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The 6 Best iPhone 12 Max Pro Screen Protectors



The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors

Which are the best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors?

With the iPhone 12 Pro Max release, Apple has introduced its largest-ever screen for mobile phones. With improved ceramic shield glass, gorgeous detailing, and superb quality, the new offering looks like the best model yet.

However, the improved glass is still not scratch-proof. To protect this valuable piece of tech, we recommend using a screen protector for more security and safety.


The 6 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors

For this entry, we took a look at the best iPhone 12 Max Pro screen protectors on the market and have come up with a list of the most promising candidates.


6. PureGear 2-Way Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

PureGear’s glass screen protector has some benefits worthy of inclusion on the list of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors on the market.

With ultra-thin tempered glass, this product has a two-way glass feature to make the iPhone screen harder to view from the sides. This privacy feature is perfect for preventing other people from snooping as you type messages or browse social media.

The PureGear comes with an alignment tray to make installation easier and bubble-free. All you need to do is put the iPhone in the tray, and it will automatically align it with the glass protector to make it easy to put on.

The protector itself offers durability, with a superb 9H scratch resistance rating. It also retains the glass feel of the iPhone’s native screen. However, its price point is well above the other models, and it has some notable features lacking that competitors include at a much lower price.

While scratch resistance is one of the most outstanding screen protector functions, the cost doesn’t align with its shielding effectiveness.


  • 9H hardness rating
  • Easy alignment tray included
  • Two-way privacy glass
  • Maintains the original glass feel


  • Higher price point
  • Lacks other features for the price


5. Belkin iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector

Belkin iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector

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03/27/2024 05:38 am GMT

Belkin has consistently made high-quality accessories for iPhones, and its new screen protector is no different. This model features some goodies, such as an antimicrobial screen to prevent bacterial growth.

The addition of the biocide on the glass reduces health risks, as phones have a lot of contact with your hands and face. The screen’s durability is definitely one of its positives. It protects well against both scratches and finger marks.

This model is slightly thicker than the older versions of Belkin’s accessories for the iPhone 11. The increased thickness bodes well in providing additional durability but may increase the thickness of the phone overall.

However, most phone cases should still be wider to make the increased width unnoticeable.

The Belkin comes with an installation tray, making it easier to remove any bubbles during the installation process.

However, the one downside of this model is that the glass is not edge-to-edge. The protector only covers the iPhone 12 up to the screen’s end rather than the entire glass surface. As a result, there is a slight light bleed that some users might find uncomfortable.

The reduced cover does allow you to put thicker cases on and still use a screen protector comfortably, but dust might accumulate between the cover and the case.

Overall, we’re pleased with the quality on show here, but the choice to have a smaller cover than edge-to-edge is not ideal.


  • Antibacterial design
  • Easy installation
  • Protects against fingertips and scratches
  • Durable and slightly thicker


  • Might be too thick for comfort
  • Doesn’t cover edge-to-edge


4. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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03/27/2024 08:13 am GMT

The third entry on our list of best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors is Spigen’s EZ Fit protector, specifically designed to be simple to install. The glass has an oleophobic coating, which prevents finger marks and preserves the glass’s clarity for longer. The glass itself is relatively thick but doesn’t impede the regular use of the phone.

The durability of the screen protector is impressive, as it withstood a scratch test perfectly. The oleophobic coating made a huge difference, as we couldn’t see blemishes on the screen at all.

The patented EZ fit design makes the glass extremely simple to install, even for the first time of asking. The included cleaning kit and bubble remover made short work of any dust on the phone and cleaned all the smaller bubbles after the screen was fitted.

The overall screen coverage ensures that cases are still usable with the iPhone, and the fit is very tight, not allowing much room for dust or debris to accumulate.

The added benefit is that Spigen comes with two protectors, so you get a spare just in case the first one gets damaged. Although this will take some effort to achieve, considering the durability of this model.

As a potential downside, we’ve noticed that the glass slightly distorts the screen’s color, masking the brightness and the glare and reducing the overall color saturation.

While it doesn’t make a huge difference, and some color shift is expected with any kind of glass cover, you might want to know this before getting a protector for what seems to be one of the highest quality screens on the market.


  • Oleophobic coating to prevent finger marks
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Comes with a spare protector and installation kit
  • Good screen coverage


  • Might shift colors and reduce fidelity more than usual


3. Dome Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Dome Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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03/26/2024 07:13 am GMT

Whitestone’s Dome Glass protector is one of the top choices on the market, with its innovative installation and durable design. The ultra-thin glass might not look sturdy, but it impressively repels scratches, finger marks, and bacteria due to special coatings.

This model uses an oleophobic coating on top of a 9H hardness glass, with the addition of a shatterproof film to make the glass incredibly resistant to damage and smudges. The coverage is superb, leaving enough room to put a high-quality case on the iPhone to further improve its safety.

The glass is transparent, and we haven’t noticed any problems with light shifts and color desaturation while using the iPhone with the protector.

