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Sam Stardew Valley Romance Guide




Our Sam Stardew Valley Romance Guide will make sure you have the best chances with Pelican Town’s resident rockstar!

Last Updated: February 2022

Who doesn’t like cute guitar players with a heart of gold? If you’re especially into those kinds of characters, you’d likely be romancing Sam in Stardew Valley. Worry no more because we’ve got our Sam Stardew Valley Romance Guide to help you get ahead!


Sam is one of the 12 characters available for dating and marriage in Stardew Valley. He’s the son of Jodi and Kent, and he lives with his mother and brother, Vincent in a house near the bottom of the town map, while his father is deployed as a soldier. Sam plays the guitar and has a band with his friends Abigail and Sebastian. He also practices skateboarding sometimes. He works at Joja Mart, and you’ll find him there on his workdays just listening to music. His birthday is on Summer 17.

Sam wakes up later than most of the townies, and he’ll leave his house at 11:00 AM to either go to Joja Mart or the museum or stay inside his room and play the guitar. If it’s the latter and you have more than two heart levels with him, you’ll be able to go inside his room and unlock more events and interaction opportunities. Don’t fret, however, because you’ll often find him at the Stardrop Saloon on Fridays at 4:00 PM, which is one of the few regular afternoon hangouts he’s got besides the river in front of his home or the bush near Mayor Lewis’s house. It’s important to raise heart levels with Sam as soon as possible because he can be difficult to track down and talk to when he’s often locked in his room or busy at work.


Our Sam Stardew Valley Romance Guide has a detailed events guide for your reference. Listed below are all his events according to their required heart levels, and you can read on to find out how to trigger each one:

Event Guide (according to heart levels requirements)

Two Hearts
Visit Sam’s house while he’s inside. You will find him and Sebastian playing some music together. They will ask you what kind of music you think is best for their band.

Three Hearts
Visit the beach on a sunny day between 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM in any season except Winter. This will only happen in the 1st year. Sam will be there with Vincent, and he will be reflective about how to talk to his little brother regarding his father being deployed as a soldier in a war.

Four Hearts
Visit Sam’s house while he’s inside. He will be there and will drop an egg as he’s getting a snack from the fridge, which will trigger a confrontation between him and his mother with you in the middle.

Six Hearts
Go to town between 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on any day when it’s not raining. You will see Sam practicing some skateboarding tricks while Mayor Lewis catches him.

Eight Hearts
You will find Sam outside your door between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM, which will only happen if you’ve seen his two heart event. Sam will invite you to see his band play in the city at 4:00 PM.

Ten Hearts
You will receive a letter from Sam in your mailbox. Go to town on a sunny day between 8:00 PM and 12:00 AM after this, and you will meet Sam outside his house. This will be a romance scene, where you and Sam will either share an intimate moment in his room, or it will remain platonic depending on the choices you make.

Ten Hearts – Dating Multiple Bachelors
This only triggers if you’re dating all the bachelors in town and have 10 heart levels with all of them, having seen all their 10 heart events. Upon entering Stardrop Saloon, you’ll have two possible events:

If you have a Rabbit’s Foot in your inventory, it will be a harmless game of pool between the 10 bachelors that you can enjoy.

If you don’t have a Rabbit’s Foot, the bachelors will all confront you about your infidelity. You will be given the cold shoulder for a week afterwards.

Fourteen Hearts – Married to Sam
This is in four parts. The first part is triggered when you enter your twice-upgraded farmhouse between 6:10 AM and 5:00 PM while Sam is inside. You can trigger the second part three days later by entering your house at the same timeframe while Sam is there, and the third part another three days later, same time. The last part happens when you enter the house four days after that at the same time.


Sam has an eclectic taste in gifts, which makes it a bit of a challenge to guess what he wants to receive. Below is a list of his liked and loved items. Remember that you can only give him gifts up to twice a week unless it’s his birthday week.


  • All Universally Loved Items
  • Pizza
  • Tigerseye
  • Maple Bar
  • Cactus Fruit


  • All Universally Liked Items
  • All eggs, except Void Egg
  • Joja Cola


We hope our Sam Stardew Valley Romance Guide helped you get closer to your favorite guitar-playing bachelor! If you’re looking for more character guides, here’s an article on our resident doctor- Harvey you might want to read.

Visit Stardew Valley’s official site and Steam page for more information on the game. We’ll see you around!

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