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KonoSuba Fantastic Days Tier List



Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List

Our KonoSuba Fantastic Days Tier List will give you a ranked list of all the member cards available in the game KonoSuba Fantastic Days.

KonoSuba – Fantastic Days, aka KonoFan, is a gacha, turn-based RPG based on the popular comedy isekai anime “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!”.

It’s a story about Kazuma Sato, a teenage shut-in and die-hard fan of gacha games who suddenly dies and is then sent to a game-like world where he builds an adventuring party to battle monsters.

Nexon first released KonoFan in February 2020 in Japan and South Korea. It was then made available globally in August 2021.

There are a total of 19 main playable characters in the game. Still, as one can expect from gacha games, these main characters are given different member or unit cards – each giving them different sets of skills and abilities, element classification, and rarity (from ⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐, with the latter being the rarest).

So how do you know which unit is the best in the game? That’s what we’re here for! Read on as we go through each unit, ranking them from best to worst, and we’ll help you decide whether a reroll is needed or not.




These are the OP characters in KonoFan, we don’t even know why they exist since they are that BROKEN – seriously. Kidding aside, you won’t get wrong with these characters since they are the cream of the crop; their fantastic kit and abilities make them incredibly powerful in any game mode.

These are all ⭐⭐⭐⭐ units, so if you ever get them in your first 10 rolls, you’re lucky – don’t even think about rerolling!

  • Wiz [Tonight is Christmas]
  • Megumin [Matching Pose]
  • Melissa [Treasure Hunter]
  • Emilia [Spirit Arts User]



Next on the list are our A-Tier units which are equally strong as the first tier, and a mix of 3-4⭐ units. If you get them, you’re still on the good track.

  • Aqua [Sparkling Seas]
  • Megumin [Nice Explosion!!]
  • Iris [Royal Holiday]
  • Iris [Mischievous Princess]
  • Chris [High Flying Thief]
  • Chris [Maid to Loot]
  • Chris [My Treasure]
  • Rem [Battle Maid]



Now, the B-Tier units are your average characters. They can still be good, especially if you have their weapons maxed out. They are not as inherently powerful as the units above, so you’ll have to make sure to master their abilities and make effective use of them in the battle arena.

  • Wiz [Water Blast]
  • Yunyun [Megumin’s Friend]
  • Yunyun [Friendly Halloween]
  • Cielo [Axel Hearts]
  • Iris [First Casino Foray]
  • Iris [Pizza Lover]
  • Megumin [Sea Play]
  • Arue [Best Bod]
  • Mitsurugi [Dreamy Dealer]
  • Rin [Certified Wizard]
  • Erika [Dancing Adventurer]
  • Erika [Fan Service]
  • Erika [Casual]



In C-Tier we find below-average units. You can still use them in your main team, but only for a while if you don’t have any other units – don’t spend too much time on these units as they can only offer so much even at their max level.

  • Darkness [Secret Present]
  • Aqua [Nature’s Beauty]
  • Aqua [Otherworldly Tour]
  • Megumin [Magical Melodrama]
  • Megumin [Let’s Get Clean]
  • Megumin [Freezing Season]
  • Mitsurugi [The Chosen One]
  • Chris [Steal]
  • Chris [Bunny Girl]
  • Dust [Delinquent Adventurer]
  • Dust [Succubus Shop Regular]
  • Dust [Super Sledder]
  • Rin [Sun Soaked]
  • Rin [Single Lady]
  • Kazuma [Winter Layers]
  • Kazuma [Don’t Mind Me]
  • Kazuma [Pumpkin Battle]
  • Cielo [Dancing Adventurer]
  • Cielo [Moonlite Stage]
  • Miso Soup [The Chosen One]
  • Miller Light [Follower of the Goddess]
  • Iris [Sneaking Out]
  • Iris [First Princess of Belzerg]
  • Arue [Crimson Demon]
  • Arue [Aspiring Author]
  • Yunyun [Seeking Friends]
  • Yunyun [Beachcomber]



Then lastly we get to the bottom where we have the least viable units – you may as well reroll immediately if your units consist of the majority of those in this tier. They are that horrible, and we’re not even kidding!

  • Aqua [Pumpkin Cuisine]
  • Aqua [Winter Layers]
  • Aqua [Order of Axis]
  • Kazuma [Shut In No More]
  • Kazuma [A Ball for Two]
  • Kazuma [Tough Times]
  • Melissa [Adult’s Onsen Trip]
  • Cecily [Big Sister]
  • Cecily [Cottontail Cleric]
  • Megumin [Pajama Party]
  • Melissa [Elegance]
  • Melissa [Seductress]
  • Wiz [Ice Witch]
  • Wiz [Sweet Dreams]
  • Rin [Winter Wonderland]
  • Mia [Mischievous Beastman]
  • Mia [Yummy Quest]
  • Mia [Endless Eater]
  • Lia [Dancing Adventurer]
  • Lia [Summer Match]
  • Lia [Rising Idol]
  • Amy [Soother of Spirits]
  • Amy [Motherly Protector]
  • Darkness [all Member Cards]



Don’t like your current units?

One of the good things about gacha games is the option to reroll – if you’re not familiar with this yet, a reroll lets you take another chance to pick playable characters in a game. Read along for a guide on how to do this easily in KonoFan.

  •  Start the game using a Guest account—this way, you need not unlink your account if you do want to reroll.
  • Go through the story and tutorial battle, or you can totally skip them if you prefer.
  • Do your first 10 pulls.
    1. If you get the member cards/units that you want, then link your account.
    2. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
  • Go back to the Menu screen, and then go to Profile.
  • Click Remove Account, and then type in “Reset Account”

Repeat these steps until you get a good member card; ideally, you should aim to get at least one of the best units in the S-tier.



Playing KonoFan is a great way for fans of the KonoSuba anime to relive important and exciting scenes from the popular anime. KonoFan’s main story features fully-voiced animations and also has a game-exclusive original storyline that adds to the richness of the KonoSuba world.

KonoFan has an amazing set of characters, but they aren’t created equal. Use our tier list to decide which of them are the right ones to invest time and resources on. The game is still young and there will be a lot of updates in the future, bringing along new content such as new character units and weapons, so do come back to see our updated list!

Head on to its official website or find them on Apple App Store or Google Play to download the game. Enjoy!

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