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The 25 Best Anime Princesses, Ranked

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The Best Anime Princesses Ranked

Who are the best anime princesses?

A lot of anime series revolves around princesses, and there’s just something incredibly alluring and interesting about them.

While there are plenty of princesses to choose from, not all of them have left a lasting impact on fans.

Today, we’re looking at only the most memorable royal ladies, particularly those who fans of their series can’t get enough of!


The 25 Best Anime Princesses

We’ve looked at many anime princess characters while making this list to find the ones that are truly unforgettable.

Although we had to make some hard choices because there are a lot of great princesses, these are the ones who’ve really stolen our hearts.

So, if you’re ready for the royal countdown, here’s our list of the 25 best anime princesses:


25. Lilliane von Phoenix

Best Anime Princesses Lilliane von Phoenix

Starting us off is one of the best blonde anime girls, Lilliane of Kaibutsu Oujo, a beautiful princess who is more than just a pretty face.

The Princess of Monsters, Lilliane, is nothing like her other siblings, who are desperately trying to get rid of her.

Unlike them, she has no interest in the throne despite having everything that a great leader should, including diplomacy and combat skills.

Of course, she also boasts incredible phoenix abilities, but what really makes her exceptional is how composed she remains through any challenge.


24. Shirahoshi

Best Anime Princesses Shirahoshi

We’d love to see this princess in the Netflix One Piece adaptation because she’s absolutely awesome.

This pink-haired mermaid princess is absolutely gigantic, but she’s the exact opposite of a towering monster.

Instead, she’s extremely sensitive and prone to crying a lot, especially when something scares her.

She’s also easy to startle, as was shown when Luffy screamed at her, something she’d never experienced due to her royal upbringing.

Shirahoshi may be a huge mermaid, but she’s absolutely adorable and a valuable ally to the Straw Hat Pirates!


23. Relena Peacecraft

Best Anime Princesses Relena Peacecraft

Hailing from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, one of the best sci-fi anime series, this princess has a ton of character development.

Relena starts off as the epitome of a spoiled rich girl, and she gets to be really grating after like five minutes.

However, once she gets into the middle of the war, she becomes a lot more likable, especially after we learn she’s the princess of the Sanc Kingdom.

Moreover, she really comes into her own as the series progresses and goes from a bratty rich kid to a princess fighting for peace.


22. Asseylum Vers Allusia

Best Anime Princesses Asseylum Vers Allusia

Asseylum is a pacifist princess of the VERS Empire on Mars, and the series kicks off with her traveling to Earth to talk about peace.

Unfortunately, once someone makes an attempt on her life, the tensions between the two worlds only worsen.

Now Mars and Earth are at each other’s throats, which is the exact opposite of what Asseylum ever wanted.

Sure, she doesn’t go around kicking ass, but Asseylum is just so sweet and kind that she easily stands out in the series!


21. Stephanie Dola

Best Anime Princesses Stephanie Dola

Coming to us from No Game No Life, Stephanie Dola is one of the best red-haired anime girls and a very perky princess.

Stephanie only wants to make her kingdom a better place, and she is very committed to her role and deceptively intelligent.

Very dedicated to her grandfather, the former king, she will do anything to safeguard his legacy, even while her associates call him a fool.

She is incredibly friendly, kind, and genuine, all around a person who embodies everything a princess should be!


20. Pina Co Lada

Best Anime Princesses Pina Co Lada

The daughter of Emporer Molt Sol Augustus and a concubine in Gate, Pina Co Lada is a princess and the leader of the Rose Order Knights.

Now, while some princesses are pacifists or known for their kindness, Pina is known for being intimidating and serious.

She is more than capable of holding her own, hence why she’s a captain, and you definitely don’t want to get in her way.

However, she also knows when to stop fighting and advocate for peace, so don’t think she’s kicking ass all the time!


19. Nunnally

Best Anime Princesses Nunnally

Princess Nunnally of Code Geass often gets painted as being weak due to her being blind and needing a wheelchair.

However, nothing could be further from the truth as she’s proved to be remarkably kind, patient, and understanding.

Sure, those aren’t physical strengths, but her empathy easily makes her an incredibly strong character in our book.

Nunnally has never let her disabilities hold her back from being optimistic and compassionate, and for that, she’s an amazing princess!


18. Princess Emaraude

Best Anime Princesses Princess Emaraude

One of the best long-haired anime girls, Princess Emeraude, is the only thing holding the Kingdom of Cephiro together in Magic Knight Rayearth.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something she wants, and instead, she would rather leave her royalty behind, all for the sake of love.

The only thing really holding her back is her heart condition, which directly impacts the condition of the land around her.

This makes running away a bit trickier, but thankfully, she’s got a couple of magical beings to give her a helping hand!

