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OSRS: The 10 Best Amulets (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Amulets

What are the best amulets in OSRS? 

When it comes to building your character in Old School Runescape, amulets can be one of the most useful items in the game.

Not only can they provide fantastic attack bonuses and defensive bonuses, but some come with additional effects that make them something players won’t want to pass up.

The best amulets OSRS offers can give players the edge they need to become stronger, more powerful, and ready to crush any enemies that dare to stand against them.

However, not all amulets are created equal, and a normal amulet has nothing on these 10 that we’ve put together for you. 


OSRS: The 10 Best Amulets In OSRS

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best amulets in OSRS:


10. Amulet of Strength

Best Amulets - Amulet of Strength

Kicking off our list is an amulet made for heavy-hitting characters who want to deal as much damage as possible to incapacitate their enemies quickly.

In free-to-play, the amulet of strength shines against enemies with a low defense as it features one of the highest strength bonuses in the game. 


This strength amulet provides players with a +10 to strength, tying it with the amulet of torture.

That said, this strength bonus is the only benefit that it offers, which is why this amulet only ranks at number 10 on our list.

Despite this, it can still be worth picking up if you don’t yet have any amulets equipped and are looking to increase your max hit. 

How To Get It

In F2P, players can create this amulet with 49 magic, allowing them to cast level 3 enchant on any ruby amulet in their inventory.

However, in member worlds, you can also find this amulet dropped from the Giant Mole.


9. Gnome Amulet

Best Amulets - Gnome Amulet

The gnome amulet is relatively unknown in the world of OSRS, but it is worth keeping in mind as an early game amulet as it can help beginners get through some tough situations. 


The gnome amulet acts as a melee amulet of defense, as it provides players with a +13 to all melee defensive stats except ranged and magic.

For players in sticky melee-only situations, this amulet can become a go-to in the early game, especially for players who aren’t yet accustomed to battle.

While it may not hold up to some of the other amulets on this list, it can be a lifesaver for new players. 

How To Get It

If you want to get ahold of this amulet, you’ll need to complete the Treen Gnome Village quest. The amulet will then be awarded to you by King Bolren.

As a bonus, if you ever accidentally lose the amulet, you can always get a new one from the king for free.


8. Amulet of Power

Best Amulets - Amulet of Power

The amulet of power is widely available to F2P players, and it is something to consider if you want an amulet that can provide a solid set of attack bonuses and defensive bonuses.

Early P2P Ironmen players can also benefit from this amulet since the next level of it, the amulet of glory is locked behind relatively high hunter or crafting levels, depending on which route you decide to go down. 

A good amulet, regardless of your class, the amulet of power isn’t something that you’ll want to turn a blind eye to. 


In terms of stats, this amulet offers players a +6 across the board to all attack and defense bonuses. Along with this, it also provides a +6 to strength and a +1 prayer bonus. Currently, this amulet is the best in terms of overall bonuses for players of F2P, and it is much less expensive than some other amulets on this list. 

How To Get It

To get this amulet for yourself, you have a couple of options. You can obtain it from Crystal Implings, craft it with a crafting level of 70, or you can buy it off of the Grand Exchange.

F2P Ironmen can also loot the H.A.M. Storeroom for a diamond amulet and then enchant it with a level 57 in magic.


7. Amulet of Chemistry

Best Amulets - Amulet of Chemistry

The amulet of chemistry differs from others on this list as it doesn’t offer any attack or defense bonuses.

Instead, this unique amulet offers a special effect that helps when you’re making potions. 


The amulet of chemistry provides players with a 5% chance when making potions with the Herblore skill to create 4 potions instead of the standard 3.

It has a total of 5 charges, after which it will crumble to dust, requiring you to make another.

While this may not seem as appealing as amulets that provide other bonuses, it can come in handy for Ironmen who need to be careful when conserving supplies.

Even normal players can benefit from the extra profit, as 4 potion doses will sell for much more than 3. 

