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The 30 Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time

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What are the best GTA Vice City mods of all time?

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was probably one of the most revolutionary games to come along when it first hit the street in 2002. Some even believe it’s the number one trendsetter in open-world games.

Just because it was (and is) great doesn’t mean it can’t be better. And how do these beloved GTA games go from great to legendary? Modifications, of course.


The Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time

This list was created by rounding up information from various web sources, along with our own experiences.

Here’s our list of the 30 best GTA Vice City mods of all time:


30. Nitrous Oxide

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Nitrous Oxide 

Yes, the Grand Theft Auto series consists of some of the most popular video games of all time. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some mods.

The mods on this list aren’t technically part of the original game. Instead, they modify existing parts and aspects of the game or introduce elements not originally found in the vanilla version. They are not in-game cheats.

However, a list of the best GTA Vice City Cheats does come in handy while working your way through all these mods.

Coming in at this spot is the Nitrous Oxide mod. If you’re replaying Vice City for the first time in a long time, an easy mod to start off with is this one.

This Nitrous Oxide mod does as advertised, providing a speed boost on demand. Apparently, the boost was so strong at first that the car would fly away. Now, a modification to the modification has corrected that.

Also, it comes with some new nitro sound effects. If you’ve got the Vice City ENB series mod (more on that way down the list), the effects look even better.


29. Widescreen Fix

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Widescreen Fix

Remember when widescreen TVs were giant boxes where the image was projected from inside the box onto the screen? Or when plasma TVs were this new technology that cost close to $10,000 for 42-inches? And what is an LCD TV?

You may not, but the original GTA Vice City does. Upon its release in 2002, the normal TV aspect ratio was 4:3. Instead of widescreen, everything looked like you were watching something in a box.

So, it’s easy to understand why playing Vice City on a modern widescreen TV may cause the game to look stretched and distorted.

This mod fixes that issue with the Widescreen Fix. Nothing monumental, but it does solve the problem of the modern aspect ratio and allows all your items to fit the screen better, like you’ve come to expect in more modern games.


28. GVBP ReShade

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - GVBP Reshade

One mod almost all games can use, and almost all games in the Grand Theft Auto universe outside of GTA V are no different. It improves the visual effects in terms of lighting and shading.

The GVBP ReShade mod accomplishes this improvement for Vice City by improving said natural lighting and shadows, along with some other effects. Overall, it improves the visual appeal while making it look more like a newer game.


27. GTA: State of Liberty

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - GTA - State of Liberty

If you’ve always wanted to play the united maps of GTA Vice City, GTA III (Liberty City), and GTA San Andreas, then the GTA: State of Liberty mod is the one for you.

Just like it sounds, this provides all three cities in one gigantic map that is not only playable but also features iconic fixtures from each respective map.

If this is the type of mod you’ve been hoping for, now you have it, even though it’s still a work in progress. Thank the modding community for their continued diligent work.


26. LightSaber

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Lightsaber

The great thing about mods is they allow players to indulge in a little fantasy in an already fantastical universe.

With games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City, this usually involves cars or weapons not included in the original game.

And there just happens to be a weapons mod that allows you to wield a lightsaber.

Why, you might ask? Well, if you’re going to be Tommy Vercetti in the neon lights of Vice City, why wouldn’t you use a neon lightsaber to cause some havoc?


25. GTA Vice City: Updated Classic

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Vice City Updated Classic

Some mods emphasize broader things like improving and modernizing the game’s visuals. The Updated Classic mod, for GTA Vice City, instead focuses on narrower items.

These items include headlights that function like real headlights compared to the original game. It also adds improved weapons and better sound for stuff like grenades exploding.


24. GTA Vice City – Definitive Edition

Vice City Definitive Edition

Declaring yourself as the Definitive Edition mod is a bold statement, especially among so many other great mods for the same game.

But, what this mod does have going for it is you basically get several mods rolled into one, including the Widescreen Fix already covered earlier.

So, it really shouldn’t be considered a development mod or one that makes anything more realistic.

No, it’s better to think of it as a hassle-reducing mod.


23. Custom Radio Station

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Custom Radio

So, here’s a GTA Vice City mod that is actually part of the original game but can also be loaded as a mod. Why’s that?

Well, everyone who’s played Vice City loves the radio stations, but a lot don’t know that one of the base features is a customizable radio station. Not knowing that, some created mods to do the same thing.

Either way, to have your own radio station for Tommy Vercetti, you need to bring your own songs in mp3 format and drop them into the mp3 folder in the game’s main directory.


22. HD Radio Icons

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - HD Radio Icons

Speaking of improving narrower details and customizing radio stations, here’s a Vice City modification that brings those radio icons into the world of HD glory.

It’s a quick, easy mod that’s a simple and effective improvement to the game’s visuals.


21. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Lamborghini Avendator

You’re in Vice City. You’re Tommy Vercetti, and you’re making a mark on what will eventually be your city. But you feel you need better wheels when cruising the streets of paradise.

Enter the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 mod. Add the Nitrous Oxide mod, and you now have a hellacious car that can flat out scream when it takes off.


