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The 10 Best Silver Swords in The Witcher 3



The Best Silver Swords in The Witcher 3

Which are the best silver swords in The Witcher 3?

When you’re fighting off hordes of monsters, you need to be prepared to effectively deal as much damage as possible in order to complete your quests successfully.

Choosing the perfect sword for your playthrough can be overwhelming, but we’ve researched the best options so you don’t have to.  


The Best Silver Swords in The Witcher 3

We’ve compiled a list of the best and most effective silver swords available in The Witcher 3.  


10. Bloodsword

The Bloodsword is a relic sword than can be found once the player has reached level 15 and traveled to the mercenary camp east of Oxenfurt.

The sword’s name is a great hint at its main strength- the ability to make your enemy monsters bleed.

If the monster or supernatural being you are fighting starts to take bleeding damage, you are going to succeed in winning the battle much more quickly with the Bloodsword.

Regardless of being number ten on this list, the Bloodsword is a powerful weapon not to be overlooked.

With early in-game availability, it’s a great choice for all players.  


9. Naevde Seidhe

The Naevde Seidhe is another relic item available through looting.

Available at level 26, you have to do a moderate amount of grinding before this weapon becomes available to you.

This sword can also be obtained by completing the “For Fame and Glory” Quest. This sword is a perfect addition to your inventory if you enjoy maximizing the power of magical signs when in combat.

Naevde Seidhe increases intensity for both the Igni and Yrden signs while occasionally causing your enemies to stagger.  


8. Griffin Mastercrafted

Incorporating Mastercrafted weapons into your roster will automatically make you a much more powerful opponent.

In order to gain access to the Mastercrafted weapons, you must find the Master Blacksmith and complete a quest.

The first Mastercrafted weapon on this list is the Griffin Mastercrafted.

Using the Griffin Mastercrafted will provide the following benefits: an increase of sign intensity by 20%, a critical hit damage bonus by 25%, a critical hit chance by 5%, the chance to dismember enemies by 10%, and finally an increase of experience from defeating monsters by 20%.

The required materials to craft the Griffin Mastercrafted silver sword include one Superior Griffin silver sword, two Leather Scraps, two Dimetrium Ingots, one Monster Feather, and one Monster Heart.  


7. Feline Mastercrafted

The Feline Mastercrafted is the second Mastercrafted silver sword on this list.

In order to find this sword, the player must travel to Skellige and find the cave to the east of Harviken on Faroe.

Once the player reaches the end of the cave they will discover two chests, one of the chests will contain the diagram for Feline Mastercrafted.

The stats of the Feline Mastercrafted include an increase of Aard Sign intensity by 15%, critical hit chance by 10%, bleeding chance by 15%, dismemberment chance by 10%, and an increase of 20% to the experience gained from defeating monsters.

To craft this sword you’ll need one Superior Feline silver sword, two Cured Leather, two Dimetrium Ingots, one Flawless Ruby, and one Powdered Monster Tissue.  


6. Ursine Mastercrafted

The Ursine Mastercrafted silver sword, in the Witcher item tier, is an extremely powerful weapon.

Using this weapon will give the player a 20% boost in Andrenaline Point gain, an increase of critical hit chance by 5%, a 14% chance to dismember, a 20% increase in experience gained from defeating a monster, and a whopping 75% critical hit damage bonus.

If you hit a critical hit while using this sword, you are bound to severely injure, if not kill in one hit, almost any monster or supernatural foe in the game.

The required materials to craft this sword include one Superior Ursine silver sword, two Dimeritium Ingots, two Leather Scraps, one Rebis, and one Monster Essence.  


5. Harpy

Harpies are monsters with a very disturbing and unsettling appearance in The Witcher series with a bird’s body and a woman’s head.

However, there is also a sword available in-game with the same name.

The Harpy sword comes in two forms: crafted and the relic. The relic Harpy sword does not have many additional specs, but it makes up for it with very high damage output.

Sadly, the player has to reach level 37 in order to use this sword, but it can be a great choice for players toward the end of the game.  


4. Wolven Mastercrafted

The Wolven Mastercrafted sword does a base damage of over 500.

On top of that, using this sword will increase sign intensity, adrenaline gain, critical hit damage, and bleeding all by 11% each. The player is going to receive an increase in experience from defeating monsters by 20% as well.

Using this weapon is going to benefit the player greatly in battle, and the diagram for this weapon can be found down a road southwest of Kimbolt Way in Velen.

You will discover a destroyed village and a large tree where you will defeat a Fiend to progress and obtain the loot.

In order to craft this weapon, the player needs certain ingredients: one Superior Wolven Silver Sword, two leather scraps, two Dimeritium Ingots, one monster feather, one monster heart, and 67 crowns.  


3. Tor Zireael

The Tor Zireael is a relic-tier weapon available once the player reaches level 48.

The weapon does almost 600 silver damage while increasing the chance of freezing your enemy by 20%.

This weapon may be a difficult one to find as the players who have found it seems to have done so randomly and unintentionally.

Finding a relic weapon as rare as this one is a great achievement regardless if you are going to use it in battle or not.  


2. Tlareg

The silver sword taking the second spot on our list is the Tlareg, and once you read the specifications of this weapon, we are sure you will understand why it’s placed so high.

This sword is another relic tier weapon and is only available to the player once they have reached level 67.

Unlike most of the other weapons on this list, the Tlareg cannot be crafted and there is no diagram for it.

The weapon can only be obtained through looting.

The Tlareg does up to 800 silver damage with an increase of 18% in Igni sign intensity and an increase in freeze chance by 12%.

Located in the north of Kaer Muire, this is a weapon that can do excruciating damage to enemies and is not to be overlooked.  


1. Aerondight

The number one silver sword on our list is none other than the Aerondight.

The Aerondight can only become available with Blood and Wine, the second expansion for The Witcher 3. Once you complete the quest titled There Can Be Only One, the Lady of the Lake at Lac Célavy will present you with the Aerondight.

This weapon is very unique because the weapon’s power increases with each use, and it is one of the very few weapons in-game to do so.

Every time you strike an enemy the damage done by the weapon will increase by 10%, and once the weapon is fully charged you will land critical hits every time.

Furthermore, players who have played the previous Witcher titles have likely used this weapon before.  



Preparing yourself before facing off a strong enemy or for a long quest is very important to prevent dying early in a quest or being overrun by monsters.

When you’re prepared to fight off any type of enemy, you are much more likely to blaze through a quest or battle with few issues or interruptions.

No one wants to walk into a cave full of monsters with just a steel sword on their back, and no one wants to enter a sword duel against another human with a delicate silver sword!

The player is bound to have fun while searching the beautiful open world of The Witcher 3 for any of the weapons on this list.

We encourage you to take the time to fully immerse yourself in the experience and to do some exploration to find the weapons that work best for your playstyle, whether you prefer incorporating sign power or using brute force.

We hope this list gave you some ideas for your own playthrough and what weapons will work best for you!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best silver swords in The Witcher 3:

  1. Aerondight
  2. Tlareg
  3. Tor Zireael
  4. Wolven Mastercrafted
  5. Harpy
  6. Ursen Mastercrafted
  7. Feline Mastercrafted
  8. Griffin Mastercrafted
  9. Naevde Seidhe
  10. Bloodsword

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What’s your favorite silver sword in The Witcher 3? Leave a comment below.

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