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The 10 Best Games Like The Quarry

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The Best Games Like The Quarry

What are the best games like The Quarry?

If you grew up watching 80s horror movies, you felt like you could have survived: after all, anyone could do better than those jokers fighting Freddie and Jason.

Well, now’s your chance to find out in The Quarry, as you play camp counselors in a personalized version of a Friday the 13th movie. 

While The Quarry is a modern classic for horror fans, there are many games like it, so if you’re obsessed with horror games, here are 10 that might haunt your dreams.


The 10 Best Games Like The Quarry

Now there are many games that fall under the “interactive horror survival drama” genre; picking among the best wasn’t easy and took much research.

To pick the best games, we looked for terrifying titles with a narrative adventure that truly gripped us, which was challenging in today’s jaded gaming world.

We also gauged how well the narrative held up over multiple game endings to find titles that will keep you awake at night!

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 best games like The Quarry: 


10. Little Hope

Best Games Like The Quarry Little Hope

Here’s a game that lives up to its title, as Little Hope by Dark Pictures Games features a truly horrific story with little hope of survival.

You play as four college students who, along with their professor, must escape Lovecraftian horrors and solve puzzles to stay alive.

With nearly universal acclaim, this game is on our list of the best PS4 zombie games for its strong online multiplayer options.

In this mode, you and up to five online players can play together to survive, though you can also play in an offline couch mode.

Try this realistic experience for that old-school horror movie night feel: just add some popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready to scream!


9. Vampyr

Best Games Like The Quarry Vampyr

Vampires are undoubtedly cool and Vampyr by developer Don’t Nod is a great vampire-centered gaming experience that features a truly tragic storyline.

Vampyr is an action RPG that features Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly-turned vampire tasked with saving 1918 London’s citizens while feeding on them to live. 

This moral dilemma helps Vampyr stand out from other games on this list, as the altruistic Red is forced to take lives to continue his cursed existence.

Play Vampyr to find out what you would do in this troubling scenario: it’s the kind of immersive storyline that we think only video games can do well.

If you’re interested in more vampire-themed games, you’re in luck because the best games like Vampire Survivors might just whet your appetite for blood!

While they’re not interactive horror survival games, they’re often fun time killers that feature progressively difficult stages and fun powerups.


8. The Evil Within 2

Best Games Like The Quarry The Evil Within 2

The original The Evil Within is good enough to get on this list, but we went with its sequel because it’s better in every way.

This game’s beautiful visuals and stifling atmosphere perfectly combine with tight gameplay and controls, which is a big reason why it’s compared to the classic Silent Hill games.

While Silent Hill is one of the best PS1 games ever createdThe Evil Within 2 works as a substitute for that thrilling gaming experience.

What we particularly liked is that you can switch from a third-person or first-person perspective, and the ability to play nightmare modes.

If you like crafting, The Evil Within 2 integrates a new crafting system that enhances the creative stealth kills found in the first game.


7. House Of Ashes

Best Games Like The Quarry House of Ashes

The best horror games play out like movies that you control, which is why we love House of Ashes by Dark Pictures Games. 

In this game, you play a military unit looking for chemical weapons in an Arabian desert that accidentally unleashes an ancient evil committed to destroying humanity. 

What we love about this game is the thick tension and slow build as your team of ultimate BAMFs faces a truly scary horror.

The fact that you’re humanity’s last and only hope for survival in House of Ashes makes this interactive drama even more exciting and post-apocalyptic!

We also think this game will appeal to Call of Duty fans or anyone who loves military-themed gaming experiences.


6. Detroit: Become Human

Best Games Like The Quarry Detroit Become Human

Ever since the 1920 hit play R.U.R. by Czech playwright Karel Capek, the world has been fascinated and terrified by robots and for good reason!

Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Games taps into that fear by placing you in a future that includes plenty of tortured and controlled androids.

During the game, players follow three androids throughout a futuristic world as they fight to escape servitude: if this sounds more sci-fi than horror, you haven’t played it yet!

For example, the game’s often horrific cutscenes will have you screaming in fear as you watch your favorite characters die, usually because of decisions you made. 

Furthermore, if you like philosophical horror movies, Detroit: Become Human plays with deeper themes of consciousness and humanity that will get you thinking.

It’s a bit like a horror-focused Blade Runner, and if that doesn’t sound awesome to you, we’re surprised you’re reading this article!

While some of the best games like Detroit: Become Human have tried to improve it, none have really tapped into the same sci-fi dread.

Each of these unique games offers new and exciting twists on the formula, though many are like a spiritual successor to Detroit: Becoming Human.


5. The Dark Pictures Anthology

Best Games Like The Quarry Dark Pictures Anthology

After playing House of Ashes and Little Hope by Dark Pictures Games, you probably wish there were more narrative-driven horror games by them.

Newsflash: these are just two of many games in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, and the dark games in this series are fantastic.

Each game in the Dark Pictures Anthology features beautiful graphics, Hollywood actors, and intense storylines that compete with traditional horror movies. 

Honestly, we could have probably listed every Dark Pictures Anthology game on this list: they’re simply that good and all worth your time. 

