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OSRS: The 10 Rarest Pets (Ranked)

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The Rarest OSRS Pets

What are the rarest OSRS pets?

Pets in Old School Runescape may not provide any upgrades or stat bonuses, but no one can deny that they are cool, and many players want them.

Pets offer players a great way to show off important achievements—especially the rarest pets, which can only be obtained through rare drops.

That said, some pets are more sought after and harder to get than others, either because they require serious grinding or defeating some of the most powerful bosses.

To help you understand which pets are the rarest in Old School Runescape and how you can get them, we’ve compiled this list to make your search just a tiny bit easier.


OSRS: The 10 Rarest OSRS Pets (Ranked)

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 OSRS rarest pets:


10. Vet’ion jr.

Rarest Pets - Vet'ion jr

Vet’ion jr. is a mini version of the boss Vet’ion, and while its drop rate is only 1/2k, it comes from one of the hardest bosses to track down.

This is due to the fact that Vet’ion’s drop table isn’t really anything special, making him less hunted compared to other bosses.

He is also located in the wilderness, which is a notorious player-vs-player hunting area. It’s hard to track down this boss when you have other players constantly gunning for you.

Additionally, Vet’ion is actually a fairly tough boss to fight and not as straightforward as other bosses found in the same area.

As a result, many players simply avoid going after this boss, making this pet even rarer.

How to Get It

To get this boss, you will need to track down Vet’ion, a Zamorakian Skeletal champion who has two forms.

After he is defeated in his first form, he will transition into his second, and if he is not killed within 5 minutes, he reverts back to his first with fully regenerated hit points.

Killing this boss as quickly as possible will be the key, and he isn’t someone you should tackle if you’re starting from a low level.


9. Olmlet

Rarest Pets - Olmlet


Most players of Old School Runescape are familiar with the Chamber of Xeric, and that is where this little guy can be found.

Although the Chamber of Xeric is the first major raid in Old School Runescape—as well as one of the hardest—this pet is very rare, and it’s unlikely that players will stumble across this drop their first time through.

As a smaller version of the Great Olm, players will have a 1/53 chance of obtaining him from a drop.

While this may not sound rare, without being an experienced raider or a veteran of the game, the Chamber itself can pose a huge challenge when trying to gain this pet.

How to Get It

To get Olmet, players have to defeat the Great Olm, often referred to as the Guardian in the Deep.

This can be difficult, as he has at least three phases—depending on the size of your raiding party—and can utilize some pretty devastating attacks.

If you want this pet, you’re going to have to come prepared.


8. Rift Guardian

Rarest Pets - Rift Guardian.

The Rift Guardian is one of the rarest skilling pets in Old School Runescape, and you can only get it by leveling your Runecrafting.

Many players tend to dislike Runecrafting, making this pet a rare sight to see in-game.

Skilling pets are almost like a badge of honor in Old School Runescape—they immediately tell other players that you’ve worked hard to level up a skill and obtain the skilling pet related to it.

That said, some skilling pets are rarer than others due to skill difficulty. The woodcutting and thieving skilling pets are some of the easiest, for instance, due to the ease of grinding.

While all skilling pets are notoriously difficult to get because they require you to invest a great deal in your skills, having a skilling pet from one of the least enjoyable skills shows other players you have some serious dedication.

How to Get It

To get your hands on this pet, you will need to work on leveling your Runecrafting to level 99.

The chance of getting this pet is dependent on both your level and the essence you are crafting.

The fastest way to grind for this pet is by crafting mind stones using the Mind Altar Teleport.

That said, crafting lava runes can also be recommended, as they only provide a slightly lower chance of receiving this pet, but more experience overall.


7. Youngllef

Rarest Pets - Youngllef

Youngllef is a smaller OSRS pet version of Hunleff, the final boss players find at the end of The Gauntlet.

Although not the hardest pet to get, the chance of obtaining it is 1/400 for completing the Corrupted Gauntlet and 1/2k for completing the uncorrupted Gauntlet.

