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The 32 Best GTA 4 Cheats for PS3/Xbox 360



The Best GTA 4 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best games to cheat on; because as long as you know the right codes, you can have endless amounts of fun.

GTA IV also has a nice collection of cheats you can use on both consoles, and we’ve listed as many as we could find within this article. This is a collection of the best GTA 4 cheats on PS3/Xbox 360.


How to Use GTA IV cheat codes on PS3/Xbox 360:

As always, it’s recommended that you save your game first before using any cheat codes. Within GTA IV, you can enter cheat codes by dialing specific numbers in the phone. This works on both PlayStation and Xbox.


The 32 Best GTA 4 Cheats for PS3/Xbox 360

We’ve put together this collection of the best Grand Theft Auto IV cheats codes. We’ve also included codes specific to ‘The Lost and Damned’ and ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ add ons.

Here are the best GTA 4 cheats:


GTA 4 Stats/Weapons Cheats

Best GTA 4 Cheats - Weapon Cheats


To attain certain weapons, or max health, armor and ammo, you’ll want to use these weapon cheats:


1. Max Health & Armor: Dial 362-555-0100

2. Max Health, Armor and Ammo: Dial 482-555-0100

3. Weapons Pack 1: Dial 486-555-0150

(Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG)

4. Weapons 2: Dial 486-555-0100

(Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG)

5. Remove Wanted Level: Dial 267-555-0100

6. Raise Wanted Level: Dial 267-555-0150

7. Change Weather: Dial 468-555-0100


GTA 4 Vehicle Cheats

GTA IV Vehicle Cheats


Missing out on some specialist vehicles? Use the cheat codes below to spawn these vehicles:


8. Spawn Annihilator Helicopter: Dial 359-555-0100

9. Spawn Banshee: Dial 265-555-2423

10. Spawn Cognoscenti: Dial 227-555-0142

11. Spawn Comet: Dial 227-555-0175

12. Spawn Buffalo: Dial 227-555-0100

13. Spawn Jetmax: Dial 938-555-0100

14. Spawn NRG-900: Dial 625-555-0100

15. Spawn Sanchez: Dial 625-555-0150

16. Spawn SuperGT: Dial 227-555-0168

17. Spawn Turismo: Dial 227-555-0147


GTA IV: Lost and Damned Cheats

Best GTA 4 Cheats - Lost and Damned Cheats


We’ve also included some extra cheat codes for the Lost and damned expansion:


18. Spawn Burrito: Dial 826-555-0150

19. Spawn Double T: Dial 245-555-0125

20. Spawn Hakuchou: Dial 245-555-0199

21. Spawn Hexer: Dial 245-555-0150

22. Spawn Innovation: Dial 245-555-0100

23. Spawn Slamvan: Dial 826-555-0100


GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Cheats

Best GTA 4 Cheats - The Ballad of Gay Tony


We’ve also included some extra cheats for The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion:


24. Explosive Sniper Rounds: Dial 486-555-2526

25. Super Punch: Dial 276-555-2666

26. Spawn Akuma: Dial 625-555-0200

27. Spawn APC: Dial 272-555-8265

28. Spawn Bullet GT: Dial 227-555-9666

29. Spawn Buzzard: Dial 359-555-2899

30. Spawn Floater: Dial 938-555-0150

31. Spawn Parachute: Dial 359-555-7272

32. Spawn Vader: Dial 625-555-3273



Thanks for checking out this collection of the best Grand Theft Auto IV cheat codes. If you enjoyed this list, you’ll probably also want to check out our lists of GTA V cheats, GTA San Andreas cheats, and GTA Vice City cheats.

Which are your favorite GTA 4 cheats? Leave a comment below.

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