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The 25 Best Anime Goth Girls, Ranked

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The Best Anime Goth Girls

Who are the best anime goth girls?

No matter where they are, goth girls steal the show immediately with their dark clothing and, sometimes, even darker personalities.

However, just because these ladies find beauty in the darker side of life doesn’t mean they can’t be just as alluring as any other anime girl.

Today, we’re giving these goth girls the attention they deserve and highlighting all the ones who have stolen our hearts.


The 25 Best Anime Goth Girls

While there are many girls that could be classified as goth in anime, we’re after the ones who have really stood out in their respective series.

All of the girls who’ve made our list have been chosen, not only because of their good looks but because of how popular they are with fans!

So, dim the lights, put The Cure on in the background, and enjoy our list of the 25 best anime goth girls:


25. Mei Misaki

Best Anime Goth Girls Mei Misaki

Kicking off our list, we have Mei Misaki, the leading female protagonist of Another, a horror anime that revolves around a cursed classroom.

Labeled “the one that doesn’t exist” by her classmates, Mei is a strange girl, no doubt, but she’s kind of got a good reason.

Born an older twin, she and her sister, Misaki, were separated after birth but met later and became friends.

Unfortunately, Misaki ends up dying of leukemia, which gives Mei the ability to see the color of death.

Now, if that’s not goth, we don’t know what is, and when coupled with her gloomy demeanor, Mei is easily cut out for this list!


24. Hannah Annafellows

Best Anime Goth Girls Hannah Annafellows

Along with being one of the best purple-haired anime girls, Hannah is also a fantastic goth, especially when she goes full demon.

Introverted and withdrawn, Hannah is the demon butler of the Trancy household in Black Butler, and she appears genuinely terrified of her master.

However, she is also confident in herself, even mocking Sebastien during their dual for taking time out to fix his clothes.

While we hate the abuse she has to endure, we love Hannah as a character, even though Seb will always be the GOAT of this series.


23. Ebisu

Best Anime Goth Girls Ebisu

The first time we ever see Ebisu in Dorohedoro, her face is torn off, which is absolutely horrifying, and it’s seared in our memories.

Fortunately, her face is able to be reconstructed, and she appears remarkably youthful with bright purple eyes.

Along with her neo-goth getup, this rather androgynous girl carries around dual scythes, which is honestly pretty cool.

She may not be the most outwardly pretty goth girl, but we love her dark style, and she’s definitely unforgettable!


22. Misa Amane

Best Anime Goth Girls Misa Amane

Misa Amane is probably one of the most well-known gothic anime girls, and even if you haven’t watched Death Note, you’ve most likely heard of her.

With her gothic Lolita fashion style, Misa immediately stands out, and her preoccupation with death and murder even saddens Rem!

She is the definition of a goth girl who’s watched too much true crime, but we can’t help but love her and her antics anyway.

We really hope that the reboot of Death Note does her justice, unlike that train wreck of a Netflix film that we refused to talk about.


21. Trish

Best Anime Goth Girls Trish

Trish from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the best pink-haired anime girls, and she has a killer fashion sense.

Unfortunately, as the Boss of Passione’s daughter, she is often targeted as a way of getting to her father.

While she starts off being a bit of a brat, she gradually opens up to become a confident fighter, especially when she finds her Stand.

Even if you don’t necessarily like her as a character, you can’t deny this goth girl has style, and we’re totally envious of her hair.


20. Medusa Gorgon

Best Anime Goth Girls Medusa Gorgon

This goth girl comes to us from Soul Eater, and while she used to be a student and nurse at the Academy, she’s not pretty evil.

As a snake witch, Medusa’s magic allows her to utilize a thousand snakes in her body to attack any target.

While she’s cunning and intelligent, she has also used her own child for experiments, which automatically makes her a pretty terrible person.

Medusa Gorgon may be a memorable goth girl, but she’s definitely one of the most irredeemable characters in Soul Eater!


19. Celty Sturluson

Best Anime Goth Girls Celty Sturluson

Celty, also known as the Black Rider, is an Irish Dullahan who’s come to Japan in Durarara in search of her stolen head.

Yeah, you read that right; Celty is a headless rider, and her motorcycle is actually her familiar in disguise.

In past centuries, she would ride through the countryside as a knight carrying her head in her hands, but she’s adapted to modern times rather well.

Oddly enough, she’s one of the most down-to-earth characters in the series and is even shown playing video games and watching movies!


18. Lust

Best Anime Goth Girls Lust

Lust isn’t only one of the best black-haired anime girls; she’s also one of the most iconic anime characters from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Often partnered with Gluttony, she is the embodiment of Father’s lust and uses her beauty to help further his goals.

Despite being a stunning gothic beauty, Lust is as sadistic as they come, and she absolutely abhors humanity.

