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The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases



The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Which are the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases?

With the release of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has made a product that’s definitely in the running for the best phone of the decade. The improvements in the design, security, and capabilities over the previous version put the iPhone as the device to beat.

However, this model comes at a considerable expense and is a serious investment for the future.

To protect the iPhone from external damage, you’ll undoubtedly need a sturdy case. With scores of options available on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one.


The 8 Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

In this article, we’ve done all the research and have chosen the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases currently available.

The list is in no particular order, as each entry is among the top products to protect your valuable phone from damage.


8. Speck Products Presidio Perfect Clear

Speck Products Presidio Perfect-Clear iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

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03/27/2024 06:23 am GMT

The first entry on our list of best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases should win you over with style and simplicity.

The Presidio Perfect Clear + Glitter has a streamlined yet durable design. The beautiful clear case is covered in glitter, making the iPhone sparkle and dazzle wherever you go. However, the glitter pieces aren’t large enough to become overbearing or tacky, adding just a touch of style to an already stylish phone.

The case itself is sturdy and antibacterial. The manufacturer has rated it to sustain falls of up to 13 feet. It is very tight-fitting, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

It can be a bit difficult to put on correctly, but once the iPhone is securely in the case, it won’t become dislodged easily. The antibacterial coat is a nice bonus, especially since phones are one of the devices we use frequently and frequently touch.

This model is slim enough to allow the iPhone to charge wirelessly, and the plastic it’s made of won’t interfere with the charging process.

Unfortunately, the volume buttons are a bit wonky. The tight fit of the plastic has let us down in this respect. The buttons are tough to press properly and therefore don’t register on the phone.

Changing the volume might take some effort, too. The buttons on the other side of the case work much better and we have no complaints about them.


  • Clear case to show off the natural color of the phone
  • Antibacterial and durable plastic
  • Glitter adds style


  • The volume buttons are hard to press


7. Influence Series Case

Influence Series Case Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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03/27/2024 03:03 am GMT

Next in line is the Influence series from Catalyst, with a focus on customizability and sleekness. The case is perfectly aligned with the iPhone’s dimensions, providing a seamless fit that prevents dust from accumulating between the phone and the surrounding case.

This model comes with specially designed interchangeable buttons, with a rotating button to easily mute the phone.
It is made of air-cushioned plastics, which makes it light yet durable. This provides the iPhone with fall protection from up to 10 feet (for corner falls).

The backside of the case is frosted, enhancing both color and style. This model is also thin enough for the phone to be charged wirelessly.

Plus, there’s plenty of attachment space here, as the case comes with four corner points to put attachments on. One of these attachments can be the lanyard included in the packaging.

However, since the grippiest points are the buttons, you might have a problem with the case slipping out of your hand at times. Also, since this model is primarily rated for corner protection, the thin plastic on the back won’t provide as much safety as you might expect.

Overall, Catalyst’s entry for the iPhone 12 Pro Max cases aligns well with their previous iPhone accessory designs, but there might be more room for improvement, especially considering the price.


  • Ultra-thin, light design
  • Four attachment points
  • Rotating mute button


  • Lacks back protection and grip


6. Survivor Endurance Case

Survivor Endurance Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

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03/27/2024 11:23 am GMT

The Survivor Endurance Case prioritizes protection over aesthetics. The two-layered design is intended to provide additional safety capabilities compared to what flimsy plastic models can achieve.

The case has a raised-edge bezel to protect the phone from damage when it falls on an uneven surface. The Survivor’s primary design rates it for 10-foot fall protection. The raised edge also protects the camera lenses when you lie the iPhone down on a table.

The backside is thick enough to provide rudimentary fall protection while remaining thin enough to allow the iPhone to work with wireless charging and 5G. The buttons on the edge are accessible, and the case is made of silicone to provide ample grip and prevent accidents while holding the phone.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide much else in terms of aesthetics or customization. It’s a safety-first design that puts protecting the iPhone over adding lanyards.


  • Durable design
  • Raised-edge bezel for camera lens protection
  • Works with wireless charging and 5G


  • Lacks additional aesthetic and functional features


5. Pelican Protector Series

PELICAN PROTECTOR Series Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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03/27/2024 04:33 am GMT

Pelican has a wide variety of designs for iPhone 12 Pro Max cases. We’ll take a look at their Protector series, which is the most basic design that aims to provide sturdiness and protection before all else.

The case is slim but sturdy enough to protect against falls of up to 15 feet – which is quite an achievement. This model is generally best for those that take their iPhone mountaineering or cycling, as its design primarily focuses on protection rather than looks.

The back of the case is ridged to allow more grip, but the same can’t be said for the sides, which we consider a design oversight. The case fits relatively snugly, although some users have complained that the fit isn’t secure enough. This could definitely pose an issue if the phone is used in a more unwelcoming environment and during extreme sports.

The dual-layered design includes microbial protection and a slightly raised bevel to protect the camera lens when the phone is put on a flat surface.

Overall, Pelican focuses on providing the basics, but it doesn’t appear to be the best of the bunch.


  • Sturdy, up to 15 ft. fall protection
  • Raised bevel to protect the camera
  • Ridges on the back for grip


  • Can have fit issues



URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

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Urban Armor Gear puts great emphasis on providing your iPhone 12 Pro Max with a case that’s as sturdy as they get. The California-based design aims for practicality and safety.

This model has an innovative honeycomb design to provide a sturdy yet lightweight case that is impact-resistant.

