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The 10 Best Oils in The Witcher 3



The Best Oils in The Witcher 3

Which are the best oils in The Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3 is one of the most popular action role-playing games of all time.

Developed by CD Projekt Red, the games are based on a super successful fantasy novel series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and has now been adapted into a popular Netflix television series.

In the game, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher with specially enhanced powers to hunt and kill frightening monsters.

In the Witcher 3, players have all sorts of fun things they can craft to turn the tide of a fight in their favor, whether that be armor or weapons.


The Best Oils in The Witcher 3

Even additional items you are able to craft like oils, bombs, and enhanced weapons will give you an extra, sometimes much-needed, advantage. Oils, in particular, are incredibly handy in a wide variety of situations.

Here are the top 10 best oils that are almost guaranteed to give you a needed boost.


10. Superior Draconid Oil

Superior Draconid Oil, as the name would imply, is the highest advancement available for the Draconid Oil that users can craft.

There are also standard and enhanced versions of this oil, which, although effective, are not anywhere close to as powerful as the Superior Draconid Oil. Unfortunately, it is also more difficult to craft.

How to Craft Superior Draconid Oil:

In order to create the Superior Draconid Oil, you’ll need Enhanced Draconid Oil, Alchemy Paste, Cockatrice Stomach, Nekker Warrior’s Liver, Nostrix, Bryonia, and Albedo.

However, you can sometimes find this oil in boxes throughout the world.

If you are able to find those ingredients or pick up a Superior Draconid Oil, you will gain +50% Attack Power when fighting Arconids.

When you’re in a sticky situation, surrounded on all sides by these creatures, this oil can be a game-changer.


9. Superior Cursed Oil

Superior Cursed Oil is the highest level Cursed Oil available, which also comes in standard and enhanced versions.

Much like Draconid Oil, this oil will give users an advantage over a specific type of violent creature.

Using the Superior Cursed Oil will give you an extra 50% attack damage against Cursed One creatures.

With 60 charges, this oil can prove to be invaluable and well worth the time it takes to craft.

How to Craft Superior Cursed Oil:

In order to craft this oil, you’ll need an Enhanced Cursed Oil, Alchemy Paste, Ekimmara Hide, Cave Troll Liver, Wolfsbane, Mistletoe, and Rubedo. Some of those ingredients can prove a little tricky to find, so get to hunting!

It is worth it, for sure.


8. Superior Elementa Oil

Carrying on the same theme, we have another oil that is an advancement on a more common oil and one that allows you to do excess damage to a particular type of annoying creature.

The Superior Elementa Oil is the highest level Elementa oil, better than standard and enhanced, that allows Geralt to do 50% extra attack power against Elementa creatures.

This oil is also good for 60 charges and is one of the most useful in the Witcher 3.

How to Craft Superior Elementa Oil:

If you find yourself in need of extra help against Elementra creatures, and everyone finds themselves in that position from time to time, you can craft the Superior Elementa Oil by combining Enhanced Elementa Oil, Alchemy Paste, Nostrix, Essence of Wrath, All Spice, Honeysuckle, and Albedo.


7. Superior Hybrid Oil

With 60 charges that allow you to have an extra 50% attack power against Hybrid creatures, the Superior Hybrid Oil is really the best you can do when you have to defeat a stubborn hybrid monster.

An advanced oil, that also has standard and enhanced variants, the Superior Hybrid Oil will grant players that extra bit of advantage for really tough fights against monsters known to be troublesome. With this oil in your back pocket, you can step into the fight prepared and unafraid.

How to Craft Superior Hybrid Oil:

In order to craft the Superior Hybrid Oil, you will need an Enhanced Hybrid Oil, Alchemy Paste, Erynia Eye, Ginatia Petals, White Myrtle Petals, Bison Grass, and Albedo. Some of those ingredients are harder to come by than others, but the oil is well worth the effort.


6. Superior Insectoid Oil

As you might be able to guess from the other oils on this list, the Superior Insectoid Oil is the highest advancement of the Insectoid Oil that also comes in standard and enhanced variants.

This particularly useful oil can be used to give you a 50% attack power boost against Insectoid type creatures.

As anyone can tell you, with 60 charges, this oil can make all of the difference in Insectoid fights.

There are plenty of creepy, crawly insectoid-type creatures in the Witcher 3 and they are strong. But they are no match for the Superior Insectoid Oil.

How to Craft Superior Insectoid Oil:

You can craft this oil using Enhanced Insectoid Oil, Alchemy Paste, Endrega Heart, Puffball, Hornwort, Bloodmoss, and Hydragenum.