However, we decided to limit ourselves to “just” two to cover a broader range of games: those are the kinds of sacrifices we make for our readers!


4. The Walking Dead (Telltale)

Best Games Like The Quarry The Walking Dead

Though Telltale Games has gone the way of the dodo (rest in power, gentle soldiers), many of their titles are still exciting and worth playing.

For example, the survival horror game The Walking Dead remains engaging years after release and is considered canon by many fans of the series.

It just works on so many levels, as it immerses you in a character-based psychological thriller while also excelling as a horror game.

This title uses in-depth interactive storytelling, violent cutscenes in the third person, and hidden agendas to push the player forward into new and exciting stories.

There are a few things that do hold back The Walking Dead video game for modern players, though we don’t think they’re a huge deal.

After all, quick-time events are probably more horrific than zombies these days, though this game’s story remains enthralling throughout its five seasons.

That said, Telltale Games’ Walking Dead video game is still fun and memorable today: simply put, the zombie apocalypse has never been more fun to play!

Perhaps that’s why The Walking Dead sold over one million episodes in its first two weeks alone, making it the fastest-selling Telltale Games title at the time!

Dying Light/Walking Dead crossover might be brewing for release in the new future, so cross your fingers and hope for the best!


3. Heavy Rain

Best Games Like The Quarry Heavy Rain

Anyone interested in a psychological thriller over a supernatural horror game will like Heavy Rain, an action-adventure game for the PlayStation 3.

In the game, you control four friends trying to solve the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who uses the rain to drown victims. 

Though the game’s original graphics are a little dated now (and the quick time events are a little obtuse), Heavy Rain stands out for its shocking kills.

It also features clever character work and an in-depth plot that creates a strong emotional impact that will linger long after the game’s release.

Thankfully, you can still play this game on Steam and other sites if you don’t own a PS3 anymore or if your game disc skips over and over again.


2. The Inpatient

Best Games Like The Quarry The Inpatient

VR horror games are among the most exciting titles on the market today, and Supermassive Game’s The Inpatient is one of the best by far.

Released in 2018, The Inpatient is part of the Until Dawn universe and tasks you to control someone attempting to regain their memories in an asylum.

That scenario alone is enough to keep you awake but gets even better because the game enhances its first-person perspective with a VR helmet.

As a result, you’ll explore Blackwood Sanatorium in 1952 in an immersive environment featuring terrifying doctors that requires you to solve puzzles.

Bonus points for adding a Wendigo, one of modern horror’s scariest and most under-utilized monsters with a unique and fascinating history. 

So, while this game’s storyline isn’t similar to the best Resident Evil games, its VR design reminds us of Resident Evil Village.

Revealing any more about this game and the hidden agenda of the doctors would ruin it, as it’s genuinely the kind of game you must play for yourself.

We suggest that you play through its nightmare modes to regain your sanity and stay safe in an even more exciting and thrilling environment. 

That’s why, while we love Resident Evil games like Resident Evil Village, we included this game over Resident Evil: we don’t mind courting controversy!

The Inpatient takes place decades before Until Dawn and explores many of the same themes and a similar central conflict as those discussed in that Supermassive Games masterpiece.


1. Until Dawn

Best Games Like The Quarry Until Dawn

Upon its release in 2015 on PlayStation 4, Until Dawn by Supermassive Games was quickly hailed as the king of the survival horror game genre.

With a 79 reviewer score and an 8.3 user average on Metacritic, Until Dawn holds up even today as a fun and tension-filled gaming experience.

In this nail-bitingly scary experience, Supermassive Games tasks players with controlling eight friends trapped in a remote mountain retreat.

Though that may sound generic, Supermassive Games include surprisingly good character development that immerses you in the story quickly.

Supermassive Games achieves this effect with a unique combination of third-person perspective, clue gathering, and beautifully rendered cutscenes.

As you play, you’ll become engaged with the branching storylines and intense horror scenes that feature multiple plot twists and deeply disturbing gameplay.

Just as importantly, Supermassive Games and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment hired real Hollywood actors to play each role.

In particular, Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere help make Until Dawn a supernatural horror movie night with your best friends, one you’ll never forget.

That commitment to detail is something that’s inspired the best games like Until Dawn released in its wake, including games building on its unique legacy.

Supermassive Games used galvanic skin response testing to gauge whether the game scared playtesters. Now, that’s what we call commitment!



No matter what genres you prefer, there are games like The Quarry on this list that bring you into a world of exciting horror.

You not only get action-adventure titles but can play through psychological thrillers featuring characters with a hidden agenda who will inevitably betray you.

Truly, we’ve come a long way since Atari’s Haunted House, and the modern generation’s smoother graphics create truly immersive and realistic experiences.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like The Quarry: 

  1. Until Dawn
  2. The Inpatient
  3. Heavy Rain
  4. The Walking Dead (Telltale)
  5. The Dark Pictures Anthology
  6. Detroit: Become Human
  7. Houses of Ashes
  8. The Evil Within 2
  9. Vampyr
  10. Little Hope

Do you think we missed a game that deserves mentioning? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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