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The 10 Best Hitman 3 Mods

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The Best Hitman 3 Mods to Download

What are the best Hitman 3 mods?

The Hitman franchise has produced some truly great and inventive games, but Hitman 3 takes things to a whole new level.

With more missions than ever, improved NPC AI, and almost total freedom for players, there is a lot to love about this game.

However, even Hitman3 can be made even better by mods, and fortunately, there is no shortage of them on the Nexus!


The 10 Best Hitman 3 Mods

While there are hundreds of mods for Hitman 3 on Nexus, not all of them can enhance gameplay enough to warrant downloading.

The mods we’ve selected have been chosen based on their endorsements, stability, and how much they improve the overall game.

So, before you take that next contract, take a moment to check out our list of the 10 best Hitman 3 mods:


10. 47 Is Pissed

Best Hitman 3 Mods 47 Is Pissed

Kicking off our list is a mod that is just hilarious because it gives you the ability to just go crazy.

With this mod, Agent 47 has finally snapped and had enough of the ICA, the contracts, and all of the NPCs that keep getting in his way.

What this mod does is add a custom mission that replaces the Hokkaido Snow Festival level that can be found under offline missions.

This mission takes place in Miami, Florida, and the goal is to “pacify” 20 NPCs, using a baseball bat to ensure they never get in the way again. 

Although the best Hitman games always require you to stay undercover, this mod throws all of that away and allows you to release your frustrations.

Now, you can attack random people with reckless abandon and bash their brains in because Agent 47 has finally had enough.

While this mod is just a fun little respite from the seriousness of the other missions, we absolutely love it, and it is a great way to relieve stress!


9. Unrestricted Loadouts

Best Hitman 3 Mods Unrestricted Loadouts

In the vanilla game, some missions limit what you can bring along by removing the mission planning ability, but this mod changes that.

Simple and straightforward, Unrestricted Loadouts does as the name suggests and allows you to bring along whatever tools you want.

This opens up a lot more possibilities during missions and makes them a lot more interesting, as you can do things that you otherwise couldn’t.

We love this mod because it gets rid of the limits of the vanilla game and allows you to complete missions the way you want to!

Want to go in loud for a stealth mission? Totally an option. Bring your favorite weapon along on every outing? You can do that too!

Although this mod isn’t a huge game changer, it definitely gives players a lot more freedom than the vanilla game, which is highly appreciated.


8. John Wick

Best Hitman 3 Mods John Wick

Agent 47 is one of the most popular video game characters of all time, and playing as him is incredibly fun.

However, sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit and give 47 a break while someone else takes on his contracts!

That’s where this mod comes in, and it gives you the ability to play as everyone’s favorite dog avenging hitman, John Wick.

We feel like 47 and Wick would get along well if they ever ended up in a spin-off together, but while that may never happen, at least we can enjoy this mod!

When this mod is installed, 47 will be replaced with a recreation of John Wick, and the model is incredibly well-designed.

It’s definitely nice to be able to take a break from 47 for a bit and play as this other equally iconic character!


7. Many Items

Best Hitman 3 Mods Many Items

If you’ve ever wanted to go completely overboard with the number of things you can bring along on a mission, look no further than this mod.

This mod, as the name suggests, allows you to bring many more items with you, and every item is free game.

Want to bring 100 muffins with you? Sure thing! How about 100 bricks of C4? Hell yeah! Now that’s a lot of damage!

When this mod is installed, you have two variants you can download, depending on what you want to have a ton of.

The default version multiplies all gear and melee items so that you have 100 of each, while the default all version does the same but with firearms, containers, and all items.

Sure, this mod is completely absurd, but it can be incredibly fun when you’ve already beaten the game and want to mess around!

This mod definitely isn’t for everyone, but we would suggest giving it a try for yourself before you knock it!

After all, it can be a hilarious way to pass the time while waiting for Hitman 4, which is currently in a development hiatus.


6. Lighting Ultimate

Best Hitman 3 Mods Lighting Ultimate

Now, the lighting in the vanilla game is by no means horrible, but you can’t deny that sometimes it could benefit from a few tweaks.

For example, during some missions, the lighting is annoyingly bright and washed out, and some reflections are brighter than the light sources!

Fortunately, the Lighting Ultimate mod completely overhauls the lighting in Hitman 3 to make it much less glaring.

When this mod is installed, it significantly improves the overall clarity of the game while getting rid of unnecessary filters and effects.

It also reduces bloom, improves the skyboxes, and corrects a lot of the colors in the game so that they look more realistic.

Ultimate Lighting brings Hitman 3 up to par with the best PS5 third-person games, and it definitely is a welcome change.

We would argue that this mod even improves gameplay, since now you’ll be able to see much better in many of the levels!

If you’re tired of being blinded while playing Hitman 3, do yourself a favor and check this mod out for yourself!


5. Readable UI

Best Hitman 3 Mods Readable UI

Like the lighting in Hitman 3, the UI is by no means horrible, but I think we can all agree that it isn’t the best in the series.

