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The 10 Best Games Like Club Penguin

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The Best Games Like Club Penguin

What are the best games like club penguin?

Club Penguin was a popular MMO where players could interact and hang out with one another, though it was shut down in 2017.

While many private servers have tried to recreate the experience, they often find themselves targeted by Disney, thanks to copyright.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to find some great Club Penguin alternatives if you are itching to play this classic game!


The 10 Best Games Like Club Penguin

To create this list, we looked at many MMOs to see which could provide a similar experience to Club Penguin.

The games we selected have been chosen based on their gameplay and the number of users in the community.

Start thinking of a creative username because here’s our list of the 10 best games like Club Penguin:


10. Bin Weevils Rewritten

Games Like Club Penguin Bin Weevils Rewritten

Kicking off our list, we have the British MMORPG that allows players to create their own weevil character to engage with online friends.

Set in a garbage bin-themed world, players can make their own nests, which are essentially homes that can be customized with different colors and items.

Players can also level up by earning XP, which can be gained by buying nest items, playing games, taking part in missions, and harvesting things from their gardens.

There are also plazas you can decorate and open up to the public, with each guest earning you mulch, a form of in-game currency.

If that wasn’t enough, there are secret codes that can be entered that do a lot of crazy things to impact the game.

Easily as entertaining as the best games like Super Mario, Bin Weevils Rewritten offers a lot of what Club Penguin did and more!


9. Habbo

Games Like Club Penguin Habbo

Habbo is an online virtual world video game that is geared towards teens and young adults, and it’s been operating since 2001.

Players here can create their own unique characters and load them into a “Hotel,” which acts as the main hub for gameplay.

At a hotel, players can customize their own guest rooms with various wallpapers, floors, and furniture or use a pre-made room blueprint.

There are also public rooms where all members can congregate. These often take the form of cinemas, dance halls, and restaurants.

In these locations, robotic NPCs often interact with players, serving them food and reading out pre-recorded messages.

Along with its RPG mechanics, there are also minigames that players can take part in, such as ice skating and football.

Because of all the things you can do, Habbo has even been touted as an alternative to Twitter, since it allows people from across the world to interact.

While its player base has dwindled in recent years from its earlier heyday, Habbo is still a fantastic game that’s perfect for fans of Club Penguin.


8. Movie Star Planet

Games Like Club Penguin Movie Star Planet

A bit similar to the best games like Sims, Movie Star Planet is all about taking on the persona of a movie star and interacting with other players.

Players can customize their avatars in hundreds of different ways and show off their style to their friends and the world.

There are a ton of things to do, including making movies, art books, and designer clothes, that can then be shared with others.

As you create, you’ll earn more fame that can help you climb the ranks of stardom and become a world-famous celebrity.

It’s kind of similar to the fame mechanic in Sims 4 Get Famous, but with a Club Penguin twist that allows you to share the fun with your friends.

Oh, and you can also adopt pets, customize your own room, and play mini-games with others to try and make it onto the leaderboards.

Overall, Movie Star Planet is an amazing game that really lets you explore the limits of your creativity all in a virtual world!


7. Lady Popular

Games Like Club Penguin Lady Popular

Lady Popular is an online casual dress-up game that is all about fashion and competing against others to look the best.

This game can be played on mobile devices or on a PC, and when you create a character, you get the opportunity to dress them up however you like.

You can then choose to rent and decorate an apartment, interact with other players, and compete in fashion shows.

We’re not going to lie; this game is strangely addicting, especially the fashion show duels when you’re judged to be the best.

There are also a ton of places to visit in the virtual city, including the pet shop, mall, beauty salon, and carnival.

You can also head to different clubs to pick up a husband before hauling them over to the salon to change their entire appearance.

Is it a bit shallow? Yes. But it is also absolutely hilarious, and we honestly can’t get enough of this fashionista world.


6. Fishao

Games Like Club Penguin Fishao

Fishao, also known as Fish Always Online, is a social game where players can create characters and turn them into world-class fishermen!

This game combines an MMO with the pleasures of fishing, and there is always something new to catch.

In this virtual world, there are 10 different areas, each with its own unique theme, where players can congregate and fish together.

When you’re not trying to reel in a big one, you can customize your character’s outfits and decorate your own personal home.

However, fishing is really the big draw of Fishao, and there are over 400 different types to bait and catch.

You will end up spending a lot of time trying to catch ’em all, just like in one of the best Pokémon games, only these can’t fight and are all water types.

Even if you’ve never gone fishing in your entire life, you can find something to enjoy in Fishao, especially if you play it with friends!


5. Woozworld

Games Like Club Penguin Woozworld

Woozworld is a virtual gaming and social network that allows players to interact with each other via custom avatars.  

In this game, you can create your own space and meet up with friends. There are even social contests where you can compete against others, like in Lady Popular.