Love always finds a way, especially when you’re a beautiful blonde-haired princess in an anime series!


17. Carla

Best Anime Princesses Carla

Fairy Tail has many great female characters, but Carla is the only princess, and yes, she is a cat.

Well, she’s not really a cat; she’s actually an Exceed from an alternate universe, and her species look like cats but hatched from eggs.

Despite being a princess, she didn’t grow up in a typical royal family, but that hasn’t stopped her from carrying herself well.

She’s also incredibly powerful, and she inherited her mother’s pre-vision powers, which makes her extremely strong!


16. Latifa Fleuranza

Best Anime Princesses Latifa Fleuranza

This beautiful blonde is a princess from Amagi Brilliant Park, and she’s also the manager of the titular amusement park.

A business-minded woman, Latifa is very proud of the park she runs, and she is committed to making it a success.

She might be royalty, but she definitely doesn’t act like it in that she’s not arrogant or snotty to those around her.

Latifa is the ultimate boss lady and a great role model overall, showing people it’s possible to be girly and in charge!


15. Sakura

Best Anime Princesses Sakura

Sakura of the Tsubasa Chronicles is one of the most well-written characters in anime, at least in our opinion.

Watching this royal grow and evolve in a natural way is what has made this anime so popular, and we love that it feels organic.

Easily one of the best brunette anime girls, Sakura’s journey is fantastic, and it’s rewarding to see her learn how to influence people to get what she wants!

Of course, she’s also adorable, which has garnered her no shortage of dedicated fans who consider her a total waifu.


14. Hakuei Ren

Best Anime Princesses Hakuei Ren

Sure, she isn’t the main character of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, but she is the powerful army commander of the Kou Empire.

Capable of summoning devastating tornados with the Djinn, this princess isn’t someone you want to trifle with.

Fortunately, she’s not a baddy and instead has a strong sense of justice, which she uses to protect her people.

That said, she is notoriously terrible at cooking, and one of her attempts was so bad it nearly killed one of her personal attendants.

Ren may be a powerful magi and a respected princess, but she definitely should stay very, very far away from kitchens!


13. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Best Anime Princesses Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Representing the Biscotti Republic in Dog Days is one of the best pink-haired anime girls, Millhiore Biscotti.

Along with being well-loved by her people, Millhiore is a very hardworking princess, and she is willing to do anything to protect her subjects.

She proved her dedication when she conjured a hero from Earth to help save her Kingdom when it was in danger.

Of course, she is also a pretty great fighter and a very talented singer who holds her own concerts despite her royal status.

Could you imagine if royals did this in real life? We pay to see a William and Harry boy band duo dishing out NSYNC covers.


12. Lucia Nanami

Best Anime Princesses Lucia Nanami

Lucia doesn’t just have some of the largest eyes we’ve ever seen on an anime character, but she’s also one of the best princesses.

The Princess of the North Pacific Ocean in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pichi, Lucia is tasked with reuniting seven mermaid princesses.

Of course, while doing this, she’s also trying to track down a guy she saved from downing and fell in love with.

Not only is she a strong protagonist willing to go the distance to get the job done, but she’s also freaking adorable and sweet!


11. Lum

Best Anime Princesses Lum

Lum is a prince from the classic anime Urusei Yatsura, and she’s the daughter of the Devil King who invaded Earth.

Aside from her horns and fangs, she may not look very intimidating, but underestimating her will can be deadly.

Much more than just a really pretty face, this princess can fly and control electricity, which she can unleash in devastating attacks.

If you haven’t seen this classic anime, treat yourself because Lum is one of the best green-haired anime girls to check out!


10. Cornelia Li Britannia

Best Anime Princesses Cornelia Li Britannia

The older sister of Princess Euphemia in Code Geass, Cornelia is almost like her complete opposite when it comes to personality.

Unlike her sister, Cornelia is much more ruthless in combat, and she absolutely will beat your ass if you get in her way.

However, despite being terrifying in battle, she is also one of the best siblings anyone could ever ask for.

Multiple times, Cornelia has put herself in harm’s way to protect her sister and her subjects, showing just how selfless she is.


9. Anthy Himemiya

Best Anime Princesses Anthy himemiya

Her name might be a mouthful, but this princess from Revolutionary Girl Utena is an absolute classic, and we love her.

Not only is she one of the best purple-haired anime girls, but she has some amazing character development.

At the beginning of the series, she is very stoic and expressionless, but over time, we get to see this princess open up.

Along with being able to see her true caring nature, we also get to learn about the abuse she’s endured, which really tugs on your heartstrings.

This princess may not be a badass warrior by night, but her love of animals and soft-spoken personality have won us over.


8. Nefertari Vivi

Best Anime Princesses Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari is another character from One Piece, and she’s also been incredibly helpful to the Straw Hat Pirates.

