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The 30 Best GTA San Andreas Mods of All Time

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What are the best GTA San Andreas mods of all time?

We’re not talking about the GTA San Andreas mod for GTA IV, which modified that game with what was essentially an imported and improved version of GTA SA. No, we’re talking about the original GTA SA from 2004.

Yes, the game is nearing twenty years old, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t play it. And if you do, you should know what the best mods out there are to make the game new for you again.


The Best GTA San Andreas Mods of All Time

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 30 best GTA San Andreas mods of all time:


30. Collection Of Graphics Mod


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the best games in the GTA universe.

In this complete GTA games list, GTA SA ranks near the top in popularity. And with popularity comes an overabundance of enthusiastic cheats and mods.

Cheats, though, are usually already programmed into the original game (and here’s a list of the best GTA San Andreas cheats), unlike mods.

These GTA San Andreas mods are like love letters from phenomenally creative modders. Modders that just want to improve the gaming experience.

One thing you’ll notice when it comes to mods for most games, especially older ones, is that many of them enhance and improve the vanilla game through graphic mods. This mod, as the name indicates, does precisely that.

When it comes to graphic improvements, most of the first mods shoot to improve environmental aspects, such as textures, shadows, and lighting.

This is an excellent place to start if you’re just starting to modify GTA San Andreas.


29. Wheels Pack


The Wheels Pack is a quick and easy mod that instantly brings something new to the game visually. Yes, we’re talking about wheels.

It’s not as exciting as other packs, and it doesn’t bring much else to the game outside of the visuals, but if you’re tired of seeing the same wheels when playing San Andreas, then this mod is worth checking out.


28. New Effects V1


So far, we’ve discussed improving graphics easily and visuals like wheels with GTA San Andreas mods. Now let’s take a look at another mod that will quickly improve your gaming experience. In this case, New Effects V1.

What exactly does that mean? Everything from improving the way water and fire look to sharper lighting. In other words, better-looking explosions!


27. Skin Selector


A basic mod that allows you to change how CJ looks during gameplay. It will enable you to open a menu and scroll through various skin mods you can choose from at will.

You might think this should be higher up on the list because you do need other skin mods to maximize the functionality of this feature. But because it is a basic San Andreas mod, although very useful, it’s still basic, so it comes in here on the list.


26. Teleport Mod


Want to travel quickly somewhere in the world of GTA SA without having to ride a bicycle or steal a car? With this mod, you can get where you want by simply teleporting Star Trek-style, except without all the cool visual effects.

With the Teleport mod, you open up the map, place a marker on where you want to go, and unpause the game. As soon as you do, CJ will teleport.

And scream like he’s falling to his death. But never fear; it’s just the map catching up to the game. No harm, no foul, just instant long-distance travel comes with the teleport mod.


25. Ghost Rider Mod


Ever want to become the literal Spirit of Vengeance in a Grand Theft Auto game? Wish the original Ghost Rider movie had been like GTA SA?

Now, the Ghost Rider mod doesn’t let you remake a movie, but it sure as hell enables you to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in the full form of the Spirit of Vengeance. Instead of Johnny Blaze, though, CJ wears the flaming skull.

And not only will your head be perpetually on fire, so will your wheels when driving. This is the way a true Ghost Rider game should be.


24. The Best Sound Pack


What’s another way to improve the best Grand Theft Auto game of all time outside of outdated graphics? Update the outdated sounds

What the New Effects Mod V1 did for visuals, the best sound pack does for all the sounds of GTA SA. If you didn’t know it, you would think you were playing a completely different game based on these new sounds alone.

The sound effects, from explosions to gunfire to cop cars, all sound incredible. Hell, even the sound of screeching brakes is improved, and who pays attention that closely to the sound of screeching brakes?


23. Holes from Bullets


It’s hard to believe, but this simple mod fixes something you would’ve thought would have been a commonplace feature in a Grand Theft Auto game. Before, it looked like bullets just bounced off cars; now, you can see bullet holes.

That’s right, actual bullet holes where you actually shot a car. If you’re one for admiring your talent with a gun, this is a nice GTA SA mod to install.


22. Dual Wield all Weapons


If you’re a very experienced GTA San Andreas player, then you’re probably aware it advanced the game in a lot of respects. One of the advancements was the ability to dual-wield weapons.

The catch, unless you use a cheat, is you need to reach a certain proficiency level with a particular gun to dual wield it. For example, once you reach Hitman status with a TEC-9, you can double wield a TEC-9.

The other guns you can double wield when you reach Hitman status, individually, with them are the 9 mm, sawed-off shotgun, and the Micro SMG. Notice anything in common with these guns?

That’s right; they’re all small.

