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The 10 Best Games Like Geoguessr

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The Best Games Like GeoGuessr

What are the best games like Geoguessr?

Geoguessr is a highly addictive game that was first launched in 2013, but in 2019 it started charging players for access. 

Fortunately, many Geoguessr alternatives won’t make you pay to play, and we’ve rounded the best ones up for our list. 

Keep reading to learn which games like Geoguessr are worth playing!


The 10 Best Games Like Geoguessr

We’ve compared each of these games to Geoguessr and ranked them based on preference and player reviews.

All of these games are incredibly fun, and best of all, they’re free!

Here’s our list of the 10 best games like Geoguessr:


10. Where Am I?

Where Am I is a great location guessing game that gives you a single Google Street View photo to base your guess off of.

However, you can still move around like in Geoguessr to get a better look at your surroundings.

To make a guess, you use the world map in the corner to click on where you think the image is from and zoom in to make super-specific guesses.

This game is completely free to play, and its minimalist design makes it easy to use, so you can start playing at any time.

Moreover, this game is completely free, and it doesn’t even have annoying ads to contend with!

It can also be played on mobile browsers, though it can be more difficult to see important details on a smaller screen.

We will say that if you’re looking for a world geography games website with a lot of variety, you’re not going to find it here.

There is only one game mode available, so don’t expect one of the best multiplayer games of all time going into it.

That said, if you just want to jump right into a random location without all the pomp and circumstance, this is the game for you.

Overall, despite not being as flashy as Geoguessr, Where Am I is still one of the best alternatives.


9. Ducksters

Ducksters is a geography trivia game that covers nearly everything, including continents, country flags, and world capitals.

It also covers all of the US states, the state flags, state capitals, and state maps.

Along with guessing countries, matching capitals, and picking flags, there are also other game modes you can choose from.

With Ducksters Geography games, you can play mapping games, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more, all revolving around geography.

Not only is it fun, but it can be a surprisingly good learning tool!

There are also quizzes you can take on loads of different geographical topics to really test your in-depth knowledge of the world.

Plus, if you get bored with geography, there are even quizzes on science, history, and biology to keep you engaged.

Although Ducksters is great for all ages, we think it’s perfect for those with school-aged children as a way to learn while having fun!

While it isn’t as flashy as other Geoguessr alternatives on our list, Ducksters is straightforward but still features many different game modes to choose from.


8. GuessWhere Challenge

This game is available for free on Android devices, and it also rivals some of the best PS Vita games of all time in terms of fun on the go.

Once you load up the game, it will drop on at a random point on the planet, and you will have to guess where you are.

The more accurate your guess is, the more points you will earn overall, landing you a higher place on the leaderboard.

It is very similar to Geoguessr in the way that it tallies points, so if you’re familiar with that system, you’ll quickly catch on here.

However, each game session lasts five rounds, and your main objective is to score as high as possible and unlock all of the achievements.

There are also different game modes, including multiple location options and famous landmark challenges.

You can also use the multiplayer mode to challenge your friends or strangers to see who can score the highest.

This is a must-try if you love geography games and want a free Geoguessr alternative that you can play on your phone or tablet.


7. Hide & Seek World

This is arguably one of the best online games to play with friends, and it has a strong emphasis on its multiplayer mode.

There is one hider who chooses a location and 1 to 5 seekers who have to guess where they are based on Google Street View images.

If you are the hider, your goal is to pick a hard-to-find location, since the closer the seekers get, the fewer points you earn.

Hide & Seek World has two game modes: Street View and Satellite, which each have a different playstyle.

In street view, a hider chooses a Street View location, while in satellite, they choose a zoomed-in area on the map.

While this game does have a Pro version, at $3 per month, and a Premium version for $8 a month, you can play it for free.

However, in free mode, you are limited to one game per day, which is worth keeping in mind before you start playing.

That said, if you play it alongside other games on this list, the one-game limit isn’t really a big deal, since you can just play another game after!


6. Zoomtastic

 Zoomtastic is a browser-based game that starts off by showing you the map of a random country that is really zoomed in.

You will have to guess which country it is in 30 seconds out of the four options it gives you.

Things get gradually easier as the map gradually zooms out, but some places can be really tough to guess.

Another fun feature is that Zoomtastic shows you a fun fact about each country once you make a guess!

There are also two additional game modes, cities, and wonders, which task you with guessing a city or landmark in 30 seconds.

This game is entirely free to play, and it is really easy to get addicted, especially if you’re trying to beat the leaderboard scores.

Although it doesn’t work on mobile browsers, it is a great free alternative to Geoguessr that can help you pass the time.


