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The 20 Best Incantations in Elden Ring (Ranked)

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The Best Elden Ring Incantations

What are the best incantations in Elden ring?

In Elden Ring, incantations are a powerful form of magic that can help turn the tide in some of the game’s toughest battles.

However, not all incantations are worth going out of your way to get, which can lead to some confusion.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because today, we’re looking at the absolute best incantations you can find in Elden Ring!


The 20 Best Incantations In Elden Ring

Each of these incantations has been chosen based on its overall power and usefulness throughout the game.

While not all of these incantations will be suited for every character build, we’ve tried to add a little something for everyone!

So, if you’re ready to become more powerful, here’s our list of the 20 best incantations in Elden ring:


20. Rejection

Best Elden Ring Incantations Rejection

Kicking off our list is Rejection, a powerful incantation that can be invaluable when facing down large groups of enemies.

Elden Ring has one of the biggest open world maps, and because of this, players will often find themselves surrounded by numerous foes.

What this spell does is unleash a shockwave that is capable of pushing back enemies and knocking down weaker ones while inflicting damage.

Although it doesn’t do a massive amount of damage, this incantation is excellent for crowd control, and it can help keep you from being overwhelmed.

We would consider this to be a must-have spell for both magic users and melee users for this very reason.

It does require 12 faith to use and 24 stamina to cast, but that is fairly standard when it comes to incantations.

To get this spell for yourself, you will need to buy it from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold for 1,500 runes.


19. Bestial Sling

Best Elden Ring Incantations Bestial Sling

The Bestial Sling is up next, and it is a must-have for any faith builds looking for quick casts.

This incantation fires a buckshot of stones in a cone shape in front of the caster, doing a fair amount of physical damage.

What makes this incantation so useful is that it can be chain cast, so long as the player has enough FP or stamina.

It is also one of the few unusual items to be affected by the Arrow’s Reach Talisman, giving it a greater range.

Bestial Sling requires 10 faith and 19 stamina to cast, and as of patch 1.07, it boasts increased stamina attack power against guarding enemies.

This patch has also reduced the stone fragment’s scatter randomness, making it easier to hit targets accurately.

Furthermore, because it has such a low faith requirement, this incantation is easy to use in the early game.

This incantation can be found in the Bestial Sanctum as a reward from Gurranq after giving him two deathroots.


18. Barrier Of Gold

Best Elden Ring Incantations Barrier of Gold

The Barrier of Gold is one of the most useful defensive spells in Elden Ring, and it is definitely worth grabbing as soon as possible.

What this incantation does is reduce the amount of magic damage taken by the caster and their allies for 70 seconds.

It requires 24 faith and 13 stamina to cast, but it can be invaluable for staying alive during specific fights.

For example, enemies that use a lot of magic, such as the Queen of the Full Moon and the Glintstone Dragons, will be much less of a threat.

When active, all magic damage will be reduced by 60%, which is very significant, though it doesn’t stack with similar buffs.

That said, getting this incantation isn’t easy, which is why many players wait until late in the game to get it.

In order to grab the Barrier of Gold, you will have to head to Leyndell, Royal Capital, and defeat Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

After the fight, this incantation can be found by heading down the stairs and taking the first elevator.

Once down, the Barrier of Gold will be on an invisible tear drop scarab, which you can then pick up and use.


17. Lord’s Heal

Best Elden Ring Incantations Lords Heal

A healing incantation is up next, and it is one that you certainly won’t want to miss out on.

The Lord’s Heal requires 20 faith and 45 stamina to cast, but it provides a massive amount of healing to the caster and nearby allies.

When used, it will provide 4.2x faith incantation scaling in HP to the caster and half the amount to surrounding friends.

This means for the base 20 faith, you will receive 84 points of healing, and it will scale accordingly as your faith increases.

This can be extremely useful when fighting the hardest bosses in Elden Ring, and it can really help keep you alive.