If you want to double wield, say, a submachine gun, then the Dual Wield all Weapons mod is what you want to install. So, no more restrictions on what guns you can use. This mod brings all options to the table.


21. HD Weapons


Installing mods that improve graphics can target overall features like in-game effects or target individual items, like weapons. This San Andreas mod clearly targets weapons.

Wow, it not only improves the look of every weapon in GTA SA, it honestly presents them in HD (or close to that for a game of its age). Again, all the basic weapons from the original but now in HD.

No new weapons are added with this mod, but, man, they are greatly improved.


20. Textures for GTA SA


Another graphics GTA mod, only this time, it ups the quality of the textures of the streets and roads in GTA San Andreas.

It’s a nice improvement for a game that couldn’t get this kind of love when it was originally released. The processors back then just couldn’t handle the level of detail.

But now processors can, and mods like this go a long way in refreshing the visual pleasure of the game.


19. Street Love


Uh, yeah, if you need to be told what this mod, um, allows you to engage in, well, let’s just illustrate it with what the controls would normally do versus what they’ll allow you to do if you decide to test this mod.

Go up to any girl by pushing “X.” You can now “spank” instead of “fire.” And you can, ahem, finish the same way you would enter a car.

There you go. Get the picture? And no, this isn’t considered the ultimate graphics mod, although it is graphic.

And it would be interesting to see what this mod is like as Ghost Rider. Or Iron Man. Speaking of which…


18. Iron Man Mod


Like Ghost Rider, there’s also a GTA San Andreas mod that allows you to wear the skin of the one and only Iron Man. Now, of course, with this skin, you have the ability to be a good guy and stop bad guys.

Or you can rain hot metal hell down on anyone you wish. Maybe they should have made this a War Machine mod.

Back to the point, this is one of the most fun San Andreas mods, even if it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure.


17. Car Spawner


Forget entering a code to spawn a car. With this GTA SA mod installed, all you have to do is select a car from a newly added menu, hit the button, and poof, you have the car you want without any other hassle.

Another way to put it is that it’s a pure magic car spawning GTA mod. Not the official name of the mod, but once you do it a few times, you’ll agree it feels like pure magic.


16. Dragon Ball Mod


Okay, you’ve got Ghost Rider and Iron Man already. Who else do you want to play as so you can rain destruction on San Andreas in more fun and creative ways?

How about the characters from Dragon Ball Z? That’s right, with this mod, you once again can experience GTA San Andreas from a completely different point of view visually. Throw in that Street Love mod, and, well, you get it.


15. Skateboard Mod


With the Skateboard mod, you can ride a skateboard like a bicycle with similar controls. It should be noted some people have had issues with this mod after installing it.

Depending on the operating system, the issues seem to vary, so do your research.

That being said, if your system is up-to-date and you successfully install the Skateboard mod, you’ll be able to be Tony Hawk when you want and then be able to brutally beat someone with your skateboard if you have to.


14. Cheat Menu Mod


Players of GTA Vice City probably remember how remembering cheat codes became even harder when GTA San Andreas came out.

Even with a handy list of the best GTA San Andreas cheats, remembering even half of them is a tall task.

Thankfully, there’s a mod for GTA San Andreas that makes remembering cheat codes a thing of the past. And it makes picking the cheats you want easy, too. You basically pull up a game menu of all the cheats, and away you go.


13. Car Pack


If you’ve been playing GTA San Andreas a long time, maybe even from its initial release, then you’ve probably grown weary of the same old cars. The good news is there’s a quick and easy way to chase away those boring cars.

Enter the Car Pack. This mod replaces almost every car in the vanilla game with its real-world counterpart. Want a fresh look at an old game? Look no further.


12. GTA United


Miss playing in Liberty City and Vice City? Ever wish there was a way to play those GTA maps along with San Andreas? Well, guess what? GTA United officially unites all three maps in a single mod.

GTA San Andreas already has one of the biggest open world maps of any game and is second only to GTA V in the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Apparently, the vastness of its map allowed this mod to replace it with both Vice City and Liberty City maps.

That’s right; you can explore all three maps side-by-side. Also thrown in with this install are some bonus missions and Easter eggs. You gotta love modders.


11. Overdose Effects


Again, it might not be considered the ultimate graphics mod for GTA San Andreas, but its HD-style improvements to certain specific effects are overwhelming compared to the originals.

Specifically, this mod visually super-sizes things like smoke and fire, which makes blowing stuff up even cooler looking.

This mod also goes a long way in improving visual elements like water and electrical sparks. If destruction is your thing, this is a solid mod to load.


10. Superman Mod


Okay, you’ve got Ghost Rider, Iron Man, and characters from Dragon Ball Z you can play as mods to GTA SA. Who else do you want in your arsenal to strike fear in the hearts of San Andreas?

