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The 10 Best Valheim Mods

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The Best Valheim Mods to Download

What are the best Valheim mods?

Valheim is one of the best survival games ever made, and it gives players a ton of freedom to do what it takes to stay alive. 

However, once you play through the game a few times, it’s nice to be able to spice things up with new items and mechanics.

While the game doesn’t officially support modding, that hasn’t stopped modders from creating some great content that makes replaying this game a real treat!


The 10 Best Valheim Mods

There are over 1500 mods for Valheim currently on Nexus, but not all of them are able to call themselves the best.

To create this list, we’ve selected mods based on how they improve the game, how stable they are, and their number of endorsements.

So, if you’re ready to prove your worth, here’s our list of the 10 best Valheim mods:


10. Auto Fuel

Best Valheim Mods Auto Fuel

Kicking off our list, we have a mod that makes fireplaces and smelters a lot easier to use when you don’t want to fuss over them.

In the vanilla game, to keep these going, you would have to manually add ore and fuel like coal and wood.

This can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to focus on other things like building or farming.

Fortunately, modder Aedenthorn has come up with an elegant solution that allows you to get things started and step away.

When this mod is installed, fireplaces, smelters, and kilns will automatically take in fuel from the ground and nearby containers.

So, if you want to keep your fire going for a long time, all you need to do is shove a bunch of wood into a container and enjoy the cozy environment!

Auto Fuel is also customizable, and it allows you to change the range that fuel can be grabbed from, so you can really make it cover a lot of ground.

Valheim may have changed how we play survival games, but this mod changes everything about how we keep our fires going!


9. Clock

Best Valheim Mods Clock

Valheim may be one of the best survival games of all time, but you know what could make it even better? A clock!

No more will you have to try and tell the time by calculating where the sun is in the sky, and you’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard by darkness.

As the name suggests, this mod adds a simple clock widget that tells either the in-game time or the general time of day.

This clock is highly configurable, and you can change its position, its font, and font size, as well as its color and time format.

You can even set it to a hotkey so that it only appears when you want, which is great for players who like a minimal HUD.

While this isn’t necessarily game-changing, it is good to have, and we really wish a clock had been in the game from the beginning.


8. Plant Everything

Best Valheim Mods Plant Everything

One of the best things about Valheim is that it gives you a lot of different ways to approach survival.

While farming is a viable option in the vanilla game, this mod really ups the ante by allowing you to plant anything you want.

With this mod, your cultivator can now plant everything from berry bushes to mushrooms and previously unavailable trees.

In addition to giving you a ton of new things to plant, this mod is also very configurable, and it allows you to tweak many of the game’s farming mechanics.

Overall, this mod adds 24 new recipes to the cultivator, which are unlocked when you obtain 1 of any of a recipe’s required materials.

It also displays how long a plant has left to grow while allowing you to grow everything in any biome.

Basically, Plant Everything turns Valheim into one of the best games like Farming Simulator, and we are totally here for it.

If you rely heavily on farming or want to do a playthrough that does, we highly suggest adding this mod to your load order!


7. HD Valheim

Best Valheim Mods HD Valheim

Valheim may not be one of the most graphically demanding PC games, but it’s hard to deny that it’s quite beautiful to look at.

However, mod creator DJAurelius has taken things further by turning the world of Valheim into an HD masterpiece!

The goal of this mod is to make Valheim look like an AAA game, and we have to say it does an extremely good job.

With this mod installed, most of the textures from the original version have been replaced with HD alternatives, while many graphical bugs have been fixed.

That said, this mod is currently no longer under development, as the creator has gone on hiatus as of 2022, so no future updates are planned.

However, the changes it already makes are more than enough for this mod to be considered one of the best!

Once you try out this mod, you won’t want to go back to playing without it, we certainly haven’t!


6. BetterUI

Best Valheim Mods BetterUI

The user interface for Valheim is by no means bad, but there is room for improvement, which is exactly what this mod does.

BetterUI is a simple mod that does a ton of things that make the interface of the game a little easier to understand.

This mod has custom tooltips, an updated enemy HUD, and simple character progression tracking, and it allows you to hover over items to learn more information.

Additionally, you can interact with things like plants, fermenters, and cooking stations to see how much time is left and the completion status.

While all of the modifications are turned on by default, you can customize what this mod does and the position of elements.

Even the map has gotten an update so that the icons scale, making it easier for folks on monitors to read!

We love that this mod makes understanding the game a bit simpler and that it doesn’t feel out of place at all.

If you want to improve how your UI works, BetterUI is the best mod on the Nexus, and we highly recommend it!


5. Better Archery

Best Valheim Mods Better Archery

It seems like whenever we play one of the best games like Skyrim, we always become stealthy archers, and Valheim is no different.  

