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The 10 Best Marvel’s Spider-Man Mods

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The Best Marvels Spider Man Mods to Download

What are the best Marvel’s Spider-Man mods?

It’s hard to find any flaws in Marvel’s Spider-Man, given that its graphics, story, and gameplay are some of the best on the PS5 and PC.

However, if you’re playing on PC, you also have access to some pretty amazing mods that can take this game to a whole other level!

Today, we’re looking at the best mods available for Marvel’s Spider-Man so that you can choose the ones worth downloading.


The 10 Best Marvel’s Spider-Man Mods

There are a ton of mods for Spider-Man, and to find the best, we’ve looked at the popularity, reviews, and content of the highest-rated options.

This has allowed us to find the best mods for the game that you absolutely have to try out for yourself!

So, get your web shooters ready! Here’s our list of the 10 best Marvel’s Spider-Man mods:


10. Movie Venom Suit

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Movie Venom Suit

Kicking off our list, we have a mod that adds the Venom suit from the 2018 hit film so you can play as everyone’s favorite symbiote!

This mod adds four different suits with four versions, each that includes half-masked, full-unmasked, and with or without logo options.

The Venom suit is extremely intimidating to look at, and it really makes it feel like you’re playing as the movie character.

It also helps that Peter Parker’s face has also been replaced with Tom Hardy’s in this mod, which we think is a neat touch.

While no voice lines have been altered, so your not really playing as Eddie Brock, being able to swing around the city in this suit is awesome.

We definitely recommend checking this mod off if you’re a Vemon fan or if you just want a badass new suit to go through the game in!


9. Stan Lee

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Stan Lee

The superheroes Stan Lee created have changed the world, and now he can get the superhero treatment himself!

As the creator of Spider-Man, it’s only fair that this larger-than-life figure gets a chance to shine as a web swinger, and that’s just what this mod does.

When installed, this mod replaces the Spider Clan suit with Stan Lee in a tuxedo while making the Bagman suit unmasked with Stan’s face for the ultimate cameo.

Now, you can go through one of the best single-player PS5 games as this iconic creator, which is something we definitely love.

We bet Stan himself would also get a kick out of it if he were still with us, but still, it’s a great way to pay homage to the man who made a majority of the Marvel universe possible!


8. Flying Rats

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Flying Rats

Okay, so this mod is absolutely hilarious, and we had to add it because we literally couldn’t stop laughing while playing with it!

There are two animals that New York City is most known for: rats and rats with wings, also known as pigeons.

What this mod does is replace all of the pigeons with actual rats, and the results are completely absurd.

Like the best Skyrim mods that turn dragons into Thomas the Tank Engines, this mod is completely out there but incredibly run to play with.

When this mod is installed, players get to enjoy pigeon-sized rats flying around as they swing between buildings.

It also makes the pigeon race quest extremely interesting, and we definitely lost more than once because we were laughing too hard!

If you’re a fan of mods that are funnier than they are realistic, Flying Rats by Skull198 is definitely one you should download right now.


7. Photorealistic Movie Graphics

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Photorealistic Movie Graphics

While there have been many reboots of the Spider-Man franchise since the original early 2000s movies, this mod aims to pay tribute to the Sam Raimi originals.

This reshade mod is really cool, and it definitely adds a cinematic tone without compromising the incredible graphics of the game.

Best of all, this mod doesn’t require a beastly computer to run it smoothly, though Spider-Man is already one of the most graphically demanding PC games available right now.

Although re-shading may seem like a relatively small tweak, it really goes a long way to giving the game a completely different feeling.

With this mod, the contrast and exposure have been increased, and a warmer tone has been added to make everything really pop.

Everything feels a little bit darker and more atmospheric, but the details are vivid and really make every cut scene feel like a film.

Photorealistic Movie Graphics really brings back the charm of the OG Sam Raimi movies, and we are totally here for it!


6. Carnage Symbiote Suit 

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Carnage Symbiote Suit

So, we’ve covered Venom, but now we have to pay homage to the deadliest and most horrifying Symbiote in the Spider-Man series; Carnage.

This creature was once a serial killer named Cletus Kasady, but upon coming in contact with the Symbiote, all of his worst traits became magnified.

Now you can play as this absolutely menacing creature as this mod replaces the Future Foundation and Iron Arms suits with the Carnage Symbiote suit.

The Carnage suit looks like something straight out of a horror movie, and with its terrifying sharp-toothed smile, it is definitely not something you’d want to see in a dark alley.

We kind of feel bad for all of the concerned citizens that we’ve helped out while wearing this suit because they are definitely getting mixed messages.

However, it is hilarious to look like the stuff of nightmares while Peter Parker delivers his typical upbeat dialogue.

While you’ll look like something from one of the best PS5 horror games, you’ll also be stopping every mugging you see and delighting the locals. 

When coupled with the Flying Rats, this mod can be quite funny, but it also looks amazing in-game. It’s quickly become one of our favorite suits!


