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The 10 Best PS5 Zombie Games

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The Best PS5 Zombie Games

What are the best PS5 zombie games?

The zombie genre has been steadily increasing in popularity thanks to games like Resident Evil and TV series like The Walking Dead.

Given how much can be done with zombies, it’s no surprise that many games use these brain-eaters as enemies.

However, not all zombie games are worth rushing out to play, which is why we’ve decided to hunt down the best of the best!


The 10 Best PS5 Zombie Games

While putting together this list, we’ve played so many zombie games that we’re basically connoisseurs of the undead at this point.

Although numerous titles feature zombies, the ones that made our list were chosen based on their gameplay, popularity, and player reviews.

So, if you’re ready to channel your inner Negan, here’s our list of the 10 best PS5 zombie games:


10. Resident Evil Village

Best PS5 Zombie Games Resident Evil Village

Starting off our list, we have Resident Evil Village, the eighth major installment in the Resident Evil series.

It is also the game that gave us the vampire Lady Dimitrescu, who fans went crazy for as soon as she first appeared.

This game wraps up the story arc of Ethan Winters and it takes place a few years after the events of Resident Evil Biohazard.

After spending the previous game searching for his wife, Ethan now finds himself having to track down his kidnapped daughter.

Unfortunately, this brings him to a village filled with mutant zombie creatures hellbent on terrifying players.

Unlike Biohazard, Village features more action gameplay with many more enemies appearing on the map.

However, it also maintains all of the horror aspects of previous games, including forcing players to scavenge for items to stay alive.

Village is undoubtedly one of the best Resident Evil games, and its dark, creepy atmosphere will make you want to play with the lights on.


9. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Best PS5 Zombie Games Resident Evil 4 Remake

Of course, the newest Resident Evil game warrants a mention! This game has already proved to be one of the most popular in the series!

A complete remake of the 2005 game, everything in this installment has been completely recreated from the ground up.

Set six years after the disaster in Racoon City, players assume control of Leon Kennedy once more to track down the president’s daughter, Ashley.

As Leon, players are taken to a remote European village where the locals are more than a little hostile to outsiders.

Throughout this game, players will have to fight their way through terrifying monsters and shambling zombie-like mutants to try and stay alive.

While the majority of this remake remains faithful to the original game, the gameplay has been modernized and a few situations have been tweaked.

Resident Evil 4 does a great job of balancing horror and shooter mechanics without making it feel overdone or like an endless shooting gallery.

Even if you’ve never played a Resident Evil game, it is easy enough to drive into this remake and have a ton of fun!


8. Dysmantle

Best PS5 Zombie Games Dysmantle

Like the best Fallout games, Dysmantle starts off with the player character clambering out of an underground shelter into a post-apocalyptic world.

Along with being a great survival game, Dysmantle also subjects players to all manner of zombified humans and animals.

One moment you’re out gathering resources and the next a horde of zombies is trying to turn you into their mid-day snack!

Fortunately, you can fight back if you’ve been able to craft weapons or you can lure them into traps to take them out.

Of course, you can also run away, which is one of the best ways to ensure your survival!

While the main goal of this game is to find a way off of the island you’re on, the majority of your time will be spent building yourself a new life.

Almost everything in the game can be broken down and used for materials and there is a lot to gather in the huge open world.

If you love zombie games and survival, Dysmantle is something you definitely won’t want to pass up!


7. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Best PS5 Zombie Games Resident Evil 2 Remake

We promise this is the last Resident Evil game on the list! However, we simply couldn’t leave this gem out!

Released in 2019, this game is a remake of the original 1998 game and it was completely redesigned for modern consoles.

While much of the game remains the same, the action was toned down so that the focus on horror is much greater.

The visuals have also been completely overhauled to be photorealistic, meaning every single zombie is even more terrifying in HD!

Players can choose to play as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield as Raccoon City falls to the zombie apocalypse around them.

The storyline changes depending on who you’re playing as, giving you plenty of incentive to replay the game to see the other perspective.

Resident Evil 2 is one of the most iconic zombie games and it is sure to scare even the most hardened veterans of the genre.

Seriously, there is nothing more panic-inducing than having Mr. X chasing you down or a licker pop out of a vent when you least expect it!


6. World War Z: Aftermath

Best PS5 Zombie Games World War Z Aftermath

World War Z: Aftermath takes traditional zombies and turns them into undulating tidal waves of decaying flesh and gnashing teeth.

This game sees humanity on the brink of extinction as the undead continue to spread like a tsunami throughout every continent on Earth.

Players can band together in groups of four to help stem the tide and stay alive for as long as possible.

While you could play this game on your own, it definitely helps to have as many friends as possible watching your back!

We’d even consider this to be one of the best multiplayer PS5 games for fans of the zombie genre.

Along with the co-op story mode, there is also a PvP mode that allows you to take on other players for survival along with the hordes of grotesque undead.

We will warn you that these zombies are extremely tough and the game even uses a unique Swarm Engine to render thousands of zombies at any time.

