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The Best Alienware 17in Gaming Laptops

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The Best Alienware 17in Gaming Laptops

What are the best Alienware 17-inch gaming laptops?

Alienware laptops are the best you can buy if you want to run the most demanding video games without worrying about lag or framerate loss. 

However, choosing the best one can be a daunting task, especially since there are so many gaming laptops on the market.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve done all the research so you can buy your next laptop with confidence! 


The Best Alienware 17in Gaming Laptops

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

This way, you can trust that you’ll find the highest-quality laptop without having to do all of the work yourself!

Here’s our list of the best Alienware 17in gaming laptops:


In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Best Alienware 17-inch Laptop Overall
Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3080 Ti
Check Price on Amazon
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03/26/2024 10:28 pm GMT


3. Dell Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen 7 RTX 3060

Best AMD Alienware 17-inch Laptop
Dell Alienware m17 Ryzen 7 RTX 3060
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/27/2024 02:58 am GMT

Kicking off our list, we have the Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen, which is our choice as the best AMD gaming laptop.

This Alienware 17in gaming laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU that provide exceptional visuals.

While there is some debate about whether Ryzen is better than Intel, fans of AMD will definitely enjoy this laptop.

It also boasts 16GB of RAM and 2000 GB of SSD storage, which will allow you to run multiple applications without slowing down.

All of this space also allows you to download numerous games without having to worry about running out of storage or slowing down your computer.

Additionally, it comes standard with Windows 11, but if you’re a fan of older operating systems, you can easily downgrade using a version from Microsoft.



  • High-quality CPU and GPU
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 2 TB of storage
  • Good for multitasking



  • Slower CPU speed than other options
  • AMD isn’t for everyone


Bottom Line:

If you’re a fan of AMD, this is the best Alienware 17in gaming laptop you can invest in.

While the CPU speed is a bit slower than others, it isn’t very noticeable, even when playing demanding games. 

The performance it delivers, coupled with the high-definition graphics and solid storage, make it a great all-around laptop for modern gaming.

Despite being number three on our list, the Alienware M17 R5 is an option to seriously consider if you want a high-quality gaming laptop.


2. Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3070 Ti

Best Lightweight Alienware 17-inch Laptop
Alienware X17 R2 i7 RTX 3070 Ti
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03/27/2024 02:53 am GMT

Taking our number two spot is the Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3070 Ti gaming laptop, which stands out thanks to many factors.

This gaming laptop comes with a Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti GPU and an incredibly fast Intel Core i9 processor that clocks in at 5 GHz.

Weighing only 6 pounds, this laptop has a thin and portable chassis that makes it easy to pack up and take anywhere. 

It also comes with 32GB of RAM and 17 in screen with a max resolution of 1920×1080, which provides some truly stunning visuals.

Another unique feature of this laptop is that it allows you to personalize your power state so you can get the exact performance you want.

There are also three USB 3.0 ports, an ethernet port, a MicroSD card slot, and a mini display port that you can make use of.



  • Lightweight
  • 32 GB of RAM
  • Fast Intel Processor
  • 1920×1080 17 in screen



  • Tends to heat up quickly
  • Warranty is only valid in the USA


Bottom Line:

The Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3070 Ti gaming laptop excels in many respects, but it does have a few drawbacks to consider.

This premium laptop does run hot, so we recommend placing it somewhere with a lot of airflow to prevent overheating issues.

However, the heating issues are pretty standard, especially given how thin this laptop is, but there are ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming that are simple and effective.

That said, if you want a lightweight laptop with superior gaming performance, this is one option you will want to keep in mind.


1. Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3080 Ti

Best Alienware 17-inch Laptop Overall
Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3080 Ti
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/26/2024 10:28 pm GMT

Topping our list is the best Alienware 17in gaming laptop and we’ve chosen this one due to its impressive speed and graphics fidelity.

Sporting a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, one of the best graphics cards you can buy, and a fast Intel Core i9 processor, this laptop can easily play most games with ultra settings with ease.

It also comes with 32 GB of RAM and a 2000 GB SSD, which gives you plenty of memory and speed to run even the most demanding programs.

While the processor runs at 3.8 GHz, it is capable of pushing 5 GHz when needed, making this one of the most powerful laptops in terms of performance.

The 17in screen can support up to 1920×1080 resolution, and it has a 165 HZ refresh rate for crisp visuals even in the most demanding high FPS games.

In terms of speed, visuals, and power delivery, this Alienware 17in laptop is the best you can buy right now.



  • Can run games with ultra-high settings
  • Up to 5 GHz processing speed
  • 2 TB of Storage
  • High resolution 1920×1080 screen



  • More expensive than other options
  • No color customization


Bottom Line:

If you want the most powerful 17in Alienware laptop, look no further than the X17 R2 RTX 3080 Ti.

Not only does this model surpass most gaming laptops in terms of speed, but it also offers the best visuals in the business.

While it does come with a larger price tag, it really is a good value considering everything you are getting in one package.

We do wish it had more customization options in terms of colors, but this in no way impacts the performance of the unit and can be easily overlooked.