Unfortunately, the archery in the vanilla game lacks a bit of functionality, which is what this mod aims to fix.

As you would suspect, Better Archery adds numerous features to ranged gameplay, including a new quiver system, realistic arrow physics, and more.

This mod also makes arrows retrievable, with each type of arrow having its own chance of being dropped after a hit.

For example, wooden arrows have a 20% chance of being retrievable, while obsidian arrows have a 70% chance.

Moreover, Better Archery makes it so you can now use your crosshair to aim correctly, and you can zoom by holding the right mouse button while drawing.

We like using this mod alongside Randyknapp’s Equipment and Quick Slots, which provides equipped items with their own designated slots.

With these mods together, you can easily set up your archery gear and swap between arrow types to be the most badass archer possible!


4. BuildShare

Best Valheim Mods BuildShare

Like the best PS5 survival games, building is a huge part of Valheim but, until now, there has never been any real way to save your creations.

Buildshare is a mod that revolves around giving players the ability to save and load anything they have built.

Along with being able to save and load, you can also share what you’ve built with other players or install constructions made by other users.

While that alone makes this mod worth downloading, it has even more features that really make it a must-have.

When loading a build, you can previsualize what it will look like before you build it, so you’ll know whether or not it’s right for you.

You can also undo any build or turn on the display radius to see exactly what you’re saving so nothing gets left out.

If you’re like us and enjoy building elaborate structures, you’ll definitely want to grab this mod to ensure they get saved!


3. Epic Loot

Best Valheim Mods Epic Loot

One of the best things about playing any survival game is coming across some epic loot that can completely change your playthrough.

The goal of this mod is to emphasize this mechanic in Valheim and make it a bit more similar to games like Diablo in terms of loot drops.

With this mod installed, both monsters and chests can drop Magic, Rare, Epic, or Legendary items, each with a number of unique effects.

Each of these magical items has been created so that they give either item bonuses or character bonuses when equipped.

There are a literal ton of effects that these items can come with, and the creators have plans to add more in the future.

What’s really great about Epic Loot is that it’s still considered to be in early access by its creators, meaning what we see now is just the tip of the iceberg.

This mod is still being regularly updated, and we can’t wait to see what is added to it next!


2. Unrestricted Portals

Best Valheim Mods Unrestricted Portals

Portals in Valheim are a great way to traverse between biomes, but unfortunately, they often come with stipulations.

For example, in the vanilla game, some items can’t be taken through portals, like tin, copper, bronze, iron, silver, and black metal.

So, if you’re trying to farm these materials to stock up, you’ll either have to manually walk to and from your farming location or give up.

However, before you throw in the towel, you should check out the Unrestricted Portals mod, which overwrites these restrictions.

This client-side mod, once installed, will allow players to take anything through portals, and it’s highly customizable.

You can choose to allow everything through or nothing at all or specify specific items that you want to exclude.

Now, we don’t know why you’d want to make everything restricted, but we suppose it could be used to make the game more challenging!

The main draw of this mod, though, is how useful it makes portals for farming materials, and it definitely can save you a ton of time.

With Unrestricted Portals, you can now easily teleport around instead of having to manually traverse one of the biggest open-world maps in video game history!


1. Valheim Plus

Best Valheim Mods Valheim Plus

Our top pick is a mod that is geared toward improving the quality of life in Valheim, and it introduces several new features that we absolutely love!

Valheim Plus is your one-stop shop if you want to overhaul almost every aspect of the game, and over a million players have already downloaded it.

This mod allows players to make changes to the gameplay, HUD, camera, map system, gathering system, inventory, game difficulty, and more.

Essentially, if it exists in the game, this mod can improve it, and the options are nearly limitless.

In terms of things that impact the player character directly, this mod gives you the ability to modify a ton of things.

These include stamina usage, food degradation, carry weight, unarmed damage, the field of view, and first-person FOV.

When it comes to gathering, you can modify the amount you get from interactable objects while extending your inventory to contain more slots.

You can even modify the production speed of things like kilns, beehives, furnaces, and windmills to be instant if you want!

If there is only one mod you choose to download from this list, we strongly suggest making it Valheim Plus!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Valheim mods and have come away with a few you want to try!

This is an amazing game, but we can’t deny that these mods manage to make it even more engaging.

Valheim Plus, especially, is a fantastic mod that offers a wide range of features that take the game to a whole other level! 

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Valheim mods:

  1. Valheim Plus
  2. Unrestricted Portals
  3. Epic Loot
  4. BuildShare
  5. Better Archery
  6. BetterUI
  7. HD Valheim
  8. Plant Everything
  9. Clock
  10. Auto Fuel

What Valheim mod will you download first? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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