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The 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50



The Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50

Which are the best gaming keyboards under $50?

Sometimes, a good-performance keyboard dictates the difference between winning or losing a game.

As such, it is essential to complement your gaming rig with the best available gaming keyboard you can afford.

People on a budget would consider stopping at 50 bucks since it is quite a reasonable price for a quality buy.

If you find it challenging to source the best gaming keyboards under $50, we have just the perfect list of affordable keyboards for use with the most popular games.


The 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

The list comprises five of our top finds, and each of them is unique in some way.

Check them all out and pick one that is to your liking.


1. Tecware Phantom

Tecware Phantom 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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03/26/2024 10:03 pm GMT

This particular version of the Tecware Phantom is a TenKeyLess (TKL) mechanical, RGB-backlit keyboard with Outemu Brown switches.

Since it doesn’t have a numerical keypad, it only has 87 keys.

The Tecware Phantom also comes in full-size, and you can get both TKL and full-size versions with any of the three switch options.


Tecware Phantom Review

We highly recommend the Tecware Phantom as one of the best gaming keyboards under 50.

Its feature set makes it pass for even more expensive mechanical keyboards.

If you plan to shift to a mechanical keyboard, the Tecware Phantom is a great first choice.

It uses the Change-It-Yourself (CIY) design of mechanical switches so that you can easily swap them for different types.

However, if you plan to combine work and play into a single device, this TKL version of the Tecware Phantom cannot provide the NumPad needed for quick calculations.

  • Outemu Brown Switches

With the Outemu Brown switches, this version of the Tecware Phantom offers lighter keypresses with noticeable tactile feedback.

While it is excellent for typing, the Outemu Brown is also a go-to switch for many gamers.

This product is one of the few good gaming keyboards under 50 with high-quality mechanical switches.

  • Customizable RGB Backlighting

Each key on the Tecware Phantom has its own RGB backlighting.

You can enhance your gaming experience by creating unique lighting customizations, or you can choose from 18 preset configurations.

  • TenKeyLess Compact Design

Without the numerical keypad, this Tecware Phantom is more compact than its full-size version.

Since it occupies less space, you can open up your desk for more items, such as a notepad or a wider mousepad.


  • Offers a reasonable price for its feature set
  • Swappable switches, highly customizable
  • Software support enables macro programming
  • Keycaps are better than on other products
  • Extensive onboard functions
  • TenKeyLess, saves space


  • Bundled software needs improvement
  • Some buttons have no light because of opaque legends


2. Corsair K55 RGB

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

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03/26/2024 09:53 pm GMT

The Corsair K55-RGB is a dome membrane full-sized gaming keyboard with a detachable palm rest and full RGB backlighting.

It has six programmable macro buttons on the left side and dedicated media buttons on the upper right side.

The Corsair K55 RGB appears 2nd on our list of the best gaming keyboards under $50.


Corsair K55 RGB Review

If you want something from Corsair you can call the best gaming keyboard under $50, the K55 pretty much has it all.

The Corsair K55 offers reliably low keystroke latency, even if the keys require a fair amount of pressure to trigger the inputs.

With Selective Key Rollover, you can benefit from anti-ghosting so that every input you make registers even with simultaneous and fast-paced keypresses.

  • Programmable Macro

The Corsair K55 is the only option here with dedicated programmable macro keys.

With the six buttons on the left side, you can have the in-game advantage of easy-to-access key remaps.

  • Dynamic RGB Backlighting

With the Corsair K55’s three-zone RGB backlighting, you can customize the colors of your keyboard with onboard static and dynamic lighting modes.


  • An excellent option for those who prefer membrane switches
  • Very low latency
  • Wide range of functions and programmable keys
  • Customizable backlighting
  • Comes with a wrist rest


  • Rubber domes need full keypresses
  • Keys feel a little unresponsive


3. Eagletec KG010

Eagletec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard

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The Eagletec KG010 is a full-sized, full mechanical gaming keyboard with switches equivalent to the Cherry MX Blues.

