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OSRS: The 10 Best Potions (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Potions

What are the best potions to use in OSRS?

There are a lot of potions in Old School Runescape, but some are more useful overall than others.

It is these potions that you should try to stock up on in order to give yourself a much-needed edge.

Not only can these potions help you stay alive, but some can even boost your skills to make your character even more formidable.


The 10 Best Potions to Use in OSRS

In this list, we are going to be taking a look at the best potions you can use in Old School Runescape.

We will also be covering how you can get these potions and exactly what they do, so you can learn how to find and use them yourself!

So, let’s get right into our list of the 10 best potions to use in OSRS:


10. Extended Super Antifire

OSRS Best Potions Extended Super Anti Fire

The extended super antifire potion can be used to gain 100% immunity against dragonfire for six minutes.

This means a single four-dose potion can keep you covered for a total o 24 minutes, which is great if you’re taking on dragons.

However, this potion only works against dragonfire, and it won’t protect against poison, shocking, or freezing breath attacks.

Similarly, it will only partially block the attacks dealt by Vorkarth, the boss encountered during the Dragon Slayer II quest.

To make the extended super antifire potion, you will need herblore level 98 to mix a super antifire potion with lava scale shards.

Alternatively, you can buy them on the Grand Exchange for about 10k each if you have the coins.

That said, you must first complete the Dragon Slayer I quest to be able to use this potion, so keep that in mind.

Until then, you can use one of the best shields in OSRS, the Dragonfire Ward, to mitigate dragonfire damage.


9. Guthix Rest Tea

OSRS Best Potions

The ability to make Guthix rest tea is unlocked after completing the One Small Favor quest in Shilo Village.

This tea, when consumed, restores 5% energy and reduces venom to poison damage or poison damage by 1.

It also restores 5 hitpoints and can boost your HP 5 above your max level if consumed at full health.

While not labeled as a potion, this tea functions as one and can be used in combat without delaying attacks.

If you’re leveling your herblore skill, this potion can also be useful for making a small profit.

To make Guthix rest tea, you will need herblore level 18, 2 guam leaves, a marrentill, and a harralander.

These ingredients must be mixed together with heated water in an empty teacup and stored in your inventory.

If you don’t meet the herblore level requirement, you can also purchase this tea on the Grand Exchange for around 1.8k coins.


8. Prayer Potion

OSRS Best Potions Prayer Potion

Prayer potions are one of the best potions to use in OSRS, and they are something many players stock up on.

A dose of prayer potion restores +7 and 25% of the player’s current prayer level, with the exact total rounded down.

If you’re wearing one of the best skillcapes in OSRS, the prayer cape, or have the Holy Wrench, this is increased to 27%.

To make this potion for yourself, you will need a herblore level of 38, with which you can combine a ranarr potion with snape grass.

You can also buy them on the Grand Exchange for around 8.4k, and they are always in high demand.

Alternatively, once you have completed barbarian herblore training, you can add caviar to prayer potions.

This restores prayer by the same amount as before but also heals for an additional 6 hit points.

If you’re someone who relies a lot on prayer or are currently training that skill, you’ll want to stock up on this potion!


7. Super Restore Potion

OSRS Best Potions Super Restore Potion

This special potion is one of the most popular in Old School Runescape, and it can be incredibly useful.

The super restore potion regenerates all stats that have been lowered, including prayer.

However, it does not regenerate hit points, so you will want to keep that in mind during combat.

It can, however, be used alongside the Saradomin brew to raise the stats lowered by consuming it.

For that reason alone, this potion has become extremely popular with players diving into dangerous dungeons.

To make this potion, you will need a level 63 in herblore, which will allow you to combine snapdragon with a vial of water.

The value that this potion restores per dose is 8 plus 25% of a player’s base level in each affected skill.

If you’re wearing one of the best rings in OSRS, the ring of the gods, prayer can be restored by 27% instead.

In order to get the three-dose version of the super restore potion, you will need to start the Zorge Flesh Eaters quest.

This can also be used to make the next great potion on our list, the Sanfew Serum!


6. Sanfew Serum

OSRS Best Potions Sanfew Serum

This serum combines the effects of the super restore, super anti-poison, and Relicym’s balm potions.

The anti-poison effects last six minutes, the same amount of time as the typical anti-poison potion.

It restores 4 plus 30% of the player’s base level of the skills affected, and it also provides disease immunity for 15 minutes.

If you’re wearing the prayer cape, ring of the gods, or have the Holy Wrench, prayer will be restored by 32% instead.

The sanfew serum is made by adding unicorn horn dust, clean snake weed, and nail beast nails to a super restore potion.

However, you will need to complete the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest and have a herblore level of 65 in order to make this.

You can also buy this potion on the Grand Exchange, though it will cost you 25k per potion.

This is because the sanfew serum is often in high demand because of how useful it is and how rare it can be.


5. Divine Bastion Potion

OSRS Best Potions Divine Bastion Potion

The divine bastion potion is used for boosting a player’s ranged level by 4 plus 1-% of the current level.

