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The 10 Best Games Like Overcooked

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The Best Games Like Overcooked

What are the best games like Overcooked?

Overcooked is a hectic game that is absolutely hilarious, and it’s quickly become a go-to co-op for many.

However, if you’re in need of something new and exciting for game night, there are some great alternatives to Overcooked.

Today, we’re going over our recommendations for all of the best games you can play if you’re a fan of the Overcooked series!


The 10 Best Games Like Overcooked

While creating this list, we played through a ton of co-op games, but only a few made the cut. 

We selected games based on how similar they are to Overcooked, their overall ratings from fans, and how fun they are to play!

So, grab your friends, and let’s get into our list of the 10 best games like Overcooked:


10. Trash Patrol

Games Like Overcooked Trash Patrol

Kicking off our list, we have one of the best multiplayer games of all time, Trash Patrol, which is both adorable and engaging.

This game supports up to 4 players, and everyone gets to play as incredibly cute trash pandas who break and enter people’s homes.

However, these raccoons are kind of neat freaks, so you have to wash everything you grab before tossing it into your teleporting trashcan.

While stuffing your mystical trash, you’ll have to be on the lookout for the homeowner who isn’t exactly thrilled about you stealing their stuff.

Players also have to cooperate to grab different things, such as objects on shelves that are too high off the ground.

Teamwork makes the dream work for these trash-hoarding bandits, and this is by far one of the greatest games you can play with your friends.


9. Unrailed!

Games Like Overcooked Unrailed!

Unrailed, which recently got an underwater update, is a co-op game where you have to work with your friends to build a giant train track.

This game supports up to four players, and the main goal is to build a track that stretches across the whole procedurally generated map.

However, because there is only one of each tool, you will have to work fast and collaborate with your friends to prevent the train from running out of track.

Along with building the rails, you can also upgrade the train itself to make sure it’s prepared for whatever comes its way through various biomes.

If you get tired of playing altogether, you can split into teams of two to see who is the best at working together.

Along with the sandbox and versus modes, there is also an endless mode where you have to keep going to see how far you can make it before you lose.

While the overall gameplay is fairly simple, things get hectic fast, and you’ll soon be tripping over your friends trying to get everything done!


8. Move Or Die

Games Like Overcooked Move or Die


One of the best games like Fall Guys, Move or Die, is extremely fast-paced, and it can be played with four people online or via local co-op.

This game is completely unpredictable as the rules change every 20 seconds, forcing you to think fast.

The only constant thing about this game is that if you don’t move, you will absolutely die, so you can never stand still during a match.

However, you can’t just run around willy-nilly because you’ll have to watch out for hazards and other players who will try to push you into traps.

There are also over 35 different game modes you can choose from to keep things interesting, no matter how often you play.

Truth be told, this game has the potential to ruin all but the strongest friendships, just like the Rainbow Road before it.


7. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Games Like Overcooked Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one of the best games like A Way Out, but it’s also perfect for Overcooked fans!

While you can play this game solo, it supports up to four players locally, and it has no online multiplayer, so you’ll need physical friends.

The goal of this game is to make it through various levels using your spaceship as you and your friends man different stations.

Everyone has to work together to make sure that the ship remains running and that the shields, weapons, and engine don’t go offline.

Players can also add upgrades to the ship by combining gems to customize its loadout so you can face any challenge more easily.

The entire game is made up of four campaigns, each of which has four levels and a boss fight at the end.

While going through these levels, players will have to find and rescue an assortment of cute space animals, including space bunnies and space ducks.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a delightful game from start to finish, and it will really test how well you and your friends can work together!


6. Space Food Truck

Games Like Overcooked Space Food Truck

Continuing with the space theme, we have Space Food Truck, a game that is all about a co-op culinary adventure throughout the stars.  

In this game, players have to team up to explore the expansive, procedurally generated galaxy with the goal of harvesting exotic ingredients.

Together, players are given a recipe to create, which means grabbing the ingredients, cooking the dish, and delivering it to the planet that ordered it.

There are four characters; the Captain, Chef, Engineer, and Scientist, all of whom have a unique role to play in the process.

As the Captain, you will have to plot the ship’s course and scour the galaxy for ingredients while the Chef collects everything and cooks the dishes.

Likewise, the scientist can research the different roles and give specific characters a boost, and the Engineer repairs and upgrades the ship itself.

While you can play this game solo, it is much more entertaining with friends, and each playthrough takes between 1 to 2 hours.

Space Food Truck also has cross-platform multiplayer, and if you have no one to play with, you can always join a random match!