It is a splash-resistant keyboard, but that doesn’t mean it can tolerate spills all the time.


Eagletec KG010 Review

In our opinion, the Eagletec KG010 is probably the best $50 gaming keyboard if you want something that is both advanced and complete.

The Eagletec KG010 offers the best value for gaming consumers who are on a budget.

The included custom blue switches keep the cost low, and they provide very similar results as the Cherry MX Blues.

If ever you end up looking for an upgrade, you can start with replacing just the switches on the Eagletec KG010.

  • Cherry MX Blue Equivalent Switches

The switches on this keyboard offer medium resistance.

However, the clicks are audible, and each keypress returns crisp, precise, and tactile feedback.

Each switch lies underneath precision-engineered keycaps with crystal-clear legends that don’t scratch off.

  • Customizable Backlighting

The Eagletec KG010 offers five different lighting modes, five brightness levels, and adjustable breathing speeds.

No matter the brightness level, the RGB lighting pours through letters and symbols on each of the keys.

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and ABS Plastics

The keyboard base combines aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS plastics as the primary materials for its construction.

With these materials, the keyboard is durable and looks great.


  • Full-sized, full mechanical
  • Best value mechanical keyboard
  • 104 keys are 100% conflict-free and anti-ghosting
  • Ergonomic, non-slip design
  • Splash-resistant


  • Needs macro keys
  • Not the best option for quiet environments


4. Havit Magic Eagle Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Havit Magic Eagle Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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The Havit Magic Eagle combo includes a 104-key gaming keyboard and a breathing-LED gaming mouse.

With 19 anti-ghosting keys, the keyboard allows fast-paced, sure-fire inputs.

The keyboard has a professional gaming design, and it comes with adjustable multicolor LEDs.

The Havit combo is 4th on our list of the best gaming keyboards under $50.


Havit Magic Eagle Review

We felt like including this product combo with the best keyboards under 50 because it is an affordable, feature-packed combo.

You can program some of the keys for macro controls, which adds an advantage to gaming.

The keyboard includes browser and email shortcuts in addition to the function keys.

The mouse has six buttons, including forward and reverse thumb buttons and a DPI switch.

  • Rainbow LEDs

The keyboard and mouse work in perfect combination with its rainbow LEDs.

You can change the lights to breathing mode and also customize the brightness.

  • Built-in Palm Rest

The keyboard base has a built-in palm rest, which is highly beneficial for extended typing and gaming sessions.


  • Very cheap and comes with a mouse
  • Interchangeable WASD and direction keys
  • Soft keyboard keys with precise inputs
  • Easy-to-reach media keys
  • Keyboard has an auto-sleep function


  • Membrane keyboard
  • The mouse scroll wheel lacks resistance


5. Redragon K552

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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03/26/2024 05:08 am GMT

Like the Tecware Phantom, the Redragon K552 is a TenKeyLess mechanical gaming keyboard with red switches equivalent to the Cherry MX Reds.

It has a simple, compact design, and it carries the trademark red and black color scheme of many Redragon products.


Redragon K552 Review

The Redragon K552 is on our list of top gaming keyboards under 50 dollars because it is an excellent product for switching into mechanical keys.

Although it lacks the proper aesthetics, it has an excellent build quality. It also puts up exceptional performance for its low price.

Additionally, its red switches are the perfect mechanism for gaming.

  • TenKeyLess Space-Saving Design

Without the numerical keypad, the Redragon K552 saves space.

The keyboard doesn’t even waste space around its buttons, and the base is just enough to fit all 87 keys.

  • Rainbow LED RGB Backlighting

The Redragon K552 offers 19 different lighting effects using six different colors and brightness levels.

Effects include variable breathing speeds, a game mode, and two user-defined lighting modes.

The keycaps have also been precision-engineered to provide crystal-clear uniform backlighting.

  • Cherry MX Red Equivalent Switches

The red switches of the Redragon K552 emulate the linear functionality of the Cherry MX Red keys.

All 87 keys are conflict-free and anti-ghosting, which means you can expect to deliver all rapid keystrokes and commands successfully.


