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Can You Play Roblox On Nintendo Switch?



Can you play Roblox on Nintendo Switch?

Roblox is a huge free-to-play sandbox game engine that has over 220 million players every month, many of whom are under 16.

With popularity like this, you would think that having Roblox on Nintendo Switch would be a given, but unfortunately, it isn’t as straightforward as you may have hoped.

To help you understand if and when you can play Roblox games on your Switch, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to fill you in on everything you need to know.


Can You Play Roblox On Nintendo Switch?

Currently, Roblox is available on the Xbox, PC, Mac, and smartphones. With a lineup like that, you would think that the Nintendo Switch would also be included in the list of platforms you can play Roblox on.

However, as of now, Roblox is unfortunately not available on the Nintendo Switch, and there has yet to be an official announcement about whether or not it will be released in the future.

While Switch users can open the Roblox website using the browser on the console, the most you can do is create a Roblox account, but you can’t actually play games or download the browser version to play.

This is similar to the problem that PS4 users have, although prior to April 21, 2020, those on the PS4 could access the browser version of Roblox to play games, a workaround that has since been blocked.

Players and fans of Roblox have long been frustrated by the exclusivity of the game engine, and it makes enjoying the game harder for those who prefer playing on Nintendo and Sony consoles.

There are many potential reasons for Roblox having not yet come to the Nintendo Switch, but we have no real concrete answers and can only speculate on the reasons behind these limitations.

For now, it appears that gamers and fans of Roblox will have to stick to redeeming their All-Star Tower Defense Codes on their PCs, Xboxes, or mobile devices. At least for the foreseeable future.


Roblox Console Exclusivity

The current exclusivity of Roblox that limits it to only being available on the PC, Mac, Xbox, Android, and iOS, may seem confusing, and many fans are frustrated that they can’t play on their favorite consoles.

Despite technically being available on a reasonably wide number of devices and consoles, for whatever reason, it seems that Nintendo and Sony have been deliberately left out.

Even the new Xbox One S model came packaged with Robux as part of a deal, and yet there have been no signs of the Switch or PlayStation consoles getting the same treatment.

Not having Roblox on Nintendo Switch is particularly baffling since the Switch could provide a hybrid experience when playing Roblox games, giving users the ability to play on both the television and while on the go with a single device.

You can even connect your Nintendo Switch to a laptop, making it one of the most versatile consoles on the market.

Additionally, the Nintendo Switch is incredibly popular with younger gamers, which make up a large majority of Roblox players.

It stands to reason then that if they were to bring Roblox to the Switch, it could bring in an even larger number of young, new gamers, which would be highly beneficial for both platforms.

As to why Roblox has yet to be released for the Nintendo Switch, we have a few potential reasons that could be behind the game engine’s exclusivity.


Technology Limitations

Technology limitations on the Switch may prevent Roblox’s Lua code from being able to function correctly.

This is the same reason that games like Kingdom Hearts have had trouble being ported because they are more technologically challenging to make playable on the Nintendo Switch.

While Cloud versions have become a feasible workaround, allowing players to steam games for better performance, Roblox may be too complex to stream without noticeable issues.

That said, there are many reasons Cloud-based gaming is the future, and with advancements in technology, it may be used in the future to bring Roblox to more platforms.


A Deal With Microsoft

Another potential reason for the exclusivity is a deal with Microsoft that prohibits the release of the game on competitor platforms such as Sony and Nintendo.

Although we have no concrete proof of this, deals like this are incredibly common in the video game industry, and it is why games like God of War — a Sony exclusive game — can only be played on PlayStation consoles.

Exclusive deals like this are often as disappointing to gamers as microtransactions, and we hope that if this is the reason behind the lack of Roblox on the Nintendo Switch, the demands of the fans will win out in the end.


Roblox Nintendo Switch Release Date

Given that Roblox is such a titan in the gaming world, we have good reason to hope that Roblox on Nintendo Switch will eventually become a reality.

This is especially true since the CEO of the Roblox Corporation, David Baszucki, has even said that the Quest, PlayStation, and Switch consoles all make sense for Roblox.

While he agreed that a Roblox port would be logical, he declined to share any ship dates for potential releases.

However, we do know that Roblox is actively looking for a Senior Software Engineer specifically for the PlayStation console, and if they are planning to bring the game engine to the PS4 and PS5, it becomes much more likely that we’ll see a Switch port in the future.

We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed that one day soon; we’ll be able to experience the scariest Roblox games to play on our favorite handheld console.



Few things would be as awesome as being able to hop on Roblox on the Nintendo Switch anytime we want.

While it is unfortunate that it hasn’t been made available for the platform yet, we know that all Nintendo Switch users are eagerly awaiting an official Roblox announcement.

If and when we see any official news about Roblox coming to the Nintendo Switch, we’ll keep you updated!

What’s your favorite Nintendo Switch game? Leave a comment below.

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