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OSRS: The 10 Best Weapons of All Time (Ranked)



The Best OSRS Weapons

Which are the best weapons of all time in Old School RuneScape?

Stabbing, crushing, and slashing the many dangerous foes in Old School RuneScape is not the only way to have fun in the expansive MMORPG, but it is arguably the most memorable.

From humble beginnings of bopping goblins in Lumbridge to taking on the earthly behemoth Vorago in the depths of the Borehole, weapons are a huge decider in all RuneScape battles.


OSRS: The 10 Best Weapons (Ranked)

After going through the list of all available OSRS weapons, below is our list of the top 10 weapons available in the game. (Unfortunately, the Stale Baguette did not make the cut.)


10. Dragon Dagger

OSRS Best Weapons Dragon Dagger

The blood-red Dragon Dagger starts the list here, an affordable yet potent piece of weaponry commonly seen wielded by higher-level players.

This dagger requires a 60 Attack skill to be able to equip for the price of 30,000 coins from various in-game merchants or about 20,000 coins on the Grand Exchange.

One of the deadliest features of this weapon is its special attack “Puncture.” Puncture deals two hits in rapid succession, each with 15% more accuracy and damage.

This special attack only consumes 25% special attack energy, meaning an enemy could potentially be on the receiving end of eight lightning-fast shanks to the kidney.

Additionally, dipping the Dragon Dagger in Super Poison is a great equalizer when going up against stronger foes, as long as you don’t mind fighting dirty.


9. Magic Shortbow

OSRS Best Weapons Magic Shortbow

The Magic Shortbow is another popular RuneScape weapon, but while the Dragon Dagger is more geared toward PvM conflicts, this teal bow is supremely effective at killing other players.

The Magic Shortbow requires a level 50 range skill to wield, which is an attainable hurdle to clear for less veteran players.

What makes the Magic Shortbow so potent is its compatibility with superior Amethyst arrows and the Snapshot special ability.

Snapshot uses 55% special attack energy to, if timed correctly, launch a volley of three arrows in rapid succession.

This drain can be lowered to 50% special attack energy usage with a Magic Bow Scroll.

Once the enemy player resembles a staggering feathered pincushion, follow up with a crushing swing of a Granite Maul for a near-guaranteed knockout blow.


8. Guthan’s Warspear

OSRS Best Weapons Guthans Warspear

Guthan the Infested may have the most repulsive name of all the Barrows Minigame characters, but his eponymous Warspear is still a worthy weapon to try.

Just give it a good wipe-down before use.

While one can only speculate how Guthan became infested in the first place, or what exactly he is infested with (hopefully treatable), players can be certain that the only places to pick up this spear is from chests in the Barrows or purchase off the Grand Exchange.

This spear made the list because of its high offensive capabilities and valuable healing benefits.

When wielded with all of Guthan’s grungey armor set, the player will have a 25% chance of gaining health equal to the amount of damage inflicted on an enemy.

This is especially advantageous when training because it limits the need for food.


7. Trident of the Seas

OSRS Best Weapons Trident of the Seas

This weapon is similar to the three-pronged staff seen in the hands of the Greek mythological god Poseidon or King Triton from “The Little Mermaid,” but it is far more devastating in the hands of experienced magicians.

It requires a level 75 magic skill to use, a barrier of entry that pales in comparison to the hordes of Cave Krakens that must be slaughtered to see this sea-powered staff dropped.

The Trident of the Seas does not care what spellbooks you have equipped, it will always cast the same punishing aqua tornado combat spell.

This staff can be augmented with a Magic Fang to create a “Trident of the Swamp” for an increased magic bonus, new potential for poison damage, and a name that is objectively more terrible.

The main downside to using this weapon is the high cost of charging it to full capacity, requiring thousands of Death, Chaos, and Fire Runes, plus a tidy sum of about 25,000 coins.


6. Zamorakian Spear

OSRS Best Weapons Zamorakian Spear

The two-handed Zamorakian Spear, upon examination, is described as “an evil spear.”

This was likely written by someone or something that had the unfortunate experience of getting poked by it.

The Z Spear is a ferocious weapon, boasting high defense and attack speed stats coupled with the versatility to stab, crush, or slash enemies.

On the stabbing note, it is the stabbiest weapon in the game with a stab bonus of +94. Deadly effective at dispatching Corporeal Beasts.

Getting this spear requires a lucky drop in the God Wars Dungeon from defeating K’ril Tsutsaroth and his bodyguards.

With an attack of 70 or above, this mighty weapon is immediately available for service to the victorious warrior.

Also, worth mentioning, this weapon can be converted into an even more formidable one-handed Zamorakian Hasta by paying Otto Godspeed 300,000 coins.

This weapon has all the same stats, but because it is a one-handed weapon you can equip a shield or defender in the offhand.


5. Toxic Staff of the Dead

OSRS Best Weapons Toxic Staff of the Dead

This funky-looking staff looks like a dragon fang spear with an avocado spiked through the end, but don’t let looks fool you: this is a lethal skewer.

Requiring 75 Magic and 75 Attack skills to wield, this staff has a 25% chance of inflicting poison damage when used with combat spells.