  • TenKeyLess, compact design
  • Full mechanical
  • Double-shot keycaps
  • Sturdy aluminum keyboard base
  • Surprisingly good build
  • Very affordable


  • TenKeyLess, no NumPad
  • Keycaps are a bit thin


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is a 40% Keyboard Good for Gaming?

For those who do not know what a 40% keyboard is, it is as simple as the name suggests.

It has only about 40% of the total keys of a standard full-sized keyboard.

Most full-sized keyboards have 104 keys, including the ten-key number pad, the navigation and editing keys, the function keys, and the general typing area.

With a 40% keyboard, you won’t have a NumPad, and the spacebar will be pretty small.

It also doesn’t have the function keys, editing and navigation keys, and the number and symbol keys on the general typing area.

The concept behind a 40% keyboard is a minimalist intent of shrinking the size of the keyboard and freeing up some much-needed desk space.

If that is your agenda, then 40-keyboards could very well be the best keyboards under 50.

However, many games become a lot less complicated if you can program more macro commands.

With fewer keys, a 40-keyboard limits the amount of unique key bindings you can assign within games.

If your game uses plenty of keyboard shortcuts, then a 40% keyboard is not the best gaming keyboard under $50.


2. Are Cheap Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

It depends. The best gaming keyboards under 50 can be worth more than the money you spend on them if they have the proper features beneficial for your games.

Otherwise, if a cheap keyboard turns out to be a flop and it doesn’t do what you need it to do, then you just wasted a small amount of money.


3. Are Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

Yes. Many good gaming keyboards under 50 are mechanical keyboards.

Even the best mechanical gaming keyboard under 50 bucks can have a tangible tactical advantage over more expensive dome membrane keyboards.

Today, mechanical keyboards are at the epitome of the keyboard manufacturing industry.

While membrane keyboards are still the mainstay for laptops and notebooks, mechanical keyboards have proven to be the best option for all sorts of desktop applications.


4. Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better?

First, unlike membrane switches, a mechanical key switch does not require a full keypress to deliver a command.

The actuation occurs somewhere midway during the depression, which means you can convey keystrokes faster than with membrane keyboards.

You can train yourself to recognize the actuation point for a key and use that to your advantage to move faster than the in-game competition.

Another benefit of mechanical keyboards is the low actuation force every keypress requires.

Whenever you need to press multiple keys in rapid succession when jumping, strafing, or aiming, all you have to do is light keypresses.

Mechanical keyboards give you the option to vary the tactility, lightness, or softness of your keys.

You can purchase mechanical switch sets separately and replace them anytime to alter the outcome of your keyboard use.

In totality, mechanical keyboards are better for gaming because they give you the edge of reacting faster and planning your next move.

With so many models to choose from, we’re sure you can find the best mechanical gaming keyboards under $50.


5. Are There Any Semi-Mechanical Keyboards?

Yes, and some are called hybrids.

A hybrid keyboard combines the components of mechanical switches and membrane switches into the switching mechanisms of each of its keys.

Other non-hybrid keyboards can still be semi-mechanical keyboards.

A semi-mechanical keyboard may also refer to a keyboard with mechanical switches in some of its keys.

The top gaming keyboards under 50 are a good mix of dome membrane, semi-mechanical, and full-mechanical keyboards.

Since $50 is on the mid-to-low end of the budget spectrum, it wouldn’t be easy to find all the best features associated with a single keyboard type.



To get ahead of the best first-person shooting games, you don’t have to spend much on a good-quality keyboard.

Full mechanical keyboards are quite expensive, and only a few fall under the best $50 gaming keyboard category.

With this said, we recommend the Eagletec KG010 as one of the best gaming keyboards under $50.

It is a full-sized mechanical keyboard that offers the best value for gamers on a budget.

Next to the Eagletec KG010, we think the Redragon K552 is also an excellent choice.

If it were a full-sized keyboard, it would have probably made the top of the list.

Which of these best gaming keyboards under $50 would you buy? Leave a comment below.

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