It is also relatively easy to get as well, and it can be purchased from either Brother Corhyn or Miriel for 8,000 runes.

However, you must first give either of them the Two Fingers’ Prayerbook, which can be found in the Fortified Manor inside the Royal Capital.


16. Aspects Of The Crucible: Tail

Best Elden Ring Incantations Aspects of the Crucible Tail

This is another spell that is geared toward utility rather than sheer damage output, but it is still incredibly useful in combat.

The Aspects of the Crucible: Tail incantation allows players to conjure a spectral trail that will lash out at enemies.

Like Rejection, this incantation is great for crowd control, and it can even be useful for stun-locking opponents.

While it does deal a small amount of damage, it is much better for preventing flanking and keeping enemies from getting hits in from behind.

It does require faith 27 and 42 stamina to cast, but this makes it perfect for many faith-based builds.

You can also charge this incantation before using it, which adds a second wider and more powerful swipe.

When fully charged, this incantation can do more damage than its Horns counterpart, though it does take longer to cast.

If you want to get this incantation for yourself, you can find it dropped by the Crucible Knight in Stormhill Evergaol.

However, this is a pretty tough enemy, so make sure to prepare for a tough fight before seeking him out!


15. Magma Breath

Best Elden Ring Incantations Magma Breath

Elden Ring is one of the best games like Skyrim, so, of course, you can pretend to be the Dragonborn, especially when using this shout… er, incantation.

Requiring 14 faith, 10 arcane, and 40 stamina, Magma Breath conjures a dragon’s head in front of you that spews molten magma at everything within range.

What’s more is that the magma will linger on the field, damaging any enemies that stand in it, and magma pools will stack!

It can also be cast twice before requiring downtime, and it can be used while you’re on horseback!

However, unlike other named breath spells, it cannot be used while jumping, so keep that in mind.

To get this incantation, you will need to purchase it from the Dragon Communion Alter in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid.

It will cost one Dragon Heart, meaning you will have to defeat the Magma Wyrm located southwest of the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace.

That said, the Magma Wyrm is even more dangerous than the Crucible Knight, so you will really need to be careful during this fight!


14. Catch Flame

Best Elden Ring Incantations Catch Flame

Catch Flame is a fantastic spell for getting a decent amount of damage to enemies while keeping a safe distance.

This spell requires 8 faith and 17 stamina to cast, making it great for early-game players who want to be a bit more powerful.

When used, this incantation creates a ball of flame in front of the caster, which can be charged to inflict more damage.

Although it has a relatively short range, its quick casting time makes it something you can use throughout the whole game.

Compared to other incantations, such as Bestial Sling, Catch Flame inflicts much more damage, and it can be buffed using the Fire Scorpion Charm.

It can also be chain-cast so long as the player has enough FP, and it makes a great melee alternative for pure faith builds.

Getting this incantation is also very easy, and all you need to do is buy it from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold for 600 runes.

Alternatively, it is part of the starting equipment for Phophets, a high-faith and mind class that you can choose at the beginning.


13. Glintstone Breath

Best Elden Ring Incantations Glinstone Breath

This incantation offers one of the only ways for faith builds to deal magic-aspect damage, and oh boy, it is powerful.

Much like Magma Breath, this incantation summons a spectral dragon head in front of the cast, which unleashes a barrage of blue flames.

Glintstone Breath requires 15 faith, 12 arcane, and 40 stamina to cast, and it deals a huge amount of magic damage.

However, it does have a rather long casting time of 2 seconds, though its duration can be extended at the cost of FP.

You can also swivel in any direction while casting it, allowing it to do damage to a wider number of enemies.

Additionally, it can be used while on horseback but not while jumping, unlike other breath spells.

This incantation is another that can be purchased at the Dragon Communion Alter in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion for one dragon heart.

That said, you will need to defeat Glintstone Dragon Smarag at Liurnia of the Lakes before this spell will become available.