However, the one possible downside is the elaborate installation process. The kit comes with a holding case to secure the iPhone in place. Then you need to pour the glue on, with the help of the holder to ensure proper glue coverage and dispersal. After that, the adhesive needs to cure with the provided UV curing light.

The exhaustive process ensures the glass is securely stuck to the screen, but some users might have difficulties setting up the protector. The entire process can take a while, so there’s definitely some room for user error. Be careful to install this model seamlessly.

Even with the finicky installation process, the quality of the screen is worth the effort.


  • Very thin glass
  • Oleophobic design to prevent finger marks
  • Extremely transparent with no color loss
  • The liquid adhesive can cover smaller existent scratches


  • Elaborate installation process with room for user error


2. ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

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03/28/2024 03:33 am GMT

Unlike the previous entries on our list, the ESR tempered protector comes with a notable design difference. The glass cover goes over the front camera, providing a more seamless finish than the previous models’ standard cut-off designs.

The ESR fits just well enough to leave ample room for a case. The installation is straightforward, as the kit comes with an alignment platform that fits the iPhone perfectly.

The glass is incredibly durable, protecting the screen against scratches from keys and loose change in your pocket. The protector is transparent, and we have found no complaints about its viewing quality.

Considering it covers the front camera, we’ve tested and made sure that you can still get the perfect photos and face recognition – as if the glass wasn’t there.

The added coverage above the front camera means that the screen provides additional protection. Some people might (ironically) damage the screen right on the top, where most protectors don’t provide coverage.

The kit comes with three protective screens, a cleaning kit, and an alignment case. With three screens in the package, this protector offers a lot of value at a relatively low price.

However, the lower price does reflect somewhat negatively, as the protector doesn’t have the added benefit of antibacterial properties.


  • Easy installation
  • Covers the top of the screen
  • Protects against finger marks
  • Comes with three protective covers for a small price


  • No antibacterial benefits


1. WSKEN for iPhone 12 Pro Max

WSKEN for iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector

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03/27/2024 12:18 pm GMT

WSKEN has followed suit with the easy-to-install, full-coverage protective glass for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With an anti-fingerprint coating, the WSKEN protector’s durable glass is made to withstand stretches, falls, and consistent use.

The cover goes over the front camera, but rest assured that the glass’s high transparency doesn’t impede the face detection capabilities or the iPhone’s superb camera quality.

The installation kit makes the protective glass a breeze to install, and the bubbles are easily removed with the included roller that activates the adhesive.

WSKEN provides two protective screens in the kit, so you have a spare in case the first one has done its job and sustained damage instead of the iPhone itself.

Overall, this protective glass is among the best in its price range, but do note the lack of antibacterial features.


  • Installation kit
  • Comes with a spare glass
  • Covers the camera and screen top
  • Usable with cases


  • No antibacterial coating


Buyers Guide

What should you look for in protective glass? The most important feature is always durability.

However, some products differ in how they’re made and installed on the iPhone. For that reason, we’ve put together a small guide to know what to look for in the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors.



Most versions of protective glass come with a 9H hardness rating, so we consider this to be one of the key requirements. However, even slightly less durable glass will usually prove more than a match to prevent scratches.


Fingerprint Protection

Oleophobic coatings help prevent finger marks on the screen. Over time, using the phone will expend this coating, so don’t expect a lifetime of fingertip-free glass, no matter the price tag.


Ease of Installation

Screen protectors need to be not only durable but simple to install. A solid protector that doesn’t fit well or takes ages to install correctly without bubbles will be no good, no matter how durable the glass is.



Protective glass that isn’t fully transparent will distort light and reduce color saturation, leading to lower brightness and picture quality. The best protective screens almost look like they’re not there at all.


Screen Coverage

Be wary of smaller protective screens, as they won’t provide edge-to-edge coverage. If the glass is smaller, there can be light losses on the edges, and dust can accumulate between the glass and the iPhone case. If the glass is larger, the case won’t fit at all.

Additionally, many protective screens cut off at the top, not covering the camera at the expense of providing a lack of protection in this area, where some people might damage their iPhones by accident.


Antibacterial Properties

Some models have biocide coatings that protect against bacterial growth. While they have their benefits, they are not a necessary part of a protective screen. Note that an antibacterial coating doesn’t offer any protection whatsoever against viruses.



All the products on the list are among the best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors, but we have to give the trophy to ESR tempered glass protector.

The unique combination of a ludicrously small price and two additional replacements give this cover an edge over the competition. The full coverage of the protector on the top of the screen gives it a solid impression.

The glass is high-quality and transparent enough not to interfere with color saturation and the iPhone’s camera and face detection capabilities.

However, the ESR glass protector doesn’t have an antibacterial coating, ostensibly to keep the price a bit lower. If you’re concerned about bacterial growth, we’d recommend the Belkin iPhone protector, but beware of a slightly smaller fit.

Ultimately, an iPhone 12 Pro Max is a significant investment, so be sure to protect it adequately. A screen protector is a vital accessory for any iPhone user.

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