While this won’t bring back the great UI from Hitman 2016, one of the best-selling PS4 games, it is the next best thing!

What Readable UI does is increase the clarity and readability of the user interface while also replacing the all-caps text.

This mod also increases the size of the objective text and removes the vignette and color bleeding effect from the minimap.

It even adds an outline to NPC dots so that they’re more visible on the minimap, which definitely makes them stand out a bit better.

Best of all, it works in online modes as well, so you won’t have to worry about having to revert back to the vanilla UI if you don’t want to stay offline.

If you’re not a fan of the UI in Hitman 3, you’re certainly not the only one, and we highly suggest treating yourself to this mod!


4. Simple Realistic

Best Hitman 3 Mods Simple Realistic

Hitman 3 has some impressive graphics, and this reshader aims to make them really stand out, whereas the vanilla game kind of washes them out.

The Simple Realistic mod makes environments a bit brighter but balances things out with improved shading and lighting effects.

It gets rid of the hazy, bright, washed-out appearance that obscures a lot of details and instead enhances the contract so much more is visible.

What really makes this reshader great is that it doesn’t just come in one preset; instead, you can tweak it however you want!

Using the END key, you can open the reshader UI, which allows you to adjust a number of settings to create your own unique effects.

These settings include light intensity, color saturation, darkness levels, and sharpness level, and they allow you to create some pretty stunning visuals!

Hitman 3 may not be one of the most graphically demanding PC games, but the Simple Realistic mod certainly makes it look the part!


3. Simple Mod Framework

Best Hitman 3 Mods Simple Mod Framework

The Simple Mod Framework is a must-have for anyone who wants to use mods or create their own for Hitman 3.

With the Simple Mod Framework, adding mods to your game is easier than ever, which makes it perfect for users who may be new to modding.

Some of the features it provides include automatic updates, feature enabling, and compatibility management.

For updates, this framework will automatically tell you if an update is available, so all you have to do is press a button, and it will be updated for you!

Likewise, if a mod has specific features that can be enabled or disabled separately, this framework can handle that as well.

What really makes it stand out is that it manages all compatibility issues between individual mods so that they should never break your game.

For example, you can download both the Focus mod and the Realistic AI mod, which would normally conflict, without causing issues.

Moreover, if you’re a mod creator, this framework comes with advanced patch support, easy localization, automatic file handling, and simple rebuilding capabilities.

All of this can save you a ton of time and make the process of creating a mod much less intensive, even for noobies!


2. Zero Gravity

Best Hitman 3 Mods Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is incredibly hilarious to play around with, and if you’ve played GTA V, one of the best GTA games, you should be quite familiar with it!

While this mod doesn’t make Agent 47 float around, it does add the appropriate ragdoll effects for items and NPCs.

However, Zero Gravity doesn’t just add a zero-gravity gameplay option. Instead, it comes with a whole host of gravity settings you can choose from!

Although there are general zero gravity options with slightly negative or positive settings, there are also gravity choices based on planets.

All of the planets of the solar system are represented in this mod, each with negative or positive options to choose from.

Even Pluto is available, because no matter what science says, Pluto will always be a planet to us, and no, we don’t accept criticism.

Of course, if you just want to make things absolutely crazy, there are options to increase or decrease gravity by either 100 or 1000.

There is no shortage of hilarious ways to send people flying off into space using this mod, and it definitely makes every mission a bit more enjoyable!


1. Offline Mode Enhanced and Custom Mission Pack

Best Hitman 3 Mods Offline Mode Enhanced and Custom Mission Pack

Taking our number one spot is a mod that makes offline missions some of the best the Hitman franchise has ever seen.

While the offline missions in the vanilla game are great, this mod makes them even better by introducing a number of significant changes.

Offline Mode Enhanced adds more starting suits, unlocked planning pages, new items, and weapons, as well as new starting locations and doubled breaching charges.

Online-only missions have also been added to offline mode, as well as destructive physics, which makes things feel much more dynamic and fun.

Along with these bonus missions, saving and different difficulties have also been enabled for all offline missions.

If that wasn’t enough, this mod also adds custom missions that include choose your own adventure and sniper assassin options.

With this mod, you can play offline without feeling like you’re missing out, and the custom missions are just as engaging as any from the vanilla game.

If you’re looking for a reason to replay Hitman 3, look no further than the Offline Mode Enhanced and Custom Mission Pack mod!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Hitman 3 mods and found some you can’t wait to try yourself.

While Hitman 3 is a fantastic game, there is no denying that these mods add a lot more replayability.

Offline Mode Enhanced, especially, is a great mod for when you’ve gone through every mission and want to experience something fresh!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Hitman 3 mods:

  1. Offline Mode Enhanced and Custom Mission Pack
  2. Zero Gravity
  3. Simple Mod Framework
  4. Simple Realistic
  5. Readable UI
  6. Lighting Ultimate
  7. Many Items
  8. John Wick
  9. Unrestricted Loadouts
  10. 47 Is Pissed

What’s your favorite Hitman game? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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