She has also proven to be one of the most intelligent Seven Deadly Sins, though she was no match for Mustang in the end.


17. Touka Kirishima

Best Anime Goth Girls Touka Kirishima

Most known for hunting in a rabbit mask, Touka is a ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul who has seen a ton of character growth through the series.

At first, her abandonment issues cause her to be closed off and ruthless, but with Ken Kaneki’s influence, we get to see her open up.

If you haven’t seen the entirety of Tokyo Ghoul, we won’t spoil anything for you, but remember to keep your eye on this goth girl!


16. Evangeline McDowell

Best Anime Goth Girls Evangeline McDowell

At first glance, Evangeline McDowell of UQ Holder doesn’t seem goth at all, but look a little closer, and you’ll notice she has two forms.

In the present, she is a vampiric magic teacher, but in the past, she was a gothic loli with a six-million-dollar bounty on her head!

Evangeline is definitely a complex character, but she’s certainly earned her place as one of our favorite goth girls in anime.


15. Rory Mercury

Best Anime Goth Girls Rory Mercury

A demigoddess and apostle of Emory in Gate, this black-haired, red-eyed gothic lolita is everything you’d expect a goth girl to be.

Now, Rory can be perfectly friendly for the most part, but if something pushes her too far, her sadistic side starts to show.

As she violently slaughters anyone who gets in her way, she will do so with a smile, delighting in their hopeless screams of agony.

She’s totally the type to play the best horror games of all time in a dark room while laughing at all the jumpscares.


14. Sunako Kirishiki

Best Anime Goth Girls Sunako Kirishiki

The main antagonist of Shiki, Sunako, is a demon corpse who, instead of having eyes, just has black pits that bore into your soul.

However, despite being an antagonist, she’s actually pretty cheerful, and she doesn’t kill out of malice or revel in the bloodshed.

Instead, she wants to make a world where the Shiki can live freely, which surely sucks for everyone else, but we get where she’s coming from.

Her rather tragic story only increases how gothic she is, though her appearance alone was enough to land her on this list.


13. Kurumi Tokisaki

Best Anime Goth Girls Kurumi Tokisaki

The third spirit to appear in A Date Live, Kurumi, is often called the Worst Spirit because she’s brutal and dangerous and has killed over 10,000 people.

In her regular form, she has long black hair and is usually wearing her school uniform, but in her spirit form, she goes full gothic lolita!

While she does have some redeeming qualities, such as her love for cats, she can be rather terrifying, though that’s kind of her appeal.


12. Yomi Takanashi

Best Anime Goth Girls Yomi Takanashi

Black Rock Shooter is one of the best action anime series, and our favorite character from it is Yomi, the secondary main character.

While she’s totally not goth in the real world, her other self in the Hollow World is definitely gothic, and she goes by the name Death Master.

As Death Master, she is a necromancer who rocks an all-black wardrobe, complete with horns that look like they’re made of vertebrae on her head.

Yomi easily has one of the coolest character designs we’ve ever seen, especially when she’s wielding her huge scythe!


11. Road Kamelot

Best Anime Goth Girls Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot from D. Gray Man may be a villain, but her childlike tendencies and colorful personality make her difficult not to like.

With a personality that swings between sweet and sadistic, Road is erratic, to say the least, but she also deeply loves her family.

When it comes to those she cares for, she can turn incredibly serious, doing whatever she has to in order to keep them safe.

Moreover, she rocks some awesome gothic Lolita-style dresses, and she can even turn into a creepy doll!


10. Slan

Best Anime Goth Girls Slan

Slan is the only female member of the God Hand in Berserk, and she’s a goddess who can only be seen via cannibalistic orgies and drugs.

Yeah, that’s pretty hardcore, and she has an obsessive sexual fixation of torture and suffering that really skeeves us out.

In the anime, she usually appears completely naked, with her form only obscured by huge bat wings that emerge from her back.

She’s dark, terrifying, and completely wicked, making her a horrifying Gothic icon for anyone looking to walk on the wild side.


9. Dalian

Best Anime Goth Girls Dalian

One of the main protagonists of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, Dalian is a vessel that contains a phantom library.

As a biblioprincess, Dalian is much older than she looks, though she does have a childish streak that makes her flippant, rude, and a bit arrogant.

She may not be dark and brooding, but she is always seen in very lolita-esque dresses, and her long purple hair reaches well below her waist.

Watching her bicker with Hugh really makes this anime great, and they are easily one of the best anime couples, even if they’re not romantic.


8. Shalltear Bloodfallen

Best Anime Goth Girls Shalltear Bloodfallen

With a name like Shaltear Bloodfallen, you know this girl is goth, but more than that, she’s a vampire goth from Overlord.

