can be easily seen illuminated in red.


22. Origami Tobiichi (Date A Live)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Origami Tobiichi (Date A Live)

Origami is known for her top grades, beauty, athleticism, and striking short white hair. 

She rarely engages with other people unless necessary, outside of Shido and Tohka. However, don’t take this to mean that she is shy.

In fact, she regularly shows no shame by openly displaying her desire for Shido, even in public. 

Aside from her flirtatious nature, she is extremely independent and willing to work hard to accomplish any goal she sets her mind on.


21. Togame (Katanagatari)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Togame (Katanagatari)

The only thing more impressive than Togame’s long white hair is her incredible intellect and strategic ability. 

Originally born with black hair, her hair changed color after witnessing the murder of her father through a crack in a doorway.

Her right eye, the one that saw the murder, also changes into a more snake-like appearance whenever she is scheming. 

She dresses rather flamboyantly and considers fashion to be an important way of making herself appear more imposing. 

Despite appearing fairly young and fragile in stature, it is hinted that Togame is older than she appears. Kanara estimates that she is at least 33, but, likely, we’ll never know her age for sure.


20. Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Usually cheerful, Koko is the daughter of a shipping magnate and serves as an arms dealer. 

Wearing her white hair in a long hime cut, she bears a great resemblance to her older brother, Kasper. 

Although enigmatic, Koko has a tendency to act rather immaturely, throwing fits when frustrated.

Despite this, she can be highly charismatic, even impressing four veteran soldiers into leaving the military to join her at one point. 

Due to her pale skin, she usually wears a long-sleeved white jacket to prevent herself from burning while in the sun, and all of these light shades really make her stand out from other anime girls.


19. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

With silver-white hair, Suigintou was the first Rozen Maiden doll to be brought to life, and she definitely stands out from other anime girls. 

Distinctly more gothic than the others, she also maintains a more sadistic and spiteful personality driven by her desire to win the Alice Game and gain the attention and favor of her father, Rozen. 

While this eventually changes once she meets Megu, she still maintains a desire to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, even if they end up changing.


18. Seitenshi (Black Bullet)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Seitenshi (Black Bullet)

As the governor of the Tokyo area in the anime series Black Bullet, Seitenshi is extremely beautiful and ready to face any given task without hesitation. 

She is usually seen wearing a fancy white dress and hat that highlights her pale skin and short, layered white hair.

This classy appearance is unlike other anime girls, and it helps her stand out as a unique figure that cannot be mistaken for anyone else. 

While she might seem all business at first, she can be quite warm and caring, especially towards Rentarou later in the series.


17. Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Nao Tomori (Charlotte)

Nao has long pale white hair that she ties back in twin-tails while a thick fringe covers her forehead and frames her large bright blue eyes. 

While she can be a bit narcissistic and short-tempered when she feels her efforts aren’t noticed, usually, she is extremely hardworking and capable as a member of the student council.

She even helps Yuu recover from his depression and ends up having a large impact on his personality. 

As an ability user, Nao can disappear from the view of anyone that she wants, though this is only limited to one person, and isn’t total invisibility.


16. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Another anime girl with long white hair, Mirajane, is an S-Class mage who can be easily identified by her short upward ponytail that she ties up using the hair that would otherwise cover her forehead. 

While she was very moody and unpersonable in her younger years, after losing her sister, her personality changed for the better, making her more loving and caring to those around her.


15. Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Best White-Haired Anime Girls - Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth is one of the most well-known and well-loved characters in any anime series, with her appearance being instantly recognizable to fans. 

Her long white-blonde hair, bright teal eyes, and curvaceous figure add to her appeal, and her selfless, friendly, and brave personality acts as the cherry on top.

It’s obvious that Elizabeth is top-tier waifu material. 

Although she starts off being fairly vulnerable, she grows immensely into a powerful character that is willing to do what is needed to protect those she cares about.

Her determination even inspires others around her and has earned her respect from the Deadly Sins.


14. Fremy Speeddraw (Rokka no Yuusha)

Best White Haired Anime Girls - Fremy Speeddraw (Rokka no Yuusha)

Sporting short white hair, Fremy is a Kyouma — a human-fiend hybrid — and one of the Six Braves. 

She stands out from other anime girls not only because of her hair, but because of her black leather clothing that provides a sharp contrast to her pale frame, light hair, and deep blue eyes.

There’s no mistaking her once you see her. 

While slow to trust, she is shown to have a kind and caring side when it comes to Adlet Mayer.

She is also very good at reading people and situations, even if she lacks common knowledge about the human world due to her upbringing.


13. Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

Best White Haired Anime Girls - Koneko Toujou (High School DxD)

A second-year student at Kuoh Academy and member of the Occult Research Club, Koneko is a Nekoshou, a rare species of Nekomata.

In her Nekomata form, she has iconic cat ears and two matching whitetails. For anime fans looking for the ideal cat-girl Waifu, look no further. 

However, while she may seem like an innocent anime cat girl, she packs a punch with some extreme strength and the ability to cast powerful spells. 

Coming across as a bit cold at first, she has a lot of concern for her comrades and is willing to lend them her strength when they’re in trouble.


12. Isla (Plastic Memories)

Best White Haired Anime Girls - Isla (Plastic Memories)

Isla is a giftia – a type of android – and stands as one of the shortest characters in the anime series Plastic Memories. 

Her white hair is often seen tied back in pigtails, while additional strands frame her bright red eyes. 