Now, 1/400 doesn’t sound like the makings of a very rare reward.

However, the Corrupted Gauntlet is one of the hardest levels to complete in the entire game, and many players aren’t capable of getting through it once, let alone the multiple times it can take to acquire this pet. For this reason, Youngllef is one of the rarest pets in the game.

Having this pet trailing after you is definitely a status symbol proving you’re a skilled player who stands out from many others.

How to Get It

To grab this pet, you’ll need to complete the gauntlet and find it in the reward chest at the end.

Once received, it can be changed between its corrupted and uncorrupted versions.


6. Kree’arra

Rarest Pets - Kree'arra

Kree’arra is a smaller version of one of the God Wars dungeon bosses.

It is one of the few pets that actually fly, and many players love this pet due to its awesome design.

While a lot of players would love to have this pet trailing after them, the chance of obtaining it is 1/5k, which—while not the most outrageous—is made rarer due to just how hard the boss is to defeat.

How to Get It

To get this pet for yourself, you will need to defeat Kree’arra in the God Wars dungeon to receive him as a very rare reward.

This is easier said than done, as you will need at least a ranged level of 70 to navigate the chasm that leads to the boss’s room.

To be able to access the boss chamber, you will also need to have slain at least 40 followers of Armadyl.

During the fight, Kree’arra typically uses ranged attacks, so having a high defense against those is recommended.

However, if not targeted, this boss can also fly in to do some melee damage if you’re not careful.

Knowing all this, it’s easy to understand why this pet is so rare.


5. Lil’ Zik

Rarest Pets - Lil' Zik

The next OSRS rarest pet can be acquired by defeating the final boss in the Theatre of Blood.

Like the Corrupted Gauntlet, this is one of the hardest challenges players will face in Old School Runescape, which makes Lil’Zik one of the rarest pets players can get.

While the drop rate is fairly high, with a 1/650 chance of it dropping, the challenge of getting through to and defeating the boss is the main reason this pet is seldom seen.

Lil’Zik is a mini version of Verzik Vitur’s final form, and it’s pretty awesome, assuming you’re not an arachnophobe.

How to Get It

To get this pet, you will need to complete the Theatre of Blood with a high-performance rate.

The performance of the player increases the drop rate of this pet, and a low score can make it harder to obtain, raising the drop rate to 1/6k instead of 1/650.

To get the most individual points, you will need to die no more than 2 times.

However, if you’re able to deal the most damage in some rooms, this can allow for more deaths without impacting points.

Ultimately, come prepared with the best equipment possible if you want to have a chance to nab Lil’Zik.


4. Corporeal Critter / Pet Dark Core

Rarest Pets - Corporeal Critter _ Pet Dark Core

This OSRS pet is dropped by the Corporeal Beast and appears as a miniature version of the massive boss.

It also has the ability to transform into the Dark Core, which is the dark energy core summoned during the boss battle against the Corporeal Beast.

While it doesn’t have an obscenely high drop rate, at 1/5k, because the fight is so difficult, many players are unable to get their hands on this pet.

How to Get It

To get the corporeal critter / dark core, you will need to complete the boss fight against the Corporeal Beast.

This boss is hard to take on with a team, let alone on your own, which is why this is one of the rarest pets in the game.

You can find this monster in its cave in the level 21 Wilderness.

Keep in mind that it boasts an impressive 2,000 hit points, coupled with a 50% damage reduction against weapons and high defense.

If you’re going after this osrs rarest pet, prepare for a long, hard battle and maybe bring a few friends for backup.


3. Bloodhound

Rarest Pets - Bloodhound

What player doesn’t have to have a good boy following them around?

This bloodhound is one of the hardest pets in the game to get, but it’s well worth it to have.

He even comes complete with a little hat, and you can feed him bones!

If you want to get this doggo to follow you around, you’re going to have to work like a dog yourself to complete some master clues, which is something easier said than done.

Master clues are incredibly difficult to obtain, and this pet is only dropped in master clue caskets at a rate of 1/1k.

