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ACNH 2.0: Animal Crossing Update




ACNH 2.0 or Animal Crossing’s New Horizons version 2.0 is coming out this November!

Last Updated: February 2021

ACNH 2.0: Animal Crossing, New Horizons update, one of the best-selling games in Nintendo Switch, surprised its fans with an early Christmas gift this year after the ACNH Direct last October 15 dropped major news about the game’s new content and expansion

ACNH was first released on March 20, 2020. It was rather perfect timing, as the game provided people means to escape into an island paradise back when the world was starting to impose lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, confining everyone inside their homes. It quickly became a hit with people spending hundreds of hours decorating their virtual islands, building relationships with their chosen island residents, and even playing online with their real-life friends!  

This year, Nintendo will be releasing major updates to the game, including the free version 2.0, and a paid DLC: ACNH Happy Home Paradise. Both will be available on November 5, 2021.  

In this article, we’ll show you all the exciting new things you can expect from ACNH version 2.0. Whether you are a newcomer to the Animal Crossing series or someone that took a break and planning to go back, we are sure you’re going to love all the new content the game has to offer! 


The Roost Cafe and Brewster

Brewster, a returning character, is opening a cafe inside the Museum—the Roost—where you can relax and have some coffee. Run into some of your island residents randomly, or invite them using amiibo cards! Share the experience with your online friends by visiting the cafe at the same time. 

Kapp’n’s Boat Tours 

Go to your island’s pier for another surprise! Another returning character, Kapp’n is back and offering Boar Tours. Go on a tour to a destination only Kapp’n knows about—with a bonus serenade from Kapp’n himself!  Find new mysterious flora, or spend a day on an island with a different season or time of day. 

Harv’s Island Plaza 

Remember Harv’s photography studio on his island? In version 2.0, Harv’s island will undergo major developments with the help of his long-time friend, Harriet. 

Contribute to their island-building by donating bells to fund the opening of more shops. Eventually, familiar island visitors like Sahara and Kicks will set up shop on the plaza. 

You will also find lots of returning characters such as Reese and Cyrus, offering furniture customization services; Katrina, the fortune-teller; and Tortimer, who can help you access your storage back at your home island. 

Experience New Island Activities!

Participate in Group Stretching in your island’s plaza using JoyCon controllers, either through a button or motion control, and get moving! You can invite your friend, or visit their island and join in on their stretching. 

Optionally, you could enact different Island Ordinances to shape your island life. Pick from the following options: 

    • Early Bird Ordinance to set a time when island residents wake up. 
    • Night Owl Ordinance to set a time when island residents go to bed. 
    • Bell Boom Ordinance to modify the number of Bells the player may receive from selling and the cost of buying items. 
  • Beautiful Island Ordinance to keep your island tidy, as insects, weeds, and trash in the water appear less.

Get Cooking! 

This is probably one of our favourite updates in the game – in version 2.0, you can cook using DIY recipes and the produce from your farm! 

Pro-decorating License

With the Pro Decorating license, new options will be available to you such as:

  • Adding lighting and ceiling decors in each room of your island home
  • Giving a room an accent wall
  • Expanding island infrastructures with a maximum of 10 bridges and inclines

Pro Camera App

Capture new memories from different perspectives and angles using the Pro Camera App in your Nook Phone. You can choose from Handheld Camera to capture photos at eye level, or Tripod Camera so you can get into the photo yourself! 

…and so much more new content!

  • Up your fashion game with 11 new hairstyles, including those taught by Harriet in Harv’s Island: 
  • There will be additional exterior options for your island home, giving you freedom in designing the overall aesthetics of your island! 
  • Storage Capacity can now be expanded to up to 5000
  • Spend your Nook Miles on new redeemable items, such as a music box to play your favourite K.K. Slider song in, including 12 new songs that will be released. 
  • Many more items will be available as well in Nook’s Cranny, including a recipe for a new type of tool—the wooden ladder setup kit. Use this to set up ladders around your island instead of permanent inclines. 
  • Find tips on enjoying island life on the new Nook Phone app, Island life 101. Take advantage of this for a better island experience! 
  • Worried about displaying too much furniture in your home? Throw those worries away, since narrow spaces can now be walked on, letting you navigate tight spots in your room!
  • Spice up your reaction game with 11 new reactions that will be added:
  • Get creative and diversify your island aesthetics even more with the addition of the 9 fencing types:
    • Green bamboo fencing
    • Bamboo-slats fencing
    • Park fencing
    • Block fencing
    • Corrugated iron fencing
    • Large lattice fencing
    • Log-wall fencing
    • Log fencing
    • Frozen fencing
  • Custom design patterns can now be worn as clothing items or as wallpaper or flooring in your island home.  
  • Storage sheds can now be added to your island! It can be placed almost anywhere on your island, and you can use it to store or take away items from your storage back in your island home. 
  • An Automatic Bell Dispenser (ABD) will be available on your island as well. No need to run back to the plaza if you need bells for your shopping! 
  • Gyroids are coming back – these are fragments you can dig up within your island. Plant and water them, wait for them to mature overnight, and harvest the furniture gyroid after! They make interesting sounds, so collect them and experiment with multiple gyroids to create near-endless combinations of music or play them with a K.K. Slider song and enjoy that fresh harmony. You can customize gyroids to match the aesthetics of your island home.  
  • Your island residents can now invite you into their homes to hang out or even make a surprise visit to yours. Make sure to keep your place looking cool to entertain these sudden visitors!

Final Thoughts on ACNH 2.0:

Woah, that was sure a long list! Nintendo did not disappoint with this massive update to ACNH, one of the most beloved Nintendo Switch games to this day. 

Be sure to catch the release and experience ACNH 2.0 in various ways with all this new content on November 5, 2021. We hope you have fun!

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