12. Flame, Grant Me Strength

Best Elden Ring Incantations Flame Grant Me Strength

Elden Ring is one of the best PS5 RPG games, and as such, it allows you to utilize a ton of different types of magic.

This incantation is for any faith builds who want to do a lot of physical and fire damage to their foes.

Flame, Grant Me Strength is a Fire Monk incantation that requires 15 faith and 16 stamina to cast.

What this spell does is raise physical and magic damage attack power, 20% each, though this drops to 15% in PvP combat.

It also boosts stamina recovery speed by +5 per second, and it lasts for 30 seconds or 39 if you’re using the Old Lord’s Talisman.

The physical damage increase also impacts physically damaging spells such as Meteorite, Bestial Sling, and Rock Sling.

While it won’t stack with other body buffs, it does stack with the Golden Vow, an incantation that increases attack and defense.

If you want this incantation for yourself, it can be found on a body behind Fort Gael, in between two Flame Chariots.


11. Rotten Breath

Best Elden Ring Incantations Rotten Breath

This spell is as gross as the ugliest pokémon of all time, but it will certainly do a good bit of damage to enemies!

Requiring 15 faith, 12 arcane, and 48 stamina, Rotten Breath is a putrid spell that unleashes a cloud of rot and decay.

When used, this incantation will inflict Scarlet Rot at a rate of 65 per tick for up to 10 ticks when fully charged.

Like other breath spells, it takes two seconds to wind up, but unlike the others, you can’t use it while jumping.

However, it can be used while on horseback, and like the Magma and Glintstone breath, it can be swiveled in various directions.

A full cast of this incantation requires at least 60 FP but can use up to 104 FP unless you use FP-conserving buffs.

The Rotten Breath incantation can be purchased from the Dragon Communion Altar using a dragon heart after killing the Rot Dragon.


10. Frenzied Burst

Best Elden Ring Incantations Frenzied Burst

One of the Frenzied Flame incantations, Frenzied Burst, is a powerful spell that releases concentrated flame bursts at enemies.

Not only does this allow players to quickly fire bursts of Frenzy Flames, but it is strong enough to penetrate an enemy’s guard.

While it requires 22 faith and 33 stamina to cast, it does a good amount of damage and 23.5% more damage when fully charged.

A fully charged spell will also penetrate an enemy’s guard and deal enormous stamina damage to shield users.

Furthermore, this spell won’t trigger automatic dodges, making it more likely to hit the targets you aim at.

It also inflicts a madness buildup of 90 normally or 105 when fully charged, as well as 20 and 30, respectively, on the caster.

However, the madness buildup to the caster is negligible at best, so it can’t be used to trigger the Black Dumpling effect.

This incantation is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab south of the Church of Inhibition in the Liurnia of the Lakes region.


9. Erdtree Heal

Best Elden Ring Incantations Erdtree Heal

Up next, we have another powerful healing spell that can be a good upgrade to the Lord’s Heal mentioned above.

This spell becomes available later in the game, and it requires 42 faith and 50 stamina in order to cast.

When used, this spell heals the caster for 5.9x faith incantation scaling and 4.2x for nearby allies.

That said, this incantation can also heal nearby late-game Crucible Knights, so when fighting them and using this spell, be careful!

However, in particularly difficult boss fights, this spell can be a literal lifesaver and give you the extra boost you need to be successful.

Additionally, since Elden Ring is one of the best multiplayer PS5 games, it can be great for keeping your friends alive as well!

This spell can be found in the Queen’s Bedchamber inside Leyndell, Ashen Capital, but only after you do a few things first.

For this spell to become available, you will need to light the Forge of the Giants and defeat Maliketh, Black Blade of Death.

Once done, head to the Queen’s Chambers, and this spell will be in the spot where the Blessing of the Erdtree previously was.


8. Lightning Spear

Best Elden Ring Incantations Lightning Spear

If you’ve ever wanted to pretend to be Zeus in Elden Ring, this incantation is one you can’t miss out on.

