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The 10 Best Games like Empires and Puzzles



The Best Games Like Empires and Puzzles

A perfect amalgamation of building an empire and solving the puzzles results in fascinating puzzle games like Empires and Puzzles!

Well, that isn’t the only game in this genre as you can explore a plethora of options to choose from.

Of course, they are not the exact copycat of Empires and Puzzles game but you can still find a lot of similar elements when it comes to the gameplay.

Let’s have a look at some of the similar games you can play right away!


The Best Games Like Empires & Puzzles

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 best games like Empires and Puzzles:


10. Clash of Clans

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Clash of Clans

This is one of the best games to come out in recent years on mobile devices.

It has a great concept, a fun look, and an addicting gameplay mechanic. It is mostly free to play so it won’t cost you much money, but it does cost some gems just for playing.

The game can be subjected to different variations such as upgrading castles and training troops which have their costs too.

Clash of Clans features two villages, one of them being yours and the other being your opponent’s.

You start with a Town Hall and a few troops that need to defeat the opposing base.

There are different kinds of troops available in the game, but these must be trained by your hero first which takes some time to be fully trained.


9. Monster Legends

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a free online game in which players become defenders of the kingdom by exploring their land to find and defeat monsters.

You can also fight for your kingdom by joining other players in PvP.

There are many advantages to playing the game, but one of the top reasons people enjoy it is because you get to explore different lands and monsters with friends or solo.

Playing the game is a great way to connect with friends and strangers around the world. You can also get free premium items by joining alliances, forming guilds for co-op play, and inviting your friends. 

Monster Legends is similar to the popular Pokemon games. You must battle creatures by training monsters and then testing their skills in combat with other players’ monsters.

This includes researching new races, leveling up existing ones, or powering up individual monsters to make them stronger foes in battle.

Players raid their opponents’ castles, steal resources from other players, research new types of creatures, and learn new skills to use in battle.


8. Zombies and Puzzles

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Zombie Puzzle

Aching for some adventure to get your brain working again? Or maybe you just want to be able to say you survived the zombie apocalypse?

We’ve compiled a list of puzzles that are both fun and rewarding.

Some are easy and perfect for young children, while others will challenge even the savviest puzzlers. All of these games will provide hours of entertainment and they might even help get your creative juices flowing again!

This assortment includes everything from sliding puzzles to word searches, match-three games, and more.

There’s something for everyone in this catalog of zombie-fighting puzzle games. It’s up to you to find food, water, and shelter in addition to crafting armor and other useful items.

You can also kill zombies for their meat or put them to work as laborers for your camp.


7. Demon Keeper 2

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Demon Keeper II

Demon Keeper 2 Game is an amazing puzzle game that will make for hours of entertaining fun.

Demon Keeper 2 is a sequel to the previous version, Demon Keeper, which was downloaded more than 4 million times. The new version features new game modes and has improved graphics.

Demon Keeper 2 Game can be played either in “Mixed Mode” or “Ranked Mode”.

In mixed mode, you get to play with both real-life players and computer-generated players. Human players can be paired up with human or computer-generated players.

The computer-generated players are either friendly or aggressive.


6. Pocket Troops

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Pocket Troops

Pocket Troops is a tactical RPG game that transports you to the world of Alyon, where a group of rag-tag beings battles for the fate of the world.

Players begin their journey as one member out of six from each tribe, all with different skill sets and personalities.

As they explore their world, each individual begins to form relationships and learn how to play off their fellow tribesmen as well as enemies; forming alliances while battling constantly evolving creatures using a wide variety of weapons.

Pocket Troops encourages players to strategize through dialogue and roleplay rather than using tactics.

The rewards for doing so are many – creativity, strategy, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and even friendship.

As the player progresses, they’ll have the opportunity to fulfill in-game objectives that will unlock content and give them bonuses to further enhance gameplay.


5. MythWars and Puzzles: RPG Match 3

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Mythwars Puzzles

The gameplay is a lot different if we compare it with Empires and Puzzles.

The only thing that is similar is the puzzle format. With different modes in the game and PvP battles, you’re sure to keep yourself glued to the screen once you start playing it.

Fight against the evil gods, construct a magical city, recruit legendary heroes, and get rid of the evil gods by creating a good strategy.

Once you pick your heroes, you can lead your team and challenge the players around the world!

Construct a castle with huge walls and save your empire.


4. Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Puzzle Combat

If you’re looking for a perfect combination of puzzle and a role-playing game, you cannot get better than Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG game.

The gameplay is narrated in such a way that even if you lose your concentration for a second, you will be out of the game in no time.

Make sure you follow the story carefully and you don’t skip any narratives of it as it’s important for you to understand what’s coming next.

You can easily match the colors to attack but as you battle against experienced players, the game gets tougher.

Customizing your weapons is key as you will have different weapons for different scenarios.


3. Forge of Empires: Build a City

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires doesn’t have anything to do with puzzles but the reason it’s on our list is because of its gameplay.

It’s all about building a city from the oldest empires.

The empires describe the history whereas the city describes the future. You need to set the tone and develop an old historical place into fast-paced cities.

Well, it won’t be that easy as there are players who would compete with you to perform the same task as yours. You need to win the PvP battles against them several times and save your castles.

Of course, you need to survive and get control over their castles as well to expand your city.


2. Puzzles & Conquest

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Puzzles and Conquest

A perfect mixture of puzzle and strategic gameplay is what Puzzles and Conquest games all about.

Recruit legendary heroes, train them, and use them to conquer the continent. You can also compete with players around the world in multiplayer mode to challenge them and prove your worth!

With this, you will also be able to horn your skills.

Crush, combine, construct, battle, crush, etc., are the terms you will come across while playing this game.

Get used to it and live like a legendary hero by conquering the world!

The game does offer in-game purchases if you require anything but make sure you use it wisely as it might cost you a good amount.


1. Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire

Games Like Empires and Puzzles Battleship and Puzzles

This game is completely different from the above-given ones.

Of course, you will find some similarities in the gameplay but the graphics are refreshing and gives you a new concept to play.

With thrilling PvP battles and getting different parts for your ship to make it a beast, you will go through a lot of hurdles.

Help the ships on your way to gain some points and even exchange some ship parts that you need. By the time you play it for a week or two, you will now be able to collect super warships when needed the most.

The more powerful your ship, the more the chances to win the battle.



Let us know which of these games reminds you of Empires and Puzzles at first glance.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like Empires and Puzzles:

  1. Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire
  2. Puzzles & Conquest
  3. Forge of Empires: Build A City
  4. Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG
  5. MythWars and Puzzles: RPG Match 3
  6. Pocket Troops
  7. Demon Keeper 2
  8. Zombies & Puzzles
  9. Monster Legends
  10. Clash of Clans

Are there any other games like Empires and Puzzles you would add to this list? Leave a comment below.

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