5. Cook, Serve, Delicious

Games Like Overcooked Cook, Serve, Delicious

Like Overcooked, this culinary game will test your skills in the kitchen as one of the hardest restaurant simulators ever made.

While it’s easy enough to learn, this game can get complicated quickly as you try to work your way up from being a back alley cafe to a 5-star restaurant.

Starting off, you’ll have a couple thousand dollars to spend and around 30 food items you can choose to put on your menu.

It will be up to you to decide what you want to serve and how you want to expand this business while ensuring your customers are satisfied.

There is even a mode where you can join the cast of the Iron Chef or test your endurance by trying to make as much food as possible perfectly.

Cook, Serve, Delicious also has a local co-op mode for up to four players in Endurance and Tag Team modes.

Additionally, you can take on the campaign with a two-player co-op, where a friend serves as the expedited who calls out orders and delivers them after you make them.

This makes it a great alternative to Overcooked, as well as one of the best games like It Takes Two, as teamwork skills are extremely important.

If you end up loving this game, its sequel Cook Serve Forever is currently in early access on Steam, so you can jump into that!


4. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Games Like Overcooked Ultimate Chicken Horse

One of the best online games to play with friends, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer where players build the levels as they go!

This means that if you’re ahead of everyone else, you can basically screw over your friends by building a ton of obstacles to make the level difficult for them!

In fact, that is essentially what this game is all about, since everyone will lose if everyone is able to make it to the end of the level.

The goal is to either be the only one capable of reaching the end or have at least one player fail to make it.

While there are 18 pre-made levels to choose from, you can also create and share your own custom levels with other players.

There are tons of blocks to use when building levels, so you can really get super creative and make them as difficult as you want!

Although this is primarily a multiplayer game, there are also challenge levels that you can play on your own, though these won’t unlock any new characters.

If you love messing with your friends in Overcooked, you will absolutely adore Ultimate Chicken Horse!


3. Tools Up!

Games Like Overcooked Tools Up!

Tools Up is a game designed to test your teamwork and renovation skills as you and your friends completely redesign houses.

However, unlike the best games like Terraria, the construction in this game is a lot less freeform, meaning you can’t just do anything to the house.

Instead, players are given blueprints of how the final product should look, and everyone will have to cooperate to make it happen.

Making things especially interesting is the fact that whoever holds the blueprints gets to control the camera angle!

Oh, and there are also environmental challenges to deal with, like buildings surrounded by lava, which you’ll need to avoid.

Everyone will really have to work effectively as a team in order to finish all of the necessary renovations before time runs out.

The more renovations you complete, the more you will unlock, each with increasing difficulty that will make things incredibly hectic!


2. Moving Out

Games Like Overcooked Moving Out

Moving Out is a physics-based moving game where, instead of renovating buildings, you get to help people move out of them!  

In this game, you can play on your own or with friends via local co-op with the goal of moving furniture and boxes into your moving truck as fast as possible.

While this sounds simple enough, the physics are where this game really shines, and if something is in your way, just smash your way through it!

The goal is to move things as quickly as possible, and if those pesky doors and windows are giving you a hard time, just get rid of them!

As you work your way through the ranks as a mover, you will unlock increasingly interesting locations ranging from funky farms to haunted houses.

Good luck catching all of those sheep and tossing them in your truck, but maybe the ghosts can give you a hand with all of the couches if you ask nicely.

This game is absolutely hilarious, and no matter how many times you play a level, you are sure to encounter something wacky and new.


1. Catastronauts

Games Like Overcooked Catastronauts

Taking our number one spot to Catastronauts, a game that tasks players with working together to destroy alien invaders.

In this game, everyone has to do what they can to keep the spaceship from going down in flames as alien forces attack.

This means running back and forth to repair various systems, arm torpedos, put out fires, and melt frozen doors.

Like Overcooked, this game features a lot of running around, which means you will constantly be tripping over your friends while trying to do things.

It’s a bit like Overcooked meets FTL, but it can get difficult, especially once you reach the higher levels.

We would recommend playing this game with at least two of your friends so that managing all of the systems doesn’t become too much of a mad dash!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best games like Overcooked, and found some that you can’t wait to play with your friends.

Although you can’t go wrong with any of these recommendations, we’d strongly suggest checking out Catastronauts first if you love Overcooked.

While it trades saucepans for tool kits, Catastronauts has all of the frantic calamity that Overcooked fans have come to love!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like overcooked:

  1. Catastronauts
  2. Moving Out
  3. Tools Up!
  4. Ultimate Chicken Horse
  5. Cook, Serve, Delicious
  6. Space Food Truck
  7. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  8. Move or Die
  9. Unrailed!
  10. Trash Patrol

What’s your favorite co-op game? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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