The Lightning Spear requires 17 faith and 28 stamina to use, and it creates a lighting projectile you can hurl at foes.

When it is fully charged, the bolt will strike foes from above and deal a small AOE of lightning damage around the target.

Best of all, unlike many projectile spells, the Lightning Spear doesn’t trigger automatic dodges from enemies.

This makes it useful against knight-type opponents and difficult bosses, as it has a good chance to do a lot of damage.

Additionally, this incantation is boosted by the Godfrey Icon, which raises the attack power of charged spells.

To gain this spell, you can purchase it from either Brother Corhyn or Miriel after giving them the Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

This prayerbook is dropped by a Leyndell Knight, who can be found patrolling just south of the Artist’s Shack.


7. Flame of Frenzy

Best Elden Ring Incantations The Flame of Frenzy

When you need to deal damage to a large area or deal a ton of damage against a single foe, Flame of Frenzy is one of the best spells to use.

This spell requires 16 faith and 30 stamina to cast, and when used, it will conjure numerous flames that shoot forward from the caster.

While it deals a lot of fire damage, it also does a total of 56 stance damage while inflicting madness buildup.

The casting speed is also incredibly fast, though it can’t be chain cast with other incantations.

However, you can charge up this spell, causing more flames to be created, which will inflict additional damage.

During charging, the spread of this spell can be manually adjusted by moving the camera, and looking up will cause the flames to scatter more.

While looking down, the radius will become tighter, allowing you to focus more on a single space or target.

The Flame of Frenzy incantation can be found at the Callu Baptismal Church in the Weeping Peninsula on a corpse by a pillar on the left side.

Alternatively, you can use one of the best Elden Ring mods, like the Grand Merchant, to buy this spell from Merchant Kale.


6. Swarm of Flies

Best Elden Ring Incantations Swarm of Flies

Swarm of Flies is a devastating incantation in Elden Ring that spawns a swarm of bloodflies that attack targets and inflict the Hemorrhage status effect.

This spell requires 11 faith, 16 arcane, and 24 stamina to cast, and it can be used while in motion or while crouching.

While its hemorrhage status effect was nerfed with patch 1.04, it still packs a punch that can make dealing with tough enemies easier.

Players with high arcane or bleed builds will particularly benefit from this incantation, and when used correctly, it can do a ton of damage.

Furthermore, this spell can be found on a corpse in a shallow cave along the east wall of Mohgwyn Palace.

However, Mohg, the boss of the palace, is vulnerable to the hemorrhage effect, making it great to use against him.

Seeing as he is one of the toughest bosses to beat, we recommend grabbing this spell before heading inside to fight him!


5. Greyoll’s Roar

Best Elden Ring Incantations Greyolls Roar

This incantation requires 28 faith, 17 arcane, and 72 stamina to cast, but it can be extremely useful in difficult fights.

When used, this spell unleashes a tremendous shout that debuffs enemies by decreasing their attack by 15% and defense by 10%.

Its AOE also makes it useful for ambushing enemies in both PvE and PvP, especially since it can go through walls and knock foes off ledges.

If you use this spell against a large group of enemies, it can make dealing with them a lot less dangerous.

What’s more, since Elden Ring is one of the best third person PS5 games, it helps that this spell looks awesome when cast.

That said, this spell works best with builds that specialize in stacking buffs, since it is slow and expensive to cast and has a short duration.

Greyoll’s Roar can be gained after defeating Greyoll in Caelid, after which it will become available at the Dragon Communion Altar for 3 dragon hearts.

If you don’t have 3 dragon hearts, don’t worry because Greyoll will drop 5 when you slay him!


4. Dragonfire

Best Elden Ring Incantations Dragonfire

Dragon Fire is another spell available at the Dragon Communion Altar, and it requires 15 faith, 12 arcane, and 40 stamina to cast.