How to Get It

To get this Bloodhound pet, you’ll need to complete master treasure trail clues, each of which leads to a master clue casket that contains rare rewards.

Master clues can be found by bringing one of each of the easy, medium, hard, and elite clue scrolls to Watson.

They can also be found as a reward for completing any of the other treasure trail scrolls.

Since you can only have one on you at a time, and because of how difficult they are to get, farming for them is incredibly difficult.

Additionally, completing a master clue scroll can also take between six to eight steps, which can take a good bit of time if you’re trying to get through as many as possible to nab this dog.

However, the feeling of opening a master clue scroll casket and finding this pet is definitely worth all the work.


2. Jal-Nib-Rek

Rarest Pets - Jal-Nib-Rek

Jal-Nib-Rek is by far the hardest pet to obtain in Old School Runescape.

The base chance is 1/100, which can be reduced to 1/75 if TzKal-Zuk is defeated while on a slayer task. However, it is only available when you complete the Inferno.

The Inferno is a solo minigame that was released in Old School Runescape in 2017, and it requires players to survive 69 waves of increasingly difficult enemies before finally facing off against TzKal-Zuk.

If you are defeated at any time, you’ll be forced to restart from wave one.

You also can’t restock between waves, and other players aren’t allowed to enter.

There’s a reason the Inferno has been dubbed the best solo PVM to date.

That said, if you do manage to get a slayer task that takes you to the Inferno, it’s worth trying to get this pet, as it will make obtaining this pet just a little bit more feasible.

Keep in mind, however, that it can be a bit of a grind to get this slayer task in the first place, so grinding for it isn’t the most straightforward route.

How to Get It

If you want to have a chance to grab this prestigious pet, you need to be prepared.

Once you manage to get through the 69th wave, TzKal-Zuk breaks free and lashes out with some pretty strong attacks that can deal 251 points of damage, which can kill even a fully healed player if they’re not careful.

You can’t hit this boss with melee, so a high ranged skill will need to be used to bring down its 1,200 hitpoints.

Once he falls below 240 HP, Jal-MejJaks spawn and start healing him, only stopping if you attack them.

If you don’t manage to get the pet as a lucky drop, you can exchange the infernal cape awarded from the battle to TzHaar-Ket-Keh for another 1/100 chance of getting it.

That said, if you really want this pet and don’t get it your first time around, you’re going to have to face another few hours in the Inferno to have another chance.

It’s no wonder so few players have this pet, and those who do tote it around as a well-earned badge of honor.


1. Pet Penance Queen

Rarest Pets - Pet Penance Queen

The Pet Penance Queen is the rarest pet in the game, and getting your hands on it is very much up to chance.

As a smaller version of the Penance Queen found in the Barbarian Assault minigame, players have a 1/1k chance of acquiring this pet from high-level gambles.

How to Get It

To get the Pet Penance Queen, you’ll need to gain honor points, which can be gambled for a chance to gain this pet.

There are four types of points associated with different roles; healer, attacker, defender, and collector.

Points are awarded at the end of waves based on individual and team performance. Upon killing the Penance Queen, 80 honor points will be given.

To place a high-level gamble, you will need to kill the queen and have 500 honor points from one of the roles mentioned above.

If you’re going through the Barbarian Assault minigame and want to get this pet for yourself, you’re going to need a lot of patience and a great deal of luck.



Pets may not give an incredible boost or stat bonuses, but they help show off players’ achievements to let others know what they have accomplished.

If you’re able to get your hand on any of the OSRS rarest pets, you’re certainly going to turn heads in the game and set yourself apart as one of the luckiest and most dedicated players in Old School Runescape.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 rarest OSRS pets:

  1. Pet Penance Queen
  2. Jal-Nib-Rek
  3. Bloodhound
  4. Corporeal Critter/Dark Core
  5. Lil’Zik
  6. Kree’arra
  7. Youngllef
  8. Rift Guardian
  9. Olmlet
  10. Vet’ion Jr.

What are your favorite OSRS rarest pets? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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