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OSRS: The 10 Best Ranged Armors (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Ranged Armor

What is the best-ranged armor in OSRS?

Ranged is one of the most powerful combat styles in Old School Runescape.

However, to maximize offensive damage, you can equip some specialized pieces of gear.

To make finding ranged gear a bit easier, we’ve rounded up the most powerful sets and pieces for you!


OSRS: The 10 Best Ranged Armors

To create this list, we compared every piece of ranged armor to find which ones are the strongest.

This way, you can easily see what pieces of ranged armor you need to be working toward for your character.

Here’s our list of the best 10 best ranged armor in OSRS:


10. Frog Leather Armour

Best OSRS Ranged Armor Frog Leather Armor

Frog Leather armor requires players to have level 25 ranged and level 25 defence to equip.

This armor is a solid choice for characters just starting out, and it provides some good bonuses.

Although it is a members-only armor, it is definitely one of the best lower-level ranged armor sets.



When wearing the whole set, players can expect a -18 magic attack and a +14 ranged attack bonus.

For defence bonuses, it offers +31 stab, +34 slash, +40 crush, +19 magi, and +42 ranged.

This armor range gear is a solid choice for both offense and defense.


How To Get It:

If you want to get this armor for yourself, there is only one way to do so.

Frog Leather Armour can be bought from Reldak in Dorgesh-Kaan.

A full set will cost around 1,065 coins, though you can always buy pieces separately for less.


9. Spined Armour

Best OSRS Ranged Armor Spined Armor

Spined armour is a Fremennik armour that requires a level 40 in defence and ranged to equip.

A solid mid-tier ranged option, this set provides a good boost to both offense and defence bonuses.

Although it may not be viable for those just starting out, it is certainly something to work towards.



In terms of stats, Spined armour boosts ranged attack but +29.

However, it lowers all other attack bonuses by -6 and magic attack by -31.

For defence, it provides +68 stab, +56 slash, +78 crush, +34 magic, and +62 ranged.


How To Get It:

Since this ranged armor is a Fremennik armour, it can only be made by heading to Waterbirth Island.

It can also only be worn after completing The Fremennik Trials, an intermediate-level quest.

To get this ranged armour for yourself, you will have to find it in drops from Dagannoths underneath the island.

While it isn’t one of the rarest drops in OSRS, it can still take some luck to acquire.


8. Blue Dragonhide Armour

Best OSRS Ranged Armor Blue Dragonhide Armor

Blue Dragonhide armour requires a level 50 ranged and 40 defence to equip.

It is one of the many types of Dragonhide armor that is popular with ranged characters,

Like other types of this armor, this blue variety comes with a shield that can be used for extra defence.



The vambraces, body armor, and chaps raise ranged attack by +40 and ranged defence by +60.

If the shield is also equipped, ranged attack gains an extra +5, and defence bonuses get boosted a decent amount.

With everything equipped, players can expect defence bonuses of +54 stab, +63 slash, +65 crush, +56 magic, and +72 ranged.


How To Get It:

If you want to grab this armor for yourself, each segment can be crafted from six pieces of blue dragon leather.

However, if you don’t want to craft it, the set can often be found on the Grand Exchange if you have coin to spend.

That said, it can be quite pricey, especially the shield, which will cost around 9k.


7. Black Dragonhide Armour

OSRS Best Ranged Armor Black Dragonhide Armor

Black dragonhide armour is the second-best type of ranged dragon armor, but it requires a 70 ranged and 40 defence level to equip.

This OSRS ranged armor has similar defence bonuses to the Adamant armor, though with higher magic resistance.

For mid-level characters, this ranged gear is something to seriously consider for both offense and defence.



In terms of attack bonus, this armor can provide a solid +58 to ranged attack.

For defence, it comes with +52 stab, +63 slash, and +76 crush, magic, and ranged.

If the shield is equipped, ranged attack is increased further by +7, and each defence bonus receives a healthy boost as well.