5. Superior Ogroid Oil

The highest-level advancement of the Ogroid Oil, the Superior Ogroid Oil, which also comes in enhanced and standard options, can give you a much-needed boost against some of the fiercest creatures in the Witcher 3 universe.

Ogres are rare to find but can have some amazing loot if you are able to find them and take them out. But they are fierce and strong.

Using the Superior Ogroid Oil will give you +50% attack power against these fierce beasts and may lead to some amazing battles.

How to Craft Superior Ogroid Oil:

In order to make Superior Ogroid Oil, you will need Enhanced Ogroid Oil, two Alchemy Pastes, Cave Troll Liver, Arenaria, Ranogrin, Ribleaf, and Aethar.

This oil is well worth the time as it could lead to taking down an ogre. 


4. Superior Beast Oil

The Superior Beast Oil, like the other amazing and powerful oils on this list, is the advanced form of the enhanced and standard Beast Oils.

This powerful oil will grant you a 50% attack power boost against beast creatures with 60 charges.

Beasts might not be the scariest or most powerful creatures you will have to fight in the Witcher 3, they can still be a massive struggle, especially some of the more ferocious bears.

The Superior Beast Oil will take any sting out of these monsters.

How to Craft Superior Beast Oil:

To craft the Superior Beast Oil, you will need Enhanced Beast Oil, Alchemy Paste, Cockatrice Stomach, Celandine, Puffball, Bison Grass, and Rubedo.


3. Superior Necrophage Oil

The highest level Necrophage oil, the advanced version of the enhanced and standard oils, the Superior Necrohage Oil, will grant the user 60 charges of 50% attack boost against Necrophages.

Besides humans, Necrophages are probably the most common creature you will encounter in the Witcher 3. Some of them aren’t the biggest threat, but, if you aren’t able to take them out quickly, they can overwhelm the most skilled fighter.

The Superior Necrophage Oil gives that boost you might need to fight them stress-free.

How to Craft Superior Necrophage Oil:

In order to craft the Superior Necrophage Oil, you will need quite a few ingredients including an Enhanced Necrophage Oil, 5 Alchemy Pastes, Devourer’s Blood, Beggartick Blossoms, Arenaria, Pringrape, and Hydragenum.


2. Superior Specter Oil

Easily one of the most important oils in the Witcher 3, the Superior Specter Oil will grant you a 50% attack power boost for 60 attacks in spectre enemies.

Spectres are, depending on who you ask, one of the most deadly and frightening creatures in the Witcher 3.

They have strong, pack a punch with melee damage, and some of them can leech health away from you.

It is absolutely essential that Geralt has all of the help he can get to fight these terrible monsters, so the Superior Specter Oil cannot be recommended highly enough.

How to Craft Superior Specter Oil:

To craft the Superior Specter Oil, you need an Enhanced Specter Oil, Alchemy Paste, Essence of Wraith, Longrube, Mistletoe, Ergot Seeds, and Rebis.


1. Superior Hanged Mans Venom

Easily the most legendary oil in the Witcher 3, the Superior Hanged Mans Venom has earned its reputation.

For 60 attacks, this oil will give you a 50% attack power boost against humans and nonhuman creatures.

Certain boss fights later in the game require you to go toe to toe with some of the scariest monsters in the game: humans. This oil will give you the extra edge and may just save your life.

How to Craft Superior Hanged Mans Venom:

To craft this essential oil, you’ll need an enhanced Hanged Man’s Venom, Alchemy Paste, Bloodmoss, Devourer’s Blood, Fool’s Parsley Leaves, Green Mold, and Quebirth.



No matter what enemy you are fighting in the Witcher 3, there is usually a way to give yourself a distinct advantage in the matchup.

Whether that be a ferocious insect, a grizzled ogre, or a cunning human, there is an oil designed to boost your abilities and gain an advantage.

The world of the Witcher 3 is incredibly massive.

There is no telling which enemies and monsters are lurking in the forests, ready to catch you unaware.

But with these top ten oils, you will never be caught off guard. Make sure you understand how each of them works so you can use them effectively and enjoy this amazing game.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best oils in The Witcher 3:

  1. Superior Hanged Mans Venom
  2. Superior Specter Oil
  3. Superior Necrophage Oil
  4. Superior Beast Oil
  5. Superior Ogroid Oil
  6. Superior Insectoid Oil
  7. Superior Hybrid Oil
  8. Superior Elementa Oil
  9. Superior Cursed Oil
  10. Superior Draconid Oil

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Which are your favorite oils to use in The Witcher 3? Leave a comment below.

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