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Robin Stardew Valley: Schedule & Shop




Make your farm the best place to be in Pelican Town with this Robin Stardew Valley schedule guide!

Last Updated: February 2022

Managing a farm in Stardew Valley isn’t an easy task, and we all know that there’s more to it than just planting crops or taking care of farm animals. To maximize your profit, you need to build and upgrade buildings that offer a wide range of different functionalities. And who better to help than the town’s resident carpenter, Robin? We’ve got all the bases covered from silos to slime huts in our Robin Stardew Valley schedule and shop guide.


Robin lives up in the mountains with her husband Demetrius and their children Sebastian and Maru. She’s one of the first characters you meet as you move into your grandfather’s farm, and she’ll offer to construct any farm building you need—for a fee, of course.

You’ll find yourself memorizing her schedule as you try to get your buildings constructed on time. Don’t fret—because we’ve got her schedule laid out in this Robin Stardew Valley Guide, so you’ll never miss her at her shop again!


8:00 AM – Wakes Up 

9:00 AM – At shop counter (Available for purchasing items and construction services)

5:00 PM – Leaves shop counter

9:00 PM – Bedtime

Not Available on:

  • Tuesdays (Exercise Class at Pierre’s)
  • For two days after you’ve hired her to work on a farm building

Leaves early on:

  • Mondays, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM after the Community Center has been rebuilt
  • Fridays, 4:00 PM to go to the Saloon

Robin’s construction shop offers a wide range of items and services for every player. You’ll be able to find materials like wood and stone, as well as fixtures like windows and refrigerators in the shop. But most importantly, you’ll be able to ask Robin to construct buildings for your farm. In this Robin Stardew Valley construction guide, we’ve listed out all the buildings you can purchase at her shop:

Farm Buildings (and corresponding costs):
  • Barn – Basic barn that will house 4 cows.
    • 6,000g
    • 350 Wood
    • 150 Stones
  • Big Barn – Upgraded to house 8 cows and/or goats.
    • 12,000g
    • 450 Wood
  • Deluxe Barn – Max upgrade that will house 12 cows/goats/pigs/sheep.
    • 25,000g
    • 550 Wood
    • 300 Stones
  • Coop – Basic coop that will house 4 chickens.
    • 4,000g
    • 300 Wood
    • 100 Stones
  • Big Coop – Upgraded to house 8 chickens, ducks, or dinosaurs (if you find a Dinosaur Egg)
    • 10,000g
    • 400 Wood
    • 150 Stones
  • Deluxe Coop – Max upgrade that will house 12 chickens/ducks/dinosaurs/rabbits
    • 20,000g
    • 500 Wood
    • 200 Stones
  • Shed – Empty building that you can store chests/furniture/machines in. Can be decorated inside.
    • 15,000 g
    • 300 Wood
  • Big Shed – Upgraded version that will double the interior size of the shed
    • 20,000g
    • 550 Wood
    • 300 Stones
  • Fish Pond – Can store fish to be raised, multiplied, and harvested for produce like Roe
    • 5,000g
    • 200 Stones
    • 5 Seaweeds
    • 5 Green Algae
  • Silo – Stores cut grass to be used as hay for feeding animals
    • 100g
    • 100 Stones
    • 10 Clays
    • 5 Copper Bars
  • Mill – Lets you make rice, beets, and wheat.
    • 2,500g
    • 50 Stones
    • 150 Wood
    • 4 Cloths
  • Stable – Lets you raise a horse
    • 10,000g
    • 100 Hardwood
    • 5 Iron Bars
  • Well – A place to refill your watering can when far away from bodies of water
    • 1,000g
    • 75 Stones
  • Slime Hutch – Will let you raise up to 20 Slimes
    • 10,000g
    • 500 Stones
    • 10 Refined Quartz
    • 1 Iridium
  • Shipping Bin – Extra shipping box for accessibility
    • 250g
    • 150 Wood
  • Stone Cabin – Extra house for multiplayer games
    • 100g
    • 10 Stones
  • Plank Cabin – Extra house for multiplayer games
    • 100g
    • 5 Wood
    • 10 Fiber
  • Log Cabin – Extra house for multiplayer games
    • 100g
    • 10 Wood
  • House Upgrade 1 – Increases your house size and adds a kitchen inside
    • 10,000g
    • 450 Wood
  • House Upgrade 2 – Adds an empty room and a Children’s Room, increases the kitchen, and unlocks House Renovation functions in-game
    • 50,000g
    • 150 Hardwood
  • House Upgrade 3 – Adds a cellar through the kitchen, with Casks to make different produce
    • 100,000g

I wanna check Robin’s schedule again!


We hope this Robin Stardew Valley Schedule Guide has been helpful in giving you everything you need to get your farm decked out in the game. For more Stardew Valley information and guides, check out our latest articles. You can also check out the main Stardew Valley site, or their Steam Page for more information on the game!

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