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Disgaea RPG Tier List



We are presenting our Disgaea RPG Tier List in this article.

Disgaea RPG is a gacha turn-based RPG game which was released by Nippon Ichi Software as a spin-off title of the Disgaea series for iOS and Android. The story of the game takes places after the events of Disgaea, it features the same main characters as the previous titles and further develops on them while also introducing a cast of original characters.

The gameplay revolves creating parties consisting of five characters and taking on enemies in various modes. The combat is turn based which is more reminiscent of other gacha titles released for Android and iOS rather than the previous console titles of the series. Battles in Disgaea RPG work just like any other turn-based RPG. The enemy and your party take turns attacking each other. You can choose whether each monster spends SP to use a special ability or perform a normal attack. Normal attacks have a chance of upgrading into a team attack. This is where two or more from your party join together to unleash a stronger joint attack on the enemy.

The game casts the player as a human who has been summoned to the Netherworld to raise the strongest overlord. The anime-style artstyle allows the game to pull off a darker tone without being overly depressing or drab. The quirkiness of the characters is reflected in their unique designs. Although all the characters are adorable, they still have that gothic flair that fits perfectly. The level of detail in the design as well as animations in the battles make Disgaea RPG visually stunning.



Disgaea RPG is an interactive game that allows the player to create parties with a large cast of characters. Each character has their own abilities that can include buffing, healing or special attacks. For a new player, especially one who hasn’t played previous Disgaea titles, It can be very difficult to understand which characters are good for their party and which ones aren’t. We’ve tried to make our Disgaea RPG Tier List easier for you guys by classifying the characters into S/A/B/C tiers with S-Tier being the strongest and C-Tier being the weakest. So, Without further ado, lets get into the list.


These are the characters that you must choose at the start of the game. Their stats are unbelievably OP and they make the rest of the game a much smoother experience for the player. Valvatorez and Laharl are considered to be must haves and then from there it’s more or less who you’re excited to play.

  • Laharl
  • Valvatorez
  • Desco

These characters are not as useful as the ones mentioned in S-Tier but they will surely make a good team. All characters mentioned in A-Tier have identical strengths. If you have just started playing the game, you can invest in any of these characters.

  • Dark Santa Laharl
  • Emizel
  • Christo
  • Fuka
  • Sicily
  • Usalia

The characters in B-Tier are not bad but they aren’t the best either. Their stats don’t come close to the characters mentioned in S-Tier and A-Tier but they come useful in certain situations which is why they are a cut above the C-Tier.

  • Fenrich
  • Etna
  • Flonne
  • Mao
  • Rozalin


The characters in this tier should be your last choice for investment. Their stats are too low for them to be viable in any comp and they don’t really provide any extra utility which makes them stand out. We recommend avoiding using these characters at your party.

  • Killia
  • Axel
  • Raspberyl
  • Seraphina
  • Artina
  • Adell
  • Zeroken


So, that’s our tier list for Disgaea RPG, The developers are pretty active in updating the game and buffing and nerfing various characters so keep checking our list as we’ll keep updating it with every consequent update.

While the game has been designed to be more friendly for older players who have played the previous titles, A new player doesn’t really have to worry about catching up, a quick wiki read up and a quick brief about the events that have transpired along with our tier list would help you get up to speed. Even without any knowledge of the previous games, Disgaea RPG can provide you with endless content and hours of fun and entertainment. The game is available on both Android and iOS and moreover, it’s completely free to play! So, what are you waiting for? Download the game and start playing it now!

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