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FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Review



FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Review

Introducing the FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU



The days of mining Bitcoin and Ethereum were strong a few years back and even jumped up recently. Not only have the big names made a good footing in the mining world, but small private companies have also popped up wanting their own stake in the digital currency industry.

To maximize the number of coins miners can get, they use multiple systems, from made-to-mine ASICs to GPUs. Some systems have been known to have 100s or even 1000s of GPUs connected to get the most possible coin. No doubt this comes at a disadvantage, through tremendous power usage.

In order to mine efficiently, you’d have to mine more coins than it would cost to run your setup. Knowing this, PSU companies like FSP have built a power supply to be supremely efficient while being able to power 16 GPUs simultaneously!

Unfortunately, we don’t have that many GPUs here at the shop, but we do have a powerful system that can definitely use some of the 2000-watt juice this monster packs.


FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Specifications

That’s right, 9 PCI-E outputs in total connecting to an insane 16 GPUs at once. Unfortunately, I didn’t have 16 GPUs laying around. I’m sure if I did, I’d be rolling in glorious Digi-coin! You’ll have dual CPU outputs for the ability to power multi-socket motherboards. One of the coolest features about this PSU that you won’t find on others is how FSP has handled the arrangement of all the power outputs. The peripheral output has changed to FSP proprietary or “in-house” design. These cables will come with moles and SATA on the same cable and a floppy-drive output for old school students. This unit is streamlined and space-saving. The fully modular design offers the ability to connect only what you need to connect.

What’s in the FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU Box?

The Cannon 2000 PSU is a beast with a beefy ATX design. In the box, you get the PSU, warranty, and manual. There are enough cables to power even the most demanding of mining rigs in a very hefty bag. Let’s break those down here:

It looks like a bit of a mess, sure, but thanks to it being modular, only the hardcore would need all these cables plugged in.

FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU – Cables

20+4 ATX Power

(2) 4+4 EPS giving the ability to power duel socket motherboards.

(9) 6+2 VGA. That’s right 9 cables! Hope you have some extra GPUs laying around.

(2) SATA/Molex

(2) SATA Power

(1) SATA/Molex w/Floppy


FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU – Fan

The Cannon cooling system is standard, so you get a big fluid dynamic bearing fan. At 135mm, this powerful low decibel fan kept this PSU extremely cool. After about 4 hours of constant load testing, the PSU stayed cool to the touch. Cooler than expected, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a tool to measure the temps. However, I would make an educated guess that temperatures were between 38-42F. The fan is always on, but FSP has an integrated smart fan control that allows 24/7 operation. The connector is “in-house” and can’t be upgraded without an adapter.

FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU – Capacitors

These Rubycon MKX series Capacitors have a Load Life @ 105C 3000 hours. They’re Japanese-made and offer supreme efficiency and voltage stability, which is perfect for mining farms.

FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU = Efficiency to The Extreme!

With an amazing 80plus Platinum efficiency rating, at 100% load, you can expect a 92% efficiency at a 240V AC input. To elaborate, the efficiency rating of a PSU is better explained with this example: Assume that your power supply delivers 300W to the system but draws 375W from the wall. This means that its efficiency is 375W/300W, which equals 0.8 or 80%. That extra 75W is pure heat generated from the power delivery. For the Cannon 2000W for 92% efficiency, you’ll be pulling around 2175 watts from the wall at full load! That could affect your electricity bill if you aren’t getting a gain from your mining rig. For now, AC input (power draw from wall socket) changes as power needs from the system become lower. In the FSP Cannon 2000W case, power output goes as follows: At 200-240Vac, you will be able to produce the full 2000W power delivery. These are those huge plugs you find for dryer machines. If you plan to have a small farm going, using this plug is a must as it will provide the maximum power output for your system. For those that haven’t built their farm up, plugging into your regular home outlet will net you a max of 1500W. Overall, no matter where you are starting in the coin mining world, you will have enough power to keep your systems running 24/7 with no loss in efficiency.

Final Thoughts on the FSP Cannon 2000 Watt PSU

Powering on was smooth and simple, and the fan revs up to an inaudible sound. To be clear, this PSU is more suited for rigorous mining environments, and it would be difficult to justify buying this for any other use. Even with the Platinum rating, many pc users’ efficiency would be low due to their low wattage draw. This could be the difference in a higher or lower power bill.

For those getting into mining and want to eventually have a full farm, or for current miners who need more power, the FSP Cannon 2000W is one of the best choices out there. Although it’s not cheap and currently sells at $449.99 on Amazon, all of those GPUs you should certainly gain your investment back sooner than you think, and then some!



Dan Western is the founder of Gaming Gorilla, as well as several other infotainment blogs. When he's not working on his business, he's likely in the gym or playing video games. Dan's current setup is a PS5/Nintendo Switch living room setup, and a custom RTX 3090, I9-10850K inside the Lian Li 011D Mini for his office setup.

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