5. May Parker

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods May Parker

Aunt May never gets the appreciation she deserves, but this mod definitely changes that by turning her into the crime-fighting auntie we need!

With this mod, you literally get to play as May Parker, sans the spider suit, as she swings between buildings in her jeans and button-down.

Like the Stan Lee mod, this mod is both hilarious and awesome, and we found ourselves taking a ton of photos of this auntie in action.

There’s just something special about watching May beat the crap out of bad guys like they just disrespected her efforts at F.E.A.S.T.

May Parker is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need, but with this mod, she finally gets to lend a fist to the villains plaguing NYC!

This mod turns Aunt May into a real force to be reckoned with, and we are totally here for it, and you should be too!

Oh, and if you love this mod, its creator also made a mod that makes Mary Jane playable, and it’s just as glorious.


4. Rain Over Night Time Weather

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Rain Over Night Time Weather

This mod is a very simple change, but it definitely goes a long way toward making the game feel much more atmospheric.

Essentially, when this mod is active, every night will use the Final Battle weather, complete with the foreboding rain that heralds epic boss fights!

Rain Over Night Time Weather can also be turned off when you want to go back to the original nights, and it won’t tank your FPS by a ton when it is active.

We love this mod because it’s such a small change, but it takes one of the best open-world PS5 games and really increases the tension.

When used with the Photorealistic Movie Graphics mod, it also gives us flashbacks of the Sam Raimi movies and that iconic kiss with MJ.

There’s just something about this mod that we just can’t play without anymore, and we definitely recommend it to anyone looking to switch up the look of the game!


3. No HUD

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods No HUD

Even without mods, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is incredibly cinematic, and it often feels like playing through a movie.

This mod helps improve that immersion by taking away the HUD so you can experience this huge open-world game without anything getting in your way.

While this can make combat a bit difficult if you’re not used to how the game is played, it is perfect for players who know the game well enough not to need the HUD.

Now you can really feel like you’re in control of a film as you get an unhindered view of Spider-Man swinging through NYC!

We wouldn’t recommend this for players that are completely new to the game, but if you’ve already completed the story a few times, it can be a really great mod!

No HUD is especially appealing when coupled with the Photorealistic Movie Graphics and Rain Over Nighttime Weather mods.

All of these combined really make Spider-Man feel like a movie, only you get to control everything that goes on!

Of course, you can also use this mod while playing as Stan Lee or Aunt May to make them look like the stars of their own superhero films!


2. King Pin

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods King Pin

Speaking of playing as other characters, this mod gives you the ability to play as the crime lord boss of New York City, King Pin!

This mod uses the same character model from the game, so the showdown with the villain himself will be absolutely hilarious.

There is also something just incredibly funny about this huge bald suit-wearing guy just leaping from buildings and swinging around the city.

Fans have had a ton of fun playing around with this mod and taking photos and selfies of Spidey-King Pin in action.

We have to admit, it’s absolutely absurd because King Pin has a perpetually unenthused look on his face, and you can’t help but laugh at how stoic he is.

Like the May Parker and Stan Lee replaces, this mod is geared toward those who just want to have fun after beating the game.

This definitely isn’t something to use during your first playthrough, but we’d highly recommend it for a replay because you won’t be able to stop laughing! 


1. Miles Morales

Best Marvels Spider Man Mods Miles Morales

Taking our number one spot is an incredible mod that lets you play as Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

While the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game will allow fans to switch between Peter and Miles, this mod gives you the ability to do something similar!

When this mode is active, players will have the ability to take control of Miles Morales in his red hoodie variant outfit.

Although this isn’t a complete overhaul, as Peter Parker’s voice is still used, it’s still incredibly cool to be able to control Miles in this game.

The creator of this mod, Tiffsomniac, has also created a casual bodega suit variant for both Miles and Peter, as well as a black and white flannel variant for the pair.

Tiffsomniac has really gone above and beyond to make sure that these iconic characters have all the best drip!

Even though this mod is only a character model replacer, we love being able to play as Miles Morales, who really stood out in his own game.

He’s arguably our favorite Spider-Man (sorry, Pete), and we definitely can’t go back to playing without this mod!

While Spider-Man may be one of the best PS5 exclusive games, this mod alone makes it a must-play on the PC!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Marvel’s Spider-Man mods and found a few you can’t wait to try out!

Like every game available on PC, there are hundreds of mods for Spider-Man Remastered, and we definitely recommend checking out the Nexus for yourself!

That said, these are the mods we found that stood out the most to us, and they’re certainly ones you shouldn’t pass up!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Marvel’s Spider-man mods:

  1. Miles Morales
  2. King Pin
  3. No HUD
  4. Rain Over Night Time Weather
  5. May Parker
  6. Carnage Symbiote Suit 
  7. Photorealistic Movie Graphics
  8. Flying Rats
  9. Stan Lee
  10. Movie Venom Suit

What are your favorite Marvel’s Spider-Man mods? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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