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World Flipper Tier List



World Flipper Tier List

With our World Flipper Tier List, let’s dive into our list of highly-rated characters in this quite new and exciting hero-collector/gacha game, World Flipper!

World Flipper is a super kawaii mobile-RPG gacha game that has a pinball-themed combat system. It was developed by Cygames—the same developers behind the popular gacha game Dragalia Lost—and published by Kakao Games. After its initial release in Japan, the game has been so hyped up because of its unique combat system, and luckily, global fans have been able to play World Flipper since its global release last September 2021.

The game’s combat includes players building a team of 6 characters to fight enemies:  3 main and 3 support/rear characters.  Players also get to select the Leader of the team, which can impact their gameplay as each character has a Leader Ability which players can use to bring their team to victory. Apart from this, players should also maximize the leader’s skills during a power flip – these are powerful moves that can be performed by your characters after you hit a certain combo score in a single shot.

There are currently 160 characters in the global version of the game (and a whopping 358 in the Japanese version!) but don’t worry, we won’t bore you with a massive tier list of all these characters! Instead, we will focus only on the notable units in the game, majority of which are rated 5★ (the highest rarity). Of course when the game’s meta changes, this tier list will probably change along with it, so do check back for regular updates.

Read on to see our World Flipper Tier List.



  • Sha Susu (*arguably the most powerful unit in the game, even if she’s only rated 3★)
  • Baretta
  • Rolf
  • Shywe
  • Celtie
  • Razelt
  • Vyron


  • Miguel
  • Kikuno
  • Metis
  • Cipher
  • Clarisse
  • Phiria


  • Carla
  • Remnith
  • Barrek
  • Marina
  • Sonia
  • Noenne


  • Tajes / Teurgis
  • NY Ellya
  • Cagliostro
  • Belsidia
  • Xmas Marianne
  • Murakumo


  • Selene
  • Inaho
  • Nephtim
  • Vagner
  • Suizen
  • Mormia
  • Leon
  • Eclair
  • Xmas Soushiro
  • Xmas Inaho


World Flipper also employs an elemental combat system, and characters will have different elemental attributes.  Before a player starts a battle, the game shows a Recommended Element determined by the element of the enemies that the player will face.

There are only six elemental attributes: Fire, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Dark, and Light. As you probably guessed, each element will either be strong or weak against other elements, here’s a basic guide:

  • Fire:  strong against Wind, weak against Water
  • Wind: strong against Thunder, weak against Fire
  • Thunder: strong against Water, weak against Wind
  • Water: strong against Fire, weak against Thunder
  • Dark and Light are strong against each other

It’s important to know which elements will be stronger against your enemies, so make sure to take note of the Recommended Element! If your character has elemental advantage over an enemy, your damage dealt will increase by 50% and damage taken will slightly be reduced.

Dark Attribute

Our top pick :   BELSIDIA
NameTitleRarityClassObtainable Via
BelsidiaMistress of Dimensions5 ★DeadeyeGacha
CarlaDaredevil5 ★BruiserGacha
MormiaWandering Blade5 ★WarriorGacha
VyronVeteran Huntsman5 ★WarriorGacha

Fire Attribute

Our top pick :   ROLF
NameTitleRarityClassObtainable Via
ClarisseUnpolished Alchemist5 ★SpecialGranblue Fantasy’ collab
KikunoWandering Courtesan5 ★BruiserGacha
MarinaStar Buccaneer5 ★WarriorGacha
RolfThe Black Wolf5 ★WarriorGacha
VagnerWinged Inferno5 ★DeadeyeGacha
Xmas MarianneMilitary Maid5 ★Christmas event
NoenneLittle Idol5 ★SupportNew Year event

Light Attribute

Our top pick :   RAZELT
NameTitleRarityClassObtainable Via
BulletaFreedom Blaster5 ★DeadeyeGacha
EclairShining Eclair5 ★WarriorGacha
NephtimWeapon of the Ancients5 ★SpecialGacha
RazeltRoyal Vagabond5 ★WarriorGacha
TeurgisTrouble-making Troubleshooter5 ★WarriorGacha
Xmas InahoDaughter of Nine Tails5 ★Christmas event

Thunder Attribute

Our top pick :   SHA SUSU
NameTitleRarityClassObtainable Via
BarrekKing of the Ring5 ★BruiserGacha
CagliostroThe First Alchemist5 ★SupportGranblue Fantasy’ collab
InahoDaughter of Nine Tails5 ★SpecialGacha
MetisLavish Thunderbolt5 ★DeadeyeGacha
Sha SusuFirearm Fanatic3 ★SupportGacha
Xmas SoushiroBlue-sky Samurai5 ★Christmas event

Water Attribute

Our top pick :   CIPHER
NameTitleRarityClassObtainable Via
CipherIce Queen5 ★DeadeyeGacha
RemnithDraconic Defender5 ★WarriorGacha
SeleneSteel Wolf5 ★DeadeyeGacha
SoniaFloating Lotus5 ★WarriorGacha
SuizenTop-class Diviner5 ★SupportGacha
NY EllyaStarlight Sharpshooter5 ★New Year event

Wind Attribute

Our top pick :   CELTIE
NameTitleRarityClassObtainable Via
CeltieThe Fair Berserker5 ★WarriorGacha
LeonThe One Who Survived5 ★WarriorGacha
MiguelAerial Ambassador5 ★SpecialGacha
MurakumoGhostly Regalia5 ★WarriorGacha
PhiriaServant of Fate5 ★SupportGacha
ShyweFluttering Heart5 ★SupportGacha

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks!

World Flipper is a very enjoyable game, and that is definitely worth spending your free time on. What’s more, with the game’s Pinball-themed combat, you will surely feel that sense of nostalgia (sorry for the young ones who don’t get the reference!).

This free-to-play game is available to play both on Android and iOS devices – check them out at Google Playstore and Apple App Store!

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