You can also craft your own clothes, adopt pets, create furniture, and take on different quests if you have a taste for adventure.

There are many different quests to undertake, and they change often; some involve exploring the ocean or discovering lost gold mines.

Players can also take on daily quests to earn in-game currency and other unique rewards, which is a pretty good incentive to log on daily.

Similar to the best games like Runescape, you can easily spend hours just exploring around and learning about his world.

Seriously, there is a ton of stuff to do in this game, and just like Club Penguin, you’ll quickly become heavily invested in your virtual life!

Plus, Woozworld has over 30 million players with around 500,000 active monthly, so you’ll always be able to find new friends!


4. Toontown Rewritten

Games Like Club Penguin Toontown Rewritten

While the original Toontown closed in 2013, it has since been revived by fans and allowed to pick up where it left off.

In this game, players get to create their own characters, called Toons, which can come in all shapes, sizes, and species.

What really makes this game fun is all of the mini-games you can play by visiting the virtual world’s various playgrounds.

Some of the most popular mini-games include kart racing, fishing, and golfing, all of which you can do with your friends!

Every player also gets an estate that players can customize and show off or host parties at by sending out invitations.

There is also the never-ending battle against the Cogs, the main enemies of the game, which can be encountered anywhere aside from your home and the playgrounds.

Like Club Penguin, Toontown is a nostalgic game for many players, and it currently boasts 2 million active accounts!


3. Poptropica

Games Like Club Penguin Poptropica

Poptropica is another nostalgia-inducing game, and it is still up and running, just waiting for you to make an account or remember your old login.

Geared towards kids and teens, this RPG online adventure first sprang up in 2007, and it’s remained popular since.

It was even named one of the “50 Websites That Make the Web Great” by Time Magazine in 2011, and we certainly agree!

While the old islands of this game were discontinued in 2020 due to the death of Adobe Flash Player, they have since been released on Steam.

In this game, players pick a character and embark on a variety of adventures across different islands.

There are numerous quests to complete and places to explore, making it easy to spend hours playing this game.

Each of the islands in Poptropica has different themes. For instance, Fairytale Island tasks players with playing the hero and returning the stolen happy endings.

There are many classic fairytale characters there, including Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella, that you can interact with.

Despite being over a decade old, there is still a ton of fun to be had in this game, especially for fans of Club Penguin.


2. Moshi Monsters Rewritten

Games Like Club Penguin Moshi Monsters Rewritten

While the original Moshi Monsters went dark due to having required Adobe Flash, fans have kept the world alive in all of its glory!

In this game, players get to pick their own virtual pet monster to care for and play with in and around Monstro City.

With these pets, players can play a number of mini-games or take on daily puzzles to earn in-game virtual currency.

Players can also customize their own rooms and have up to five at a time to keep their pets in, and visiting players can even rate the style.

Moshi Monsters can also be played with friends, and all you have to do is add their names to your Friends Tree.

Once you’re friends with someone, they can come to hang out in your rooms, or you can go visit them in theirs to see their pets!

There are also secret codes you can enter to get things like accessories, virtual currency, decorations for your room, and more.

Moshi Monsters Rewritten has truly preserved this classic game, and it rivals Club Penguin with everything it has for players to do!


1. Animal Jam

Games Like Club Penguin Animal Jam

Taking our number one spot is Animal Jam, an MMO that’s a bit like the best games like Skyrim in terms of sheer scale.

This game takes place in Jamaa, a land with numerous different biomes to explore that is populated by anthropomorphic animals.

Like Club Penguin and the other virtual worlds on this list, Animal Jam allows players to customize their own houses, known as Dens.

You can also purchase clothing, adopt pets, and attend parties hosted by your friends and other players.

There are also a ton of mini-games and RPG-style adventure quests that you can go on for additional fun.

While this game is free to play, there is a membership you can purchase that allows access to exclusive features.

However, we’ve found that the subscription isn’t really necessary as the base game has more than enough content to keep you engaged.

Although you can’t play this game on a browser anymore, it is available to download for free to play on your PC or mobile device.

The classic version of Animal Jam, now known as AJ Classic, is also available exclusively for PC, and it’s perfect for players who were fans of the Flash game.

Also, you can totally choose to be a penguin in this game if you really want to capture that Club Penguin feeling!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best games like Club Penguin, and found some you can’t wait to check out.

All of these games are fantastic, and they each offer something different for players to enjoy while being free to play at any time.

If you’re a fan of Club Penguin, you really can’t go wrong with any of these games, but we especially recommend giving Animal Jam a try first!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like Club Penguin:

  1. Animal Jam
  2. Moshi Monsters Rewritten
  3. Poptropica
  4. Toontown Rewritten
  5. Woozworld
  6. Fishao
  7. Lady Popular
  8. Movie Star Planet
  9. Habbo
  10. Bin Weevils Rewritten

What do you miss most about the OG Club Penguin? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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