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Ghost of Tsushima Legends: All You Need to Know!




If you love playing games about Japanese folklore with your buddies, then you’re in luck because for this article, we’ll be delving into the new Ghost of Tsushima Legends game!

Last updated: February 2022

Following the success of Ghost of Tsushima, developers Sucker Punch Productions decided to add a new multiplayer mode to the title. On October 16, 2020, Ghost of Tsushima Legends was added to the base game. Unlike the main campaign, Legends was a multiplayer expansion that allowed players to enjoy new content with up to four friends. So, if you’re a big fan of the Samurai faction in For Honor but are looking for a more in-depth gaming experience, then Legends might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends took everything players loved about the base game and translated it smoothly into a co-op format. The stealth mechanics, the challenging combat, and the rich folklore rooted in Japanese mythology — it was all there. So, it’s no surprise that the expansion pack was a hit. Because of this, the developers recently decided to release a standalone version of it! Now, you can enjoy the multiplayer aspect of Ghost of Tsushima without ever having to touch the main story. Read on to learn more about what to expect from the standalone Ghost of Tsushima Legends release.

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The Ghost of Tsushima Legends release features the same classes and game modes from the expansion pack. But it does introduce a new game mode to add to the multiplayer experience. Here’s a rundown of both to get you up to speed:



The Assassin is the stealthiest class in Legends. He is the best option for players who enjoy keeping to the shadows and attacking when the time is right. The Assassin also specializes in enemy executions, being able to do so the fastest of the four classes.

Type of AbilityUnlocked atName of AbilityDescription
UltimateRank 1Shadow StrikeHide in the shadows, then attack the enemy from afar
Class-specificRank 1Toxic VanishUnleash poison smoke and disappear into it, staggering nearby enemies
Class-specificRank 10Group VanishUnleash poison smoke and disappear into it along with nearby allies, staggering nearby enemies

The Hunter is a ranged class, capable of attacking from afar with their bow. She is ideal for players who enjoy doing damage from a distance and supporting teammates by debuffing enemies with her skills.

Type of AbilityUnlocked atName of AbilityDescription
UltimateRank 1Eye of UchitsuneFire three headshots at any three enemies
Class-specificRank 1Staggering ArrowRelease an arrow that stuns enemies within radius
Class-specificRank 10Explosive ArrowRelease an arrow that sticks and explodes, causing damage to enemies after a few seconds

The Ronin is a support class capable of buffing and reviving teammates with his skills. He is the best option for players who primarily provide support and healing rather than dealing damage.

Type of AbilityUnlocked atName of AbilityDescription
UltimateRank 1Breath of IzanamiRevive all fallen allies
Class-specificRank 1Spirit AnimalSummon a dog companion that assists in battle
Class-specificRank 10Healing IncenseCreate a pot that heals any allies in close proximity to it

The Samurai is the DPS class. He is best for players who enjoy charging into the fray and dealing as much damage as possible. He also has a life-steal ability, making him an ideal first line of defense.

Type of AbilityUnlocked atName of AbilityDescription
UltimateRank 1Hachiman’s FuryUnleash a flurry of attacks against crowds of enemies
Class-specificRank 1Spirit PullActivate a power that steals life from a nearby enemy
Class-specificRank 10Explosive BladeUnleash melee attacks that explode on impact, causing extra damage



Up to four players can participate in this game mode. Here, the goal is to protect specific points in the map, fighting off waves of enemies in the process. As the game progresses, the hordes of enemies will become more and more powerful.


The campaign allows for two-player co-op, where players will experience a nine-episode story, ending in a special challenge mode.


Challenge mode is unlocked after completing the nine episodes of the campaign. Here, four players will have to participate in a three-part raid made specifically for skilled, fully-levelled players.


When you opt for this mode, you’ll be dropped into another player’s session to help out either in their Survival or Story game.



Next are the updates and FAQs about Ghost of Tsushima Legends


The newest update for Legends is the Rivals game mode. Here’s what we know about it:


Now let’s talk about rivals in the newest game mode in Legends. In this mode, two pairs of players will compete in a contest to wipe out more enemies than the other team. Enemies will spawn in a horde format, and players have free rein to spend in-game currency on perks, curses, and other items to best their enemy at the contest.


When was Ghost of Tsushima Legends released?

The standalone Legends game was released last September 3, 2021. It is now available on the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

Do you need the main Ghost of Tsushima game to play Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

No. Players can buy Legends and enjoy it even without purchasing the main game. However, players who have already purchased the base game automatically have access to the Legends expansion.

Where can you play Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is only available on PS4 and PS5.

Do you need PlayStation Plus to access the co-op features of Ghost of Tsushima Legends?

Yes. However, the entire Legends campaign can be accomplished solo.

Will Ghost of Tsushima Legends support crossplay between PS4 and PS5 players?

Yes. PS4 and PS5 players can play Legends together, as long as all the players have availed themselves of PlayStation Plus.


If you loved Ghost of Twe’rema, we’re sure you’ll love Legends too! So, why not get a few buddies together and experience a whole new side to the hit third-person action-adventure game. If you’re looking for a single-player experience, you can always get the newly-released Ghost of Director’sirector’s Cut. It comes with the full game, the Legends expansion, and commentary from the game directors!

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