Super Man? With this mod, you can be Super Man and deliver your own sense of truth and justice; only it’ll be the San Andreas way.


9. Ultimate Graphic Mod


We’ve mentioned previous candidates that didn’t count as the ultimate graphics mod. Now we can actually get to it, which happens to be named the Ultimate Graphics mod.

It isn’t the best-looking graphics mod, overall. However, it is considered ultimate because it approves the graphics across the board, including the overall quality and looks of the game.

Players with lower-end systems enjoy a total improvement without sacrificing much processing power by keeping enhancements to a minimum.


8. Memory Update


With older games come older designs that limit the amount of memory you can use. Nowadays, that isn’t too much of a problem for the best open world PS4 games like GTA V with the capabilities of the PS4.

However, games like GTA San Andreas still have limitations built-in.

Limitations until mods like the Memory update come along. With this mod, you’ll get the memory power of most modern computers, allowing you to load more of the map without crashing your system.


7. Portal Gun


Remember the Teleport Mod for GTA SA? This is like that, only with a Portal Gun from the game Portal. Essentially, both mods function the same in that you’ll get where you want to go quickly.

But you have a gun with this mod, not just the map and a marker. Unlike the Portal game, you will not be able to go to different universes or realities.


6. Tuning Mod


If you’re a car enthusiast, along with being a GTA San Andreas fan, this one combines both worlds for the better.

With this addition, any car can become a new car of your own design. Yes, this offers the potential to lose a lot of time messing with cars.


5. GTA V Hud Mod


GTA V technology for GTA San Andreas? Yes, please.

Anyone who’s played San Andreas knows how difficult swapping weapons is. Well, not anymore with this modification, which brings you the weapon wheel selector. In addition, you also get the GTA V HUD.


4. Parkour Mod


The Parkour mod allows CJ to do Parkour moves uninterrupted. If you don’t remember what Parkour is, it’s a type of athletic race where you get from point A to point B creatively, like jumping off stuff and doing backflips.

For a visual example, you can always watch the first big action scene in Casino Royale.


3. First Person Mod


Until GTA V, you could only play the vanilla GTA games from the third-person POV. This mod changes that for GTA SA, allowing you to play CJ from the first person, and literally seeing everything he experiences from his own personal POV.

If you’re interested in experiencing an older game from, literally, a new point of view, this more than meets that goal.


2. Gravity Gun


If you’ve played GTA IV, you might be aware there’s a mod for that game that allows players to experience that world with gravity control over the surrounding environment.

The Gravity Gun does something similar to GTA San Andreas, only with a gun.

Yes, you get a gun that you can point at and, instead of killing someone, you can make them float toward you or away, or send them up and cause them to crash down. Talk about experiencing a game from a different POV!


1. CLEO 4


And now we have reached the last spot on our list. What takes it?

This mod can easily be considered the mother-of-all GTA San Andreas mods. Take a look back at this list and realize instead of installing them one at a time, you can pretty much install all of them at once with CLEO 4.

Would you like to know more? How about CLEO 4? It allows you to use thousands of unique mods, not just the 30 best.

Another great thing is there isn’t only a CLEO mod for playing San Andreas. You can also get mods for GTA games like GTA 3 and Vice City.

Considering everything the CLEO 4 mod brings to the table for GTA San Andreas, it more than earns the top spot on this list.



Well, there you go. The 30 best GTA San Andreas mods known to man.

It’s pretty hard to imagine a game this old still has this amount of love out there, considering all of the advancements in gameplay, processing, and user modifications.

Then again, everyone that loves games has a few they still like to revisit, especially if they’ve improved on the levels that these GTA San Andreas mods offer.

Here’s a quick recap of the 30 best GTA San Andreas mods of all time:

  1.  CLEO 4
  2.  Gravity Gun
  3.  First Person Mod
  4.  Parkour Mod
  5.  GTA V HUD Mod
  6.  Tuning Mod
  7.  Portal Gun
  8.  Memory Update
  9.  Ultimate Graphic Mod
  10.  Superman Mod
  11.  Overdose Effects
  12.  GTA United
  13.  Car Pack
  14.  Cheat Menu Mod
  15.  Skateboard Mod
  16.  Dragon Ball Mod
  17.  Car Spawner
  18.  Iron Man Mod
  19.  Street Love
  20.  Textures for GTA SA
  21.  HD Weapons
  22.  Dual Wield All Weapons
  23.  Holes from Bullets
  24.  The Best Sound Pack
  25.  Ghost Rider Mod
  26.  Teleport Mod
  27.  Skin Selector
  28.  New Effects V1
  29.  Wheels Pack
  30.  Collection of Graphics Mod

What’s the best GTA San Andreas mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

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