One of the things that separate this staff from others in RuneScape is its abnormally high attack stats, comparable to those of a Dragon Longsword.

This Staff’s special attack is called “Power of Death,” which in this case doesn’t actually kill anyone but instead lowers your target’s melee damage by 50%.

This is an underwhelming debuff considering it costs 100% of your special attack energy to use, but the attack animation makes it all worth it.

Once cast, a ghastly hooded spectre materializes over your character and rumbles in slime-green text: “Spirits of deceased evildoers offer you their protection.” Wicked.

Like the Zamorakian spear, this staff can be found in the God Wars Dungeon dropped by K’ril Tsutsaroth.


4. Saradomin Sword

OSRS Best Weapons Saradomin Sword

Like the Staff of the Dead and Zamorakian Spear, this fiercely dominant two-handed greatsword is a rare drop in the Dungeon of the Gods.

Repeatedly killing Commander Zilyana is the surest way to claim the blade, unless you have 650,000 coins to cough up to the General Exchange.

The Sara Sword, as it is colloquially known, has an 82+ slash attack, a 60+ crush, and an 82+ strength bonus.

The Sara Sword’s special attack “Saradomin’s Lightning” invokes the spirit of Thor, casting down dancing bolts of electricity to deal 10% more melee damage plus 1-16 magic damage.

Wetting this sword with Saradomin’s tear will create the upgraded Saradomin’s Blessed Sword, which improves the slash and strength rating and changes the special attack.

However, like many weapon additions in RuneScape, this metamorphosis will eventually consume the Sara Sword entirely.


3. Toxic Blowpipe

OSRS Best Weapons Toxic Blowpipe

The Toxic Blowpipe achieves our recognition as the finest ranged weapon in OSRS.

Looking like a crystallized upside-down scorpion, this tube of death requires a ranged skill of 75 to operate.

In order to craft it, you will need to chisel down a Tanzanite Fang which necessitates a level 53 Fletching skill.

“Toxic Siphon” is one of the most ruthless special abilities in RuneScape, increasing damage dealt by 50% and restoring the health of the shooter by half the amount of damage inflicted.

This ability only uses 50% of your special ability energy which crushes enemy morale as you can once again heal while they wither away.

When charged with Zulrah’s scales, the Toxic Blowpipe has a Ranged attack of 60 and a Ranged strength of 40. It is important to note that these bonuses stack with the bonuses of your darts, so keep those Dragon Darts handy.

On top of this, the blowpipe has a 25% chance of inflicting venom damage with each shot, and a ⅓ chance of not using scales while firing.


2. Abyssal Whip

OSRS Best Weapons Abyssal Whip

Considering this weapon has the same pattern and length as an Abyssal Demon arm, it is entirely possible that people wielding this weapon are beating other people with the disembodied extremity of a deceased creature.

Make no mistake, RuneScape is an incredibly brutal game.

This non-degradable one-handed weapon requires a level 70 attack to use and a level 85 Slayer ability to face the Abyssal Demons that drop it, (or have it torn off of them mercilessly). On the stats sheet, it is among the most powerful melee weapons in the game comparable to the Sara Sword.

The blade slashes just as swiftly with similar viciousness, and can be spliced with a Kraken Tentacle to create the even mightier “Abyssal Tentacle.”

That said, this irreversible addition makes the whip susceptible to eventually becoming consumed.

The one downside to this weapon is that it doesn’t add experience to your strength skill during battle, so for training your strength skill this isn’t preferable to other melee weapons.

That said, the ability to couple this whip with a shield on the other hand makes this one of the best melee weapon options in RuneScape, second only to…


1. Saradomin Godsword

OSRS Best Weapons Saradomin GodSword

*cue angel song as it descends from the heavens*

With a name like Saradomin Godsword, how could it not be number one?

Our top choice is shaped like a sharpened fleur-de-lis attached to a hilt like the North Star.

The beautiful craftsmanship of this blade complements well the all-hell slash damage of +132 and the ungodly strength bonus of +132.

On those merits alone the Saradomin Godsword claims the throne.

Enter “Healing Blade,” the Godsword’s special ability that further solidifies its reign. “Healing Blade,” an arcing blue swing that doubles your accuracy, increases the player’s max hit by 10% and restores the prayer and health points in relation to damage inflicted on the enemy.

The Sara Godsword is created by fusing 3 Godsword shards found in the God Wars Dungeon to a Saradomin Hilt dropped by Commander Zilyana, same location.

To create the sword, a player will need an 80 Smithing, but swinging will necessitate at least a level 75 Attack.



One of the hardest parts about creating a list like this is assigning offensive merit to ranged weapons versus melee ones.

That said, I’m confident enough about this list to run a Godsword through any who object to my categorization because it’s past midnight and I’ve been writing about RuneScape weapons all day.

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best weapons of all time in OSRS:

  1. Saradomin Godsword
  2. Abyssal Whip
  3. Toxic Blowpipe
  4. Saradomin Sword
  5. Toxic Staff of the Dead
  6. Zamorakian Spear
  7. Trident of the Seas
  8. Guthan’s Warspear
  9. Zamorakian Spear
  10. Dragon Dagger

Which is your favorite OSRS weapon? Leave a comment below.

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