5. GetLost

This Geoguessr alternative has a focus on India and the United States, and each game lasts five rounds.

Like many other world geography games, GetLost gives players a random Street View image with clues and hits to help them guess where it is.

Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode in this game, but the single-player mode is more than enough to keep you engaged.

It is worth noting that you have to create an account to start playing, but you can use your Twitter or Google account credentials to log in quickly.

Similar to Hide & Seek World, GetLost does have a paid mode for $2.99 per month or $23.99 per year, though you can play for free.

In free mode, you can play one game of five rounds per day, which is still more than you can get on Geoguessr.

Plus, it’s a good way to take a break from playing one of the best PS5 FPS games, and it is educational at the same time!


4. Seterra

Seterra is one of the most unique world geography games and one of the best for those who speak multiple languages.

Not only does it have quizzes on countries, flags, capitals, bodies of water, and notable locations, but it boasts nine different game modes!

This game even has a voice feature to help you learn how to pronounce the names of countries and cities correctly.

Although Geoguessr is hailed as a brilliant educational game, we think Seterra one-ups it in many ways!

Furthermore, this game has over 400 maps in more than 40 different languages, including Gaeilge, Icelandic, Afrikaans, Samoan, Sinhala, and Uzbek.

Seterra works on computers and mobile apps, and you can even customize map quizzes yourself.

All customizable quizzes can then be shared with friends, family, or students if you are a teacher looking for a fun resource.

While there is a $1.99 per month paid version, all it does is remove ads, which really isn’t necessary.

The ads themselves aren’t intrusive, and otherwise, you can play as many games as you want!


3. Geotastic

This game is entirely crowdfunded, and it is one of the most unique and interesting Geoguessr alternatives you can find.

Completely free to play, Geotastic has multiple game modes and several different challenges that you can try out.

Some of the game modes include random Street View guesser, flag guessing mode, and popular landmark challenge mode.

There is even a country-guessing mode that tasks you with correctly guessing a country using only the hints you are given.

While it is free, you do need to have an account in order to play, but once you’re signed up, you can easily play for hours.

Geotastic also has a multiplayer option, and you can join different online lobbies to play with others.

All of that being said, this game does rely entirely on donations in order to keep functioning.

So, if you find it becoming your next favorite Geoguessr alternative, it’s worth considering donating in order to keep it running.


2. PlayGeography

PlayGeography is a free Geoguessr alternative that was created by TeachMe, an entertainment company that focuses on educational games and apps.

While it is a great way to test your geography knowledge and learn more about the world, it does lack 3D maps, unlike Geoguessr.

Instead, PlayGeography presents you with 2D maps on which you have to guess the country, flags, cities, or states.

Think of it as a map quiz game, but one that will keep you on your toes or laughing at how terrible your world geography is.

You may know everything about the biggest open-world maps in video game history, but there’s a lot more to explore in this world!

It boasts five different game modes, including ones that allow you to guess capitals, states, locations, flags, or countries.

You can also choose the difficulty modes for each of your games, so you can always make it easier or harder if you want.

Keep in mind there is a timer, and the faster you answer a question, the more points you will earn.

Each quiz also has interesting facts about the topic you’ve chosen, which is always nice to read after completing a quiz.

Best of all, it is completely free to play, and you don’t need to make an account to get started!


1. City Guesser

City Guesser takes our number one spot as the best Geoguessr alternative you can play right now.

However, what really makes City Guesser stand out is that it uses videos instead of static images to help you guess a location.

All of the videos really help bring each location to life, and they give you a much more in-depth look at places around the world.

Granted, that doesn’t always make guessing easier, though the videos are great to watch!

Like other world geography games, City Guesser has different modes, including world, USA, Europe, and monuments modes.

There are also many unique maps, including Capital Cities, Fastfood, Busy Places, Beautiful Views, and Nighttime.

Oh, and almost every major city in the world also has its own unique map, as well as many major countries.

We’re not joking when we say this is one of the most in-depth geography guessing games you can play.

You also don’t have to log in to play, and there are no ads to contend with while you’re guessing.

There is even a multiplayer mode you can use to play with friends or strangers!



While Geoguessr was fun to play when it was free, it’s hard to really miss it when you have all of these great free alternatives!

Although City Guesser takes our top spot, the games on our list are worth trying out if you can’t get enough geography games.

With these games, learning has never been more addicting! 

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like Geoguessr:

  1. City Guesser
  2. PlayGeography
  3. Geotastic
  4. Seterra
  5. GetLost
  6. Zoomtastic
  7. Hide & Seek World
  8. GuessWhere Challenge
  9. Ducksters
  10. Where Am I?

What’s the best game like Geoguessr, in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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