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The 10 Best Morrowind Mods

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The Best Morrowind Mods to Download

What are the best Morrowind mods?

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is probably many fans’ first introduction to the series, and it is the first of Bethesda’s major titles to be released for a console.

However, while its debut on Xbox boosted its player base, today, it is fans on PC who can enjoy it the most!

The modding community has gone above and beyond to keep Morrowind alive with mods that make it just as replayable as Skyrim!


The 10 Best Morrowind Mods

There are over 10,000 mods for Morrowind on Nexus, but only a few have become must-haves for those looking to enhance the game.

The mods we’ve chosen have been selected based on their ratings, number of endorsements, and how they improve overall gameplay.

So, take a break from Skyrim and enjoy our list of the 10 best Morrowind mods:


10. Tamriel Rebuilt

Best Morrowind Mods Tamriel Rebuilt

Kicking off our list is a mod that has been decades in the making, and it revolves around building the mainland of Morrowind!

The full, playable landmass is even larger than Elder Scrolls Oblivion, one of the biggest open-world maps in video game history, and it’s filled with a ton of content.

It adds over 500 new quests, new weapon and armor sets, books, spells, and items, as well as iconic cities like Port Telvannis, Firewatch, and Necrom.

While the Morrowind mainland got more attention in ESO, especially with the new Necrom expansion, it’s nice to see the original game get the love it deserves.

Thanks to this mod, instead of being limited to the central island of Vvardenfell, a large portion of the mainland is explorable, and more is yet to come.

Tamriel Rebuilt is an extremely long-term project, and while it first came to the Nexus in 2012, it was started way back in 2002.

Honestly, the scope of this mod is difficult to conceive, and it is so well made that it feels like an official expansion for Morrowind.

If there was ever a single reason to replay this game, Tamriel Rebuilt is it, and we couldn’t recommend it more highly!


9. Morrowind Graphics Extender

Best Morrowind Mods Morrowind Graphics Extender

The Morrowing Graphics Extender is a must-have if you are planning on downloading any graphics mods or texture overhauls.

The biggest things this mod does is fix various graphical errors and unlock the view distance so things are visible from further away.

It also comes with a number of shaders and lighting improvements that add an extra touch of realism to Morrowind.

While it won’t make Morrowind look like one of the best games like Skyrim, when paired with some texture mods, you can get pretty close!

Morrowind Enhanced Textures by DassiD, for instance, works great with the Graphics Extender, and together they can really make this classic game look amazing!


8. Better Dialogue Font

Best Morrowind Mods Better Dialogue Font

Reading the text in Morrowind can be difficult sometimes due to the low resolution of the text on high-resolution monitors.

While it may have looked fine on CRT monitors, today, the text in this game is in desperate need of an update.

Thankfully, there is a mod for this, and it replaces all of the text in the game with a high-resolution font.

With this mod installed, all of the text used for the UI, menus, dialogue subtitles, and journal will now be much easier to read.

The font used to replace the old text is based on the original but changed to be a bit heavier, blacker, and more distinct.

Although this mod isn’t technically game-changing, it definitely does make replaying Morrowind on a modern PC a lot easier on the eyes!


7. Morrowind Comes Alive

Best Morrowind Mods Morrowind Comes Alive

When compared to the best fantasy RPG games, Morrowind can feel a bit lifeless, given its limitations due to its age.

In the vanilla game, there isn’t a lot of variety, and the world can start to feel a bit stagnant with the same couple of NPCs just milling around all the time.

Morrowind Comes Alive, as the name suggests, makes the land of the Dunmer feel much more alive and interesting.

It adds 1200 NPCs to over 550 cells, and many of them appear and disappear at various times to simulate people moving from town to town.

All of the NPCs added by this mod have completely randomized appearances, so no two characters will look the same.

With this mod, Morrowind will actually feel like a living place instead of a fishbowl with only a few similar-looking fish.

We love using this mod alongside Tamriel Rebuilt, and they work incredibly well together to really make Morrowind one of the best Elder Scrolls games!


6. Morrowind Enhanced Textures

Best Morrowind Mods Morrowind Enhanced Textures

We mentioned this mod when covering the Morrowind Graphics Extender above, but it truly deserves its own section.

Morrowing Enhanced Textures is a vanilla-friendly mod that improves the game’s visuals by upscaling every in-game texture.

This is by far the most ambitious upscaling mod to ever be made for Morrowind, and it completely overhauls how the game looks.

With this mod, there are three files you can download, and we highly recommend using them all.

The main file upscales all of the textures around the world, so it covers the environment and all items.

Along with this, there are two optional files, one that upscales face meshes and the other that upscales the main menu, menu buttons, and level-up art.

Moreover, unlike many texture overhauls, MET has the least performance issues, and it runs incredibly well on even low-end PCs.

It’s definitely not going to turn Morrowind into one of the most graphically demanding PC games, so you don’t have to worry about your GPU melting down!

We really love that it improves the vanilla textures without replacing them with something new, which really preserves the old-school charm of this game.


5. Accurate Attack

If you came to Morrowind after having played Oblivion first, you probably were surprised by how difficult it seemed in contrast. 

