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The 10 Best Games Like Dead Space

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The Best Games Like Dead Space

What are the best games like Dead Space?

Dead Space is a classic survival horror game that provides players with a tense atmosphere where monsters can lurk around any corner.

This game has long been a go-to favorite for horror fans, and it’s seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the 2023 remake.

However, there are some games that Dead Space fans should definitely check out that can deliver the same level of unease and terror.


The 10 Best Games Like Dead Space

Creating this list wasn’t easy, and while we can’t sleep with the lights off anymore, we found some really great games!

Each of these terrifying titles was selected based on their gameplay, atmosphere, and storytelling, so you can be sure that they’re worth playing.

So, kick back, dim the lights, and prepare for our list of the 10 best games like Dead Space:


10. Evil West

Games Like Dead Space Evil West

Kicking off our list, we have Evil West, a game that is a bit like Devil May Cry meets Red Dead Redemption.

In this third-person shooter, players take up the mantle of vampire-hunting Wild West heroes to eradicate the bloodsucking threat making its way across the nation.

What really makes this game stand out is that players aren’t just gunslingers like John Marston; instead, they have an electrical gauntlet that can deal some serious damage.

While there are, of course, six-shooters and regular melee weapons, there are also things like flamethrowers that you definitely won’t find in typical Westerns!

Evil West also supports two-player co-op, so if you don’t feel like taking on hordes of vampires by yourself, you can call in some backup!

This is easily one of the best PS4 games, but it is also available on Xbox, PC, and next-gen consoles.

Like Dead Space, this game does tense situations very well, and once you start playing, it’s really easy to get addicted!


9. Infliction: Extended Cut

Games Like Dead Space Infliction Extended Cut

If you enjoyed the horror aspects of Dead Space the most, then you won’t want to miss out on Infliction: Extended Cut.

This interactive psychological horror game is incredibly unsettling, and it is set in the darkened ruins of a once-happy home.

It is up to players to uncover the secrets lurking inside by finding hidden messages and uncovering clues to piece together what happened.

Various objects you stumble across can unlock new paths leading to new discoveries about the house and who once lived there.

However, while you’re busy hunting for clues, something sinister is also hunting you, and your only hope of avoiding it is hiding or stunning it with your camera flash.

The tense atmosphere that comes from knowing something is actively hunting you is absolutely spine-tingling.

Plus, if you do manage to get through the game, there is a New Game Plus mode with new scares, puzzles, and higher difficulty.

Infliction is definitely not a game that you’ll want to play with the lights off, and even in a brightly lit room, it’s hard not to feel like something is watching you.


8. Doom 3: BFG Edition

Games Like Dead Space DOOM 3

A reimaging of the original Doom 3, this game places players back on the UAC’s Mars research facility that has been overrun with hordes of demons.

In this remaster, players take control of a space marine and one of the few survivors on the station who must fight to stop the invasion.

A reboot of the Doom series, this game follows the same story as the 2004 original but comes with significant updates.

These include improved lighting and rendering, a checkpoint save system, and an armor-mounted flashlight.

The BFG Edition also comes with the Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil expansions, as well as embedded versions of Doom I and II.

Of course, this edition even has the unaltered 2004 version of the game, so if you played it back then, you can re-experience it as it was!

While this game is much more run-and-gun than Dead Space, it shares a lot of the same haunting elements.

Additionally, with Doom 4 shaping up to be a game that looks like Dead Space, now is the perfect time to jump into this franchise!


7. The Evil Within 2

Games Like Dead Space The Evil Within 2

Along with being one of the best games like The Last of Us, The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror game that Dead Space fans will love.

In this sequel, players resume control of Sebastian Castellanos, a detective on a mission to recuse his daughter, Lily.

As Castellanos, players have to descend into the world of STEM, where nightmarish foes lurk around every corner.

Players can try a direct approach when dealing with enemies, or they can use traps and stealth to get around them.

The Evil Within 2 is filled with blood, gore, and macabre horrors that will haunt your nightmares for weeks to come.

Along with the terror, the combat is also visceral, and story-wise, it will keep you hooked from start to finish.

This game has quickly become one of our favorites, and if you’re a fan of Dead Space, we bet you’ll love it too!


6. Control

Games Like Dead Space Control

Drawing inspiration from internet phenomena like the SCP Foundation, Control is a fascinating game around bizarre anomalies and psychic powers.

In this game, players control Jesse Faden, who enters the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control to find her brother.

However, inside the building, nothing is as it seems, as the halls rearrange themselves and an entity escapes containment to wreak havoc.

As Jesse, players have to work to restore order after being appointed the Bureau’s new director and unlock new psychic powers to deal with the madness.

Everything in the building can be used as a weapon once you unlock powers like telekinesis and levitation.

This game is really amazing, and its unsettling atmosphere makes it feel like Dead Space meets SPC: Containment Breach.

The abilities you can unlock are also some of the best we’ve seen in gaming, and playing around with them makes you feel like a badass!


5. Alan Wake

Games Like Dead Space Alan Wake

Alan Wake is easily one of the best horror games of all time, and it is a must-play for anyone who loves Dead Space.