The profile is thin but still gives a slight bevel to protect the camera lenses. The manufacturer claims that their slim product allows for unimpeded wireless capabilities, but you might need to get a high-quality wireless charger, or the iPhone won’t charge.

Color-wise, there are a few different options to choose from, all of which change only the case’s backside. It doesn’t come with additional customization options, such as spaces for attachments. The model has beveled edges to protect the iPhone when laid onto a surface.

Unfortunately, the plastic doesn’t cover the entire screen frame, and the edges can get worn out and become loose fairly quickly.

If you change out the iPhone case often, it will have a negative impact, especially at the slimmest parts near the top of the screen, which could eventually result in the phone slipping out.


  • Durable honeycomb plastic design
  • Provides a solid grip on the phone
  • Bevels for surface protection


  • Screen edges are quite slim and can get worn down


3. Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

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Spigen is one of the top manufacturers of iPhone accessories, and their venture into iPhone 12 Pro Max cases is no different. The Slim Armor CS focuses on providing protection and ease of use for the iPhone, allowing you to use it on the go and in a variety of situations.

The sturdy case is built from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), giving it the elasticity needed to absorb impact and protect the phone from damage. This model also has a beveled edge to protect the screen and the camera when the phone is laid flat.

One neat addition unique to this product is a cardholder on the back of the case. It fits two cards (such as credit cards) while adding minimal width to the phone itself. Unfortunately, the addition of the cardholder makes the case incompatible with wireless charging.

The edges of the case are rubberized to improve grip and prevent slippage.

Overall, the Spigen’s Slim Armor CS provides you with a solid option for basic protective functionality, with the added cardholder at the expense of wireless charging – and all at an impressive price point.


  • Fairly cheap
  • Durable plastic with added rubber for grip
  • Cardholder that fits two cards


  • Incompatible with wireless charging


2. Case-Mate Brilliance

Case-Mate Brilliance Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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03/27/2024 10:03 am GMT

For the penultimate entry in our list of best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, we’re putting style first. The Case-Mate Brilliance Herringbone adds more than a touch of sparkle to your iPhone. With this case, you’ll make an already stylish phone look absolutely stunning.

The TPU offers protection, grip, and tactile buttons, allowing the phone to survive constant (ab)use. The backside of the case is studded with more than 800 crystals, giving this case a unique look from the rest of the lineup.

With Case-Mate Brilliance, the focus is on exemplifying the uniqueness of your style and aesthetic choice while still giving the iPhone the safety it deserves as a centerpiece of your outfit.

This model has a microbial protective coat, slight bevels to protect the surfaces, and is suitable for wireless charging. Be mindful, though, the crystals might damage the charger itself.


  • Stylish and sparkly
  • 10 ft. fall protection
  • Added grip and antimicrobial protection


  • The crystals add texture and might damage surfaces and devices



CLCKR Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

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03/27/2024 11:43 am GMT

The final option on our list of best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases is the CLCKR expandable case, with a few benefits that might push it above the rest in its class.

The TPU structure provides the iPhone with the needed protection and grip. However, this case also has an expandable stand that can be used for video calls and can also serve as a grip with the click of a button.

The stand comes in landscape, portrait, and conference modes, allowing for a wider range of uses. The added feature adds about 2.6mm of width to the phone, making a negligible difference to the overall thickness and feel.

The beveled edge protects the screen, while the edges of the case also have small bumpers for further protection from fall damage.

Overall, the CLCKR provides excellent durability, with an added touch of grip and stand options for ease of use and comfort.


  • Expandable stand
  • QI wireless charging compatible
  • TPU for good grip
  • Great price


  • Slightly thicker


Buyer’s Guide

When browsing for iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, there are a couple of features to look out for, which can mean the difference between a perfect case and a lousy purchase.



The primary function of the case is to be durable and protect the phone against damage. Different plastic variations have varying durability and provide various levels of shock resistance. Shock resistance allows it to absorb impacts more efficiently, which would otherwise damage the phone.

Generally, polycarbonate is slightly sturdier than TPU, which is again more resistant than silicone or rubber. Leather, aluminum, or wood designs also exist, but they might come at a premium and serve primarily a cosmetic purpose.

Although many manufacturers will put MIL-STD 810G 516.6 ratings on their cases to compel you to buy their product, you need to do prior research.

The MIL-STD 810G 516.6 is a standardized test for durability performed by external companies, and the ratings are provided independently of the manufacturer. However, for phone cases, rules are looser, as manufacturers can perform the test themselves and alter the results accordingly.



Of course, you should always pick a case that suits your choice of aesthetics. An iPhone is a prominent piece of technology that you’ll use every day, so putting it into a protective layer that looks ugly won’t do at all.

That said, aesthetics should come second after durability, so don’t skimp on a more effective product just because another model looks slightly better.



Additional features such as wallet options, lanyard attachment spaces, or stands can be equally important.
Adding more customization options to the phone and expanding or perfecting its functions can be a vital part of a case.

For example, products with added stands to facilitate better video viewing or calls can be more important to people that frequently use their phones in those ways.



We’ve provided you with a substantial range of options for your next iPhone 12 Pro Max case. All the products on the list are excellent choices, which won’t let you down and will provide the iPhone with the needed protection in daily use.

However, if we were to choose the best model, we’d recommend CLCKR’s case with the expandable stand.

It may lack added durability, but the addition of the grip and stand functions that other products don’t possess make up for it. However, do note the absence of MagSafe compatibility, so choose wisely if that’s important to you.

If you’re looking for more style, go for the Case-Mate Brilliance. It’s sure to catch the eye, and the protective features certainly aren’t lacking.

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