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OSRS: The 10 Best Places to Mine Coal (Ranked)



The Best Places to Mine Coal in OSRS

Which are the best place to mine coal in OSRS?

One of the best aspects of RPGs and MMOs is the ability to play them in so many different ways.

You could create the life of a legendary warrior or become a humble farmer. If becoming an expert smith is your dream then look no further than Old School RuneScape.

Mining is an important aspect of this game and any good miner knows that coal plays a critical process in the smithing business.

Mixing coal with other materials allows the player to craft both melee and ranged weapons as well as armor and other tools.


OSRS: The 10 Best Places to Mine Coal

There are numerous mines where the player can find coal and while they each have their own benefits there are those that are clearly better than the rest.

Most of the mines are free to all players but there are some that require an Old School RuneScape membership for entry.

Here’s our list of the 10 best places to mine coal in OSRS:


10. Keldagrim North-East Mine

Number of Rocks: 9

For those looking for quick and easy access to coal look no further than the dwarven realm.

You will want to avoid the South-West mine and instead head North-East. To gain access to the Keldagrim North-East Mines you will need to have started the Giant Dwarf quest, which despite being an oxymoron is a fairly easy quest to start.

Inside are nine coal rocks which when struck with a pickaxe will give the aforementioned coal.

This location is great for new players just looking to become self-sufficient when it comes to coal or veterans looking to hone their skills.

What makes the Keldagrim North-East Mine so valuable is its close proximity to the Blast Furnace which only requires half as much coal when smithing.  To find the mine you will simply need to head to the northeast of Keldagrim.


9. Heroes’ Guild Mine

Number of Rocks: 11

You will have to put on your hero’s only jacket if you are going to enter these mines.

To do so you will need to have completed the Hero’s Quest to get into the basement of the hero’s guild. After that, you will be initiated as a hero and have access to the 11 coal rocks within this mine.

Coal isn’t the only thing you will find down in these mines such as runite, mithril, and adamantite.

For company, you will see large passive bats as well as a caged blue dragon which should only attack you if you enter its prison. This means that there are no creatures to disturb you while you are mining.

To store your coal, you can head to the closest banks which are in the Rogue’s Den or the Warrior’s Guild.


8. Grand Tree Mine

Number of Rocks: 11

The Grand Tree Mine will take your coal mining skills down to the roots, though it may be a surprise to learn a tree has coal within it.

Entering the Grand Tree Mine is an easy task, all you have to do is complete the Grand Tree Quest though you should keep in mind once inside there are monsters that will pester you while you are mining if you are low-level.

Inside there are two slightly separated mines and if you are looking for coal then it is the eastern side you want to delve into.

In addition to coal, it contains other types of ore such as gold, mithril, and adamantium. The western contains no coal but does contain silver, mithril, and iron so it can still be worth your time to check it out after mining the 11 coal rocks on the eastern side.


7. Dwarven Mine

Number of Rocks: 11

It wouldn’t truly be a mining list if it didn’t feature the Dwarven Mine.

This extensive mine has several entrances and features 11 coal rocks in addition to other ores such as tin, copper, mithril, adamantite, gold, and clay.

Down in the Dwarven Mines are also shops that sell mining equipment as well as weapons and general goods.

Unfortunately, it does have a bit of a scorpion problem including 2 King Scorpions. Heading to the southern end of the mine is the Miner’s Guild but you will need a mining skill of 60 before they let you through the door.

North of where you encounter the scorpions is a narrow crevice that requires agility 42 to enter.

Finally, to the southeast is the Motherload Mine which requires a minimum of 30 mining before you can enter.

Once you have mined your fill you can head to the closest bank in eastern Falador to safely deposit your treasures.


6. Legends Guild Mine

Number of Rocks: 13

The Legends Guild Mine is also known as the East Ardougne Mine and can be found southwest of the Legend’s guild and east of Ardougne’s east entrance.

This mine features 13 coal rocks just waiting to be mined but is home to several grizzly bears so you will want to proceed with caution.

What makes this mine so special is that it is only one of nine where the player can mine three iron rocks without having to move which cuts down on time when you are trying to grind out levels.

Luckily there is a bank in Ardougne and a bank in Zanaris so regardless of which direction you come from you can easily return to a bank and store your goods as long as you have completed the right quests to gain access.


5. Coal Trucks

Number of Rocks: 18

I hope you brought your driver’s license because we are heading to the Coal Trucks next.