This game revolves around writer Alan Wake searching for his missing wife, who disappeared during their vacation in the small town of Bright Falls.

However, events soon take a turn, pushing Wake to the edge of his sanity as a mystery of his own making begins to unravel.

As he searches for answers, he stumbles upon pages of a thriller he has no memory of writing, and soon the events begin coming to life around him.

While the gameplay is reminiscent of an action title, the tone and story all have the makings of a psychological horror game.

The atmosphere is perpetually heavy as you search for answers, and no matter where you go, you will never be 100% safe.

Alan Wake is an absolute gem of a game, and anyone who loves a good horror story should play it at least once.


4. Alien: Isolation

Games Like Dead Space Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation is extremely similar to Dead Space, and it absolutely nails the feeling of constant dread and hopelessness.

This game gives players control of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, as she searches for clues about her mother’s disappearance.

The search takes players to Sevastopol, a trading station where it quickly becomes obvious that something is severely wrong.

Now hunted by the same alien creature that took Ellen Ripley, players must scavenge resources, improve solutions, and do whatever it takes to survive.

While you can fight back when something attacks you, this is often a last resort, as stealth is the only way to really stay alive.

Using a motion tracker, you really have to do your best to creep around enemies or outsmart them if you want to make progress.

Unlike Dead Space, you can’t just shoot through problems from a distance and instead will need to be creative about how you approach things.

However, this game is all the more terrifying because of the lack of options to retaliate, which leaves you feeling exposed and helpless much of the time.

After a few hours of playing Alien: Isolation, you’ll want to take a break with one of the best games like Super Mario, at least before heading to bed!


3. BioShock

Games Like Dead Space Bioshock

Instead of creeping around Necromorphs, in Bioshock, you’ll be creeping around deranged splicers and terrifying Big Daddies.

While being trapped in space is terrifying, there is also something extremely unsettling about being trapped in an underwater city that’s falling apart at the seams.

Bioshock is an incredibly unique game, and it gives players plenty of fun weapons to play around with, including revolvers and grenade launchers.

However, like Control, players also have the ability to gain abilities like pyrokinesis and telekinesis using plasmids to change their DNA.

These powers are incredibly useful when dealing with foes, but rushing into combat, especially against Big Daddies, isn’t always your best bet.

There are a ton of ways to play this game, but no matter how many times you replay it, it’s hard not to feel terrified when you hear the groaning of a Big Daddy nearby.

It doesn’t help that the splicers are just as horrifying. As is Dr. Steinman, one of the first bosses, who will really make your skin crawl!


2. Prey 

Games Like Dead Space Prey

It may be one of the best games like Mass Effect, but it’s also freaking terrifying and extremely similar to Dead Space.

This game puts players on the Talos I, a space station orbiting around the moon in the year 2032.

Here, the player character, Morgan Yu, was part of a team studying a hostile alien creature known as the Typhon.

However, upon waking up, players discover that the Typhon has escaped containment and has now overrun the facility.

As Morgan, players will have to use whatever they can find to stay alive and find a way to escape the station.

However, this is far from easy, as the Typhon has both physical and psychic powers, including shapeshift, which allows it to take the form of any object.

Fortunately, players can acquire some of these powers over time, making survival a little bit easier, and it is kind of fun to turn into a coffee cup.

There are also multiple endings to explore, which depend on choices players make throughout the game, giving Prey a ton of replayability.

Prey is definitely a tense game, and nothing is ever as it seems about the Talos I, so make sure to keep your wits about you!


1. Resident Evil 4 (2023)

Games Like Dead Space Resident Evil 4 Remake

Taking our number one spot is Resident Evil 4, one of the best Resident Evil games and a remake of the original 2004 title.

Set after the destruction of Raccoon City, this remastered version is all about staying faithful to the original game’s thrilling vision, though there are some differences.

These include horror elements being much more prominent, a few new enemies, a parry ability, and auto-saving!

Ashley’s character has also been overhauled so that you can give her useful commands, such as hiding in lockers or staying extremely close to Leon.

Aside from these changes, the main story still revolves around Leon Kennedy tracking down the president’s daughter in a rural European village.

Here, horrible monstrosities are abundant, and you’ll never be sure whether or not something is waiting to attack you just around the corner.

Resident Evil has long been known as a great horror franchise, and this remake certainly goes above and beyond to prove that it’s still absolutely terrifying!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best games like Dead Space, and that you found some great new games to play!

There’s just something addicting about a good horror game like Dead Space that keeps you enthralled even as it terrifies you.

While all of these games are guaranteed to give you the chills, we especially recommend Resident Evil 4 if you’re after a truly haunting experience!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like Dead Space:

  1. Resident Evil 4 (2023)
  2. Prey 
  3. BioShock
  4. Alien: Isolation
  5. Alan Wake
  6. Control
  7. The Evil Within 2
  8. Doom 3: BFG Edition
  9. Infliction: Extended Cut
  10. Evil West

Have you played the Dead Space Remake yet? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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