When used, this incantation will conjure a spectral dragon head that exhales a barrage of damaging flames.

This incantation covers a large area and will sometimes ricochet off of walls and other non-destructible objects.

Like other breath spells on this list, Dragonfire can be swiveled to hit a number of enemies in all directions.

It can also be used while on horseback, but not if you are jumping, like other standard breath spells.

However, this incantation does have a high FP cost of up to 96 FP if you aren’t using any conserving buffs.

Despite its high cost, this spell can be devastating under the right conditions, especially if you have a lot of FP.


3. Bloodflame Blade

Best Elden Ring Incantations Bloodflame Blade

Elden Ring is one of the best video games of all time, thanks in part to amazing incantations like this that make combat incredibly fun!

This spell requires 12 faith, 10 arcane, and 10 stamina to cast, making it very affordable for basically every build.

What makes it special is that it enhances any right-hand weapon with a festering bloodflame that inflicts Hemorrhage on enemies.

However, it is most effective when used on weapons, such as Uchigatana, which already have the effect.

After striking an enemy, the blood flame debuff will also apply the bleed status effect, which stacks up to 40 over 2 seconds.

Additionally, it also applies fire damage and is buffed by the Flame-Shroud Cracked Tear and the Fire Scorpion Charm.

The Bloodflame Blade incantation is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab in the marshes northeast of the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes.


2. Giantsflame Take Thee

Best Elden Ring Incantations Giantsflame Take Thee

Another fire spell is up next, and this one has a massive effect that is perfect to use against larger enemies.

While it requires 30 faith and 34 stamina to cast, when used, it launches a huge ball of primordial fire at your target.

It can even be charged to provide an extra 10% damage and a larger explosion radius to engulf more targets.

Moreover, this spell has a powerful knockback effect that can even stagger medium-sized enemies.

When faced with a large group, the AOE of this spell can be a game-changer and quickly turn the tide in your favor.

As a Fire Giant Incantation, to gain this spell, you will first need to grab the Giant’s Prayerbook on top of the Guardians’ Garrison.

Once you have that, you can give it to either Brother Corhyn or Miriel, who will then sell you this spell for 13,000 runes.


1. Beast Claws

Best Elden Ring Incantations Beast Claw

Taking our number one spot as the best incantation in Elden Ring is Beast Claws, a devastating spell that stands out from all the rest!

What this incantation does is conjure five vertical waves of energy that strike out from the caster dealing damage.

Although it has a medium casting speed, it only requires 8 faith and 27 stamina to use, which is amazingly affordable.

Thanks to this low cost, almost any character build can use this spell, but faith builds can really unlock its full potential.

It also works well for low-faith, high-strength builds using the Clawmark Seal as a weapon to boost beast incantations.

This incantation can also be charged to deal more damage, though it will only hit one target once.

The Beast Claws spell can be earned as a reward from Gurranq after giving him five deathroots.

We highly recommend rushing to this spell if you can, because it is undoubtedly the best in Elden Ring!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 20 best incantations in Elden Ring and found some new ones to try out!

While many of these spells are geared toward faith builds, a lot of them will also work for a number of other characters as well.

So long as you’re willing to invest in the right stats, even a melee-focused strength-build can make use of these great incantations!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 best incantations in Elden ring:

  1. Beast Claws
  2. Giantsflame Take Thee
  3. Bloodflame Blade
  4. Dragonfire
  5. Greyoll’s Roar
  6. Swarm of Flies
  7. Flame of Frenzy
  8. Lightning Spear
  9. Erdtree Heal
  10. Frenzied Burst
  11. Rotten Breath
  12. Flame, Grant Me Strength
  13. Glintstone Breath
  14. Catch Flame
  15. Magma Breath
  16. Aspects Of The Crucible: Tail
  17. Lord’s Heal
  18. Barrier Of Gold
  19. Bestial Sling
  20. Rejection

Which of these incantations will you get first? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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