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AFK Arena Tier List



We are presenting our AFK Arena Tier List in this article.

If you are an avid fan of RPG mobile games, then you most likely have heard about AFK Arena. With its far-reaching ads, anyone that has played online has probably encountered this game. It is known to have one of the biggest rosters of characters (called “heroes” in the game) with different classes, roles, and types. The heroes are further broken down into different tiers of rarity, such as common, rare, elite, legendary, mythic, and ascended.  Talk about choice overload, am I right?

You are going to build a lot of connections with multiple heroes in this game since there is a lot of progression for each of them. So if you want to get a hero to the peak of its abilities, expect that you will have to invest a lot of time doing so. With a game like AFK Arena, the challenge is finding the hero that you want to spend time on to make them as strong as possible. In this article, we want to help you decide on a good hero to work with, and prevent you from spending lots of hours into the game only to find out in the end that the hero you chose is not as strong as you thought. We are going to rank all the AFK Arena heroes according to their power levels when they are all maxed out.



AFK Arena Tier List: S-Tier

First, we have the best of the best of our AFK Arena Tier List. These heroes are widely considered to be overpowered and whoever is lucky enough to find them will have a significant advantage, no matter what game mode they are playing in. Their stats scale incredibly well, and they can give the player the best time of their life in the game since most challenges will look like a piece of cake. We highly suggest you pick these heroes if you have the option.

  • Elijah & Lailah
  • Rowan
  • Mehira
  • Talene
  • Ainz
  • Titus


AFK Arena Tier List: A-Tier

You might get disappointed if you don’t unlock the S-Tier heroes and you are only left with some A-Tier ones. Well, then you are very ungrateful. The heroes on this list are nothing to be disappointed by. They are incredibly strong heroes that only lose against very specific heroes: the ones that literally counter them, or the S-Tiers. Other than that, you have nothing in the game to be afraid about. You can invest in leveling these heroes without any regret.

  • Alna
  • Eironn
  • Lucretia
  • Zaphrael
  • Athalia
  • Ezizh
  • Khazard
  • Albedo
  • Safiya
  • Shemira
  • Kren
  • Merlin
  • Leofric
  • Nemora
  • Hodgkin


AFK Arena Tier List: B-Tier

Even though their names will not be written with huge letters in the pantheon of heroes, B-Tier heroes are great picks to have. Of course, they lack a bit in power compared to the higher tiers, but at least they are not so hard to encounter. It is quite realistic that you could encounter some of these heroes in your playthroughs. Well, don’t be greedy and level them up.

  • Ferael
  • Joker
  • Queen
  • Silas
  • Ezio
  • Eluard
  • Brutus
  • Grezhul
  • Rosaline
  • Tasi
  • Thoran
  • Fawkes
  • Nara
  • Belinda
  • Mortas



On this tier, we find the average hero in AFK Arena (from the highest ranks). They are great in complementing heroes for the stronger ones, especially if you can use their abilities in synergy with other heroes’ abilities. For example, if you have a physical damage hero, you should pair them with heroes that can cause weakness in the enemy so your attacks hit harder. Although this is something you should do anyway, regardless of the hero.

  • Respen
  • Nemora
  • Wu Kong
  • Daimon
  • Orthros
  • Hendrik
  • Lyca
  • Lucius
  • Gwyneth
  • Arthur
  • Cecilia
  • Warek
  • Zolrath
  • Torne
  • Tidus
  • Ukyo
  • Flora
  • Isabella
  • Skreg
  • Skriath
  • Saurus
  • Baden
  • Pippa
  • Izold



Now we are getting to the heroes that are becoming quite insignificant. Not that they are bad, they just don’t offer anything new to the team you might have, and they might even hold your team back. You should be careful when you are using these heroes since they have a lot of weaknesses and they will suffer greatly in the later stages of the game. You should replace them as soon as you have better units.

  • Mezoth
  • Nakoruru
  • Numisu
  • Oden
  • Vurk
  • Estrilda
  • Khasos
  • Anoki
  • Theowyn
  • Seirus
  • Drez
  • Gorvo
  • Rigby
  • Ulmus
  • Lorsan
  • Solise
  • Satrana
  • Kaz
  • Thane
  • Oscar
  • Raine



At the bottom of our AFK Arena Tier List, we have what you can say are the most forgettable heroes we can remember. You should probably ignore these characters completely unless you don’t have any other heroes to play. Other than that you are going to gain nothing from using them. Next, please!

  • Saveas
  • Vedan
  • Morvus
  • Ogi
  • Arden
  • Hogan
  • Ira
  • Golus
  • Silvina
  • Angelo
  • Mirael
  • Niru
  • Ankhira
  • Kelthur
  • Antandra


On the next page, we’ll reveal the strongest character in our AFK Arena Tier List.



Who is the strongest hero in AFK Arena?


We consider Elijah & Lailah, the celestial twins, as the strongest. They are considered as one hero, but it really feels like they are more than one character.  Their skills are getting stronger with every level, and if you manage to get their signature item, you are unlocking one of the strongest skills in the game: the Blessed Binding. No matter if it’s PvP, PvE, Lab, and Boss, you are going to breeze through it with no problem. If you find it, give it to us, please.