These zombies crawl over each other and clamber over anything in their path like water. It’s incredibly creepy!


5. The Persistence

Best PS5 Zombie Games The Persistence

This game brings zombies into outer space and traps you, the player, on a colony ship with them!

As the last survivor, players take control of cloned security officer Zimri Eder as she tries to stay alive and reactivate the ship’s stardrive.

Unfortunately, there are other mutated clones infesting the entire ship, which makes getting around very difficult.

Stealth is highly encouraged, though players aren’t defenseless, as there are several weapons you can use, including a Taser and a gravity gun.

The ship’s layout is also procedurally generated and changes whenever the player goes through the teleporter.

If the player is ever killed, another clone of Zimri will take their place so that the game can continue.

The Persistence also comes with VR headset support and is compatible with the Oculus Rift, Vive, WMR, and Valve Index.

So, if you really want to get up close and personal with these zombies you certainly can!


4. The Last Stand: Aftermath

Best PS5 Zombie Games The Last Stand Aftermath

This single-player rogue-lite adventure allows players to pick a survivor and head out into the world to explore the ravaged ruins of fallen civilization.

As you explore, you’ll have to keep an eye out for anything you can use to survive, including food, fuel, and crafting materials.

Be careful though, because zombie hordes are still roaming the streets, so you’ll have to either sneak around them, outwit them, or try to take them out.

However, the twist here is that you’re also one of the infected and eventually you will die, either from being torn apart by zombies or by the virus in your veins.

Fortunately, when this happens, you get to pick another survivor to pick up where you left off, and all of your perks and upgrades will transfer over!

We love that death doesn’t set you back too much, though it does still kind of suck when you have a good loadout and end up biting the dust.

That said, The Last Stand: Aftermath is terribly addicting, and while it isn’t overly scary, it will challenge all of your survival skills!


3. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Best PS5 Zombie Games Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Stay Human takes inspiration from classic zombie games and combines it with brand-new elements.

Set in a fictional walled European city, the world of this game has been overrun with zombies and players live in one of the last bastions of humanity.

However, zombies still roam the streets outside of safe locations, and when the sun goes down they become much more active.

During the day, only a handful of shamblers can be seen in the streets, while the rest hide from the sun inside buildings.

This means that scavenging interior locations is best done after dark as a majority of zombies will clear out and take to the streets.

Making things even more difficult is the Good Night, Good Luck update, which overhauls nights in the game to add more zombies and lower visibility!

Thankfully, this game borrows elements from the best Assassin’s Creed games by allowing the player character, Aiden, to utilize parkour to get around the city.

Staying on the rooftops can be one of the best ways to avoid being killed, though you can’t stay up there forever!


2. Back 4 Blood

Best PS5 Zombie Games Back 4 Blood

From the creators of the classic Left 4 Dead comes Back 4 Blood, a co-op first-person shooter that tosses players into a terrifying new world.

In this game, players have to fight against zombies called the Ridden, who are formerly human hosts of a parasite that’s turned them into flesh-eating monsters!  

Supporting up to 4 players, this game has a co-op story that forces players to have to work together to survive increasingly difficult missions.

You can also take on your friends in PvP and choose between playing as a Cleaner or a terrifying Ridden, each of which comes with its own unique perks.

Of course, you can also play this game solo, though it will definitely be much more difficult without friends watching your back!

Fortunately, there are tons of great weapons in Back 4 Blood that can help you take out Ridden before they can get a bite in.

For even more replayability, there is a rogue-lite card system that allows you to create a different experience each time you play!


1. The Last Of Us Part 1

Best PS5 Zombie Games The Last of Us Part 1

Taking our number one spot is The Last of Us Part 1, a game set in the post-apocalyptic world following the outbreak of a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.

This game gives players control of Joel Miller, who is tasked with taking a young immune girl, Ellie, across the country with the hope of finding a cure.

Along the way, players encounter some of the most terrifying zombies in gaming. These creatures come in many different varieties, but they’re all horrifying.

There is something incredibly unsettling about trying to sneak around a clicker as it twitches and shambles around making incredibly creepy noises.

Speaking of noises, the PS5 version of this game features 3D audio, so you can really hear the horror from all angles now!

The infected have also had their AI tweaked, making them even more difficult to deal with and much more deadly.

Of course, the story and character development between Joel and Ellie are what really make this game shine.

We’re more than willing to deal with the hordes of infected so long as we get to see more of this iconic duo!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best PS5 zombie games as much as we did putting it all together!

Zombies are such an iconic monster and while they’re included in many games, these are the ones that show them at their best.

The Last of Us Part 1, especially, has had a huge impact on the genre and we highly recommend playing it if you haven’t already!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best PS5 zombie games:

  1. The Last of Us Part 1
  2. Back 4 Blood
  3. Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  4. The Last Stand: Aftermath
  5. The Persistence
  6. World War Z: Aftermath
  7. Resident Evil 2 Remake
  8. Dysmantle
  9. Resident Evil 4 Remake
  10. Resident Evil Village

What’s your favorite zombie game? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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