One of the biggest problems that make Morrowind harder than it needs to be is the fact that sometimes your attacks just don’t connect.

Seriously, there is nothing worse than engaging in a tough battle only to die because you literally can’t hit your enemy!

Thankfully, mod creator Jamespb1 has come up with the perfect solution so that this issue can no longer prevent you from enjoying the game.

Accurate Attack is a simple mod, but it ensures that all of your melee attacks hit their mark so long as you’re in range.

No longer will you have to rage quit in frustration after failing numerous times due to the game’s combat system screwing you over!


4. Facepack Compilation

Best Morrowind Mods Facepack Compilation

The character faces in Elder Scrolls V are bad enough to warrant the best Skyrim character mods, so you can imagine how much help Morrowind’s characters need!

While nostalgia can make fans see this game’s graphics through rose-tinted glasses, when you actually pick it up again, it’s obvious that some characters look downright scary.

Well, Tarnsman has taken it upon himself to make a master compilation of face texture mods from over 50 modders.

The Facepack Compilation completely replaces all of the stock faces and hair options in Morrowind, though there is a version that doesn’t change those.

Although we would recommend downloading the all-inclusive version of this mod, you do have the option to download separate packs.

For example, there are separate packs for Bretons, Elves, Beast races, Nords, and Orcs, so if you only want to replace some faces, you can.

We love using this mod with Morrowind Enhanced Textures, and together they really make Morrowind look better without compromising its original style.

If you want your next Morrowind playthrough to be filled with more appealing characters, the Facepack Compilation is a must-have!


3. Lovely Loading Screens

Best Morrowind Mods Lovely Loading Screens

Morrowind may be one of the best original Xbox games, but to make it modern, a lot needs to be updated, including the loading screens!

The loading screens in Morrowind may be nostalgic, but there’s no denying that they’re also a bit weird and definitely out of date.

In the vanilla game, on every loading screen, you would usually be treated with images of in-game enemies and tips.

However, this mod replaces those with some gorgeous fan art that shows off iconic locations from the game, and it’s truly stunning.

There are 25 art pieces in total that are added, and they all emphasize the alien beauty of Morrowind every time you load.

While this mod doesn’t change the game in any way, it is wholly delightful and a total improvement on the original loading screens.

Lovely Loading Screens is the perfect way to add a bit more artistic flair to your next playthrough, and we highly recommend it!


2. Welcome To The Arena

Best Morrowind Mods Welcome to the Arena

In Oblivion, players could join the Fighter’s Guild and fight for money and fame in the Imperial City Arena, but no such mechanic existed in Morrowind.

Well, if you’re coming back to this game after playing Oblivion, you may want to consider this mod, especially if you loved the arena fights.

Welcome To The Arena gives players the option to either bet on fights or fight themselves in Vivec’s Arena.

Although you do need to be level 10 before you can fight, after that, you can either compete in ranked matches or fight against monsters.

There are 25 ranked matches that lead up to the Arena’s Grand Champion, but even if you win the title yourself, there will be others looking to dethrone you.

Once you become the Champion, you can take on challengers once a week, while monsters can be fought once a day with up to three at a time.

Of course, if fighting isn’t your style, you can earn quite a bit of coin betting on fights anytime between 10 am and 6 pm.

This mod even gives you the ability to challenge NPCs to fights, and if they hate you enough, they will gladly accept!

We would strongly recommend using Welcome to the Arena with Accurate Attack, as it will be invaluable during matches.

Hopefully, Bethesda keeps in mind how much fans love arena fights while making The Elder Scrolls VI, though if it is left out, we’re sure the modding community will add it!


1. Morrowind Code Patch

Best Morrowind Mods Morrowind Code Patch

Taking our number one spot is the most popular Morrowind mod on Nexus, and it has been downloaded over a million times.

The Morrowind Code Patch does a lot of things, and if you only download one mod from this list, this is what you should choose.

While this patch has become popular for fixing a ton of bugs in the game that can cause crashing and save corruptions, it also has other great optional features.

One feature you can choose to use is map expansion, which is necessary for showing the entire map with Tamriel Rebuilt.

You can also opt to turn on rain and snow collision, improve persuasion, change the game’s typography, and uncap skills.

If that wasn’t enough, you can change the camera position, allow characters to leave factions, and enable hotkey improvements.

Now, that’s just scratching the surface of all this mod does, and it isn’t counting the numerous bugs it fixes, either.

Needless to say, the Morrowind Code Patch is a must-have mod that anyone playing the game on PC needs to download!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Morrowind mods and found a few to enhance your game with!

Although Morrowind is often overlooked in favor of Oblivion and Skyrim, these mods really demonstrate how great it can be.

The Morrowind Code Patch and Tamriel Rebuilt especially make this game the best it can be, and we absolutely can’t play without them!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Morrowind mods:

  1. Morrowind Code Patch
  2. Welcome To The Arena
  3. Lovely Loading Screens
  4. Facepack Compilation
  5. Accurate Attack
  6. Morrowind Enhanced Textures
  7. Better Dialogue Font
  8. Better Dialogue Font
  9. Morrowind Graphics Extender
  10. Tamriel Rebuilt

What was the first Elder Scrolls game you played? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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