  • What are working AFK Arena codes? (as of September 2021)
    • AFK888 – 300 Diamonds
    • misevj66yi – 500 Diamonds + 5 Summon Scrolls + 1 Rare Hero
    • xiaban886 – Large Crate of Hero EXP (x5), 500 Diamonds, Large Crate of Gold (x5), and Large Crate of Hero’s Essence (x5)
    • PrinceofPersia – 500 Diamonds, 500 Hero’s Essence, and 500k Gold Coins
    • 311j4hw00d – 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
    • Ch3atc0de – 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
    • xmasl00t – 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
    • d14m0nd5 – 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
    • Badlijey666 – 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
    • 101nc107h – 100k Gold and 100 Diamonds
    • uf4shqjngq – 30 Common Hero Scrolls
    • afk888 – 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, and 100 Hero’s Essence
    • misevj66yi – 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, and 5 Common Hero Scrolls
  • How can I redeem AFK Arena codes?

    Redemption process has changed from having an in-game option to an external website. You can follow the steps below to redeem codes:

    • Go to
    • Enter your UID and Verification Code to login (both of which you need to get from the game).
    • Once logged in, input the code in the Gift Code field, and then click Redeem.
    • Inside the game, go to your Mail, and you should be able to see the gift which you can collect.
  • Do hero skins have any benefits in AFK Arena?

    Why, they make your heroes look awesome, of course! But other than that, skins do not offer any other advantage in the game. They are purely cosmetic.

  • How do you get hero skins?

    Skins can be obtained either through participating in game events or buying from the Merchant’s wardrobe.

  • What does elite mean in AFK Arena?

    Elite is another rarity tier of AFK Arena Heroes, just below the Legendary tier. These heroes can be used in the Temple of Ascension to ascend into Legendary heroes.

  • How many AFK Arena heroes are there?

    There are over 100+ playable heroes currently, each belonging to the different factions in the game. As AFK Arena continues to update, we can expect new heroes to be added into the roster in each new patch.

  • What is the max level for heroes in AFK Arena?

    The max level depends on which rarity tier your hero belongs to.

    • Common heroes can be levelled up to 100.
    • Elite heroes can be levelled up to 100.
    • Elite Plus heroes can be levelled up to 120.
    • Legendary heroes can be levelled up to 140.
    • Legendary Plus heroes can be levelled up to 160.
    • Mythic heroes can be levelled up to 180.
    • Mythic Plus heroes can be levelled up to 200.
    • Ascended heroes have a basic level cap of 240, and then up to 455‬ with the Resonating Crystal.
  • How do you summon Legendary Plus heroes in AFK Arena?

    In the Temple of Ascension, you can summon a Legendary Plus hero by using the original hero and 1 Elite Plus of the same hero. Here are some tips on how you can ascend your heroes faster:

  • How can I summon heroes in AFK Arena?

    There are multiple ways in summoning heroes in the game:

    • Diamonds Summon
      You can use 300 diamonds for a single pool, and 2400 diamonds for 10 pools. Tip: Save your diamonds to get the 10 pool summons; this is more efficient than doing a single pool summon 10 times.
    • Scroll Summon
      • Normal Scrolls
        This summons from the same pool as when using Diamonds; the only difference is you are using scrolls.
      • Faction Scrolls
        This allows you to summon a specific faction of your choice.
    • Friendship Summon
      This uses friendship points. While they have lower rates from other summons, it is still good to collect friendship points everyday.
    • Soulstones
      You can get a random hero using soulstone; the hero’s rarity will depend on the rarity of the soulstone as well. Tip: A purple soulstone will give you an Elite hero, while a blue one will give you a Rare hero.
    • Faction Select Cards
      For every 100 summons in your account (excluding Friendship summons), you will get one Faction Select Card. This can give you a random Elite hero from a faction of your choice.
    • Stargazing Room
      This room is unlocked when you complete Chapter 15 in the game’s campaign mode, or upon reaching VIP Rank 13. Stargazing is all about probability and chance; you can use either diamonds or stargazing cards to stargaze. Tip: We recommend only using this for celestial and hypogean heroes (excluding Wa Kong, Flora, Ezizh, and Athalia, as they can be bought from the shops) to get more value out of your summons
    • Hero Select Summon
      This can only be done in Noble Tavern, a room that is unlocked once you reach the Ascended level of a hero. This allows you a number of summons per month, depending on the number of unlocks you have in The Big Torch in the Field of Stars. The unlocks are based on the number of Ascended heroes you have on your account.


There are two types of players in this game. On one hand, we have the players that invest a lot of time to get the best heroes and reach the top of their power, those that sometimes look down at all the casual players that struggle to finish the game. On the other hand, we have the weak ones. You know who you are, but if you are reading this list, it means you are already doing your first steps into becoming an AFK Arena master. Good for you. Remember us when you get to the top.

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