Though sadly they are not actual trucks there luckily is still coal. Specifically, there are 18 coal rocks and several carts at this location. In addition, there are some giant bats that will attack you if your level is below 27 so it is best to prepare before delving into these mines.

By completing the Kandarin Diaries you can store up to 308 pieces of coal in the trucks and if you have not completed these challenges then you can store 120 coal in the carts.

Should you have completed the elite Kandarin diary then the first 200 coal placed in these trucks is automatically transported to the bank.

Finally, in order to get to the Coal Trucks, you will need to head west McGrubor’s Wood and north of the Fishing Guild.


4. Abandoned Mine

Number of Rocks: 26

The Abandoned Mine was formerly known as the Mort Ridge Mines but has long been deserted.

It is a massive flooded mine under Morytania that has been abandoned by just about everything except monsters. The Abandoned Mine has a total of 6 levels and contains many different types of ore such as clay, tin, copper, iron, mithril, adamantite, and of course coal.

To be exact there are 26 coal rocks in the Abandoned Mine.

To successfully navigate this mine without getting lost it may be smart to bring a map or mark where you come and go. Within the mine is also the entrance to the Lair of Tarn where you can fight Tarn Razorlor.

Additionally, the Haunted Mine quest also heavily features the Abandoned Mine so not only is it abandoned but it’s also haunted which should be obvious from all the undead inside.


3. South-West Wilderness Mine

Number of Rocks: 30+

These mines are located northwest of Edgeville, north of the Black Knights’ Fortress, and south of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress.

There are skeletons in the mine which will attack players of any level so it is certainly best to come prepared to slay some undead. Within the South-West, Wilderness Mine are over 30 coal rocks.

To deposit your hard-earned coal, you will want to head to Edgeville as it is the closest bank and the South-West Wilderness Mine is also a great place to use Superheat item to quickly smelt ore into bars.

The South-West Wilderness Mine is located in the level 9 Wilderness but you should be aware that the entirety of the Wilderness is PvP so skeletons aren’t the only thing you should look out for. Fortunately, because it is in the Wilderness that means there are no rules so you are free to PvP to your heart’s content.


2. Mining Guild

Number of Rocks: 37

Naturally, on a list of mining the actual Mining Guild would have to make an appearance.

The Mining Guild is divided into two areas, a free-to-play area, and a member-only area. Both of these areas have the perk of having no monsters to interfere with mining.

To get into the member’s only area all the player needs is an Old School RuneScape membership.

It is one of nine areas where the player can mine three iron rocks without having to move which cuts down on time spent grinding for levels. The mine is beneath Falador and can be accessed by miners with 60 levels in mining.

The free-to-play mine contains coal, mithril, adamantite, and iron while the member’s area also has runite and amethyst. The mine can be entered by the Mining Guild’s entrance or via the gate at the southern end of the Dwarven Mine.


1. Lovakite Mine

Number of Rocks: 45

The absolute best place to mine coal is going to be within the Lovakite Mine which is located in the north-western section of Lovakengj in Great Kourend.

In order to enter this mine, the player will need at least 30% Lovakengj favor.

One reason in particular that makes this the best place to mine coal is the bank that is actually located within the mine which makes it incredibly easy to store coal there.

Using Superheat Item will be especially useful here as it will cut down on the travel time between the furnace and the bank.

Finally, the player can mine Lovakite Rocks here if they have a high enough level of mining. These rocks are an excellent way to level up your mining skill.



When it comes to mining coal there are plenty of options depending on your level, the monsters within these mines, and if other players are crowding the place.

To maximize your coal mining skills, you can wear mining gloves or expert mining gloves to give coal rocks a chance to not break when struck with a pickaxe.

By mining and banking coal you will be able to smith and craft whatever you need as long as you have a steady supply of coal.

Just be wary that when you enter these mines the monsters are not the only thing you need to worry about, especially if you are engaging in PvP.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best places to mine coal in OSRS:

  1. Lovakite Mine
  2. Mining Guild
  3. South-West Wilderness Mine
  4. Abandoned Mine
  5. Coal Trucks
  6. Legends Guild Mine
  7. Dwarven Mine
  8. Grand Tree Mine
  9. Heroes’ Guild Mine
  10. Keldagrim North-East Mine

Which is your favorite place to mine coal in OSRS? Leave a comment below.

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