Keep in mind that the amount of charges that this amulet has isn’t calculated by the amulet but rather by the player.

This means if you get rid of an amulet of chemistry with 1 charge left and make another, that new amulet will still only have 1 charge.

To get around this, you can break an amulet to destroy it, restoring your next amulet to full charge. 

How To Get It

Players can get this amulet if they have a level 2 enchantment, requiring 27 magic, which can be used to enchant a jade amulet.


6. Amulet of the Damned

Best Amulets - Amulet of the Damned

Providing the same stats as the amulet of glory, the amulet of the damned is another great choice that OSRS players shouldn’t dismiss too quickly.

While it does degrade over time, it can pack a punch when you have it equipped.  


This amulet is very popular in PvP as it offers a buff to Barrows equipment that can be quite powerful. 

For example, if you use this amulet with the Dharok’s set of Barrows armor, you can get a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of all damage taken.

This effect also stacks with the ring of recoil and the vengeance spell.

If you’re wearing Karil’s set, this effect changes to instead provide a 25% chance to hit twice with a single attack, with the second attack dealing half the damage of the first. 

If you’re planning on using any Barrows armor, this amulet is something that you’ll want to keep handy, as the bonuses it can offer aren’t something to pass up lightly. 

How To Get It

To get your hands on this powerful amulet, be sure to search the silver and gold shade chests found inside the Shade Catacombs during the Shades of Mor’ton minigame. 


5. Salve Amulet(ei)

Best Amulets - Salve Amulet(ei)

The salve amulet(ei) is a special version of the standard salve amulet, enchanted in the Nightmare Zone.

Upgrading this amulet makes it far more superior and useful against the undead, and a lot of monsters are affected by the bonuses offered by this amulet. 

Because of this, this amulet really shines when taking on enemies such as the Mystic’s in the Chambers of Xeric quest. 


When imbued in the Nightmare Zone, the salve amulet(ei) boasts an impressive increase to the wearer’s accuracy and damage with both ranged and magic by 20% when attacking the undead.

This benefit is coupled with the 20% increase in attack and strength provided by the standard salve amulet. 

Some of the undead affected by this amulet’s bonuses include the Aberrant Spectre, Ankou, Asyn Shade, Crawling Hand, Ghast, Ghost, Giant Skeleton, Mummy, Zombie, and Revenant varieties. 

However, keep in mind that while attacking groups of enemies in a multi-combat zone, the bonuses will work with melee as normal, but when using magic and ranged attacks, it will only work on your primary opponent.  

Keep in mind that while these effects will stack with Void Knight equipment, they will not stack with the Black Mask and its 16.67% strength and attack bonus or the Slayer helmet. 

How To Get It

To get this upgraded version, you will first need to get a salve amulet obtained by completing the Haunted Mine quest and mining the crystals inside.

Next, to imbue the amulet, play through the Nightmare Zone for 800,000 points or go through the Soul Wars and collect 320 Zeal tokens. 

Keep in mind that amulets imbued through Souls Wars will not count for completing the Ardougne Diary task.

So if you’re looking to complete that, you’ll need to use nightmare points to obtain this amulet.


4. Amulet of Eternal Glory

Best Amulets - Amulet of Eternal Glory.

This amulet offers many of the same stats the amulet of glory provides, although with some incredibly useful bonuses. It is also one of the most expensive amulets, worth an impressive 40 million.


This amulet provides a +10 to all attack bonuses and a +3 to all defense bonuses, along with a +3 prayer bonus.

However, unlike the standard glory amulet, this amulet never needs to be charged and can instead provide players with unlimited teleports.

This means that players can infinitely travel between Edgeville, Al-Harid, Karamja, and Draynor Village without worrying about running out of charges. 

Due to the unlimited teleportation effect on this amulet, it is very popular with players doing abyss Runecrafting, as they can easily teleport to Edgeville to resupply whenever they need. 

How To Get It

To get this amulet, you’ll need to run into a bit of good luck. This is because the only way to obtain this glory amulet is by charging an amulet of glory at the Fountain of Rune in the Wilderness.