It is scientifically impossible to hate Vivi because she’s just so precious, even if her naivety sometimes gets her into trouble.

The only princess to join Luffy’s crew, this blue-haired princess will do whatever she can to protect her friends and her people.

Granted, she needs a bit of work when it comes to warning people when danger is afoot, but we won’t hold that against her!  


7. Euphemia Li Britannia

Best Anime Princesses Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia is the sister of Cornelia in Code Geass, and she is incredibly kind-hearted and thoughtful toward everyone, even non-Britannians.

She is just literally one of the kindest anime princesses on this list, and we’re still not over what happened to her.

If you know how her story ends, then we’re sure you feel the same, and we still have to crack open the tissues during a re-watch.

This princess did the best that she could with the tools she had, and while it didn’t work out, we really admire her for trying.


6. Mei Chang

Best Anime Princesses Mei Chang

A stand-out character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mei Chang is one of the feistiest princesses we’ve ever seen.  

Despite her small stature, she is larger than life, and it is definitely not smart to underestimate this young girl.

To raise her family’s standing, she even ventured across the desert to find the secret of immortality for her father!

She may not be one of the strongest anime characters, but there’s no denying Mei’s one exceptionally brave princess!


5. Princess Tutu

Best Anime Princesses Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu, from the anime of the same name, is straight out of a fairytale, and there’s more to her than meets the eye.

You see, Tutu is actually a duck who becomes a human after receiving a mysterious pendant from a ghost writer.

By ghost writer, we mean a literal dead writer and not someone who writes and doesn’t receive the credit.

Later, she uses the amulet to become a princess ballerina, so she can make her own prince charming happy.

Yeah, the story doesn’t really make too much sense, but a duck princess is something that infinitely entertains us.


4. Usagi Tsukino

Best Anime Princesses Usagi Tsukino

Best known as Sailor Moon, this girl is far from your typical warrior princess, and honestly, she’s a bit of a klutz.

As powerful as she is, she still sometimes has to be rescued by Tuxedo Mask, but really, that just makes us like her more.

Sure, she’s incredibly powerful, but throughout the anime, she shows that sometimes even the strongest among us need a bit of help.

Sailor Moon is an icon for a reason, and we absolutely couldn’t leave her off of this list!


3. Nausicaa

Best Anime Princesses Nausicaa

From Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, this princess is easily one of the best short-haired anime girls, and she’s super inspiring.

While she can defend herself if need be, Nausicaa always advocates for peace above all else.

She’s unquestionably brave but also diplomatic, which is unusual in her post-apocalyptic world.

The entire film revolves around Nausicaa venturing across the ruined world to try and stop two warring nations from destroying the dying planet further.

It’s really one of the most beautiful films we’ve ever seen, and it’s an absolutely classic of anime history!


2. Yona

Best Anime Princesses Yona

When we first meet Yona in Akatsuki no Yona, she is a stereotypical spoiled rich girl who doesn’t care to learn about how the world works.

Despite being a princess, she’s completely ignorant of politics and the suffering of others, at least until she’s forced to flee from her cushy life.

Once she’s forced into the real world, Yona has no choice but to learn to stay alive as she sees firsthand how the lower class lives.

From an arrogant princess to a royal for the people, Yona’s redemption arc and subsequent transformation are so rewarding to watch!


1. San

Best Anime Princesses San

Of course, San from Princess Mononoke takes our number one place; she is absolutely iconic and unforgettable.

Raised by wolves, San is easily the strongest and bravest of the Studio Ghibli princesses, and she’s never afraid to take on an opponent.

The Princess of the Wolf Gods, San, is incredibly powerful, but she’s also not immune from falling in love.

Despite being a woman of nature, she falls in love with Prince Ashitaka and gives us one of our all-time favorite power couples!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 25 best anime princesses and that you’ve found a few series you may not have watched yet!

Princesses are prevalent in anime, but not all of them can command an audience like these ladies can.

San, especially, is one of the most iconic characters in animation, and if you haven’t seen Princess Mononoke yet, you’re really missing out!

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best anime princesses:

  1. San
  2. Yona
  3. Nausicaa
  4. Usagi Tsukino
  5. Princess Tutu
  6. Mei Chang
  7. Euphemia Li Britannia
  8. Nefertari Vivi
  9. Anthyhimemiya
  10. Cornelia Li Britannia
  11. Lum
  12. Lucia Nanami
  13. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti
  14. Hakuei Ren
  15. Sakura
  16. Latifa Fleuranza
  17. Carla
  18. Princess Emaraude
  19. Nunnally
  20. Pina Co Lada
  21. Stephanie Dola
  22. Asseylum Vers Allusia
  23. Relena Peacecraft
  24. Shirahoshi
  25. Lilliane von Phoenix

Who’s your favorite anime princess? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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