Although she is supposed to show no emotion as an android, this changes when she teams up with Tsukasa, causing her to start caring deeply for those around her.

While she still has little understanding of how social situations work, this awkwardness just makes her even more adorable, which is a must-have when it comes to great anime girls.


11. Meiko Honma (Anohana)

Best White Haired Anime Girls - Meiko Honma (Anohana)

Often called by her nickname Menma, this white-haired anime girl is as adorable as they come. 

A member of the Super Peace Busters before she died in an accident, Menma appears almost identical in her ghost form as she did in life, except for the fact that she is now always barefoot. 

Menma tends to worry about others more than herself, and comes across as very friendly and kind.

While she may sometimes seem a bit air-headed and childish, we really can’t blame her due to the fact that she’s literally the ghost of a girl who died way too young.


10. Kiriko Shikishima, Denpa Kyoushi (2015)

Best White Haired Anime Girls - Kiriko Shikishima, Denpa Kyoushi (2015)

Kiriko is usually seen with white hair tied into two braids and donning either her school uniform or her maid costume, which she wears at work due to how cute she thinks it is. 

She is a very innocent and friendly girl who appears shy at first but comes out of her shell after Kagami shows her how to embrace her singing and dancing talents.


9. Najenda (Akame ga Kill!)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Najenda (Akame ga Kill!)

Najenda serves as the leader of the Night Raid, a group of assassins who handle reconnaissance and assassinations within the Empire’s capital.

Formerly a general for The Empire who defected, Najenda rocks a short white pixie cut that instantly sets her apart from anyone else. 

As a bit of a tomboy, she was nicknamed the “Hunk of the Rebellion” by her companions, which is fair payback for all of the bad puns and cold jokes that she tends to make.


8. Laura Bodewig, IS: Infinite Stratos (2011)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Laura Bodewig, IS- Infinite Stratos (2011)

Many iconic anime characters start out as enemies to the main character, only to end up becoming an ally later on.

This is true for Laura, who was first the antagonist and later an ally to Ichika Orimura. 

As the IS Representative Candidate of Germany, Laura is proud, militaristic, and tends to have a rather cold, antisocial personality.

However, given her background as a super-soldier, we really can’t blame her for this one.


7. Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, God Eater (2015)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, God Eater (2015)

This white-haired beauty comes from a Russian background as one of the New-Type God Eaters. 

Although she can be stubborn, arrogant, and over-confident, she does have more than enough power to back up her attitude, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in whatever goal she sets her sights on.


6. Neferpitou, Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Neferpitou, Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Neferpitou is a cat-like human with wavy white hair and nearly as pale skin. 

She is exceptionally curious and easily distracted, but loyal enough to the King to sacrifice herself for him if need be. 

Despite her disarming appearance, Pitou also has a cruel, almost terrifying disposition when it comes to her duty, and is willing to make any sacrifices necessary, no matter how steep.


5. Eucliwood Hellscythe, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (2011)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Eucliwood Hellscythe, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (2011)

As a necromancer, Eu stands out from other anime girls with both her powers and unique armor that she is always seen wearing. 

Because she is so powerful. Eu even suppresses her voice for fear that it could also unleash her power without her meaning to. To communicate, she writes on a notepad throughout the series. 

Despite being easily one of the most powerful characters, Eu chooses to live as peacefully with humans as possible and abhors pain and suffering caused by others.


4. Shiro, Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Shiro, Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Shiro is a small albino girl who became the first Deadman through experimentation.

Because of this, Shiro developed a second personality, which she calls the Wretched Egg, to help cope with her suffering. 

When she is herself, she is a bubbly and friendly girl but turns more sadistic when the Wretched Egg takes over, causing her to become trapped in her own mind.


3. Librorum Prohibitorum Index (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Librorum Prohibitorum Index (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

Known usually as simply The Index, this small girl is the main character of the series and one of the only people to not be poisoned by the effects of reading grimories. 

As a member of Necessarius, she has Perfect Memory and holds 103,000 magical grimoires within herself at the start of the series. 

While powerful, she is very innocent and naive, having been raised in a church, and she tends to speak politely to everyone she meets.


2. Lisanna Strauss, Fairy Tail (2009)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Lisanna Strauss, Fairy Tail (2009)

The younger sister of Mirajane, Lisanna stands out from other anime girls for just how sweet she is. 

As a mage in the Fairy Tail Guild, Lisanna loves animals, and her magic allows her to transform into many different kinds.

This gives her increased combat abilities and other helpful benefits such as water breathing. 

It’s also worth noting that one of her forms is an adorable cat-like humanoid, so cat-girl fans rejoice!


1. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)

Best White Hair Anime Girls - Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)

Kanade, also known as Angel, takes the top spot on our list, and for good reason. 

As the Student Council President of the Afterlife school, Kanade is tasked with helping students cope with personal problems so that they can “graduate.”

It’s likely she has spent a lot of time in this role, and little is known about how she originally died. 

Her personality can be difficult to pin down, as she rarely shows much emotion, even when shot multiple times by the SSS.

Despite this, or maybe because of this, Kanade serves as one of the most interesting characters on this list.



That concludes our list of the best anime girls with white hair.

While it’s not always easy to choose the best anime girls, especially since there are so many great ones sporting white hair, we’ve done our best to pick out the characters who stand out the most.


Who’s your favorite white hair anime girl? Leave a comment below. 

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