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Days Gone



Days Gone Game Information

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror game that was developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world 2 years after the beginning of a global pandemic where former outlaw Deacon St. John discovers the prospect of his wife still being alive, which sets him up for a quest to find her.

Days Gone is played in a 3rd person perspective throughout the game where players control Deacon and explore the open world set in Oregon.

Players will complete missions and objectives along the way, while using firearms and melee weapons as well as other objects that can cause damage.

Stealth mode can also be used to defend themselves and avoid confrontation. A main feature of the game is Deacon’s motorcycle which is used as the main mode of transport to roam the world on.



Deacon is forced to separate with wife Sarah when she is evacuated in a NERO helicopter and recover from a stabbing wound, while he stays with friend Boozer.

2 years later, when civilization has fallen apart, infected groups known as ‘freakers’ are roaming across the world infecting anyone in sight. After seeing NERO rescue helicopters flying in the sky, Deacon realises that there’s a chance that Sarah is still alive.

Deacon and Boozer go on a quest to find his missing wife. However, they are delayed after Boozer’s arm is severely burned by a gang of rippers and has to be taken to Lost Lake Camp to have it amputated.

O’Brien, the man that evacuated Sarah, contacts Deacon to arrange deal that will offer help to find his wife in return for him to find out what NERO are investigating at this current time. O’Brien tells Deacon that Sarah was taken to a military outpost in Crater Lake, now run by Deschutes County Militia.

As the freakers get bigger and stronger, the risk of travelling to Crater Lake becomes greater. He eventually makes his way there, where he is reunited with Sarah. She is working for the Militia to build a weapon that will destroy the freakers for good.

However, when going to her old lab to obtain a DNA sequencer, she comes to a big realisation on what the purpose is of the weapon she has been working on.


Variation in Gameplay

Players are able to complete missions and objectives in multiple ways. For example, a variety of weapons with different ranges can be used so that you don’t have to be in the thick of the action. Missions can also be completed in stealth mode to avoid contact with the freakers or anyone else.

The game features a dynamic weather-system and a day-night cycle, which means that freakers are at their weakest during the day and more powerful at night-time. This means that the time of day needs to be considered when starting certain missions and objectives.

Deacon’s motorcycle that is used to roam the world on can also be customized to improve its speed and other factors. The bike can also be modified to deal with different weather conditions and help survive in the open world.

Random objects can also be picked up and collected that will aid the journey to find Deacon’s wife. This includes parts for weapons, upgrading the bike and items of clothing.


Is There a co-op/Multiplayer mode?

SIE Bend Studio focuses more on the single-player modes of their games, and Days Gone follows the same pattern. There is a possibility that it may be added alongside future content but at the moment it is solely a single-player game.


Which Platforms is Days Gone Available on?

Since the game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Days Gone is currently only available on Playstation 4 platform. There aren’t any plans for the game to be released on any other platforms in the future.


When Was Days Gone Released?

The game was delayed many times and was due to be released in 2018. It was eventually launched on 26th April 2019.


What about Future Downloadable Content (DLC)?

Upon release back in April 2019, more content has been added on a frequent basis. This includes new features such as roaming around on a golf buggy rather than a drifter bike and new sub-objectives and challenges to complete.

Although nothing has been mentioned about a brand new DLC expansion, it is likely that one will arrive sometime this year.

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