How To Get It:

If you want to get this range gear for yourself, you can find it as a fairly common reward from hard clue scrolls.

However, it can also be crafted using six pieces of black dragon leather, though you will need a high crafting skill level.

Alternatively, the whole set can be found on the Grand Exchange for an average of 34k.

When paired with some of the best ranged weapons in OSRS, this armor can certainly be worth investing in.


6. Blessed Dragonhide Armour

OSRS Best Ranged Armor Blessed Dragonhide Armor

Blessed Dragonhide armour is available in six variants, coinciding with the six gods; Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, Bandos, and Zaros.

To quip this armor, players must have a level 70 ranged skill and 40 defence, which is the same for all variants.

In terms of defence, this is one of the best ranged gear sets you can get in Old School Runescape.



While wearing a full set of Blessed Dragonhide armour, players can gain a boost of +79 as a ranged attack bonus.

In terms of defence, this armor set provides +121 stab, +106 slash, +130 crush, +109 magic, and +112 ranged defence bonuses.

If the full set is worn, it also provides a +6 prayer bonus which can be quite useful for some players.


How To Get It:

Blessed Dragonhide armour cannot be crafted and instead can only be earned through completing hard Treasure Trails.

However, you can also purchase it from other players on the Grand Exchange if you don’t want to spend a lot of time hunting it down.

That said, this armor can run upwards of 2 million gold, so you’ll need a decent fortune to afford the whole set.


5. Crystal Armour

OSRS Best Ranged Armor Crystal Armor

Crystal armor requires 60 ranged and 70 defence to equip, but it comes with some surprising buffs.

While this range gear degrades over time, it is made to provide a damage and accuracy bonus to the Crystal Bow and Bow of Faerdhinen.

If you’re using one of these as your primary weapon, this armor set is going to be something you want.

When paired with the Archer’s Ring, one of the best rings in OSRS, this armor set can be incredibly strong.



Crystal armor provides a +58 ranged attack bonus, plus a total of 15% extra damage and 30% extra accuracy when using one of the bows mentioned above.

For defence, this armor set offers +84 stab, +67 slash, +92 crush, +88 magic, and +124 ranged protection.

Additionally, it also comes with a +7 prayer bonus, which is a solid overall buff.


How To Get It:

In order to get this armor you will need crystal armour seeds, which can be used to create the crystal helm, body, and legs.

You can only create these at a singing bowl or by having either Reese or Conwenna create them, though this will cost 60 extra crystals per piece.

If you need crystal armor seeds, you can buy them on the Grand Exchange, though they are fairly expensive.


4. 3rd Age Armour

OSRS Best Ranged Armor 3rd Age Ranger Kit

This high-level ranged armor is the second-best non-degradable armor for ranged weapons in Old School Runescape.

Requiring a level 65 ranged and level 45 defence to wear, this armor has similar stats to the Black Dragonhide armour, but with more magic defence.

Although it can be difficult to find, it is well worth the search for the bonuses it provides.



The 3rd Age ranged armor provides a +67 to ranged attack, as well as a load of great defence buffs.

This armor offers +96 stab, +84 slash, +110 crush, +104 magic, +94 ranged defence bonuses.

If used with the 3rd Age Bow, the ranged attack is raised by an additional 80 points, for a total of a +147 ranged attack bonus.


How To Get It:

In order to get this armor, you have to complete hard, elite, and master-tier Treasure Trails.

Each piece of gear is a potential reward for completing one of these quests; however, you will have to get lucky.

That said, this armor can also be found on the Grand Exchange, with some pieces costing upwards of 20 million coins.

If you really want this ranged armor set and have a lot of gold, buying it outright will be the easiest way to grab it.


3. Karil’s Set

Best OSRS Ranged Armor Karils Armor

This high-level ranged set is one of the strongest in the game, and it is especially useful in PVP combat.

While the set requires users to have level 70 ranged and defence to wear, when equipped, attacks have a chance to reduce an opponent’s agility.