A floor guardian of Nazarick, Shalltear is terrifyingly powerful, and she knows it, which has definitely made her arrogant.

Decked out in full Lolita gear, Shalltear has a very flirtatious personality but a preference for sadomasochism and necrophilia.

We would really hate to get on her bad side, but we absolutely love watching her on screen, even if she does kind of creep us out.


7. The Girl

Best Anime Goth Girls The Girl

Angel’s Egg is a very somber anime film, and it has very little dialogue, relying instead on its art style to convey the story.

The girl in this film is brooding and forlorn, carrying a large egg under her dress, which she cares for while scavenging to stay alive.

Now, we know this seems like a really odd premise, but we swear The Girl’s story is easily one of the best we’ve seen.

Not only is she a fascinating character, but this entire film is just really poetic and beautiful, making it a must-watch for goth fans.


6. Lain Iwakura

Best Anime Goth Girls Lain Iwakura

Lian is extremely quiet, which has led to her becoming a social outcast in the series Serial Experiments Lain.

After receiving an email from a dead girl, Lian discovers the virtual world of The Wired, which leads to the creation of numerous personas.

The story of this anime is just as complex as Lain is, and it’s one best experienced if you go into it blind!

However, if you’re a fan of the best sci-fi anime series, you will absolutely love the journey this goth girl goes on.


5. Celestia Ludenberg

Best Anime Goth Girls Celestia Ludenberg

Not only does Celestia from Danganronpa have some of the most impressive hair we’ve ever seen, but she’s also extremely goth.

She may be a total pathological liar, but we know she’s not lying about her sense of style, which is totally lolita and on point.

We may not be able to trust a word she says, but we’d take style tips from her any day, especially when it comes to hair!


4. Rinko Ogasawara

Best Anime Goth Girls Rinko Ogasawara

Rinko is one of the few goths who is also one of the best blonde-haired anime girls, but it totally works for her.

A classic goth through and through, Rinko started off as a timid girl at first, but she’s definitely grown throughout Shirobako.

Now a star character designer and animation supervisor, this girl’s got a lot going for her, and she’s just overall really adorable!


3. Mato Kuroi

Best Anime Goth Girls Mato Kuroi

Mato is the main character of Black Rock Shooter, and, like Yomi, she doesn’t seem goth until you see her other self.

In her other form, aptly named Black Rock Shooter, Mato is a striking sight with her hooded black trench coat, blue spiky hair, and neo-goth outfit.

However, instead of becoming one of the most brooding characters in anime, in this form, she is a total badass!

As Black Rock Shooter, Mato is one of our favorite characters ever, and if you love goth anime girls, you won’t want to miss her in action.


2. Re-L Mayer

Best Anime Goth Girls Re L Mayer

One of the main characters in Ergo Proxy, Re-L Mayer, is simply gorgeous, and we’re really envious of her makeup.

Everything about Re-L screams goth, from her on-point eyeliner to her cyber-gothic clothing, and oh man, we’re in love.

Although she starts off as a rather cold and apathetic character, she does have a softer side that shows through as the series progresses.

It was really tempting to give her our first-place spot, but alas, another stunning goth girl has claimed that title!


1. Nana Osaki

Best Anime Goth Girls Nana Osaki

We couldn’t resist; we had to give our number one spot to Nana Osaki, the gothic lead vocalist of the Black Stones in Nana.

As the lead singer of a punk band, Nana has a dark aesthetic, and she manifests her emotions through her music.

Having been abandoned a lot throughout her life, Nana hasn’t had an easy go of things, but all of the trauma has made her strong.

Despite her struggles and gloomy appearance, she is incredibly kind to her friends and is always there for them when they need her.

If you haven’t watched Nana yet, which is also one of the best romance anime series, you are really missing out on a great goth girl!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 25 best anime goth girls and found some new ones to add to your waifu collection.

Whether they’re dressed like Lolitas or simply have that charming broody attitude, there’s no denying that goth girls are great.

However, these lovely ladies are by far the best goth girl characters in anime right now, and you owe it to yourself to check them out!

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best anime goth girls:

  1. Nana Osaki
  2. Re-L Mayer
  3. Mato Kuroi
  4. Rinko Ogasawara
  5. Celestia Ludenberg
  6. Lain Iwakura
  7. The Girl
  8. Shalltear Bloodfallen
  9. Dalian
  10. Slan
  11. Road Kamelot
  12. Yomi Takanashi
  13. Kurumi Tokisaki
  14. Sunako Kirishiki
  15. Rory Mercury
  16. Evangeline McDowell
  17. Touka Kirishima
  18. Lust
  19. Celty Sturluson
  20. Medusa Gorgon
  21. Trish
  22. Misa Amane
  23. Ebisu
  24. Hannah Annafellows
  25. Mei Misaki

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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