When doing this, each amulet with fewer than 6 charges has a 1 in 25,000 chance of being turned into an amulet of eternal glory.

You’ll know when the change occurs, as a message will pop up in the chatbox, alerting you to the transformation. 

A word of warning when recharging in the Wilderness.

Keep your eyes peeled and your sword handy, as this area is a player-killing hotspot, and if you’re not prepared, you can easily get caught off guard!


3. Amulet of Blood Fury

Best Amulets - Amulet of Blood Fury

This unique amulet is a relatively new upgraded version of an amulet of fury, and while they share stats, the amulet of blood fury also comes with an additional passive effect that helps it stand out. 


The amulet of blood fury offers players a +10 to all attack bonuses, a defense bonus of +15, and a prayer bonus of +5.

While its passive effect only works for melee damage, it can be quite useful, granting players a 20% chance to heal to 30% based on whatever damage they dish out. 

Each amulet contains 10,000 charges when created and uses 1 charge for every successful hit. Once these charges run out, it reverts to a standard amulet of fury. 

This amulet is very useful for PvM, such as in the Theatre of Blood and The Nightmare, where melee combat is highlighted.

How To Get It

To get this amulet, you will need to use a blood shard on a standard amulet of fury, turning it into a blood fury amulet. 

These can be obtained as a rare drop from the Vyrewatch Sentinels or by pickpocketing Vyres.

Additional shards can be used to charge this amulet further once you have it, for a maximum charge of 30,000. 


2. 3d Age Amulet

Best Amulets -  3d Age Amulet

Although 3rd age items usually aren’t regarded as the best, an exception can be made for the 3d age amulet.

Possessing the highest magic attack bonus for any neck-slot item, this amulet is one that you’ll want to take a second look at. 


Requiring a level 65 magic to wear it, the 3d age amulet is a good alternative to the occult necklace, which requires players to have a level 70 magic skill. 

This amulet is one of the best in terms of magic attack, with a bonus of +15 and a magic defense of +10.

How To Get It

The 3d age amulet is one of the rarer ones in the game and, as a result, can fetch a whopping 20 million in market value at the Grand Exchange.

While you can’t craft it, this amulet can be acquired if you’re lucky as a possible reward for completing hard, elite, and master-tier Treasure Trails.

This involved solving clue scrolls to find clue scroll caskets, in which this amulet has a 1 in 300,000 chance of spawning. As we said, you have to get lucky.


1. Amulet of Torture

Best Amulets - Amulet of Torture

In terms of the OSRS best amulets, no list would be complete without mentioning this powerful amulet.

Shining brightest in situations where you need power instead of defense, the amulet of torture is something that many players clamber to acquire, and for good reason. 


As an enchanted Zenyte amulet, players will need at least 75 hit points to equip it — the same as any other piece of Zenyte jewelry.

But, if you meet this requirement, you can benefit from the highest melee attack bonuses of any neck-slot item, +15.

It also ties with the strength amulet for having the highest strength bonus of any neck-slot item, at +10. 

Due to its high attack increases and lack of defensive benefits, it’s best used in situations where you need to hit your hardest, such as against certain bosses like Cerberus. 

How To Get It

You will need to enchant a Zenyte amulet with the level 7 enchant spell to get this item for yourself. For this, you will need a level 93 in magic, 20 blood runes, 20 soul runes, and 1 cosmic rune.

If you don’t quite meet these requirements, you can also purchase this amulet from the Grand Exchange at the cost of 10 million.



In OSRS, amulets can be one of the best things to equip to help get you through some tricky situations and tough boss battles.

Each of these amulets is worth giving a second look, especially if you’re currently without a reliable amulet. 

Whether you’re a brand new player or a veteran, it’s always a good idea to keep an amulet handy, just in case you run into a situation that ends up being just a little harder than you originally thought. 

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What’s your favorite amulet in OSRS? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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