If worn alongside the Amulet of the Damned, one of the best amulets in OSRS, this effect can also inflict more damage via hitsplash.



Karil’s set has some impressive stat bonuses, including a +138 ranged attack bonus.

This comes largely from using Karil’s crossbow and Karil’s leathertop, both of which are some of the best in slot.

For defence, this set offers a +79 stab, +71 slash, +90 crush, + 106 magic, and +100 ranged.

In terms of both offence and defence, this ranged armor set is one of the best all around.


How To Get It:

This set of ranged armor, including Karil’s crossbow, can be earned by completing the Barrows minigame.

While most people associate this minigame with the Barrows gloves, one of the best gloves in OSRS, this armor is arguably even better.

However, keep in mind that this armor is only one possible reward you can receive, so it may take some grinding to get everything.

That said, like much of the other best ranged gear, Karil’s set can be found on the Grand Exchange, so long as you have enough money to buy it.


2. Armadyl Armour

OSRS Best Ranged Armor Armadyl Armor

Another high-level ranged armor set, Armadyl armor has some of the best ranged attack bonus bonuses in OSRS.

This armor is often used for training ranged and slayer skills or for fighting bosses with high defence levels.

Additionally, this armor can be broken down to get Armadylean plate pieces, which can be used to upgrade the Masori armor.



Armadyl provides an attack bonus of +63 to ranged, which is an overall solid boost.

For defence, it offers +94 stab, +83 slash, +105 crush, +120 magic, and +98 ranged, which is more than enough to dampen most income attacks.

Furthermore, this set also provides a prayer bonus of +3, which can be extremely useful in many situations.


How To Get It:

This armor is dropped by General Kree’arra and his three henchmen; Wingman Skree, Flockleader Geerin, and Flight Lilisa.

Each of these enemies can be found in the God Wars Dungeon north of Trollheim.

However, this dungeon can only be accessed after partially completing the Troll Stronghold quest or fully completing the Easy Combat Achievements.

Of course, you can always purchase the full set on the Grand Exchange, though the average price for everything is 51 million coins.


1. Masori Armour

Best OSRS Ranged Armor Masori Armor

Masori Armoir is the best in slot ranged armor you can find in Old School Runescape, and it requires 80 ranged and 30 defence to equip.

Offering the strongest ranged attack bonus in the game, this armor can even be fortified to increase its defensive bonuses.

However, to wear the fortified version of this armor, you will have to have level 80 in both ranged and defence.



The unfortified version of this armor provides a +82 to ranged attack, and +66 stab, +63 slash, +70 crush, +50 magic, and +59 ranged defensive bonuses.

It also adds +8 as a ranged strength bonus, which is very helpful for taking on tough enemies.

When this armor is fortified, defensive bonuses increase to +102 stab, +92 slash, +115 crush, +132 magic, and +106 ranged.

Fortifying this armor additionally adds a +3 prayer bonus, while keeping all other bonuses the same.


How To Get It:

If you want to get the best ranged armor in OSRS, you’re going to have to get very lucky.

Masori Armour can only be found as a rare drop from the Tombs of Amascut, a raid in the Kharidian Desert.

It is likely players looking for this armor will have to complete this raid many times in order to get all pieces of this armor set.

However, if you have 200 million gold, you can buy the unfortified version on the Grand Exchange, while the fortified version will run you up to 300 million!



Playing as a ranger in Old School Runescape can be incredibly rewarding, but to be effective, you need the right gear.

If you want your ranged character to be the best, these are the armor sets you’ll want to go for.

Make sure to check out our other Old School Runescape lists to learn more about the best items you can find in the game for every class!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best ranged armor in OSRS:

  1. Masori Armour
  2. Armadyl Armour
  3. Karil’s Set
  4. 3rd Age Armour
  5. Crystal Armour
  6. Blessed Dragonhide Armour
  7. Black Dragonhide Armour
  8. Blue Dragonhide Armour
  9. Spined Armour
  10. Frog Leather Armour

What’s your favorite ranged armor in Old School Runescape? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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