It also raises defense by 5 plus 15% of your current level for 5 minutes, during which ranged and defense won’t drop below the maximum boost.

However, while the natural drain is disabled during this time, these stats can still be decreased by spells or other potions.

Similarly, the preserve prayer ability doesn’t affect the duration of this potion in any way.

It should also be noted that drinking this potion will damage the player by 10 hitpoints, so take care before using it.

To make this potion yourself, you will need to use crystal dust on a bastion potion with a level 86 in herblore.

You can also buy it on the Grand Exchange for 33k, provided you have the gold handy.

For characters using the best ranged weapons in OSRS, this potion can provide a nice additional damage boost in combat.

If you’re a ranged character, you definitely won’t want to go without this potion for long!


4. Stamina Potion

OSRS Best Potions Stamina Potion

Stamina potions are something that you always want to have on hand when playing OSRS.

These potions restore 20% of a player’s run energy with each dose while also reducing the rate at which it depletes by 70% for 2 minutes.

However, this effect doesn’t stack, and drinking extra doses will just reset the timer back to 2 minutes.

The ring of endurance can also be charged using a stamina potion, and each dose will provide an additional charge.

To make a stamina potion, you will need to mix a super energy potion with amylase crystals using a herblore skill of 77.

You can also obtain them by giving Dr. Jekyll torstol when he appears as a random event while traveling.

Alternatively, you can buy stamina potions on the Grand Exchange for 7.9k, or you can trade for them with another player.

These potions can be essential if you are doing tasks that involve a lot of running around, such as runecrafting.

It is also recommended in our OSRS 1-99 agility guide as something you should use while training that skill.


3. Anti-venom+

OSRS Best Potions Anti Venom

This is another potion that you won’t want to go exploring without, and you should always have at least one on hand.

The anti-venom+ potion instantly removes both venom and poison from a player when consumed.

It also provides immunity to poison for 15 minutes and immunity to venom for 3 minutes.

To make this potion for yourself, you will need to use torstol or an unfinished torstol potion on an anti-venom potion.

However, you will need to have at least 94 herblore in order to do this, making it one of the most advanced potions in OSRS.

Alternatively, you can purchase anti-venom+ potions on the Grand Exchange for 11.8k if you have the coins.

These potions can be important if you are going to be fighting poisonous or venomous enemies.

It is worth at least keeping one on you at all times, just in case you become afflicted with one of those effects.


2. Divine Super Combat Potion

OSRS Best Potions Divine Super Combat Potion

This stat-boosting potion is one of the best combat potions in the game, and you shouldn’t go without it.

When consumed, this potion increases attack, strength, and defense by 5 plus 15% of each level for 5 minutes.

During the time this effect is active, none of those stats will drop past the maximum boost provided by the potion.

Despite the natural drain being disabled, these stats can still be impacted by spells or other potions.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that drinking this potion will also damage the player’s health by 10 hit points.

Trying to drink divine super combat potions at low health will result in a message prompt preventing you from consuming it.

Additionally, the effects of this potion can’t be shared with a group using the boost potion share spell.

To create this potion for yourself, you will need to use crystal dust on a super combat potion with 97 herblore.

Alternatively, you can purchase them from the Grand Exchange for 15.8k coins per potion.


1. Saradomin Brew

OSRS Best Potions Sarasdomin Brew

Taking our number one spot are Saradomin brews, which are the best potions you can use in OSRS.

Each dose of Saradomin brew you consume raises HP by 2 plus 15% of your current HP level.

It also raised defense by 2 plus 20% of your current level, both of which are rounded down.

What makes this potion so great is that it can boost a player’s HP above their maximum amount.

This has made it popular to use during particularly tough boss fights or dungeon battles.

However, after being consumed, Saradomin brew also lowers strength, attack, magic, and ranged by 2 plus 10% of each level.

To counter this, players often use super restores to boost the lowered stats and offset the negative effects.

In order to make Saradomin brew, you will need 81 herblore to mix toadflax and a crushed bird’s nest with a vial of water.

Alternatively, Saradomin brews can be purchased on the Grand Exchange for 8.8k per potion.

When used correctly to restore more than your maximum HP, these potions are the best for player killing, boss fights, and difficult minigames.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best potions to use in OSRS and learned which you should always keep in your inventory.

Each of these potions can be incredibly useful for keeping yourself alive while delving into dangerous areas.

Some, like the stamina potion, can also be great for leveling skills such as runecrafting and agility.

That said, you should definitely stock up on Saradomin brews if you’re planning on heading into the most dangerous areas!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best potions to use in OSRS:

  1. Saradomin Brew
  2. Divine Super Combat Potion
  3. Anti-venom+
  4. Stamina Potion
  5. Divine Bastion Potion
  6. Sanfew Serum
  7. Super Restore Potion
  8. Prayer Potion
  9. Guthix Rest Tea
  10. Extended Super Antifire

Which of these potions do you plan to stock up on? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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