20. VC Wardrobe Mod

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - VC Wardrobe Mod

You’ve got the tunes and the car you want. Now, how about you improving your style? The VC Wardrobe mod gives you access to the finest threads whenever you want or need them.

Not sure if this completely counts as an improvement in the game’s visuals, but it’ll still make you happy.


19. Vice City Hi-Res Load Screen

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Hi-Res Load Screen

Before we get too much further into visual improvements, you might want to just go ahead and load this one. What’s the point of improving the visuals while keeping the original load screen?

Think about it a moment. All this new stuff for an old game, but are you satisfied with an old load screen? No, way. Modify it and move on.


18. First Person View

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - First Person View

Unavailable in any Grand Theft Auto vanilla game until GTA V, the First Person mod for Vice City allows you to literally sink into Tommy Vercetti’s skin and see through his eyes.

It’s not as advanced visually as its modern counterparts, but it still has a new game feel for one of the series’ most beloved titles.

Speaking of GTA V, if you’re a fan of that game, there’s a Vice City mod for that game that’s considered one of the best GTA V mods out there.


17. Photocamera Mod

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Photocamera Mod

The Photocamera mod does exactly what you would expect from such a mod.

You can take snapshots of scenes throughout the game, whether you’re doing something you consider noble or, at the very least, justified, and immortalize them and share with the world.

Oh, and you can take selfies, too. So, that’s also worth mentioning.


16. CLEO Parkour

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time CLEO - Parkour

If you get the CLEO Library for GTA Vice City (which is a huge library of 1000s of mods in one plug-in put together by the modding community), one of the mods you’ll get with it is CLEO Parkour.

What is parkour? If you remember any of those viral videos from the mid-2000s of people running from place-to-place, doing crazy jumps and hand-stands, that’s parkour.

Anyway, you can officially do parkour as Tommy, if you want to. It’s fun, although a bit self-indulgent.


15. Vice City HD Edition

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - HD Edition

Between discussing broader improvements and more narrow and specific improvements, the last couple of items on this list have hit the latter. With the Vice City HD edition, we get back to talking about broader improvements.

And broad these improvements are. Of course, when you mention HD, you know it’s going to be about improvements to the game’s visuals. With HD, the expectations aren’t just a clearer picture but a sharper one.

That’s exactly what you get with this mod. Sharper exteriors, interiors, and effects. Most mods don’t improve the game as completely as this one does.


14. Vice City Definitive Edition Classic

- Vice City Definitive Edition

One of the greatest qualities of GTA Vice City is its appearance. We’re not just talking about exteriors and interiors. It’s the way the look actually makes you feel like you’re in a 1980s movie about crime and drugs.

In a way, all of the Grand Theft Auto games nail this element. Whether it’s the blues of Liberty City to the yellows and setting sunlight of San Andreas, they all nail that immersive game feel.

For Vice City, it’s the neon and tropical colors. With this mod, all those colors and features that make Vice City distinct to the era it’s set in pop even more.


13. Grand Theft Auto RE: Liberty City Stories

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto isn’t just known for its console and PC versions. On the complete GTA games list are a couple that were developed for portable systems like the Game Boy Advance and PSP.

One of the most popular of those was GTA: Liberty City Stories.

With this mod, you can now play Liberty City Stories, including the entire game’s original campaign, with Vice City’s engine, including improved graphics and sounds.

It’s not so much an import but a mod that was completely rewritten to make it playable outside the confines of the PSP.

Again, thank the modding community for their continued efforts.


12. GTA: Vice City Ultimate Trainer

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Ultimate Trainer

With this mod, all need for memorizing or keeping a list of cheats is gone. Instead, cheat codes are now literally at your fingertips. If you install this mod, you won’t have to worry about cheat codes anymore.

Think of it this way: cheats make playing easier but mods are supposed to improve the game while also making playing easier. Always take the mod that eliminates the work required for cheats.


11. Vice City HD Effects

Best GTA Vice City Mods - Vice City HD Effects

This mod focuses on bringing smaller items into HD instead of being as broad as the Vice City HD Edition mod.

This one allows gamers to experience higher quality textures and vastly improved effects, including blood splatter and muzzle flashes. Hell, even the skid marks from fleeing cars get the HD treatment.


10. Vice City Retexture Project

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Vicy City Retexture Project

Here’s another GTA Vice City mod that improves the visuals of the game. We’ve talked about the importance of colors when it comes to the visuals for the settings of GTA.

Another important feature that can always be improved upon are textures.

This mod goes above and beyond on capitalizing on improvements to the game’s visuals by adding even more depth and sharpness to cars, buildings, and roads.

Gone are any flat or smooth looks, replaced now with more shape and grit.


9. Vice City Big Mission Pack

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Big Mission Pack

Games like GTA Vice City really set a modern standard for open world games that both encourage you to explore while also getting those missions under your belt and ultimately completing the campaign.

Some of the games with the biggest open world maps are GTA games.

That absolutely doesn’t mean you’ll never run out of anything to do. This is where the Vice City Big Mission pack comes in.