Overall, we highly recommend this laptop if you’re a hardcore gamer who wants to get the best experience out of every game you play.


FAQs About Alienware Gaming Laptops

If you are new to using Alienware laptops, you probably have a lot of questions about whether or not the brand is worth investing in.

With so many different brands of gaming laptops to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. 

Fortunately, we’re here to answer all of your questions so you can feel confident when buying your next gaming laptop.


Q: Do Alienware laptops last long?

It is difficult to answer this question definitively because the longevity of any laptop is going to vary depending on a number of factors.

These factors include how much you use your laptop, the reliability of the CPU/GPU, and whether or not the cooling is sufficient. 

Alienware laptops do tend to run hotter than other options due to their power delivery, but with X17 and X15 models, this is largely remedied by their improved cooling systems.

Generally, you can expect Alienware devices to last at least five years with regular use, meaning you’re not putting them under too much strain.

Problems with heating can also be mitigated by using something like the Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus laptop cooling pad, which will help boost air circulation. 

Overall, you can generally expect Alienware devices to last for a long time, provided you aren’t abusing them by overclocking them or pushing them past their designed limits. 


Q: Is Alienware good for everyday use?

Alienware laptops are great for everyday use, and despite being built for gaming, they can also be used for loads of other tasks.

These laptops are more than capable of handling any task you throw at them, and as long as you don’t push their limits every day, they can consistently deliver superior performance.

That said, if you’re only planning on using your Alienware laptop for web surfing or everyday tasks online, it can be a bit of an overkill in terms of power.

However, if you want a laptop that can handle demanding video games while also allowing you to complete everyday tasks, these are perfect.


Q: What makes Alienware good for gaming?

Alienware is known for making the most powerful gaming laptops in the industry, and this isn’t an overstatement.

The laptops come with the latest technology that makes running large modern games as smooth and as seamless as possible.

They also support tons of aftermarket accessories to enhance your gaming experience, something that can be difficult to do on other laptops.

With Alienware, performance comes first and foremost, and you can certainly tell the difference as soon as you boot up a game.

These are top-of-the-line laptops created specifically for gaming, and they are the best to invest in if you want to be able to play modern games on the highest settings.


Q: Why are Alienware Laptops so special?

What makes Alienware devices stand out from all others is their design and impressive specs.

They also come with customizable RGB lighting built-in, which appeals to a lot of buyers. ‘

This pre-installed lighting also allows gamers to enjoy the aesthetics without having to buy one of the best RGB PC cases and build their computers.

Alienware devices also come with the highest-quality components that help them deliver a superior gaming experience.

From the latest processors to the best GPUs, you will often find Alienware laptops updated to include the latest hardware advancements.

While this does make them more expensive than alternatives, for everything that you get inside an Alienware device, it is well worth the price tag.


Q: Are Alienware laptops better than Razer?

Razer is another popular gaming laptop brand and one of Alienware’s biggest competitors.

However, if you’re not familiar with either, it can be hard to tell which one is better.

Truthfully, both can provide impressive gaming performance, but Alienware tends to be more customizable and feature more slots and ports for accessories.

On the downside, Alienware laptops are often heavier, though both brands have problems with mediocre battery life.

That said, there are ways to increase laptop battery life with both brands, though it is recommended to keep them plugged in while gaming.

Overall, Alienware is going to be the best in quality, durability, and customization while not sacrificing performance power.

They also tend to have better customer support than Razer, which is something to keep in mind if you ever have any issues.


Q: Why Is Alienware So Expensive?

Alienware laptops are notoriously expensive, and this often turns people off, especially if they aren’t sure why the price tag is so high.

However, there are many good reasons why Alienware gaming laptops cost so much.

These laptops come with the latest hardware, making them the best for playing demanding modern video games without lag, graphical issues, or low FPS.

They also feature a unique design that is both sleek and capable of housing all of the powerful components without appearing bulky.

Many also have built-in RGB lighting that really helps them stand out from competitors.

There are also efficient cooling systems that many Alienware laptops contain that prevent overheating during long gaming sessions.

Every aspect of these laptops has been specially designed for flawless gaming performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

Because of all these features, the overall price of Alienware gaming laptops tends to be higher than the others on the market.

That said, for the quality of the latest tech you’re getting, we’d say that it’s well worth every penny.



These Alienware 17in gaming laptops are all capable of delivering an incredible gaming experience, even when running the most demanding modern titles. 

However, the exact one you choose to invest in will depend on your personal preferences and what you prioritize as a gamer.

Nevertheless, you really can’t go wrong with any of these laptops since they are all the highest quality you can find.

Here’s a quick recap of the best Alienware 17in gaming laptops:

  1. Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3080 Ti
  2. Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3070 Ti
  3. Dell Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen 7 RTX 3060
Best Alienware 17-inch Laptop Overall
Alienware X17 R2 i9 RTX 3080 Ti
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/26/2024 10:28 pm GMT

What’s your favorite Alienware 17in gaming laptop? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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