If you feel like Tommy’s getting a little bored and needs something new to do, the mod answers the call with over 60 new missions to keep him occupied.


8. MeTV Radio

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - MeTV Radio

Do you love the 1980’s music selection of the vanilla version of GTA Vice City? Would you like more music but don’t want to customize your own station or load any of your own mp3s?

Then the solution for you is to download the MeTV Radio mod. With it, you get over 6 hours of additional ’80s music on your various radio stations.

Again, not a monumental mod but one that brings some new stuff for you and Tommy to enjoy.


7. Grand Theft Auto: Shine o’ Vice

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Shine O'Voce

But wait, what if there was a new story set in Vice City and you got to play a new character? Would you be interested?

Excellent, because there just happens to be a mod (still under development) that takes the GTA Vice City map and brings a whole new game to it.

In this game, you play as a mobster from Liberty City who comes to Vice City to avenge his brother’s killing.

Again, it’s still in development, but once done, it promises to be one of the best mods out there.


6. Vice City ENB Series

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Vice City ENB Series

If you’re one for realism and think things like reflections and glare in Vice City, one of the most beloved titles and games out there, could use some serious attention in that department, then you should check out the Vice City ENB Series.

Yes, this ENB (Enhanced Natural Beauty) mod does exactly what you want. It makes chrome more reflective. You get more glare off windshields. Rain shimmers more.

Basically, this mod makes everything look much more theatrical.


5. Silent Patch

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Silent Patch

The Silent Patch mod makes it into the top 5 because the modding community has done with it what Rockstar failed to do. That is, they fixed the vast majority of the bugs in the game.

That’s really it. But it makes sense to load this patch, maybe even as the first mod you install, to eliminate the bugs that should have been taken care of ages ago.

Plus, it does it silently, in the background, where you don’t even notice it’s doing its job.


4. GTA: East Coast Stories

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - GTA - East Coast Stories

One of the best things about mods is when they bring in elements from other games to make the whole experience feel like a playable shared universe.

We’ve seen this before with other mods that combined the maps of Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas.

With GTA: East Coast Stories, you get the maps of Vice City combined with only Liberty City. However, as the name implies, you get more of a story aspect with this addition.

It takes place in 1993, giving it the feel of a brand new GTA story instead of a simple mod.


3. GTA: Long Night

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - GTA - Long Night

Most mods these days, especially big open-world games, seem to have a zombie mod eventually. With Rockstar games, it’s almost an expectation now, whether it’s a zombie mod in the GTA universe or Red Dead Redemption.

GTA: Long Night is the zombie mod for Vice City. The cool thing about this mod isn’t that it’s just a Vice City map with zombies now. Instead, there are also 20 new missions, 25 new weapons, and 6 playable characters.

The missions aren’t the hardest, but considering the fact it’s original and brings a completely different experience to Vice City makes it a mod worth having to compliment one of the most beloved titles out there.


2. Vice Cry: Remastered

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - Vice Cry Remastered

This is really a GTA V mod but is listed here to let you know it’s possible to play a remastered version of Vice City utilizing GTA V’s engine. It’s easily one of the best GTA V mods to download. Simply breathtaking.

The one drawback is you may enjoy a classic game on a modern platform, but you’re also going to want a brand new Vice City game altogether.


1. New Vice City

Best GTA Vice City Mods of All Time - New Vice City

Sometimes the best mod is making an older game newer by making it more immersive. This mod takes the Vice City you love and adds simple things like making sure Tommy is fed and your car doesn’t run out of gas.

It’s not groundbreaking, but it does make an old game feel new by just tweaking it a bit. Sometimes, simple is all you need.



That’s it, our list of the 30 best GTA Vice City mods of all time. With them, the game is reborn and improved.

No, it’s not completely new. But there is an argument to be made that these mods can improve it enough to the point it almost feels like a new game.

Here’s a quick recap of the 30 best GTA Vice City mods:

  1.  New Vice City
  2.  Vice City: Remastered
  3.  GTA: Long Night
  4.  GTA: East Coast Stories
  5.  Silent Patch
  6.  Vice City ENB Series
  7.  Grand Theft Auto: Shine O’ Vice
  8.  MeTV Radio
  9.  Vice City Big Mansion Pack
  10.  Vice City Retexture Project
  11.  Vice City HD Effects
  12.  GTA: Vice City Ultimate Trainer
  13.  Grand Theft Auto RE: Liberty City Stories
  14.  Vice City Definitive Edition Classic
  15.  Vice City HD Edition
  16.  CLEO Parkour
  17.  Photocamera Mod
  18.  First Person View
  19.  Vice City Hi-Res Load Screen
  20.  VC Wardrobe Mod
  21.  Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
  22.  HD Radio Icons
  23.  Custom Radio Stations
  24.  GTA Vice City – Definitive Edition
  25.  GTA Vice City: Updated Classic
  26.  Light Saber
  27.  GTA: Statue of Liberty
  28.  GVBP Reshade
  29.  Widescreen Fix
  30.  Nitrous Oxide

What’s the best GTA Vice City Mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

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